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When will we wake up from the main political stranglehold? .pdf

Original filename: When will we wake up from the main political stranglehold?.pdf
Author: dukesy

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Have you noticed that the more we talk about politics, the more politics is
more important, the worse we're doing as a country?
We don't have a 'free market' capitalist structured economy, we have a
political economy.
Politics has invaded and permeated everything. Politics is the beginning,
middle and end of everything. It's all about politics all the time. And it seems
that the more it's about the success of the main political parties, the more we
suffer as a nation.
How is it, that in the year 2013, over four decades plus since a man was put
on the moon, that millions are without a job, how is it that everything is going
wrong at the same time?
How did we get here if not because everything has become political centric?
Did we get here because of evil Labour or evil Coalition? How is it that
everything is failing at the same time?
How, in 2013 are we where we are, and where do we go from here?
You could probably say we didn't pay enough attention to the benefits system,
but we can fix that, because everything is going good, so we can totally focus
on the system....yet look at the state of it now, 2013?

How is it that the NHS got to where it got to, where we're at the point where
we can spend billions, get rid of waste, fraud and abuse, yet how come we
didn't cut the tumour out when it weighed so little, and now weighs a hundred
times more, and now it gets our attention because it's at breaking point, now
it has to be addressed?!
How are these two areas "going down" at the same time?
How did we get to where millions are without a job for six months or more?
How is it that the long term unemployed definition by the Governments used
to be no more than a year, can now be extended to even more years?
So we extend the definition of long term unemployed, then guess what - we
don't have long term unemployed?!
And those made redundant 50 or over, end up forced to retire earlier than
they planned, left with significantly lower pensions and therefore lower
standards of living.
Then, if we have millions living in poverty, why don't we just "lower the level"
at which they would be technically qualified as living in poverty, and then we
don't have any more people living in poverty?!
If you want an obese nation, well, come up with some statistics that give you
an obese nation, and then you've got a problem that you need to solve!
How is it all going wrong at the same time?
Was it because the people in the benefits system did something so heinous
that it affected the people in the NHS, that the people in the NHS did
something so heinous that it affected the housing market, that the people in
the housing market did something so heinous to the banking sector.....HOW
All the solutions to all the problems are political in nature: Politics.
Political wars, political economies, political media, political newspapers,
political talk shows, political pundits, political polls, political, political,
It's all politics all the time.
We have people wearing the same old rosettes talking about the problems
they helped to create, offering us the solutions to the problems they helped to
create, and we're supposed to believe that that's going to be the solution to
the problems they created in the first place?!
Where do we get that belief system, where we have faith in any of the old
political parties?
What have they done for us lately? What have they done for us as a nation?
How did we get here, with systems failing at the same time?

Pilots in a simulator have everything and anything that can be thrown at them,
so they can engage back-up systems when things go wrong. Test squadrons
can re-test scenarios, get all the bugs out of the system, try to break and
overload the simulator before they give it to the pilots before they then
actually fly into combat.
But we're not in a simulator, and who's at the controls in the hot seat, and yet
we STILL trust them?
I don't, not for a minute.
We're here, because the solutions are to the benefit of the political 'status
quo', and if anything goes wrong, what do we hear(?) the blame game!
Imagine the Coalition flying "jumbo jet UK", and everything is thrown at
them. The finger pointing and blame game wouldn't save the
passengers lives who depend on them working together to ensure a
safe flight. Instead of completing the mission and safely landing, the
pilots would simply crash.
So do we have a working relationship in the Cockpit of the UK?
What we have in the Cockpit is fools, thieves, crooks, liars and media
whores with no responsibility, that are more willing to let the plane
crash, who'd point fingers and play the blame game as the plane
nosedived then hit the ground, and there isn't even a ground crew
assisting, looking into the problems, crunching the numbers!
When the numbers don't add up, logically, you'd think someone would do
something about it, but no one wants to take responsibility. In the political
environment, nothing really gets done. It's all smoke and mirrors.
When the political parties at the control, are out of control, why do we
STILL continue to support them?!

Just what have the Coalition done for us lately, and what do they plan for the
Governments will use kids to justify 'actions', spending more for our kids
futures, pledging to reduce the national debt because of our children's future,
pledging to do something "on their watch", getting serious... and what's been
achieved so far?
More debt?!
* Dependency on foreign energy supplies hasn't decreased?
* Utility prices HAVE increased.
* Fuel prices have increased.
* Green initiatives are nothing more than another form of tax.
* These Wind Farms are mostly foreign owned, proven to be ineffective to cut
CO2 emissions, proven to be unreliable in severe windy weather, owners paid
to switch them off!
* Pension funds raped.
* Wages have not increased, except for the fat-cats.
The list go on and on.
Just when will we wake up from the main political stranglehold?
For decades, promises made by the main political parties have been
unfulfilled, and the gatekeepers of the status quo like it EXACTLY the
way it is.
In 1997, the UK electorate took a shot and said "You know what, I like the
new ideas and what they represent, things could actually be better under
NEW Labour."
And look at where we ended up - "No more boom and bust".
Yeah, right, and no more Gold either!
So why can't we, the people, get things done now, and vote a party in which
offers an alternative to the old three politicos, stop them 'teaming up' when
there's a "political threat"?
Not so long ago, UKIP were just considered nothing more than a 'spoiler' by
the main political parties. This year, that stance changed.
The old parties would rather guarantee an election of any of the old
main political party candidates than a UKIP candidate, because they
fear that someone who might represent the people, is more dangerous
than having parties who represent the parties.

Why do people believe that what they say is represented by their main
political party?
And why do people believe that the people chosen to represent the main
political parties represent the peoples choice?
The message machines and the money makers and changers in the old
political party temple's decide to get who they think you'll chose in an election
to run against the other side.
The media and political pundits do not give a fair and balanced opinion,
focusing on those who yank their chain, leaving the the likes of UKIP or
independents out in the cold, out of the spotlight.
They decide for YOU, who you believe should be chosen, who offers you the
best 'solution' to problems, instead of allowing YOU to decide for yourself,
and consequently, the main political parties are shoved down our throats
constantly by the media, leaving nothing to be heard about what other
standing parties represent until the final hour, after the votes have been
When you hear Conservatives, Lib Dems or Labour representatives say "I
know UKIPs strengths and weaknesses" you can be definitely sure that they
Since things in the UK didn't actually get any better under Labour, and indeed
actually seem to be getting worse with the other parties working together as a
coalition, then you can write them all off as individual parties - not one, not
two but three failures OUT of the political equation.
There's only one alternative political party....

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