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Diabetes Break-through Review

Article #1
Diabetes - Types Commonly Found in People
Diabetes becomes a common disease or a difficulty among most of the people. It is
actually an excess variation in the glucose level in the blood of your body. Glucose is an
important component in your body to provide energy to the cells. The increased
variation of the sugar level happens due to the non production or the insulin resistance in
the body cells. Insulin is a hormone which converts the glucose from the food we
consume to energy for the cells. There are many symptoms showing the origin of this
difficulty such as, frequent urination, excess thirst and intense hunger etc. Earlier, it was
only affected to the adults, but scientific studies prove that this disease is affected to the
children and started eating their life. The reason for the origin of this disease differs in
each person. There are several rumors generating among the people that genetic cause
reasons as the beginning of this dilemma in several people. There are mainly three types
of diabetes. They are:
Type 1 Diabetes (T1D): This is caused when the pancreas does not make the insulin
hormone. Thus, the glucose emerged from the food we consume does not convert to
energy. It directly elevates the glucose level and demolishes the cells. It is mainly
occurred either by birth or during the early childhood ages. Therefore, it came to be
known as Juvenile or early onset diabetes. There is no particular cure for this lifelong
disease. The techniques of transplantation such as pancreas transplantation, islet cell
transplantation, artificial pancreas and gene manipulation are executed as a measure to
cure this disease. But, the operation for success recovery of this disease is quite risky
and the possibility for its cure is lower. The main symptom indicating this disease is
tiredness, confusion, dizziness, anxiety and fever. If you are child showing any of the
above signs, never leave it as a natural and common disease.
Type 2 Diabetes (T2D): This is the main category of the disease in which about 80
percentage of the total patients are affected from. This is caused commonly among the
people of adulthood. Therefore, it is known as adult onset diabetes. But, the recent status
in the increase of the diabetes in children proves that this type is equally entered in to the
life of children. Healthy diet, regular exercise and intake of proper medicines is
considered as the three factor to be included in the life of the disease affected one. If any
of this get un managed, it would result in this difficulty. This is caused when the insulin
is not used properly by the cells or the cells resist the insulin hormone. If this category of
the disease is not managed effectively could shorten your lifespan and lead to many

complications. Pre diabetes is the early form of this category.
Gestational diabetes: This kind is seen among the pregnant women. It is usually
temporary in nature by affecting during the pregnancy and alleviate soon after. If
sufficient care is not given, it can result in severe harmful effects either to the mother or
the born baby. Therefore maintaining a healthy diet and doing proper exercises related to
pregnancy would keep aside this difficulty. It is diagnosed when testing the sugar level
during the period of pregnancy.

There is no absolute cure for this disease. Ensuring proper diet and regular physical
fitness with sufficient medication is the good option for the proper management of this
difficulty. Before taking any step for this, consult the advice of your doctor.
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Athul_Raj

Article #2
Great Tips On Managing Your Diabetes
Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, it can seem like a healthy life is beyond
your control. It can even seem like you are doomed to worsening health. Don't
fall into this state of mind. There has been much research on diabetes and how to
control it. Study the results of this research and follow its advice, and you can
manage your diabetes successfully. Many people have done so. You can too.
You will be in regular contact with your doctor in order to manage your diabetes.
Before a visit, write down the questions you want to ask, and jot down the
answers as he gives them to you. Ask him for recommended reading so you can
do more to manage the disease. Let him know you are serious about doing what
it takes to make your health better, and determined not to let it get worse. Many
places offer you a manager or coach to help you in your daily struggle to keep
your blood sugar under control.

Be conscientious about checking your blood sugar often. Don't make excuses,
saying you don't have time or have something else important to do. There is
nothing more important. Avoiding this task is part of denial. Instead, you need to
face diabetes squarely and deal with it proactively.
Besides checking your blood sugar, plan ways to stabilize it through a carefully
managed diet. There are many foods, such as legumes, that help in this as well
as providing good nutrition. There may be many snack foods you are used to
eating and thought were healthy--rice cakes, for instance--but which actually
have a high glycemic index and are bad for you. The more you learn about how
particular foods affect your diabetes, the sooner you will be able to bring the
disease under control.
Be sure to enlist the support of family and friends. Teach them about the disease
so they understand what you are dealing with. They will understand why, when
you go out to a restaurant, they should not encourage you to eat a food "just this
once" that is not in your diabetic diet. They will understand the seriousness of the
As with any other struggle, finding a good support group can be a great help. It
can be a source of a lot of good information. You can benefit from the experiences
of others, especially if they were able to bring their weight and blood sugar under
control, and cease medications.
Ask your doctor or nurse to suggest an exercise regimen that would be good for
you. They know your physical capacities and can suggest exercise that will help
you, without over-stressing your body. Walking is a form of exercise
recommended for just about everyone. But there are also other possibilities such
as tai chi or yoga that will tone your muscles, and may increase your capacity for
From these suggestions you can see that there is much you can do to take control
of your diabetes and lead a healthier life.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?

