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Author: moria lees

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From www.eyecaregreengate.com
Pink Eye
Also know as conjunctivitis, is when the clear, thin membrane of the eye becomes infected. This can be triggered
by an allergic reaction, a virus, or bacteria. The most common and obvious form of this is a red or pink eye. Your eye
may be itchy or hurt. Abnormal discharge, excessive watering, and in severe cases a green discharge. The best way
to treat pink eye is avoidance. Be sure to wash your hands frequently. Do not share eye care products, makeup,
washcloths, or even pillowcases with others. The best bet to avoid re-infection is to discard or wash all of the above
immediately after the infection has been cleared. It is vital to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Dry Eye Syndrome
Dry Eye Syndrome is actually a collection of symptoms that make up an eye condition that stem from an imbalance
in the quantity or the quality of tears. These symptoms include dry, red, gritty and even watery eyes. Often dry eye
sufferers report the feeling of something foreign within the eye or eye strain.
• The moisture level in the eye is maintained by the balance of tear production and tear loss through drainage and
evaporation. When this balance is not sustained, dry spots appear on the eye's surface and cause irritation.
• As odd as it sounds, many dry eye sufferers experience "wet eye" due to the tear glands over-producing watery,
or reflex tears to compensate for a lack of a balanced tear film.
• Dry Eye Syndrome, if left untreated can damage tissue and possibly scar the cornea of the eye, leading to
irreversible, sight threatening conditions.
Getting Treatment
Dry Eye Syndrome is an ongoing condition that can be treated through proper care and management. Please
refer to ourDry Eye Center for Excellence for further information.

Astigmatism is when light rays entering the eye do not all meet at the same point (similar to a frayed string). This
then results in blurred or distorted vision. The typical cause of this condition is an abnormally shaped cornea.
Occasionally astigmatism exists in the lens of the eye. This condition can be corrected by a cylindrical (toric) eyeglass
or contact lens. Astigmatism is usually hereditary. There are many people who are born with an oblong cornea. This
may get worse over time. Astigmatism can also be caused from an eye injury that scarred the cornea. Refractive
surgery may help certain types and severe astigmatisms. Discuss all of your options with your doctor.

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness throughout the world affecting millions of people. It is a disease
of the eye that causes damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the pathway that carries the images we see to
the brain. If left untreated, the disease can destroy the optic nerve leading to loss of vision. We detect glaucoma
using specialized tests. One of those tests being Humphrey's Visual Field Test (HVF). The HVF test detects early
periphial visual field loss. There are some factors that increase a person’s risk. Those include increasing age, AfricanAmerican Heritage, high blood pressure, family history, diabetes, nearsightedness, long-term steroid treatment and
injury or trauma to the eye. Let our doctors know if you think you may at risk. We will take the proper steps and
precautions to help you.

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