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What a great birthday getaway. Thank you to Playstudios, Mlife, and MyVegas for
helping to allow us to have such a wonderful time. We decided to rent a car and drive
since we live so close. There was a slight hiccup at the car rental desk, but was quickly
sorted out. After loading up the car and kissing the kids, Jerry and I left at around
It was a beautiful drive, as Southern California usually is. The mountains and desert we
drove through inspired me to get my camera out and snap a few pictures. It truly is a
gorgeous and relaxing drive. We were very lucky and most of the traffic was going south
as we went north. We stopped once for a potty break and some gas, so we made great

Beautiful Mountains with a Long Train

Sandy Colorful Hills

Rocky Outcropping

Gorgeous Rolling Hills

We arrived at Luxor at 2:30pm. Mlife desk line was about 6 people long, took about 15
minutes to get to the front of the line. After getting to the desk it took about 5 minutes to
get our Cards and accounts set up. Shallaea helped us out and she was very
knowledgeable and friendly. She reminded me to make sure to come back on my
birthday for a chance at a Freeplay Wheel spin. She also informed us that we could use
the Invited Guest line to check in since it was a comp room. The regular check-in line
was about 30 people long, so this saved us some wait.
We checked in for our 2 Night Stay at Luxor in the Deluxe Tower Room. We were able to
use the invited guest line, but the receptionist was not in a very good mood. I asked if
there were any complementary upgrades available when handing her my Mlife card and

ID. I also told her that I was there celebrating my birthday. She rolled her eyes, looked at
the computer and told me that they didn't have any upgrades available, and if they did
they would NEVER be complimentary. I think we just had a person who was not in a
good mood. Otherwise check-in was smooth and simple. I did have to put down a credit
card deposit for $50/day. When I signed the authorization for the deposit, it showed our
room was at a rate of $104/night, so we saved $208 via myVegas. We spent 42,500LP's
on this comp room.

Big Comfy California King Bed

Closets, Dresser & TV Cabinet

BIG Deep Bathtub

Desk and 2 Lounge Chairs

Room leading toward door

Big Vanity with Sink and lots of goodies

The room was very nice. Big comfy California King Bed, 2 oversized lounge chairs, 2 big
closets, a full dresser, and a big 42" flat screen TV. The bathroom had a big stand-alone
shower, a deep big tub, and a nice sink with makeup mirror and hair dryer. We were on
the ninth floor of the north tower, so we had a mountain view which was fine with us, as
it allowed us to sleep in without having to worry about the sunrise. We had a great view
of the sunset and it was beautiful to see the colorful hills.

View from our Hotel Room
(window had a film on it which made glare on every picture)

After getting changed we headed over the Excalibur Mlife desk at around 3:00pm to get
some more goodies. There were only a few people in line, and again it was a really short
wait. There were 3 other people in line redeeming myVegas goodies. Trevor at the
Excalibur Mlife desk was the most helpful person we encountered and he seemed really
excited about all the goodies we received. He told us he thinks myVegas is a great idea,
and he has seen a rise in the number of rewards used in the last few weeks. He was
really quick at filling out all the forms. We redeemed a voucher for the Excalibur Buffet
for 2 and The Steakhouse at Camelot dinner for 2. Both vouchers stated they were good
for 30 days. Next we stopped at the Excalibur Box Office to pick up our tickets for
Tournament of Kings. There was no line at the box office and picking up our tickets was
very simple. All she needed was my Mlife card and ID. We asked if we could pick up our
Zumanity tickets for the next night, but she told us it had to be done at NYNY.
We headed over to the Roundtable Buffet since we drove straight through and didn't eat
lunch. The voucher was stated it was good for $44 which covers the cost of 2 adult
dinners, we spent 22,000LP's. The cashier was able to get us in and seated very quickly

since there was no line. The buffet was good, but not spectacular. If you are wanted a
high class buffet, then this is not for you. They had soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk, and
juice for drinks. There was a full bar where you could order alcohol, beer and wine for
extra. The salad bar was fresh and green. The entrees were yummy and there was a
varied selection. The best thing we found was yummy chicken nuggets in the kids
section. The desert section, which is always my favorite, was great. There was 6 different
varieties of cheesecakes, pies, cookies, ice cream sundae bar, and my personal favorite
little sampler cups. Tiramisu & Chocolate Mousse were the winners for me.

