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Original filename: The Reason Why Many Diet Plans Fail.pdf
Title: The Reason That We Diet
Author: Rod

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The Reason Why Many Diet Plans Fail

An insight report into losing weight
For most people the reason they diet is to lose unwanted
pounds but this is not always the answer. Read this report to
find out why.
To take action now click here

Author: Mark James
Mark has dedicated a considerable amount of time into the subject
of physical fitness after many years of overcoming obesity.


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1. The Problems Caused by Obesity …

2. Your Health is Your Wealth


… …


3. The Importance of Correct Dieting .

4. Essential Exercise

… …

5. What is Your Ideal Weight?



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1. The Problems Caused by Obesity
There are a number of reasons that we choose to diet but the obvious reason is to lose
excess weight. But did you know that diet alone is not the answer?

Over recent years obesity has reached epidemic proportions throughout the worlds
developed countries. This is proving to be a great concern not only for the overweight
population but for the governments of the countries in question. In fact, it is inflicting
an enormous burden on health services throughout the western world and causing
many premature deaths.
As this problem escalates, in some instances we hear of individuals ballooning to four
times their ideal body weight. As well as the health problems that an excessive
increase in weight can create, there are mobility issues too. For instance, if an obese
person has to be transported to hospital for treatment at any time, getting them there
can become a mammoth task.

Why are so many people overweight?
The two main reasons are an unhealthy
diet combined with a lack of any type of
physical exercise. These two reasons
coupled with laziness and inertia is responsible for a high proportion of the population
dramatically increasing in size.
Although there are a number of reasons why many continue to have an unhealthy diet,
the prime factor is easy availability of processed foods often known as convenience
foods. These types of products are packed with saturated fats, sodium and unhealthy
additives. The reason why so many people consume these convenience foods is
because they are readily available almost anywhere and they take little or no
Since lifestyles today are generally extremely busy, time spent in the kitchen has been
cut to a minimum enabling more time in the workplace instead of cooking. The quick
snack often substitutes a complete meal and sadly, young children are growing up


thinking that this is the way to eat and conduct their lives. Fewer families are sitting
around the meal table together and foods are being consumed in front of the TV in a
leisurely manner. As well as the unhealthy foods that are being consumed, this way of
eating can also bring about digestive problems as well as other problematic

How it can affect your children
There is no doubt that the way we eat has
changed gradually over recent years as many
households are put under increased financial
pressure. This has brought about the need for
both parents having to go out to work to pay
the ever increasing bills and the children are often left to their own devices.
Unfortunately, the result is that they eat what they like, when they like, which is a far
cry from the ideal routine that should be instilled in our younger generation. Children
who grow up in this manner will inevitably adopt the same eating habits for their own
children simply because they are unaware of a different way.

So it is not just a

simple diet that is the solution, it is a whole new lifestyle that must be adopted.

Why diet programs are ineffective
While many diet programs enable a person to lose weight, they can deprive the body
of essential ingredients. When a person has lost the amount of weight required, they
often revert back to their old way of eating soon afterwards. Consequently the weight
will quickly be put back on and will result in a new diet being sought and the whole
process begins again. This is known as yo-yo dieting and, when continually repeated,
it can cause the body irreparable harm.
The ever increasing varieties of processed foods are vigorously marketed so what ever
way you turn you are faced with these unhealthy means of eating. Fast foods are a
multi billion dollar industry and the saturated fats that many of them contain are
popular because they are a cheap option. Additives are incorporated to enhance the
flavours and the sodium is included to increase the products shelf life.


When you think about chicken, the thought of healthy eating comes to mind but do
not be misled as the food manufacturers use every single part of the chicken, even the
parts that many chefs would discard. For this reason, the mind boggles as to what
these chicken meals actually consist of that are abundantly available on most street
Similarly, this is relative to burgers too. Just ask yourself what part of the cow could
you be eating? Remember nothing is wasted. Even some brands of bread that you buy
can contain an unhealthy amount of sodium or salt. Once again, this ensures it
remains fresher for a longer period of time but at what cost to your health?

2. Your Health is Your
Many people in pursuit of wealth
chase riches at the expense of their
own well being and do not bother to
find the time to eat healthily. If you fall into this category, there is one question that
you must ask yourself. Will you live long enough to enjoy the wealth that you have
There are many ways to follow a healthy eating regime and it does not necessarily
have to take any longer than it takes to visit your local burger bar; all it takes is a little
thought and effort.