Article #3
Lower Blood Sugar Naturally: How To Cut Blood Sugar
Diabetes is a condition usually associated with blood sugar level. Patients with
diabetes who suffer from savings on food regulations can help blood sugar levels
naturally. Elevated levels of blood sugar, infections, and injuries are often heartrelated and are associated with delayed healing and increased risk of developing a
rapid spread. It is naturally associated with blood sugar control is useful in
management of diabetes and the like.
To help reduce blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of adults developing type 2
diabetes, there are some foods.
Note the gradual increase in blood glucose from these foods, or hasten to burn
down the cellular tissue in which glucose was the work of either insulin production
or enhancing sensitivity.
What Foods to lower blood sugar levels?
Regular consumption of green tea is beneficial to lower blood sugar levels and can
also be found to prevent atherosclerosis and heart defects. Green tea is a strong
function of reducing blood sugar levels, which is believed to contain a variety of
antioxidants and catchier.
One cup of green tea to reduce blood sugar levels in twenty of the points.
Decaf coffee is also considered to be beneficial.
Have the potential to reduce blood sugar levels are considered properties of
cinnamon. A tea spoon of cinnamon significantly reduces blood sugar levels and
diabetes control is also recommended by the American Medical Association.
Red wine is considered to be potentially beneficial to lower blood sugar levels.
Studies of red wine in reducing sugar levels in the blood cells and AIDS in turn
will help in the campaign have shown that glucose absorption. However, caution is
required and the high consumption of liver damage.
How to reduce blood sugar levels naturally?
Helps to reduce blood sugar levels naturally, there are certain factors that can
lead to. These, include the following

Regular exercise can help to naturally lower blood sugar levels. Regular exercise
for twenty minutes each day in the body to burn down the metabolism of fats and
glucose to enhance the image and in turn helps in enhancing the metabolism of
glucose in the cells of the body increases the need for
need to get enough sleep. About seven to eight hours a day, including a sleep key
and turn in the pancreas, which controls all other glands, the pituitary gland
functions, increase of the normal functioning?
Regular meditation and yoga are useful in and naturally help increase blood sugar
Instead of content, fiber content of foods high in Glycolic that apply for food to
avoid high. Fruits, vegetables, whole wheat, oats and cereals of the intake level.
Refined flour, processed food, and Reduce intake of high fat products.

Article #4
Foods for Diabetics: Diabetic Food Diet which include
foods you can eat and some foods that you must avoid.
by Chris Suaj
Anyone suffering from diabetes ought to eat foods which are having low sugar
content, fats and salt. The following is really a checklist of certain foods that can
assist you to maintain a healthy diet and also steer clear of diabetes-related
List pertaining to diabetic foods to Eat:
Nuts such as, Pine nuts, Brazil nuts, and peanuts.
Fresh vegetables such as, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, celery, cloves, etc… Leafy
vegetables like, fenugreek as well as spinach may also be included in your diet.
Sea food which includes, fish like, salmon, prawns and mackerels, etc.
Poultry products that are high in dietary fats and healthy proteins - but keep in mind to eat these in
boiled or perhaps grilled form to prevent excessive calorie intake.
Dairy products, such as low fat milk, fat free yogurt in addition to cottage cheese; all of these foods are
higher in proteins and even calcium and may be consumed by diabetics in reasonable quantities.
Fiber rich meals also ought to be included particularly in the gestational diabetes diet plan because this
assists with the right digestion of food and ensures correct bowel movement.

