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7 Signs That Her Sex Drive Is Slowly Dying .pdf

Original filename: 7 Signs That Her Sex Drive Is Slowly Dying.pdf
Title: 7 Signs That Her Sex Drive
Author: Charltez

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7 Signs That Her Sex Drive
Is Slowly Dying

Warning: Do not read if you have a weak stomach.

As you may know, sex is an intrinsic part of a relationship for a man and a
Most psychologists would openly state that low sex relationships can either
lead to the relationship failing or the development of dysfunctional
personalities in the two partners.
According to various researches, the negative aspects of a sexless
relationship are potent for men and women alike.
My friends typically describe me as reserved and overly conservative for a
woman my age, but what they don't realize is early on in a relationship I
make it clear to my partner, that expect a healthy amount of sex, which
always produces a nice reaction.
Although, I'm dead serious. You see, I've read studies that show how it
positively impacts your intelligence, health and stress levels. On top of
that, it feels good and with the guy it's loads of fun.

If you and your woman are not as frequently together in bed as you used
to be, then you need to be careful about your future.
Sidenote: I'm in the process of interviewing CR James (author of Super
Seduction Power) who runs several blogs that show guys what he did to
increase his wife's libido. (By the way, if you have a good question that
you think I should ask him, please email me at: kimeeluv91@gmail.com)
If you do a simple search on Google, you'll see that CR James is not the
only expert who believes that it's possible to turn the sex life around.
It's also important to pay attention to the signs that her libido is dying.
Based on talking to several men, doing lots of research, and having a
conversation with a very wise aunt, I'm convinced that most guys could
do a better job at "paying attention to the screaming signs".
In fact, I've jotted down 7 cases that reveal that a woman's libido is slowly
dying, which means if her libido has decreased, then there is over a 90%
chance that it will eventually become even worse in the future.
Here's the first case of a dying sex drive.

Case #1:
You Do Not Sense Any Intimacy Between You
For long term and stable relationships, intimacy is the gluing agent.
If you start sensing that you and your woman are gradually losing a
heightened sense of intimacy that you had before then it is time to do a
rethink on how to approach the relationship.
A good example of this would be that you do not share the kind of silent
understanding that you used to in the beginning.
I have a close male friend named [let's refer to him as Justin] who has a
girlfriend who has recently been not as eager for sex as she was in the
beginning of the relationship.
Fortunately for him, she doesn't become irritated by nonsexual displays of
affection. There's a big different between a temporary mini-drought and a
dying libido.

Case #2:
Her Tone of Voice and Behavior Shows Indifference
Not all women are good at hiding their disinterest and dying libido.
With women who cannot hide these things, such situations would usually
translate into an indifferent tone of voice being used all the time.
Moreover, such situations can also result in the behaviors of such women
becoming completely passive where you do not see any love or anger
being directed towards you. This stoic lack of passion in anything to do
with you should show you that her sex drive is gone and ways to improve
libido are quickly dwindling.

Case #3:
She Spends More Time with Others than You
Sometimes, there may not be any overt sign and you would have to
evaluate your woman by comparing her behavior with other people and
her behavior with you.
A sure shot sign the she would never improve libido would be if you start
noticing her wanting to spend more time with others than you.
This would mean that she wants to avoid being alone with you and, in
reality, finds other people much more interesting than you.

Case #4:
She Never Wants To Be Spontaneous With You
If you ask any happy couple, they would tell you that one of their secrets
of happiness is that they are spontaneous with each other.
In fact, with spontaneity, couples have been known to improve libido as
they grow old together.

Unfortunately, if your woman does not want to be spontaneous with you
then you need to seek out more answers and, hopefully, some solutions.

Case #5:
She Is Always Too Tired
The woman being tired at the mention of sex is a cliché, owing to books,
movies and modern culture. However, there is a reason why it has
become a cliché.
The reason is that this is one of the most common excuses that women use
when they are not interested in their husbands or boyfriends.
If you hear such statements too regularly, then you can be almost sure
that your woman does not feel sexually attracted to you.

Case #6:
Her Body Is Always Turned Away From You
Body language is often one of the best ways to see through a person. This
is especially true when conventional channels of communication i.e.
talking candidly fail.
A common body language sign of disinterest would be her body always
being turned away from you. Once you start seeing body language proof
of her disinterest, in combination with 3-4 of these signs, then it is crucial
that you to make a decision on what you're going to do.
Are you going to leave her?
Are you going to try to improve her sex drive?
Are you going to try to improve the relationship?

Case #7:
She Avoids Even Innocent Touches from You
If you notice close couples then you would see that even in a normal
conversation there are lots of innocent touches being exchanged.

This shows a sense of intimacy which would be absent between you and
your woman if she is actually not interested in you.
If your woman is completely averse to even the most innocent of touches
from you, then it is time you found a counselor to improve libido between
the two of you.
~ Kimee

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