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Apocaly FFC

The Story of



Muhammad Rafay
My thanks for being inspiration to the story and
making the characters come alive.
Dedicated to all those who intend to stick with the tale
until the end.


This is the original compiled version published in
A revised edition and the rest of the epic tale are
under development.

Story of M. Rafay
Part 1 of Apocaly FFC


Episode 1
The night was dark and cold. A chilling breeze blew in the town. The windows and
doors had been closed. The shutters of the shops had been pulled down. I was
walking through the park, taking a shortcut to my home. The vision was not pellucid
because of the fog but the map of this town was imprinted on my mind so well that I
could walk blindly from a known place and reach the desired one.
It was this time that I discovered the door open for the first time in many years.
What was behind this door had been an enigma to people for a long time. Some said
that a hoard of evil creatures was locked inside from medieval times.
Others thinking more logically gave an explanation, that a chiller was housed there
for the air-conditioning of our homes; and it felt like that due to the mechanic hum
that came from it.
From the days of my child hood I was a curios child. It had been my wish from that
time till now to explore the place behind this door. It was a lucky day and without a
second’s delay I entered the door. The air whistled and a sudden rush of cold wind
made the hair stand on my back. It felt as if it was admonishing me not to go inside
but my passion for exploration could not be given up.
I took out my torch which I carried with me all the time and turned it on. I found
myself in a tunnel. It had smooth walls and a lot of carvings. There were many
scripts in Arabic instilled on the walls. It looked like mughal influence to me. I went
in further hoping to find more interesting things. I did found interesting things but
they were not good.
I turned to find many skeletons chained on the wall. The flesh had rotted away. It
was a thrilling site. At that moment I heard the same old mechanic sound but this
time a bit louder. It came from my back so I rushed towards it and found myself
facing an elevator. “AN ELEVATOR!” I thought. What purpose could an elevator


serve in a place which is known to be a craft of history? The elevator was in power
and so I stepped in it and clicked one of the two buttons. With a jerk the elevator
began to drift down.
When the doors opened I found myself in a lab. Heavy machinery was at work.
There were some jars filled with some disgusting chemical and in them frogs and
different kinds of insects were preserved. It felt really creepy. On the other hand it
was mysterious for I considered that it was a secret laboratory and a top secret
work must be at work. I felt ominous footsteps approaching and so I quickly hid
under a desk and wished for safety.
Two men entered the room and one of them was leaping with glee. “I have done it
and at last. Our ultimate weapon is ready after years of struggle. Dave our dreams
are about to come true.”
“Indeed but how can you be so sure its completely successful, Kevin.”
“I tested the virus and its structure on computer models and the mathematical
representation proves it. Furthermore I tested on some animals. The results are
truly smart,” said Kevin
“Indeed so when do we begin our mission.”
“I have created this missile. Its time is set and will launch itself automatically. In it
millions of this virus is placed. We will launch it first on the people of this town.
They will be our first true test subjects,” explained Kevin.
“And soon we will be the rulers of this world and founders of a new race, a new
generation of humans submissive to our will. Full of focused concentration.
Determined to fulfill the task given to them,” said Dave his voice full of malice and
I felt as if I was stuck in some great trouble. I had to escape. These men were a
threat for man kind. These were people full of greed. They did not care for the
consequences of their works.
I furtively began to creep towards the elevator. I was very near. It was a great
chance to escape. This was some adventure.


“Perhaps Kevin we may use this stealthy meddler as our first guinea pig,” said Dave,
his voice hitting my head like a raging crowd. Bells began to ring in my ears as I
turned around to face the two men.
“So who are you and how did you find this lab?” said Kevin.
“Me… I...I… I am just an adventurer. I saw the door open for the first time and
decided to look in. I did not mean to disturb you. Please allow me to leave,” I said
choosing my words carefully.
“THE DOOR!” growled Dave with a frown, “I thought I told the guard to close it. He
could have ruined all our plans.”
“Any how now we must decide the fate of this boy,” said Kevin.
“Let him bow to his new masters. To us, who will soon lead the strongest army on
this Earth and conquer all lands. Infect him. Also it’s safer to use him first,” said
I began to back away from the two men, pleading for mercy but mercy is not found
in callous people. They have cold hearts and dead souls. My luck however was with
me and at the moment, the door burst open and in came a hideous monster, a living
dead with a face full of one desire and I saw that pretty soon as it jumped on Kevin
and began to tear him before he could do anything.
“Brother help me, it survived. Our previous test survived.”
“How could it? I killed it myself. This is outrageous.”
I leaped for the elevator and Dave saw me. I saw him grab something and throw at
me but I was too frantic in closing the lift then to notice it. Soon faint screams of
Dave could be heard below as I travelled back. I had some reporting to do.
My arm became my center of attention as I felt a small pain rise in it and saw a small
dart filled with a purple liquid stuck there. I knew it was the virus. Dave knew what
he was doing. He was one of those who did not allow the bird to escape so easily out
of the cage. I took out the syringe and threw it away. I began to wonder what fate
had in store for me. What was the fate of Muhammad Rafay?


Episode 2

It was a starry night. A chilly wind blew while in the town of “FFC” a party had
begun. It was a Bar B Q night, people gathered in the community lawn, some
with friends, and others with families. They ordered their meals and ate it
ravenously. It was a special BBQ night as many other dishes were available on
the menu. The atmosphere was wonderfully invigorating a cultural feeling
which was enhanced by the ambient music which played in the background.
Just near the entrance sat a group of cheerful adolescent boys, their faces
lacking color and activeness due the hard pressures and enforcements
inflicted upon their personal lives by their school. However they were cheerful
“At last a weekend, after such hard five school days,” said Moosa.
“Yep and the food is just exquisite. Man you should try this ‘Chicken Paratha’
and ‘Kebab’. I am going to eat my fingers away feasting on them,” said Hasan.
“Oh yeah! Why not have a competition. The one who devours the chicken
Tikka in 3 minutes wins,” said Irtaza.
“Where are Rafay and Oz?” asked Haseeb.
“Thank God Oz isn’t here. I have had enough of him in school: Can’t bear him
here as well. Don’t know when I will get rid of this bastard,” said Moosa.


“Shhhh… You should not say that too loud. Remember how sharp his ears are?
He walks here and there many times unnoticed and hears many things,”
warned Akbar.
“Still where is Rafay,” asked Hasan.
“He is at home; I heard he is really sick,” replied Haseeb.
“Oh when did that happen?”
“He arrived two days ago at his home from a party and fell. He was in the
hospital since that day.”
“That’s why no one’s been picking up the phone at his home. I thought may be
he had gone somewhere,” said Moosa, “Well why we are so worried… Lets just
enjoy this time and chill.”

Just then far away from the noise and chatter of the people, among the silence
of the trees, under the bright twinkling stars: there was A BREACH.
It was a breach in the fortress of silence by a sudden “BOOM”. The sound was
as if like a hammer stroked hard on a rock; a sound of doom it seemed. Like
the call of death.
Far away from it, the people heard only a strong hammer beat or a gun shot
and few paid attention to it. However soon many others began to quiet down
and others began to whisper.
“What was that?”
“ Whach wob bat?” asked Irtaza, his mouth full with food.
“I don’t know Irtaza!” exclaimed Akbar.
“Hey look...LOOK! LOOK. Watch that yellow rocket!” screamed a child in the
“Is that a shooting star,” said Haseeb.


“Idiot, can’t you see its heading upwards,” replied Irtaza,
headed this way.”