Roundtable Buffet saved us $44

Me enjoying my Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Heaven in a cup

After being fully stuffed with food, we decided to gamble some since we had time before
our show. We stayed at the Excalibur to make it easy. My husband usually tends to go
towards table games and I am a penny slot player. We wandered around the tables for a
while and didn't see anything at low bets per hand. We played a few slot games, but
didn't really find anything that peaked out interests. That is until my husband spotted
"Sic Bo", a computer dice game right next to the Mlife desk. It was really fun and within
a few minutes we were up $20. Our excitement seemed to draw the cocktail waitresses
to us. We were able to get drinks (Coors Light bottles for him, Cranberry n Vodka for me
for the night) quick and easy, and she kept coming back over to us. We were barely able
to finish what we had before she was back with more. Great service and within about an
hour we had a nice little buzz going on.
After cashing out and grabbing a drink to walk with, we headed over to the Fun
Dungeon to see the Tournament of Kings show. We were seating in the Russia section,
front row center. It was great seats in the middle of the area which gave us a great view
of all the action. This show was an absolute blast and worth the 50,000LP's we used.
The tickets had a cost of $61 each, so we saved $102. Dinner was delicious and was a
great novelty to eat with your hands. You get a bowl of tomato soup (which we saved for
our entree thanks to a tip we received), a Cornish game hen, 2 roasted potatoes, a

broccoli floret, a biscuit and an apple turnover. The show was great and we had the most
interactive King with Russia. My husband loved the show and really got into it. At one
point he was cheering for our King (who was a cheater) and the Jester came over and
was heckling my husband. The more you cheer and interact, the more they will try and
involve you. We had beer wenches and squires sitting right in front us during most of
the songs, clicking cups and cheering Hazzah! We left the arena 90 minutes later with
fully bellies and still laughing. For the rest of the night a cheer of RUSSIA would get
either of us to laugh.

View toward the Castle

Towards the castle

Team Dragon directly across from us

View of opposite side of arena

King’s table on far side


2 front row tickets at $60.29 each

Me n Hubby

After a great dinner, we decided to go try our luck again with some games. We wandered
back down to the dice game. The waitress from before saw us come back, and quickly
brought us drinks again. Jerry figured out how to win big on this game, and within a
few minutes he was on a hot streak. This and the ever flowing drinks from the waitress
made for a fun night. The more we won, the louder our cheering was. We had a couple
come over to see what all the excitement was about. We showed him how to play the
game and in a few dice rolls, he was cheering along with us. At one point, we had filled
the 8 seats around the game with people who wandered over. It is much more
entertaining with a full table and it was fun to see each person do tricks when it was
their turn to push to roll the dice. We had a blast and didn’t venture away from that
game for the rest of the night. We decided to call it a night at around 1am and took the
moving walkway back to the Luxor. It was very simple getting between the Luxor and
Excalibur and the moving sidewalks were a blessing for our tired legs.

A great first night to start our

We got a late start on our second day, but that is what Vegas is all about. Staying up late
and sleeping in. After a long soaking bath for me and a shower for hubby (at the same
time, love it!) we got dressed and headed out. The housekeeper was in the hall by the ice
machine and asked if we needed our room cleaned. I asked her to change the towels and
for some extra shampoos. I went back into the room and left a $1 tip for her. We stopped
by the ice machine to see about getting a soda to drink, but was shocked by the $3 price
tag on the 20 ounce bottle. We decided to take our chances down on the floor with the
waitresses. We wandered down to the Luxor’s casino floor and found the Sic Bo game
there. It was not as fun at the Luxor because you don’t get a chance to push the button to
roll the dice. We were able to get the attention of the cocktail waitress within a few
minutes. (Coors Light and Pina Coladas today.) After about an hour of playing we
decided to go pick up our vouchers and tickets for the day.
Heading over the Luxor Mlife desk we found there were only 2 people in line. Shellea
assisted us again with getting our 2 passes for 2 to the MORE Buffett. We planned on
using one that day and one the next day before we left. It was quick and simple to get the
2 vouchers and she let us know that they needed to be used within 30 days. After
finishing up there we walked to the moving sidewalk to get us to the Excalibur. When
you exit the moving sidewalk, you enter the Excalibur food court. A bartender at The Big
Chill was hollering at us as we went by. I stopped to see what he had, if you don’t know
about these, they are like alcoholic Slurpee’s. And I love Slurpee’s. I ended up getting a
blue one in a big souvenir cup with a straw. After going downstairs to the casino floor,
we weren’t sure how to get to the NYNY but I knew that there was a pathway somewhere
we had to find. After about 15 minutes of wandering the wrong way, we gave up and
asked a security guard where to go. We had passed right by the walkway 3 times. Since
we knew where to go now, we decided to take a break and stopped at the slots. We had
horrible luck and ending up going through half of our days gambling money.
After our bad luck, we found our way to the pathway to the NYNY. Unlike the moving
sidewalk from Luxor & Excalibur, this pathway is outside. Opening those doors and
walking into the heat was not fun. The pathway was cluttered with coupon book guys, cd
sellers, and strip club limos. Trying to navigate through them was not easy and they
made what should have been a straight line into a snake path. There were 2 guys on the
NYNY side dressed as Spiderman and Bumblebee and I almost got Jerry to take a
picture with them. The view from the path of the NYNY hotel was great though, and as a
native New Yorker, Jerry wanted some pictures.

