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Custodian list…… list may be taken by both marine
legions and imperial army
The Emperor

550 points

Emperor] 7
5 5 6 7 8 5 12 0+
Unit Type: infantry
Wargear: Fireblade (master crafted force weapon), Eagle’s Claw, Armor of The Imperium,
Green wreath, psychic hood (counts as hood of hellfire)
Options: may take an emperor’s gift APC for 90 points, an artificer land raider for 290 points,
an artificer rhino for 80 points. May be accompanied by custodes Veterans in artificer or
custodes in terminator armor
Special Rules
Eternal warrior, relentless, liturgies of battle, Orbital bombardment, Honor or death,
feel no pain 3+, Master psyker, inspiring presence, iron will
Fireblade: may be used once per game to deal a ranged attack.
Green wreath: confers a 3+ invulnerable save
Armor of The Imperium: may re roll one armor save per turn
Custodes terminators count as troops as well as elites

Custodes High Lord

165 points

7 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 2+
Unit composition: 1 Custodes High Lord
Unit Type: infantry
Wargear: artificer armor, master guardian spear, frag, krak, and rad grenades, melta bombs
Options: may take shroud bombs for +3 points. May take blind grenades for +5 points
and/or gas grenades for +7 points. May take a jump pack for +5 points, or custodes jetbike
for +15 points, or Cataphractii terminator armor for +20 points
Special rules
Fearless, special issue ammunition, relentless, touch of the emperor,
independent character, 5+ invulnerable save