“Hey look its

“Oh sit down and watch.”
But by now many girls were squealing, while people gasped and whispered to
each other. The yellow shooting star got bigger and closer and many people
realized it was heading towards them. Parents grabbed their children and
hurried away sensing some unknown danger. Even the curious ones began to
scurry but it was too late and “BOOM”.
Rafay woke up with a start, his throat dry and body burning with a fever. He
strained his eyes and mind to focus. Three nights had passed since the
horrible incident. He would have thought it a dream if not for the blue spot
where the syringe had struck him. Three nights and he was still burning in
fever. He knew he had the virus but it had not shown any other hazardous
In fact he felt way better; he got up to take a drink of cool water. He wrapped
himself in the sleeping cloak and saw that the lights of his home were left on,
while he poured a glass for himself. He checked on his parents and was
surprised to find their room empty. Suddenly he jumped up as his eyes got
sight of a clock. It was 0300 hrs. “Where could they be?” thought Rafay. His
head felt heavy and he closed his eyes while lying down on their bed.
I woke up as the dawn crept up in the sky and the first light of the new day
entered the room. The lights were still on. “Where were my parents? What
happened to them? ”
Something was weird and I felt it in my heart. What was fate playing at? I
ruffled up my hair while wondering and got up. A new strength had seeped in
me and I felt changed. Thankfully my fever was gone as well.


Episode 3
The Town has been quarantined. Sir!”
“Good. Are there any survivors left.”
“Um Yes Sir.”
Make sure they all meet the same fate,” said the chief in the white suit.
“Sir we have prepared the reports of Dr Kevin’s death. There is sir one capsule
missing from the bag. We think that a test subject is on the run in the town,”
said Dr. Idrees.
“Well let him run. By now he will be one of them,” said the chief in mock
laughter and then looking at the face of Dr Idrees and said, “Is their any
“Well sir apparently the virus is capable of causing devastating mutations
among the living, this we know well. However the version of virus specifically
created by Dr. Kevin was slightly different. It was a version perfected in form
and purpose. Unfortunately we don’t have any of his research work at hand
and the virus cannot remain perfected for long even if in storage under
constant conditions. Thus the mutations are the result of that imperfection.”
“So what do you suggest should be done Dr?” said the Chief.
“Well sir according to my calculations we can only create the antidote if we
find that one test subject who was given this virus in a perfected form for only
then it bonds with the blood. We desperately need the serum for the safety of
this lab.”
“Indeed Dr. Send all forces find that person. He must not be able to learn about
this. Understand. This meeting is dismissed,” said the Chief with gritted teeth
and his hologram disappeared.


I was walking along the road in the cold morning. The sight was blinded by the
fog and the town was deadly quiet. Strange it was indeed; no birds chirped in
the trees, no human form could be seen. My hand and feet were numb with
cold. I wondered where my parents could have gone.
Suddenly I remembered that yesterday was a Friday so probably they would
have gone for BBQ but where then?
In that one moment, I glimpsed a shadow following me but then it
disappeared; my mind was playing tricks on me.
Again my senses were consternated on one point as this time I could hear
sounds of growling and munching and as I moved ahead I could see a shadow
of a man sitting and chewing something. As I neared this shadow, I felt a
strange feeling that this man was crazed.
“Sir are you alright?” I enquired.
Immediately the chewing stopped and the deadly silence regained its position.
My heart began to throb really hard and I could not help but yell as the man
turned towards me. It was a hideous face, covered with blood and his eyes
were empty of life. He snarled at me and I saw what he was eating: a human
body. This man was a cannibal; no, it was the figure from my nightmares
materialized in front of me.
I screamed in fear and the adrenaline rushed faster through my body and I ran
not caring about cold, not worrying about the one or perhaps ten monsters
following me. I just ran! It was after a time that I realized that I was running at
an extremely fast speed not natural for a human. Perhaps it was my
imagination but at the moment I had run up to the beautiful thick garden near
my friend’s house or what we liked to call “the forest”. I examined my
surroundings and saw no one. I took a sigh of relief and began to pant when I
fell back roaring, “NOOOOO” to avoid the biting zombie man who had attacked
me. In the light of dawn his face was like death. His face death white and his
mouth covered with dark red blood which really took your nerves and with


eyes full of craziness. The strength of this creature was overpowering me and
then suddenly I heard a chanting but I was too busy to focus on it and then
there was a creaking sound and with a sickening crunching sound, a large tree
bark fell on the head of the monster which exploded in a fountain of blood
with a nauseating plop sound. Then another thwack crushed the body into a
pool of blood. I closed my eyes in discuss as the entrails fell on me.
I was really sick and was horrified. Imagine yourself in my place and think
what you would have done. It was then that I again heard the faint chant
whose language I could not decipher. I begin to search for its source when I
realized that it was surrounding me and then drops of water began to fell on
me and it started to rain heavily. A great rush began among the trees while I
shivered in the raining dew (At least the blood on my body washed away).
However what was this trees were moving. Wines began to creep along floor
and some began to slither in the air in a very intimidating way. Continuously
after a few seconds one of them would strike something and come up with a
zombie which was mercilessly beaten to pulp. I was really horrified. It was a
nightmare of blood, water and trees. No longer was I going to disbelieve
Fantasy. Certainly Oz had been right about them. I begin to run though in the
cold it was really difficult when my feet struck a rock and I fell upside down
really hard. There was a large cracking and I gazed up as the chanting voice
grew more obvious in direction and was blinded by a very strong light.
“Are you hurt?”
I said, “No not really.”
“Do you submit yourself to me in the fight against these creatures?”
“Who are YOU?” I questioned.
The light lessened and from it, to my disbelieve, emerged Oz, my friend
smiling at me.
“Oz is that is that really you?”


“Yes Rafay. Ready to believe in magic, ghosts and fairies now,” said Oz winking
at me.
“I guess yeah…maybe,” I said.
“Lucky for you to have survived. Come on we have to hurry up and rescue
others. I have to find someone; Oh I wish that someone is alive,” said Oz
“But...but...” I wanted to ask about many things but I was cut of.
“No ’buts’ Ok! Just hurry, I will explain things later,” he said as if he had read
my mind. I shrugged and began to follow him. We approached our lane
without any trouble and I was really surprised about that. Being with Oz
warmed my heart and kept it beating.

We entered another street where immediately Oz buried himself into digging
out a pile of rubble then giving a sigh of relief he said, “Oh good heavens, You
are alive. I was so worried about you. Lucky to have survived another attack
aren’t we.”
Upon nearing I saw that it was a Zee, a girl from my class and perhaps Oz’s
best friend. Oz started chanting another incantation and I witnessed the
bruises on her body healing at a quick rate. Her clothes mended as well. “So I
owe you again,” she sad in a gruff voice.
“Perhaps you can lay it down by accepting my request,” said Oz.
“Shut up Oz. I told you to forget about it.”
“Ok then come on. We have to find other survivors,” said Oz
“Oh no way I’m coming with you,” said Zee.
“Well at the moment we are the only survivors. I suggest that you better start
coping with us,” said Oz and then looked at Zee with a serious expression and
after a few seconds burst out laughing, “Come on Zee, we have done it before,
at least we can bear each other on missions and you know that well enough.”


This time Zee smiled and said, “Ok then what’s the first stop?”
“Well Rafay and you will pass through the town carefully. While I will have a
job to do. Zee take care of Rafay. Ok.”
Then leaving me bewildered he disappeared in thin air. Only two words came
out of my mouth. WOW. Real Magic.
“So are you coming Rafay?” asked Zee.
I nodded. We started to move through the street. I asked, “You knew about Oz
’s supernatural abilities?”
“Yeah,” she said.
“Oh how come Oz never told us?”
“I don’t know. His own choice actually,” she replied smoothly.
“What was it that Oz was talking about the missions you and both had.”
This time she stopped abruptly and after gulping a bit she said, “Well let’s just
say that it is a secret which cannot be revealed but Oz and I have been
together through many perils indeed.”
Then suddenly the air was full of the cries of crows as we heard a gunshot.
“Come on Hurry we have to reach that person,” said Zee and a started running.
Well what other choice did I have except to follow her.