View from Excalibur walkway

Look at that view
Statue of

Getting from the pathway to the NYNY box office was a long walk. After navigating the
way we found there was a line to buy tickets, but only 1 person in the Will Call line. As
we walked up, the person in front of us was called to the window. Within a few minutes,
they were done and we were called up. We were able to get our tickets quick and easy.
All I needed was my Mlife card and my ID. I felt bad for the people waiting to buy
tickets, as that line didn’t move once while we were there. We were told to be at the
theater about 30 minutes before the show.
We walked back over to the Luxor since none of the slots called to us. We were feeling a
little hungry, so we went over to the MORE buffet to cash in one of our vouchers. There
was no line and we were able to walk right up to the counter. The cashier asked if
wanted to use the voucher for just the one meal or if we wanted to pay the difference for
the all-day pass. We already had meals lined up for the rest of the trip, so chose just the
one meal. We were seated quickly in a nice quiet booth in an empty section. The server
was very attentive and even grabbed our drinks for us when we were walking back to our
This buffet was slightly better than the Excalibur one, but again if you are looking for a
high class buffet this isn’t for you. We arrived around 2:30 and they were getting ready
to change over to dinner, so there was a nice variety. They had delicious orange chicken
which was very orangey and not too spicy, which is how I prefer it. The desert section
was identical to the Excalibur buffet, so I knew which ones I loved already. We filled up
with food and were ready to go gamble some. We spent 22,000LP’s on this reward, and
it saved us $44.

Voucher for MORE Buffet saved us $44


With full bellies and tired of walking, we wandered around the Casino. Jerry ended up
back at the Sic Bo game and started having great luck again. Within a few minutes a
cocktail waitress was drawn over by his cheers. We found the more excited he got about
the dice, the more the waitresses would come over. She asked how he was doing and
took our order for drinks. She immediately walked over to the bar and got our drinks.
We gave her a tip, and she said she would keep them coming. I wish I had remembered
her name, but she was a great waitress, and true to her word, we hardly finished one
drink before another one arrived. Jerry did great on the game and was up $55 at one
point. I on the other hand was not doing well, and after a few losses decided to wander
around the floor. I found some really fun games. There was a giant fishing game that
when a certain bonus was triggered on any machine would do a group bonus for all the
machines. It was really fun, and there was a man who was getting everyone very excited
whenever a bonus would pop up. I didn’t really find any other machines that called my
name, but still kept trying. I would go back over to check on how Jerry was doing and
would find a pina colada waiting for me. The waitress continued bringing him drinks for
me even while I wasn’t there. GREAT woman I wish I would have gotten a picture with
her. After a few hours, we decided to go back up to our room to get ready for our night
Getting back in the room, we found that our housekeeper was very kind. 3 bottles of
shampoo, body wash, lotion. And what ended up being hijacked by my daughter was 3
pyramid shaped soaps. It was a tiny little extra thing that makes me happy. I saw her in
the hall when I went to get Ice and I thanked her. She thanked me for the tip and asked

if there was anything else we wanted. I asked for some extra towels, and she reached
down in her cart and pulled out 3 big folded towels. I have nothing but great things to
say about the staff at the Luxor. After getting washed up and changed we headed out for
our dinner and show.
We had reservations at The Camelot at Excalibur Steakhouse for 7pm. We walked up
and were seated immediately. We were given a nice quiet booth and within seconds we
had someone filling our cups with water. The waiter was very prompt and took our drink
orders. I ordered a delicious Malibu, pineapple n cranberry drink (I can’t remember the
name!), and Jerry got a bottle of beer. Our drinks were delivered quickly and we put in
an order for the Slider appetizer. We were torn on what to order as everything looked so
yummy. Jerry decided on the Porterhouse Special and I got the Chicken Pot Pie. We
couldn’t choose which side we wanted, so we got both the Garlic Mashed Potatoes and
The Stuffed Baked Potato. The special came with a salad which arrived at the same time
as the sliders. We also got a bread and butter basket that had slices of sourdough bread
and cranberry bread. The salad was mixed greens with cucumbers and heirloom grape
tomatoes and was delicious. The sliders came with 2 mini burgers that were cooked
perfectly and Angus beef, so they were tender. They were topped with grilled onions, big
slices of tomatoes and a slice of Swiss cheese. They were yummy. Our dinner came out
just as we had finished everything. Jerry’s steak was cooked perfectly at medium rare. It
was so tender and needed nothing to go with it, although the waiter did bring steak
sauce that was only used once. My pot pie was HUGE. The sauce inside was so creamy
and flavorful, with big chunks of chicken, potatoes, carrots and other veggies mixed
within it. The pie crust was heaping over the side of the bowl and was so buttery and
flaky. I was unable to finish the whole thing, but I did enjoy every bite I took. The
mashed potatoes were creamy and had some hunks of soft potatoes in it which made
them just delicious. The stuffed baked potato was skinned, mashed and mixed with
cheese and bacon. It was so good. We asked the waiter to box up what we had left
(which was A LOT), and asked us if we would like desert. As delicious as it all sounded,
we were stuffed and passed. He came back with our box of food and let us know that we
still had a BIG portion of our comp left to use, and he would hate to see it go to waste.
After a little figuring, we ordered some sliders to go. We couldn’t figure out anything
else we wanted to order to eat, so the waiter suggested we get some drinks to go. So we
filled up the tab with extra drinks. The waiter told us that comp meals don’t include tax
and that our total was $148 pre-tax, so we were covered. We left him a good tip and
headed back to our room to drop off the food. Overall it was a great dinner that we
would have never been able to have without MyVegas. We saved $150 with this comp
and I spent 75,000LP’s for this reward.