Foods that we must avoid:
Sugar as well as glucose containing foods aggravates diabetes and hence, they should be completely cut
out from the diabetes diet plan program. Foods that contain sugar consist of jellies, jams, frozen treats,
cookies, cake, tinned syrups, etc.
Oily Meals:
Fatty foods comprise of higher quantities of bad cholesterol that is dangerous for diabetic patients. It is
essential to stay away from all fatty foods, for example bacon, deep-fried meats; salad dressings, for
instance mayonnaise, butter, cheese, margarine, oil, egg yolk along with other high fat dairy products.
Carbohydrates that are found in breads as well as sweets increase blood sugar levels and therefore, it is
essential to avoid consuming foods that contain excess starch. Certain foods to avoid if you are
suffering from diabetes include cookies, white bread, rice, pizzas, and so on.
Starchy vegetables and fruit:
Certain veggies, like potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, corn, and so on should not be eaten. On the other
hand, a variety of other vegetables, including carrots, beet, beans etc should be eaten in minimal
quantities. Fresh fruits to avoid while suffering from diabetes, include bananas, plums, oranges,
grapefruit, strawberries, mango, custard apple, and so on.
It is essential to adhere to this particular diabetic food checklist in order to stabilize your situation.
Those having difficulties due to diabetes should attempt to maintain their sugar levels normally as far
as possible. An individual should enjoy a balanced wholesome diet throughout the day as well as
exercise regularly.
Carbohydrates are essential to gain energy. It is necessary to opt for wholesome carbohydrates, like
brown bread, whole wheat foods, and so on to be able to gain energy.
While preparing their diabetes diet plan, one should not forget to eat smaller, but more regular meals
approximately every couple of hours or so to prevent starvation.
You ought to stay away from processed and packed foods, since they have salts as well as preservative
chemicals which are never good for diabetic patients.
Fresh salads, sea food and meat dishes, soups, sandwiches made with brown or even whole wheat
bread, brown rice, fruit salads, and so on are a few of the foods that can be included within the diabetic
This was a list of what foods must and must not be consumed by diabetic patients. One should
remember to seek advice from their doctor while making any significant modifications in their diet or
their meal plans.

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Article #5
What Is The Diabetes Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 Is
the Difference? by Rakesh Goyal
To begin, it is important to highlight what diabetes is in general and how it affects
the human body.The basic layout of energy production in the human body is
based on breaking the food down into glucose,which is basically sugar. These
sugars go into cells throughout the body, which they fuel, allowing them to
operate and grow.When the system crashes, lead to serious health risks. Diabetes
mellitus type 1 and type 2 are both causes of system failure.
All forms of diabetes revolve around the pancreas and insulin production in the body. Insulin is a
chemical, a hormone that is given to the body, which allows the cells to feed on the quantity of sugar to
digest food. When insulin is not produced or manufactured in small quantities, in some cases diabetes
can occur in the human body. Insulin is a key factor in deciding whether a person becomes diabetic.
Type 1 diabetes is a condition that is explained when the body produces insulin whatsoever. This type
of diabetes is basically hereditary, and is the most common form of this affliction that affects children
from birth or developed at a very young age. Find pancreatic beta cells or never formed correctly or
destroyed, which causes the body to become extinct. When the pancreas does not work properly,
diabetes occurs.
Other varieties of the disease, type 2 diabetes, is brought in later life and is caused by human insulin
refusal in the body's cells, the high levels of pigment epithelium deprived factors. This substance,
nicknamed PEDF, blocking of insulin in the blood is effective. Type 2 diabetes is more built up in the
body insulin resistance. This causes the pancreas to become overworked and, in the end, it will not
work at all.
While type 2 diabetes is partly inherited, unlike type 1, this condition is also against the people become
obese because of poor diet and no exercise. Each of these diseases have the same effects, which include
muscle fatigue, tremors, coma, reversible limbs gangrene and even death. However, diabetes is not one
of the patient's fault, and 2 diabetes can be directly linked to the person's lifestyle habits.
The main difference between diabetes 1 and diabetes 2 is the age at which people develop the disease.
While people are getting the disease younger age of child obesity, type 1 really is hereditary, and
revolves around the lack of insulin produced. Type 2 is a disease of the body's cells to insulin resistance
against the excess fat cells.
If you find that you are showing the first signs of diabetes, you should get yourself to the doctor to be
tested. You should also recognize that diabetes is treatable and that active prevention can provide a
natural cure for diabetes.

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