As we reached there, I saw someone lying on the floor and Oz standing near
“Well Well, who do we have here?” said Zee gleefully and then said, “Hey job


Oz looked at us and smiled, “It’s good you are here. No job not done. I had to
turn upon hearing the cries and gun shots.”
“So who is it?” I asked.
“The man with the shotgun! Hassan Javed.”
“What? He has a shotgun!” I said bewildered.
“And hunting knives and handgun and a shield. I don’t understand where he
got these things but heave him up. We have to get out of here. The sound must
have attracted those things out there. Hurry,” said Oz.
“Come on Oz do you expect us to heave that bulk. How can we do it?” I
abruptly said.
“Logical but he won’t wake up.”
“So use your powers!”
Then suddenly Hassan started to moan and I bent over him saying,” Hey wake
up. We have to get out of here.”
“Han what…,” he said.
Then he slowly got up and rubbed his eyes. Then suddenly slashed his knife
and waved his shotgun.
“Easy…Easy there. Calm down big boy. Look you killed four monsters,” said
“Oh Oz, Rafay and Zee. It’s you,” he said with a sigh of relief.
“Hey where did you get the arms from?” I asked.
“Well these. These were my dad’s. He use to go hunting. The shield is an old
artifact that happened to be decorated on the wall.”
“You said they WERE your Dad’s!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah well…” then he looked down and we all understood his answer.


“Ok Brave boy. We have to get out of here and quick,” said Oz
“I don’t know how all of this happened. My parents are gone too,” said Zee.
“So are mine. I crept out of home in search of them and then I ended up here. I
know how these monsters have been created,” I said my heart getting heavy.”
“Oh indeed. Now what can YOU know about such matter? Huh!”
Anger swept through me but I resisted the urge to punch Oz. “I have seen the
lab where the virus was created. I have seen the horror that lives there. There
are secret experiments going on underground.”
“He knows!” said Zee astonished.
“Do you know the way in? Can you take us there?” asked Oz getting very
excited. “Zee we were correct. The experiments are going underground but we
could not find a way in.”
“Yes I know the way. But don’t go there. You’ll get into trouble,” I replied.
Suddenly the air was filled with screaming of a women and a door banged
open from which a women came running out. Her hair was torn apart and she
had wounds covering her. Behind her came running a fat man with face
covered with a mask; chainsaw was in his hand.”
“Before anyone could do something. The chainsaw slashed in the air right
through the women’s head slicing her in half and blood spurted out like a
fountain. Thick gory blood leaked out and formed the pool on the ground. It
was a sickening site. Zee screamed and the chainsaw looked at us.
“Oh m...my. Oh my poor wits. What is this?” spluttered Oz.
I felt my vision going blank.
Oz said, “Hold yourself together and run now. Hurry go.”
We began to run while Oz took hold of Hassan’s shotgun and said, “I don’t
know if this will work on your fat bulk but you asked for it,” and fired.


Episode 4
The door of the room parted with an electronic click and the man entered
inside it.
“So Dr. You needed to share some information, didn’t you,” said a cold voice
which sent cold shivers down the man’s spine.
The Dr. coughed and said, “Ah well, yes. We have been successful in tracking
the boy, sir. “You came here to give me such petty news. What did I ORDER TO
BE DONE? Huh,” said the voice coldly suddenly rising in a pitch causing Dr.
Idrees to cower before him.
“Well Sir, we can but he is surrounded by the members of Anti Bio Experiment
League. We cannot take risks, chief.”
“Master,” spat the chief, “From now on you will refer to me as Master. I am the
ultimate human.” Then after a moment of silence, “Why not use our agent. Our
old and most wonderful weapon against them. Yes Fetch her Doctor. Go
The man rushed out of the room as if he had seen a ghost.
After a few moments, the doors of the room opened and inside entered a girl,
clad in black leather clothing and armour, with eyes full of a menacing fire.
She did not flinched or felt any fear as she gazed upon the chief. “You called
“The chief smiled a very scary smile and said, ”Nothing gives you chills, does
The girls lip curled into a cold smile , “Who can give chills to the one who
herself is Fear.”


“Indeed. Now I have a mission for you. Go back and prepare. This will be
perhaps the most important mission of your life. You understand what I am
saying don’t you.”
“Yes, Its torture time,” said the girl contorting her face into an evil smile.

I could hear the zooming voice of the chainsaw. He was somewhere near;
close to me. Waiting for a movement so that he could slice me with his
chainsaw. I felt another purge to vomit as I remembered the chainsaw maniac
slicing the woman. I could see the fountain of blood which flew in the air. Then
suddenly I got Oz’s eye, he told me to creep out now. How could I trust Oz
when even he had failed to kill the murderous monster.
When Oz had shot the bullets on the monster they had just got stuck in his big
bulk and then he healed and rushed towards us. We all ran as fast as we could
and hid at various locations. The zombies were scattered everywhere in the
I rushed out from behind the cupboard and we crept out of the barn.
“Well Oz?” I said looking at him questioningly.
“I am worried about Zee. Where did she go in the frenzy?”
Then suddenly the sounds of whoozing grew loud and with a roar a shadow
jumped upon us from the barn’s roof.
I began to run as fast as I could through the bushes and hedges, crossing the
private properties of people without permission. Oz was with me and it was
not long when the hungry zombies joined in the hunt.
“Now what,” I shouted to Oz. I felt a strange surge building up through me as if
energy wanted to break through me. A sharp pain erupted in my chest and I
felt as if a volcano was going to burst out from me. In that agonizing moment I
heard the air fill with blasts of a shotgun. Many of the zombies fell on the floor

now at peace at last. The pain began to fade but the zooming sound did not
stop and cutting his way through the hedge, the chainsaw maniac came
roaring at us crazily. It was a kind of hunting cry or the enthusiasm of victory,
however his force was cut of by Hassan jumping in our way with his shield on.
There was a cry of the chainsaw hitting the metal shield and then a “thwak”
sound. Hassan had stabbed his sword right in the maniac’s head and left it
there. The maniac dropped on the grass with a thump.
“Where is Zee?” asked Oz in a worried voice.
“I don’t know. I thought she was with you people,” said Hassan.
“Oh my God. I have to … I mean We have to find her. NOW!” said Oz.
We began to run in search of Zee.
In a very dark barn, Zee was panting hard. She staggered on the floor, to hide
under a cover. Someone knocked over the door. Then everything went deadly
quiet. Zee’s heart began to beat very hard. Suddenly there was a zoom and a
crash as a chainsaw pierced through the wood of the door and screaming
crazily, a chainsaw maniac broke through the door and lunged at Zee, who
dodged him and was lucky enough to cause the chainsaw to stumble and fall.
Zee gasped and began to run. The chainsaw groaning got up and started his
chainsaw and with another cry he began to run after Zee who had barely
enough strength left in her to run. Alas she fell on the road out of breath and
saw death in the form of chainsaw maniac approaching her. Then someone
jumped through the air and blocked the chainsaw man from attacking. The
chainsaw man waved his deadly weapon in the air but the attacker was too
agile and dodged it. The maniac gave a cry of rage and this time attacked with
his hand causing his enemy to fall. He then put his foot over the attacker’s
chest and waved his chainsaw in victory. A fire blazed in Zee’s eyes. A fire of
fear and worry and she screamed, “OZ NO.”

As I arrived on the spot where the shouting was coming from, I saw a very
critical scene. Oz had fallen and the chainsaw was waving his weapon ready to


attack. Suddenly there was a roaring sound of a vehicle and then a sound as if
a cannon was blasting and I saw the chainsaw’s head explode in a fountain of
blood. There was a large circle in his head now from which dark red blood was
oozing. A motor cycle came roaring in site and I saw the beauty it was. A
glossy and cool looking piece of with many weapons attached with it. The
biker was clad fully in a black leather dress and the head was covered with a
helmet. Oz got up gasping for breath and Zee helped him get up. He was
smiling. Hassan also arrived panting.
“Well Well. This is LXCZ 500. Completely automatic and fully computerized
with an assortment of weapons. This is the best vehicle of war available for
anyone,” said Oz in a hushed voice showing his admiration for the bike.
“I think I need a little introduction as well. Well, Never mind. All every one
need to know is that I am Oz’s savior from today.”
It was a feminine voice. The biker was a girl. “Well everyone, meet Agent
Rushna, expert in mastering of machinery and a good soldier,” said Oz and
then added, “Is that fine enough for you !”
RUSHNA! Another girl from my class. What was going on? Rushna removed
the helmet and said, “So any info what’s going on here.”
“No, I thought you would know!” said Oz.
“Me why would I?”
“Well didn’t you go to the HQ to get the bike.”
Rushna smiled and said, “Oh no, I booked it 2 days ago for a mission.”
Suddenly I felt the pain in my chest reappear; it was a burning sensation and I
saw a hoard of zombies attacking for food. And to my further horror, I saw the
chainsaw maniac rising; the wound had disappeared and he was ready to
attack again. I felt anger, pain and fear and the pain within my chest increased.
I felt the wind compressing around me and then I felt relaxed as the gust of
energy left me. There was a blast and all I was able to see was a cloud of dust
and rubble around me before I hit the ground unconscious.


