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Sustainable Facilities Management and the Triple Bottom Line
June 20th -21st, 2012

Networking can be hard! make networking easier for not just you the Sponsor, but also for Attendees and
Speakers alike, we will be utilizing a closed Online Social Network and a Private Meeting Scheduling Tool
(Forum Scheduler). This platform will allow you to rapidly cement relationships and reap the benefits of your
successfully transitioning to the Cloud
Sponsorship Investment before during and way…way after the Forum is over..
Some of the Features of the Online Community and 1on1 Meeting Scheduler

Rich Attendee Profiles
Attendees personalize their profiles: photos, bios,
tags, as well as links to all their other
representations of themselves on the web such as
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and web sites.

Engaging Discussion Forums
Attendees want to talk to each other and you the
Sponsor. We let them do this with our unique set
of discussion tools to help get conversations
started and keep them going by connecting
people with common interests.

Forum Networking App
Whatever flavor of mobile device you use be it
iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or Windows
Mobile 7, we have it covered with a highperformance mobile web application. HTML5
technology means roaring speed with no App
Store installation required. SMS texting enabled.

Virtual Tradeshow Booth
As a Sponsor you can customize your own
"virtual tradeshow booth" with collateral. You
can also dialogues going with attendees, not just
logo placement. Promote Product or Service
specials via SMS alerts as well.

1-On-1 Meeting Scheduler
Our robust Forum Calendar & 1-On-1 Meeting Forum Scheduler gives you the Sponsor and Attendees alike a
myriad of ways to network, match-up, and interact. From your full conference schedule to private meetings,
we have everyone's needs covered. Never do it by hand again!

Ability for hosts to share their entire event schedule, organized
by tracks.
Flexibility for attendees to manage their own personal
conference schedule.
Options for everyone to schedule private or group meetings.
Ways to reserve a room or table, or suggest a location.
Opportunities for speakers to share handouts & connect with
their audience.
Access to schedules before, during & after events on desktop &
mobile devices.
Having one-click schedule export to spreadsheet, printable
PDF or Outlook.