The health conditions you should be aware of
Although obesity has reached epidemic proportions in many countries, it is not alone.
Did you know that hypertension or high blood pressure as it is more commonly
known is a health condition that is also reaching epidemic proportions throughout the
western world? The worrying thing about this is that surveys have revealed that
around 25% of the adult population of the worlds developed countries are suffering
from this complaint. What is even more of a concern is that as many as a third of the
victims are unaware that their blood pressure is high!


If left unchecked, hypertension can become fatal. This is why it is known as the silent
killer. Furthermore, it can result in heart disease, organ failure or even a stroke. High
blood pressure is just one of the many medical conditions that can affect anybody who
lives an unhealthy lifestyle.
But overcoming hypertension could be achieved by taking medication. However, this
could mean that a person could be on medication for the rest of their lives. Is this the
route you want to take? In addition, another down side to this course of action is the
side effects; a very high percentage of medicines can cause a variety of side effects
that, in many cases, can be extremely unpleasant. Although the drug companies
provide adequate information to ensure awareness of any drugs prescribed, sometimes
this can be misplaced or discarded by accident prior to being read or even noticed. It
should be remembered that drug companies do not get any revenue from a product
that is in the experimental process. This is why many drugs are marketed before the
companies are fully aware of the effect their drugs can have on a patient. So yes they
can treat the complaint but at what cost to the patient?

Another medical condition that can affect
an overweight person is diabetes; once
again this can become a significant
problem if left untreated.

Diabetes is

increasing rapidly and the same thing
applies; medication can often be the only
answer to keep it under control. A guide
that is used to see whether you are at risk is by measuring your waist. If your waist
measurement doubled is more than your height, then you could be at risk.
What you can do to help combat these medical conditions
There is an answer to overcome these health problems as well as a substantial number
of other life threatening complaints without the help of prescription drugs. It involves
a lifestyle overhaul and making changes where they are needed. It must be
remembered that we have only one life and one body. Therefore, the body that you
have been blessed with should be looked after at all costs. Regret is a wasted emotion
yet hospitals are full of people feeling regret and repeatedly saying “if only”.


Even though there are some body parts that you could live without and still function
properly, the heart is not one of them. The heart must be cared for efficiently and this
is what you should do.

Strangely enough, today, many people spend more time

caring for their cars than they take in caring for themselves. This is due to the
materialistic age that we all live in and materialism usually ensures that what is
essential to our welfare is very often overlooked.
Another aspect of overall health and well being is the fact that improved dental
hygiene can be of the utmost benefit too. If a person does not practice an adequate
level of dental health, this could generate unhealthy bacteria which could be ingested
into the body’s system and be a contributory factor to ill health.

3. The Importance of Correct Dieting
For many people to lose a little weight just means cutting down on certain foods but
this is not the answer. Weight loss depends on build, age,
metabolism and physical activity as well as a number of other
things that should be taken into account. A diet should be
structured according to each person’s requirements. Without this,
losing the unwanted pounds could become hard work and when the
required results do not materialise many people simply give up.
This is why any structured plan must be established involving an
overall healthier lifestyle suitable for you. It is not only a matter of
losing weight.

Healthy eating can inspire your taste buds
Protecting your vital organs is not something that is too demanding; it involves
nothing more than a certain amount of common sense. Yes saturated fats should be
avoided as well as excessive salt but the alternatives do not make much difference to
the taste of the foods that you eat.

In fact, healthy alternatives could become

surprisingly nutritious as well as adding more flavour, just by adding garlic or onion
to a meal, could gradually reduce your blood pressure level.


Cholesterol could also be reduced by adding pumpkin seeds, soya beans, wheatgerm
or linseed to the foods that you eat. So, you can see that just by making minor
additions to your daily diet, this can produce much needed results and, for many,
could actually enhance their taste buds too.
We are told that it is important to consume at least five a day, meaning fresh fruit and
vegetables which is not difficult to achieve. So, combine this with a fish meal twice a
week and the required healthy lifestyle is not too far away. While there is nothing
wrong with the occasional lapse in your diet, providing it is kept under control; every
now and again indulging yourself will not do any harm as long as the healthy diet
remains your primary concern.
There are many healthy additions that can make a boring meal much more nutritious
and, at the same time, pleasing to the taste buds; it just takes a little time to
experiment and work on the foods that you prefer. This is far better than eating burger
and fries three times a week; it just takes a little effort and needs to be treated as an
investment in your future.