When I woke up, I found Oz looking at me without any expression. He for the
first time as I could remember looked serious in his life.
“Who are you, Rafey and where did you get this power?” said Oz.
“What power?”
“Take a look at your surroundings.”
I looked around and realized that all of us were in a small depth crater with a
wide radius. The place had turned into a barren piece of land. “
“This is not a normal power. There is something queer about you and I will
find it out. And I promise you, my methods will not be painless so it is better if
you reveal who you are,” said Oz in a deadly whisper.
“I promise you Oz that I don’t know anything that happened here and I don’t
understand what you are talking about,” I pleaded.
Oz’s stern expression softened and he said, “I can believe you Rafay but my
duty does not allow this. However we should move somewhere safer.”
“Wait! How did I fell unconscious and how can I cause this crater?” I asked
feeling really tensed up.
“When the zombies attacked us, we all felt a strange wave pass through us.
Then there was a sort of rumbling which caused this crater and the force
caused the zombies to be crushed in the air, while miraculously we stayed
safe. Then you fell unconscious,” said Zee also eying me with great suspicion.
“So…So how can you blame me?”
“Blame You! We can prove that you caused the crater. First of all, you were the
centre of the crater,” said Zee.
“Secondly, you were on fire when we touched you. It was like as if a deadly
fever had attacked you,” explained Oz.


“Come on. We should get somewhere safer,” said Rushna,“ There you can test
your theories. Damn that blast damaged the bike as well.”
We walked through the desolate place. The weather was dusty. Oz had my
hands tied and Hassan was responsible to carry me on his back. Then after we
reached a barn, he cut my hands and said, “I don’t want to blame myself for
your death. Anything can happen in this time so it is better if you are free.
Besides I doubt that your power would be unable to set you free from my
Then Oz entered a barn and came out looking sick. “I don’t think anyone
should go in there. You will be sick at the scene specially girls.”
He looked REALLY sick.
“Oh come on, how horrible could it be. Let me have a look,” said Rushna and
pushing Oz aside, she peered in. She gasped and then screamed.
I entered the barn and behind me others followed. Oz was right, the scene was
It was Shanzah, another girl from my class. Half of her body was tied with a
rope while the legs were cut up and thrown aside. Blood leaked from her nose
and her eyes had been burst open. Clearly she had been tortured by someone.
Furthermore, her throat was cut and fresh blood was oozing out from it. It was
an indication that the kill was recent. Behind me Zee screamed and both
Rushna and she hugged each other and began to cry. Hassan had turned his
face and looked deadly pale. Oz looked sick and serious while I felt my head
zooming. This was perhaps the most horrible event I had encountered yet. Oz
said, “This is clearly not the work of a monster for they prefer quick kill. This
is a murder and I promise you I will find out who is responsible for it no
matter what.”
I looked at his stern face and saw the certainty in his eyes and I knew that he
was going to do it. Then Oz began to examine the area for certain clues while I
and the others left the barn sick of that sight. I looked at the sky which was


beginning to turn dusky and wondered how long it would be before we
suffered the same fate.

The small screen on the small watch blinked and jumped into action. The girl
peered into it to see the chief who was smiling strangely. He said, “Well what
is your status.”
“All witnesses removed. We are closing in on the coordinates. Your work will
be done soon.”
“Good VERY GOOD. That is what I like about your style; agile and full of
stealth. You will be very successful in the world I have envisioned Agent Sofia.
You just wait.”
With this the screen turned off and the girl began to laugh crazily with a new
blaze of menace in her eyes. She was ready to wipe out anything in her way of
success. She was ready to fulfill her task and win the war against her enemies.


Episode 5
The light of twilight fell dimly upon the carrion that was piled up on the
ground. A deadly silence prevailed in the air. A thin sheet of mist had begun to
mask the air when there was a movement on the ground and the territory of
silence was breached by moaning sounds. There was a groan and squirming
and squelching sounds as some kind of organic tubes started moving out of
the pile of dead. A body rose; face covered in blood, one eye dangling out and
rest of the skin mutilated as if burned by acid. The Body looked at itself and
the surrounding area. He raised his hand and a spark came out of it. He felt a
twinge of excitement for he was still ALIVE.

The morning felt cold as I wondered where fate had led me. Never had I
thought that I would suffer such troubles and yet I was still alive even after so
much had happened.
Three days have passed since I lost my parents; since we discovered
Shanazah’s dead body; since the terrible incident that had turned everyone
into murderous monsters. Yet I live and am in a safe haven. Fate has played a
cruel joke on me; I am not normal anymore even though I look and act normal,
from mind I have changed due to some freak mind abilities I have earned that
have the potent to blow up a whole town. I have to rest or my mind will blow.
It is good that Oz has brought us to his secret mansion well hidden and
protected in every possible way one can imagine. I have learned to accept that
nothing about Oz could be normal. Every time I look at him I wonder what
other secrets he might be hiding. Oz is a secret agent plus he is something …
MAGICAL. Yes I have accepted the possibility of magic or supernaturalism


now that I have witnessed it… now that I am a part of it. Even Oz has no cure
for what I have become.

Twilight had spread its wings on the sky. Birds were chattering. The sky was
covered with clouds. A light breeze blew in the garden that stood lush green
on the face of Earth. At this time a girl of great beauty stood there gazing at the
sky lost deep in some thought.
“Beautiful isn’t it,” said a calm voice in her ear.
The mist from her eyes cleared and without looking at the speaker she said,
“The sky? Yes. It is ancient and it feels to be holding great memories in it. It is
calmer than the sea but holds a different kind of magnificence; a feeling like
that of sadness.”
“But the sky changes. Sometimes it is covered in a mist of clouds while
sometimes it is clear in its revelations like the glorious morning sky. Beside
sadness it holds many other stories like that of cruelty, hate, victory,
happiness, vengeance and specially love.”
The girl moved her face to look at the person beside her whose face was lost
in some deep thought. Her long hair sparkled as she moved. “Oz you will never
stop even if I give a clear refusal.”
The boy smiled and said, “I will keep trying in the hope that you will change
your mind.” Then he held out a red rose.
Zee sighed and closing Oz’s fist she looked into his eyes then glanced away.
“Am I so bad that you refuse to look in my eyes too,” said Oz.
“It’s not that Oz. It’s just that your face might not be charming but those eyes
hold a deepness; a kind of magic. I don’t want get trapped in that magic.”
“I would never use magic on you. You know that well...but I get your meaning,”
replied Oz.


“Oz its difficult to decide. You were my friend and you will always will be but
the option you have given me... my mind is still not clear on that. I feel
confused. Please Oz don’t force me. Don’t burden me with more thoughts I beg
Oz eyes sparkled though his face showed no expression. He opened his fist
and the red flower in his hand had turned white. He said, “One day Zee, you
will realize and you will come. I will wait for that time.”
Then the flower in his hands disintegrated into golden sparkling stars, small
and numerous and they left his hands and embedded themselves in Zee’s hair.
A crown formed on her head and she felt warmth flowing in her. She closed
her eyes. Her hair had begun to shine and slowly the stars faded away and
when she opened her eyes, Oz was no more there.

A screen on the watch flickered and jumped into action. The girl peered into
it. A cold voice addressed the girl, “How long will I have to wait?”
“You stinking scum bag, Can’t you be patient. I am stuck here myself for I
cannot find anything except for the bloody faces of those dead. Send me some
help, bring in some force. I cannot find them alone.”
The chief laughed and said, “Patience? I see you have lost yours at least. You
seemed sure you would find them.”
“For three stinking days, I thought I could but they have disappeared off the
face of earth. Even the GPS and satellite monitoring have failed to detect them.
Accept it, either they are gone or else they are dead and your theories are all
“ENOUGH. They are there. They MUST be there. I will send some force.
Remember this Sofia, if you fail then you depart from this life as well.” The
screen closed with a beep and Sofia stamped her feet angrily muttering curses.