It’s Steak Night and we do it RIGHT!
Dinner Voucher saved $150!
After dropping off the food at the room, we headed over to the NYNY for the Zumanity
show. The walk over to NYNY was much nicer since the sun had set. There was less
peddlers on the bridge and the heat had died off some. Again, we had to take pictures of
the NYNY hotel.

NYNY Hotel at Night

We arrived towards the Zumanity Theater at around 9:30pm. There was already a line
stretched back towards the ice cream shop. Once the doors opened however, the line
split into 3 doors and moved very quickly. Our tickets were amazing seats, Section 103
Row A which is front center right of the stage. The only way for us to have had better
seats would have been the love couches in the very front. The show was great and very
interactive. We were offered strawberries from the women who wandered the crowd. It
was a very entertaining show with a lot of humor in it. It is a burlesque type show, but it
had a great cirque aspect to it, and the tricks they performed were very impressive. I
would recommend this show to anyone who wants to have a great adult night out.
Tickets were worth $115.50 each so that saved us $231 for this comp. I spent 92,500LP’s
on this reward.

Zumanity Tickets saved $

After a great night we headed back to the Excalibur to play the dice game again. We
found a cocktail waitress quickly again, and the drinks were flowing. We spent a few
hours playing until I started to get tired. We headed back up to the room and ended our

Check-out was at 11am the next morning, and we didn’t want to rush the morning, so we
set up a wake-up call for the next morning. When I called the operator to set it up, she
asked if we also wanted a “snooze call”, which we thought was a great idea. After getting
up and packed in the morning, we headed down to check-out. I wanted to make sure
there were no extra charges, so I used the desk to check-out. She ran our room number
through, and told us no charges were issued and the hold would be released. The whole
process was very quick and simple. We didn’t want to lug our bags around all day, so we
went to the parking garage and put our bags away. Since we were going to be spending
the rest of the afternoon at the Luxor, we decided to just take the car to the Valet to
make it easier when we left.
After dropping off the car, we headed over the Mlife desk for my birthday spin! I showed
them my Mlife card and ID and she spun the big wheel for me. I won $25 worth of
FREEPLAY, which was a great way to start the morning. We had MORE Buffet passes,
but didn’t really want to do breakfast, so we decided to gamble some until the 11:30
changeover. My husband found the dice game again, and I wandered over to the video
poker games. My $25 Freeplay quickly became $35 cash voucher. We decided not to
tempt our luck anymore and headed down to the buffet.
There was no line again and we walked right up to the cashier. She quickly got us
checked in and we were seated immediately. I was expecting to have to wait in a buffet
line at one point while here after everything I read, and was surprised that we never had
to wait. The buffet was very similar to the day before, but with the addition of a make
yourself French Dip. The meat was yummy and the sauce delicious. We filled up as
much as we could to prepare for our long drive home.

MORE Buffet pass saved us $44

We decided to try our luck again on the machines, which turned out to be a mistake. We
had a blast, but lost all our winnings. Vegas once again won this round. I loved that
when I stuck my card in a machine that it wished me a Happy Birthday each time. With
sadness we wished Las Vegas goodbye and retrieved our car from the Valet. It was a
great trip and would not have been possible without MyVegas.

Heading home after a great Birthday Vacation

2 Nights Deluxe Tower Luxor
2 Excalibur Buffet Passes
2 Tickets Tournament of Kings
2 Luxor Buffet Passes
Dinner for 2 at Camelot
2 Tickets Zumanity
2 Luxor Buffet Passes

LP’s Spent

Total LP’s Spent
Money Saved


Money Saved

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