4. Essential Exercise
Exercise should become part of your routine if you are to maintain a healthy way of
life. This does not mean you should spend hours in the gym, it just means you should
remain active. There are three activities that, if taken
seriously, can improve your personal fitness
dramatically - walking, swimming and cycling. It is
important to remember that if you have been
inactive for any length of time it is advisable to seek
the advice of your doctor before embarking on
anything too strenuous. With this in mind you are
not training for the next Olympics, you are just
making use of all the parts of your body.


Begin with a steady walk two or three times a week which is not too taxing. As you
progress by walking a further distance at a quicker pace, this can begin to produce
benefits. It should be remembered that as you age, your muscles begin to waste and
inactivity can speed up this wasting process. With this in mind losing weight later in
life can leave a person looking scrawny. This is why if the weight needs to reduce
from the midriff, stomach exercises can become an advantage.
The saying “use it or lose it” is very true and taking note of people who are unable to
walk unaided whether by use of a wheel chair or some other type of mobility aid. This
could be as a result of some sort of accident or illness but generally a high percentage
of these people are in this type of situation due to a long period of inactivity or
obesity. Do you want to be one of these people and have to rely on others for your
mobility as you get older?

Motivate to appreciate
Where walking can ensure your legs are in constant use,
swimming can exercise most of the muscles in the body and is
beneficial for the heart as well. Cycling once again is good for
the legs but also assists the heart with its ongoing functions. All
of your activities and bodily movements are often taken for
granted when you are young but, as you age, movement can
become painful due to the likes of arthritis and other debilitating
problems. It is much easier to maintain mobility rather than just
give up.
Many people find it formidable to embark on any type of exercise regime and, if this
is the case, then a certain amount of soul searching should take place. It is always the
end result that is important and you have got to want to improve your way of life to
enable you to become totally committed. A photograph of yourself now and one of
how you would like to look should be close at hand to give you the determination you
might need to enter into a successful weight loss and exercise program.
Although everybody has had a distant relative or has known of someone who smoked
fifty cigarettes a day and lived till they were ninety years old, this is just another


excuse by anyone wishing to justify their unhealthy way of life. By adopting a
healthy lifestyle you are improving your own quality of life dramatically. While there
are no guarantees that you will live longer, statistics indicate that your chances are
increased and as you become older instead of watching the world pass you by you
could become an active part of it. What better way than participating in the lives of
your grandchildren as they grow up.

Exercise to reduce your stress levels
Regular exercise can also relieve stress, so instead of reaching for the anti-depressants
when confronted with a stressful situation, ten or fifteen minutes of strenuous exercise
can be the natural way to ease the pressure on the organs of the body. Modern day
living has become extremely pressurised and this is one of the causes of the increase
in heart disease. Learn to deal with it the natural way instead of relying on
prescription drugs with their unpredictable side effects.

5. What is Your Ideal Weight?
Your ideal weight is the weight that you feel most
comfortable with. When you visit your doctor
there is usually a chart that determines a persons
correct weight in relation to their height. This is
often regarded as being inaccurate as different
bone structures must be considered which many of
these charts do not take into account
Another alternative is that you might have been before a doctor who is rather on the
large side informing you that you should lose an excessive amount of weight. The
reason for this is that in medical circles the body mass index (BMI) is often quoted.
Again this is another misleading statistic that does not take into account a person’s
bone structure. It does not take too much working out if your waist is less than half of
your height and you can bend and move with ease then you are not too far from your
ideal physique. Every person knows the weight that they are most comfortable with.
However, some people claim to be at their ideal weight while carrying too much

- 10 -

around their midriff. If this is the case, then they are not only lying to their friends but
to themselves and the gym should be their first port of call.
After reading this report there are two options for you. One is to do nothing and
gamble with the most valuable possession you will ever own or take the advice given
and gradually improve your life.
It should be remembered that it is not only you that will benefit but your immediate
family also. If you choose to do nothing it could put your nearest and dearest under
continued stress. Looking up at them from a hospital bed, while connected to a life
support machine is far from an ideal situation and regret will not turn the clock back.
If your body has been subject to years of abuse the inevitable could happen. Your
next of kin could be faced with the responsibility of making the final decision of when
your life support machine has to be switched off. Remember the medical staff can
only offer advice - how would you feel if you had to make a decision like that? This
is why you owe it to your loved ones to look after yourself.

Now you are ready to take control
of your healthy new lifestyle so just click here to begin!

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