Then she jumped down from the tree she was sitting on and loaded her
shotgun. Preparing herself she set out for the search again.

My mind was still swirling. So this was what the virus could do. What it was
doing to me. Images kept burning in my eyes and I felt sick of remembering
Oz’s words:
“Rafay I will perform some tests on you,” said Oz.
“Will they hurt?”
“Yes perhaps a bit but then everything will be clear. Just relax and don’t
After that Oz had performed some test, under various scientific equipment;
some of them normal, others agonizing. Finally Rafay was free while Oz
waited to analyze the results. After some time Oz had approached Rafay and
said, “Finally I understand why you caused that blast back there. Child you
have got the ability to perform telekinesis. So the virus was a perfect version
for it produced the desired affect wanted. You are lucky child for you have
strength as well as mind power.”
“What is telekinetic?” Rafay asked bewildered.
“Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate, move molecules through your will.
Some laws and scientists reject it while some accept it and have tried to prove
them. If you master your abilities you can be a great help to us in this war.
Your genes have been altered at a surprising way. Nothing seems to have
changed yet everything has changed,” explained Oz.
“I don’t want these powers. I want to be a normal human. I want to live a
normal life and die. I cannot hold the stuff which does not seem part of reality.
All this crazy stuff.”


“Alas Rafay know this that some things are unchangeable. It all may seem like
magic but it is real and its best for you if you accept this reality,” said Oz and
then stood up to leave.

Night was falling in as I mourned at my lost. Oz entered the roof and started
examining the road through a special telescope.
“I thought this house was safe from any trouble,” I asked.
“It is but its better to keep an eye on things these days you know.”
“So what were you doing down there in the garden?” I asked.
“Down where,” said Oz suddenly jumping up.
“Just a few minutes ago down in the garden with Zee.”
“Oh that’s nothing,” said Oz.
“Are you sure.”
I looked at Oz who seemed to be avoiding my gaze and said, “Oz look at me.”
Oz began to smile.
“You love her, don’t you?” I said.
“You make it sound as if it was a sin,” said Oz.
“But it is wrong, isn’t it?”
Oz sighed and looked at me then he approached me and sat beside me gazing
at the sky. In his calm voice he said, “I know you will never accept it but the
truth is that Love is unconditional, irrevocable… beautiful. It is a power, an
oblivion which gives strength and happiness even in gravest times. It is the
ancient power which exists between every relation, every being and memory.
Try to understand. Love is a diamond with many shapes. Love can never be


ignored Rafay. It is pure and the most precious jewel a person can posses.” Oz
kept on speaking leaving me disturbed by his thoughts and he seemed to
understand that for he said,
“I know Rafay that you have a problem with my thoughts, but I also know that
once you fall in love, you will automatically understand. And we need to
replenish our supplies of food and coke, we have run out of them,” said Oz.
I smiled and said, “Specially when Hassan seems to find it entertaining to keep
drinking a tin after every ten seconds.”
“Oh don’t worry, Hassan will not be drinking anything for some time. He will
be having some troubles soon,” said Oz winking.
Suddenly there was a howl from below and Hassan’s wail followed it, “OZ

We came downstairs for lunch. Zee was making some sandwiches; Oz went to
help her. Hassan was still in the washroom, the poor boy could not spare a
moment from it. The backdoor opened and Rushna entered in, her clothes and
face covered in grease. Oz came out of the kitchen saying, I just mopped the
floor, put your shoes out.”
She looked at him with fire in her eyes and enraged said, “I spend a whole
three hours of patience fixing that bike while all of you enjoyed and relaxed
and all you have to say is put your shoes out. Damn you all. Get me some coke
and a cake. Why do I have to do all this kind of stuff?”
“Well you are the mechanic,” said Oz hurrying away avoiding any more wails
to get a coke. Meanwhile Rushna sat down muttering something about wires
and chips.
Oz came back, “Catch”. Rushna got the can of coke in mid air and gulped it
down opening it in an instant.


“Hey if that bikes working now then I need you to do something. We are
running low on supplies,” said Oz
“The bikes working pretty fine Oz. Its just needs a bit more tuning. Thank
heavens you have got a cool workshop here where I got all the things required
to fix it,” said Rushna back in her jolly mood.
“Well we need to make a plan.”
“Where will we get the supplies from,” I interrupted them.
“Simple! The market,” said Rushna.
“What! Are you in your senses? Those things are out there ready to grab us as
a snack.”
“Well what other choice do we have. We can’t leave just yet. We have work to
do here,” said Oz.
“That means the market then,”
I said.
“Yep market it is but we will need force and you need a bit more training
sessions. I see you have some talent in handling weapons.”
I smiled. Then Zee said from the kitchen, “Hey come on dinners ready.”
“What’s that smell Zee. It smells like a bog,” said Rushna.
“Oh that’s not Zee’s cooking. That is Hassan. He is kinda having some troubles
with his stomach,” said Oz suddenly looking gleeful.
Rushna looking annoyed shouted, “Hey fat boy didn’t your parents teach you
not to fart in public.”

Night darkened and everyone went to sleep. Oz created an un crossable divide
between the girls area and the boys area of the mansion and he himself kept a
private area for himself.

On the door of Oz’s room a knock alerted him from his work and he opened it
to find Zee standing on the doorstep.
“Come in Zee.”
Zee entered.
“So what brings you here at this time of the night,” said Oz.
Zee sat on a seat and said, “Oz I am worried. I cannot track him or contact him
Oz seemed to know whom she was talking about and so he said, “I have tried
everything too and have been a little successful in gaining some news.”
“Tell me Oz Tell me anything. I beg you.”
“Well Zee. He left Canada just a day before this incident. There is a high chance
that he arrived here but we don’t know for certain. I have asked The
Organization to search but no one is sure of his whereabouts.”

Zee broke into hysterics. Oz sat beside Zee and said, “Calm down Zee and hope
for the best.” Then in a much quieter voice he said, “Though hope is a bare
chance these days.”

After Zee stopped crying, she said, “So what do you plan of Rafay.”
Oz said, “Good question Zee. Well it seems Rafay has to play a major part in
the coming events. Let’s see how everything will unfold. I know one thing for
sure; someone’s playing a very bad game with us and we need to be much
more careful than we have ever been. I just wish Master Osama would give a
hint about that person.”
“What chance do we have of that,” said Zee in a quiet voice.
“Luck is our only hope in that matter,” said Oz in a very slow voice.


Rafay was feeling very uneasy in his sleep. He was tense for the new mission
and the grief of his parents’ loss was still fresh on his heart. Furthermore
images of Shanzah’s dead body kept flashing in his mind making him sick. It
was a very sick death. He wondered how the poor girl must have screamed
when she was subjected to this torture and he thought who could be so cruel
enough to kill in such a hideous way. The daily training was paining his joints
which was a big nuisance and Hassan’s loud snores made it impossible to
sleep. Rafay remembered his startled feeling when he saw Oz’s home open up
and expand into an enormous mansion much of which was underground.
He knew he was safe here for it was protected through various gadgets and
magic. “Neither can a magical being cross nor a Physical probe. I assure you
of that. It is safe to feel safe here. Ok everyone,” Oz had said.
As he got engulfed in his thoughts, sleep took him.
In my sleep I was surrounded by darkness when I saw a boy, covered in white
robes calling me. I recognized him immediately: It was Osama Tahir, a boy I
knew; a very mysterious person by definition. I followed him into a clearing
where I saw a mosque or tomb like structure made of white stones. Osama
began to climb up the steps and like a ghost disappeared into its arc. As I
began to run to catch up, there was a flash of light and I woke up with a start.

