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twice that turn. On a 2 to 3 the cannon ignores cover saves. On a 4 or 5 the AP increases to 1.
On a 6 the cannon ignores invulnerable saves and void Shields
Unstable Reactor Adds +1 to the catastrophic damage chart
Urslavik 12th Infantry Your compulsory Troop choices must be Conscript squads in an army
including Andrei Ornate
Venerable increases invulnerable saves by +1, or a 6+ invulnerable save if it did not already have one
Very Bulky counts as three for transport purposes
Veteran High Lord Sternguard veterans count as troops, plus they may deep strike
Veteran Lord Vanguard, Sternguard, terminator, and terminator assault squads may be taken as
troops as well as elites/fast attack
Veteran Slaughterer If you include Crull then either one World Eaters Terminator squad,
one Terminator Assault squad or one Vanguard Veteran squad may be taken as Troop choices
instead of Elites
Warleader Your compulsory Troop choices must be Beastmen Herds in an army including
Davit Bray. Beastman Herds count as Troop Choices in an army that includes Davit Bray. He may
issue the same orders as a Company Commander. Orders may only be issued to Beastman units
Warrior Born During the Assault phase, model gets a bonus to his Attacks equal to the number of
models he killed in the previous Assault phase.
Worthy of Remembrance Decreases enemy kill points by one or in missions not using kill points
counts as an additional objective per each remembrancer that lives
Worth Their Weight In Fire Devastators count as troops
Wrath of the Emperor If both turrets fire their Siege Breaker cannons at the same target the
player can resolve the shots as a single Strength 10, AP 2, Ordnance shot using the 10” Apocalyptic
Blast marker. In addition, any rolls for armor penetration do not half the strength value even if they
are not under the center of the template.
Wrath of the Savage Instead of his normal number of close combat attacks Skeld may make a
number of attacks equal to how many enemy models are in base contact with him at the time.
Wrought by Vulkan monstrous creatures, melta weapons, chainfists and rending attacks do not roll
and extra D6 for armor penetration. Lance weapons do not lower armor
You Are Expendable may not benefit from a cover save but grants units behind them a 3+ cover save
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