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How to Improve at Age of Empires Online
By BboyProfessor
Table of Contents
[X] Event Log
05/07/2013 Update: Decided to establish a PVP guide for new and advanced players who want to improve.
[i] Introduction
[i.01] What this document is about
[i.02] About goals and how to achieve them
[i.03] Thoughts on different ways of learning
[i.04] You suck
[i.05] Positive Mindset
[1] General Guideline and Terminology
[1.01] Terminology
[1.02] General Guidelines
[2] Improving your Macro
[2.01] My Philosophy
[2.02] How to choose your build
[2.03] How to refine your build
[2.04] Common pitfalls in improving macro
[3] Improving your Micro
[3.01] Distinction between basic and advanced micro
[3.02] Micro with bad mechanics
[3.03] Micro with good mechanics
[4] Improving your Mechanics
[4.01] Mouse Control
[4.01.1] Mouse Acceleration and Sensitivity
[4.01.2] Keyboard, mouse, and hand positioning
[4.01.3] Mouse accuracy and practice games
[4.02] Boxing
[4.03] Scrolling and save screen position
[4.04] Hotkeys and Control Groups
[4.05] Minimap Awareness
[4.06] Tapping
[5] Decision Making and Strategy
[6 Dealing with Anxiety
[6.01] How it happens
[6.03] How to Deal with It
Last updated: 05/072013
Created By: BboyProfessor
For: Those in the community who play Age of Empires Online