Clouds began to thunder in the sky. A storm was brewing after the fire in FFC.
The trees bellowed in the chilly eye watering wind. A heavy mist covered the
air like a blanket. While Zee and Oz pondered over the plan, an evil lurked in
the streets. It was a huge figure of a man. He was hungry but no food was
going to fill his belly except raw flesh. He was huge and slime seeped out of his
face and eyes. Only a few hours ago he had returned to life with more strength
and now he wished most of all to find his old nemesis and slay him for he
knew he must have survived. The evil that had been brewing in his heart had


taken over him. He was a monster now with intelligence and abilities greater
than any of the mutated creatures. Sparks began to fly out of his eyes and he
touched a tree trunk. The tree turned into dust and fell down. “Oz comes out
wherever you are for I know you live. I know your secrets and have powers
beyond your imagination. Your end is here Oz!”
Indeed Moosa had risen again. He had dabbled in dark magic and so had
Moosa approached two of the zombies. He started to suck the blood out of
them by sliding a tentacle protruding from his skin into their mouth. They fell
down finally dead. An idea struck him, “Yes why should I not. Why should I not
produce an army to rule this place? To rule this whole world.”
He began to laugh like a maniac.

It seemed that all odds were slowly turning against Oz and his friends. Not far
from Moosa in the fog, Sofia stood waiting for a team of men. Soon they
arrived. Dressed in black clothes. They wore black leather armour and their
faces were hidden under a mask of glass.
One of the men approached Sofia and said, “Commander Sofia. We have come
to your aid.”
Sofia smiled and said, “Commander! I like that.”
“Well then soldiers. Call out a chopper and spread out in groups of two for the
search of target.”

“Yes Commander.”
“And don’t shoot anyone except Oz the mystic. Bear in mind, wherever you see
Oz kill him but no one else, otherwise you will pay with your lives. Keep each
other alert with constant information. You will move in pairs for there are


formidable enemies always hungry for flesh here,” said Sofia slowly giving a
lot of gap in her sentences.
Then in a commanding voice she said, “NOW SOLDIERS. March off Two of you
will come with me.”
With this the whole team of soldiers saluted Sofia and marched of leaving her
with an evil glint in the eyes. She had a plan and now It was a matter of life or
death for her. She turned and muttered to the two remaining soldiers, “Come,
Lets wipe out this muck.”


Episode 6
In the eerie silence of the night, a motorcycle roared in the street, supporting a
shadowy figure over it. It came to a halt in front of a café and the rider got off.
He took of his helmet revealing his young boyish face and locking up his
bicycle he took out his mobile and started typing a message but soon stomped
his foot in irritation as his message failed to be send. He muttered in a low
voice, “ I don't understand why the hell these signals are not working.”
Suddenly his eyes spotted a shadow lurking in the dense mist but as he
blinked and tried to focus on it, it disappeared. Taking it to be hallucination he
wandered over the street idly looking something up in the mobile. At last he
sighed and moved towards the café’s door when he again felt someone
creeping around. He had a strange feeling as if someone was looking at him. A
wave of cold hit him causing him to shudder and enter the café suddenly.
The café inside was quiet and empty. It had a magnificent ambience. Bright
light illuminated its light coffee coloured walls. The tiles were patterned to
form squares of Black, Blue, Maroon and brown squares. One part of the café
was lined with mirrors. Oddly there was no sign of any person here; No
manager or waiters or customers and this
silence in the café was
intimidating, causing the hair of the boy to stand on his back. The boy said,
“Hello anyone here.” There was no reply and the boy moved to examine
himself in the mirror. He was wearing black jacket and brown jeans, his face
was fair and handsome except for the small scar on his left cheek. His eyes
were weary from constant stress of the few days but now that he was finally
free, he could not contact his friends or relatives.
Suddenly he heard a strange noise from the kitchen. He turned and called,
“Hello anyone there?”
But there was no reply however the voice continued. It seemed that someone
was chewing something. The boy moved towards the kitchen when suddenly


with a startling cry a man jumped out of the kitchen causing the boy to
stumble and fall back and at that same moment there was a crash at the
windows and few people jumped in the café. The boy took a quick glance at
the people and the man in front of him and took in their features; bloody
mouths, dry pale skin and wild eyes. Immediately he was on his feet with a
gun out in his hands ready to shoot. He had faced this nightmare before and
what he feared had come back in his life. Like greased lightning he plunged
the bullets into the zombies’ torso and gave a big melee kick to the nearest
one who crashed into the wall and died.
In the blink of an eye he shot out of the café and took a deep breath. At that
moment even though his vision was obscured by the fog he saw at last the
woman who he had seen earlier. He shouted, "Who's there. Show yourself.”
The women moved towards him and then he gasped. This was a vision he had
never encountered before. She had a skull instead of a fleshy head and upon it
wisps of long hair. Her Eyes were burning with fire and she moved towards
Faiq like a shot and blasted off leaving him bewildered and staggering a few
steps away from the point of incident he crashed to the ground and fainted.

Dusk came illuminating the town of FFC lightly. The mist however remained,
obscuring the vision of the 3 people who stood in front of the mall for some
personal venture.
“How are we going to blow in this place without causing an alarm,” said Rafay.
“Wait let me contact Rushna for an idea,” said Oz.
“Why couldn’t you just bring the mechanic here? Man if we get out of this alive
I’m going to shove your head in a pool of Zombie muck,” said Hassan.
“Quiet Hassan. I hope you don’t want to loose your muck again,” replied Oz
grinning wickedly.


“Don’t worry I’ll see to it that this time you have to smell it for good.”
“Stop being jerks you too and get this mall blown apart already,” said Rafay.
Both Hassan and Oz looked at Rafay in an odd way and sighing Oz signaled
them to follow him and opened his mouth to say something as well when
there was a beep and he took out his cell and clicked it. Rushna’s voice came
out of it, “Thank God, guys you are still alive. Glad you made it the
“Yes however we have a small problem. We cannot understand how to break
in the mall.”
Rushna burst out a laugh and said, “looks like you need my technical
assistance at last.”
“Yes mam it seems that way but if you are done with your flaunting perhaps
we can move on. After all we are here at a great personal risk,” said Oz.
“It was your idea Oz.”
“Well it was for the sake of your appetite,” replied Oz gruffly.
“Ok. Ok no problem. Now let me see. Have you got the crow bar and a

The metallic door opened with a buzz and the chief lifted his head to see who
had disturbed him. It was Professor Daud and he quickly said, “I am sorry sir
to disturb you at the moment but we have made a startling discovery about
the virus.
“What is it?” asked the chief getting alert immediately.
The Professor connected his laptop to the conference screen and upon it
flickered an animation. “Chief the virus was of course created artificially but
we could not see and control its potentials.”
“Come to the point Professor.”

“Chief the virus has a different kind of effect on people who are surrounded by
different drugs or were taking them. Our tests over the special guinea pigs
have shown that different drugs seem to cause different results over them.”
“What kind of effect did the virus have on the subject?” said the chief jumping
with excitement.
The doctor flinched as the chief smiled and said, “Sir they retain some
superior intelligence and can work co-ordinately with different tools as well.
However the thirst to spread the virus continues.”
“Does every drug have the same effect?” said the Chief.
“No sir. Some drugs are strong enough to cause different kind of mutations
while there is a possibility that some may be able to refrain the virus. All the
speculations can be confirmed if we can only find the blood which was
enhanced by the virus.”
The chief huffed and said, “Thank You Doctor. You may leave.”
As Professor Daud hurried out of the room, the chief opened his laptop and
typed something. Far in the town a special mobile buzzed in Sofia’s pocket.
She quickly took it out and clicked it muttering a curse and said, “Yes chief”
“My dear spy. Have you got any lead upon them.”
“I am happy to inform you that I have. The CCTV cameras showed them
breaking right in the mall. Though the vision was quiet blurred to see who
they were,” said Sofia smiling.
“Very well then hurry there before they escape.”
With this the screen flickered off and Sofia signalled the men to move.

Soon we were all packed and prepared. All the goods are in order. “Hey Oz, so
how were we going to get this all back at the base,” I asked.


“Here are these rucksacks. Fill them with as much material you can, while I go
to collect some specific things from the medical store. Be right back.”
“What! Are we going to carry this all? No way am I going to take this load,”
said Hassan complaining while gulping down his fifth can of coke.
“Still drinking coke Hassan. Haven’t you already drunk enough at home.”
“Oh I will not take a sip of that coke again but next time you take a bite of food,
be sure the curse of the muck will follow you.”
“Muck skhmuck. Just get on moving,” said Oz.
As Oz left for the second floor, I felt something strange watching us. I quickly
turned to see but there was nothing.

Oz walked in the medical store, everything was deadly quiet and dark. He lit
his torch and started looking at shelves for some specific medicine or drug. He
was lost in his work when he heard a faint voice, as if a metal was being
dragged on the floor. Oz moved closer to the window to hear, trying to sort out
what he had heard. Nothing could be seen outside the window because of the
dark. Suddenly someone pushed the door open carefully while Oz backed
away in the dark. No one entered and Oz waited; finally moving towards the
door he wondered if his mind was going crazy.
“AHHHHHHH” screamed Oz dodging a well aimed slash from an axe, the
person fell to the ground. Oz snatched the axe and then in the brief light of the
torch, he saw the hint of craziness in the eyes of this man and without another
break he decapitated him.

As we continued our work on filling the duffel bags, I kept feeling the queer
feeling that someone was watching us.
“Why are you so frantic?” asked Hassan.


“I don’t understand… but… I have this absurd feeling that someone is
watching us.”
“WATCHING US,” he roared with laughter, “If its one of those things then it
would have attacked long ago and if it’s a human then by now he should have
been brave enough to introduce himself.”
Then to my chagrin he called out loud, “Hey Mr Strange Creep, are you there?”
“Shut up Hassan.”
“Rafay! Hassan ! RUN FAST,”
I glanced up and saw Oz standing over the stairs. I tried to questioning him
but at the same moment, there were cries from the dark and we were
suddenly surrounded by men holding weapons, with craziness in their eyes
gazing at us hungrily. I knew we were doomed.


Episode 7
We were surrounded by a group of people with craziness in their eyes and I
could feel my heart stop at this moment for we were doomed. Then at the
same moment I felt the sudden pang I had felt before. The zombies attacked
and I heard Oz call me to compose myself. Instantly my training kicked into
action and I jumped high in the air delivering a kick to the zombie. I fell with
surprise for the zombie hurled back like a cannon ball (taking two of the other
zombies to death) and collapsed into the mall’s wall cracking it.
“Wow. Man. Wow” said Hasan busy in slashing the zombies with his sword
however these zombies were clearly avoiding the slashes.
Oz began to shoot and a zombie threw an axe at him. “A ZOMBIE THREW AN
AXE...IMPOSSIBLE,” said my mind driving me back to senses. Fear gripped me
and I felt the strange heaviness in my stomach increase. “Ah” I took out my
gun with a gasp and then aimed at the nearest zombie who was keeping a
close distance from me and shot him, the zombie jumped in the wall of canned
fruits, clearly dodging the shot. “Hey Oz is that really an infected or what?” I
said in frustration, However Oz was busy running and shooting the target.
These infected were downright clever; they were cooperating together,
protecting each other and trying to reach there goal at the same time.
Hassan was trying his best to protect me and himself, delivering heavy blows
with his sword which he had luckily brought with himself, the shotgun slung
on his chest and the second arm holding a handgun Oz had lent him. “Man You
may be downright clever but you cannot escape the wrath of Hassan Man.
“Can’t avoid humour can you?” I said to Hassan in a strained voice.
“It comforts me… you alright?”
I delivered another punch to a sneaking zombie and he fell back several
steps...dead. “Yeah I am alright.”


Suddenly there were shadows crashing in the mall through windows. “Great
more trouble,” I said.
“No reinforcements,” said Hassan.
“No Enemies. Run out of the mall. You have 5 minutes.” said Oz suddenly
appearing from the Second Floor.
Now as the shadows stood up I realized they were wearing black costumes
and masks pointing their guns at us.
“Hold Your Fire. We are not infected,” screamed Hassan. A zombie jumped on
him and he struggled on floor to avoid its teeth. I quickly delivered him a kick
and he flew towards the spectators who dodged the incoming missile.
I began running when suddenly the zombies attacked on this group which was
reorganizing. They opened fire on us as well as the infected zombies. “HURRY”
said Oz.
I speeded up and then felt like everything was just flowing around me as if in a
speedy car and in an instant I was out. Oz appeared out of thin air suddenly.
“Where is Hassan?” I asked.
“Hassan! Oz! Hassan,” I shouted.
“Oh Yeah, He’s coming behind me,” said Oz looking a bit distracted, “Look we
have to get out of here quickly.”
Then through the glass windows Hassan appeared panting. “Help,” he cried.
“Dammit,” said Oz irritated, then he picked out his mobile and said, “Rushna!
Rushna! Reinforcements! We are in trouble.”
We began running with him and suddenly found us surrounded by a number
of men in black suits, pointing guns at us ready to open fire. The pain in my


stomach increased with tension. The man in the middle said, “Good we have
got them all in one place. Bring the other prisoner. We will finish these pigs
here once and for all,” then he muttered, “Can’t let them escape with
Two men dragged someone and dropped him near our foot. These people
formed a circle around us. The boy looked up and Oz gasped with me.
Oz said, “Faiq !You! You returned”
Suddenly the beautiful face brightened and he said, “Oz, I have been searching
for you. Too bad we meet finally at the time our deaths.”
“Really,” said Oz. Then I saw him counting on fingers and suddenly as he
counted the last, a terrible blast shook the Earth and I felt pain seep into my
chest. “Focus,” I breathed, “Focus.”
Then everything blew in me and I felt the heat of the bomb becoming part of
me and the fire covering me, the debris becoming part of my mind and it was
so heavy that I let it go. Energy released through me like menace and I closed
my eyes at what was happening. I felt weakness spread in me and I dropped
on the ground; while someone, probably Oz, supported me.”
“Very good Rafay. Very Good.”
I opened my eyes and saw that we were surrounded by a terrible heat circle
and the black clothed commandoes were dead: burned to death or killed by
the debris. I looked back and saw the mall completely in wreck. I closed my

“What the hell was THAT!” exclaimed Sofia as she saw the fire around the mall
hit over her commando group incinerating them.
“Madam! We detect severe amount of radioactive activity. The proportion of
alpha is unusually high,” said Professor Keen.
“What do you mean professor?”

“Well madam they have him, the one the chief has been searching for. “
“Oh so that is what is happening there. Its his work. He is unusually good at
this isn’t he?”
“That is correct.”
“Very well isn’t there a way to stop him doing this,” said Sofia wondering
about something.”
“There is one way I know of which will work only if the person in question is
not in a master control of his power but works involuntarily.”
“And what may that be?” asked Sofia in a calm voice.
“Just keep him calm,” said the professor then took a pause and said, “though
its not a tested theory. There is 48% probability that…”
“I’ll take the chances,” said Sofia dialing a phone with menace in her eyes.”

Rafay had successfully managed to control his power briefly to save his
friends but at the moment he felt weak; as if energy had been drained from
They heard a roar of motorcycle and saw Rushna clad in full leather armour
and a number of artillery, emerging from the smoke, on her sleekly designed
She came to a halt at the group of the 4 boys staring at her. “Only one word:
WOW.”she said,”
“Yeah Wow. All the work of Rafay.,” said Oz,
“It was fantastic. I couldn’t believe my eyes when here we stood at the verge of
death and then as if fire had started punching those people and the debris also
avoided us lunging straight at them.


“Yep it was unbelievable; they were finished in no time,” said Oz.
“Well hurry up, Zee’s fretting all over there. Hurry. “
“Hey guys, I was able to save the rucksack of food,” said Hassan smiling
weakly, his face looking very pale.
“Hassan You great Dog. What a wonderful work you have done. Let me kiss
you,” said Oz.
“Ok don’t be stupid okay.”
They all started laughing and Rushna said, “So Faiq, where were you and how
did you got that scar.”
Faiq looked at her with moroseness in his eyes and said, “It’s a long story and
my work is classified to everyone except to those in the council.”
“But at least tell me when did you return and how did they capture you?”
“I came here yesterday and tried to contact you people but always the signal’s
were out. Then I don’t remember what exactly happened except on the other
night, after tackling these zombies I fell unconscious until I woke up and found
myself bounded in ropes by these freaks.”
“No signals you say. Hmmm. This means that they have locked all
communications to avoid info being released,” said Oz, “Didn’t they tell you
anything Faiq?”
“After they bounded me, they covered my eyes though I did hear a woman’s
voice among them. In fact she seemed to be making the plans, of that I am
dead sure,” replied Faiq confidently without taking his eyes off Oz.
Out of the blue, a voice shouted, “Don’t move. We have you all surrounded.
One step and we will open fire.”
None of us said a word at the moment but then Oz was the first one to kick his
skills in work and said, “Have you left anyone at the communication area?”
“Yeah Zee is there,” replied Rushna.

Like greased Lightning Oz, dialed some numbers on his cell’s screen and after
a minute he said, “Hello Zee,” Then after a second he said,
“Yeah there is trouble but we can handle it. I need your help, use the satellite
and get the info that how we get out from here. Ok?”
The hidden voice again spoke, “Now if you want this to end peacefully, then
give us the one who has these special powers.”
We all looked at each other startles and I said, “They know.”
“How do they know?” asked Hassan as well.
“Because they are the same people who were involved in the experiments
over this virus…We must not let them have Rafay even if we have to die.”
Then from the smoke and sites hidden from eyes emerged a whole army of
commandos, all dressed in black, armed and ready to attack.
“Yeah how are we going to stop them now,” I replied.
“They are circling us,” said Rushna.
Then as they came near, Oz shouted, “Duck,” and jumped high in the air and at
the same moment, as fast as a lightning strike, he shot the commandos on his
side and fell into those in front of him.
Instantly, Faiq performed an astounding somersault and landed directly in
front of Oz and swiftly shot the commando pointing his gun at Oz. Then he did
a karate chop on the others.
“Come on Rafay, to the crates,” said Hassan Javed who was on the ground with
me. We crawled at the crates, the shooting had begun and in brief glances I
saw Oz and Faiq now using the commandos’ body as cover.
“Take out your gun idiot,” said Hassan and shot a commando who had spotted
Everything was in frenzy and at the moment my heart was beating wildly.


Rushna was also busy using her acrobatics and marksmanship to kill the
commando. This was a world without believe, a world where we had to kill to
live. The number of bodies that fell on the ground made me feel nauseated.
Hassan and I hid behind the crates that were luckily sheltered under the trees
and also started to kill; even though the gun felt like heavy led in my hands but
at the moment I had to live.
Then came the sound of a different voice, a fearsome one and a loud roar.
Everything quieted down. “GWAAAAHR, WHERE IS HE, OZ?”
There stood on the ground the most disfigured and hideous monster I had
ever seen.
He was huge, and slime covered his body, an eye dangled out of its socket and
there were tentacles covering him. He blazed with a strange invisible fire as if
he could shock and burn you from a hundred miles away. I looked at Oz for it
was clear that the monster had spoken his name and even he looked confused.
HAVE MADE ME,” screamed the monster, then taking a deep breath he
continued though now in a lower voice, “I am BACK for the REVENGE. Oz,
know this that MOOSA ZAHID lives again.”
I gasped as well as Oz, while at the same moment, firing started but this time
aimed at the hideous form of Moosa.
But he didn’t fell even though bullets kept pushing in his flesh. Moosa smiled a
repulsive smile and he heaved his chest up, the bullets repelled in different
directions hitting the commandoes with great force, though this time, the
bullets burned into the torsos leaving holes in their bodies. Faiq and Rushna
had hidden behind a concrete column.
“Just you and me Oz,” said Moosa.
“What have you done to yourself, Moosa,” said Oz in a weak voice.


“I! You hold me responsible for it. It was you Moosa, you did not try to
understand, I just tried to help you but you took my help as a poison. You did
not accept anything.”
“Enough I do not want to hear you bickering but scream; in agony, in pain,”
said Moosa and sparks covered him up.

Sofia watched the sudden change of events with a strange interest even
though she felt irritated that her force had been destroyed completely. She
was not far from the event but watched from the nearby clinics roof through
binoculars. She could hear everything clearly and immediately pressed a
button on her special cell, the screen flickered and the chief’s face filled the
“Well done. Sofia Well done,” said the chief.
“But chief, the force is destroyed and there is this new monster different from
everything we have seen. I am sending you a movie,” explained Sofia in one
The chief looked revoltingly angry but he simply said, “Very well but it should
be good or else…”
With this half threat the chief closed the conversation.

I had never seen Oz in this state before but he backed in fear and I looked at
the monster. Strange sparks covered him and as they left him he stood healed
of all wounds from the bullets.
“You are the One. I… How could I be so stupid? Why didn’t I see this,” said Oz.
With this Oz sat on the ground defeated while the monster approached him.
Was Oz going to die by its hand? I wondered in fear.


Episode 8
I had lost all hope of finding the wandering shadow. I was engulfed by
darkness and felt a strange fear in my heart. My friends were lost and I could
still not believe what had happened. Was this all a dream?
But it seemed so real. Just a few moments ago I had been chasing a person
who held a deep similarity to my old friend and then he began to climb the
stairs of the tomb just like in my dreams and suddenly I called out to him and
found myself surrounded by darkness.
I felt a strange fear and my heart began to vibrate wildly in my chest. I realized
that I had fallen down on my knees in this whole event and then footsteps
approached and I looked at the person who beheld a strange aura of light
around him and gasped , “You...”

Oz ran as fast as he could into the jumble of wild, dry and wicked looking trees
that were grouped together to form a dark forest. He could feel someone
following him and it gave him strength even though he was out of breath. He
fell down by tripping over a root and staggered to get up. Images of the recent
few moments kept flashing back in his mind.
He believed he had made a great mistake by making his friends come to the
mall to get the daily need requirements. He could have done that himself, he
wondered. But what about the strange feeling he had that they should all be
present at that moment on that place; his intuition was after all usually
“Was it meant to happen?” his mind questioned him, “Why couldn’t I guess
who would turn out to be that nightmarish monster.”
Obviously Oz was worried about the fearsome monster Moosa had become.
The event flashed in his mind for about a hundredth time.
Moosa’s roar ripped across the wind as he said, “Ozzzzz.”


He then blamed Oz for the hideous monster he had become with a huge body,
supporting tentacles on different part covered with slime; One eye dangled
out loosely from the socket.
What really planted trepidation in his heart was when Moosa covered himself
in sparks, for Oz knew that these were sparks of magic and he began to
wonder how Moosa had learned magic and how could he know Oz’s powers.
There was only one answer that Oz knew and it was not comforting.
As sparks disappeared from the body, Oz who stood pale in one corner said,
“You are the One. I… How could I be so stupid? Why didn’t I see this!” said Oz.
Moosa smiled in a very ugly way and approached Oz. who looked pretty much
defeated. Oz looked at Rafay and said, “Rafay I am sorry for bringing you here.
I did not expect this.”
Then Moosa’s tentacles hit Oz with a terrible smack throwing Oz over a sign
board from where he dropped on the ground completely limp. Oz’s hand
shook weakly and he stood up. The wound healed quickly and he managed a
smile while Moosa roared.
“So the virus doesn’t affect you does it. But what if I infect your magical
system…Mutate it into a magical disease….,” said Moosa snarling wickedly
showing his sharp teeth on the rotting gums.
“No you cannot do that. You must not do that… Have sense Moosa. You will
destroy everything...even yourself.”
However Moosa paid no heed to Oz’s plea and muttering something, he closed
his eye, then opened it and a surge of power passed through him enlightening
him with violet glow and then Moosa’s body contracted and the surge of
power came out flying towards Oz who dodged it in the last second like a
greased lightning and hit a tree which burst in flames. Oz face burned with
terror and he backed a few steps and then began to run leaving his friends
alone to face the monster; perhaps for the first time in his life, Oz felt defeated.


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