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International Journal of Advances in Engineering &amp; Technology, Mar. 2013.
ISSN: 2231-1963

Sanjay Mohite1, Narayan Pisharoty2


Research Scholar, Symbiosis International University, Pune India
Department of E&amp;TC Engg, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Lavale Gram, Pune India

In this paper, multimode matrix converter is used to universal motor speed control system developed for proposed
washing machine. Output voltage is synthesized by SPWM technique. In washing machines, the use of Induction
motors wastes energy. To achieve speeds like tumbling operations at low speed and say drying at a spin cycle at
a high speed, one needs to use a universal motor. Switching the voltage for achieving different speeds is again
wasteful, so some companies have introduced ‘variable frequency’ drives. This saves power but increases the cost
of the drive. A design using multimode multiple’ matrix converter’ is proposed. In this the output voltage is
synthesized by switching IGBTs in a matrix. Switching is done by control signals generated using SPWM
techniques. A computer simulation model was developed using MATLAB. Simulated results have been observed
and analyzed

KEYWORDS - Multimode, SPWM MATLAB Simulink, washing machine



Electrical power converters play an important role in energy saving. Two thirds of all electrical energy
generated is consumed in industry. The industrial drive technology can be classified into two different
groups. One group includes electrically driven machines requiring speed control systems for different
applications for example, machine tools and measuring machines for which precision in movement is
required. Second group includes consumer electrical systems, for example pumps, washing machines,
food processors, vacuum cleaners and fans where precision torque or speed control systems are not
needed. Common disadvantages of these systems are poor efficiency and distortion. This has resulted
in large energy consumption. The energy consumption can be significantly reduced by increasing the
overall efficiency of converters. Challenges such as High efficiency, reduced noise, extended lifetime,
rapid time to market - and all at optimum cost are facing many Industries which use electric motors.
Today, the demand for electronic converters for motor control is increasing rapidly, not only in the
automotive and computer peripherals Industries, but also in industrial applications and home appliances
such as heating and ventilation systems, power tools, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. All these
consumer applications need cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Universal speed
control system developed with pwm AC Converter. Operation of this converter is realized using
microcontroller. Using simulation behavior of the system is verified [1]. To increase the performance
of the motor drive, need to improve stability of the drive system. Pulse width modulation is used to
increase capability of power device to handle large power [2]. Two switches AC chopper voltage
regulator with control strategy is developed and operation modes are analysed. This voltage regulator
has improve input power factor and power transfer efficiency. Harmonic distortion is low [3]. The Drum
washing machine requires high torque because large variation in load torque. So in this paper suggest
interior permanent magnet synchronous motor for drum washing machine system [4]. Two quadrant
PWM AC chopper presented. The simple control principle is implemented in pwm AC chopper. It
reduce the losses and increase supply quality. PWM AC choppers have important advantages:


Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 291-297

International Journal of Advances in Engineering &amp; Technology, Mar. 2013.
ISSN: 2231-1963
sinusoidal current, waveforms, better power factor [5]. High performance Dc chopper speed control
system and current control system for universal motor is introduced in this system .In this system inner
current control is used for improving dynamic response and motor startup with closed speed[6]. The
development of general purpose universal board that is capable of .controlling the speed of induction
motor. This technique is variable frequency supply. It keeps constant voltage to frequency ratio in order
to attain constant torque throughout operating period [7] PWM technique for the three-phase MC that
reduces the switching losses by two ways either decreasing the number of switches and clamping the
output voltages of the MC synchronized with the peak of the corresponding currents [8] Single phase
quasi Z source ac-ac converter developed with high efficiency low input harmonics and high input
power factor [9].
In the Washing machine variable torque is needed. Torque varies according to the weight of clothes. In
the laundry large amount of clothes are washes. It requires high torque motor drive. This paper IS
focused on speed control of ac motor and increase efficiency of converter.



In the laundry washing machine three phase motor is used while in household washing machine
universal motor is used. Today static converters for the power supply of electrical drives are built by a
combination of Input rectifier, DC link and Output inverter. It has two stage conversions. In two stages
conversion reduces the efficiency and losses are increased

Figure 1 Block diagram of laundry Washing machine drive.

Figure 1 shows Block diagram of laundry Washing machine drive. In this system two stage conversions
are used. First stage Input AC is converted in to DC. Energy is stored in DC link capacitor. And in
second stage DC is converted in AC supply with variable frequency.


Current Sensor








Universal Motor

Figure 2 Block Diagram of AC universal motor drive


Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 291-297

International Journal of Advances in Engineering &amp; Technology, Mar. 2013.
ISSN: 2231-1963
Figure 2 shows block diagram of AC universal motor drive. In the same block diagram at the input
Rectifier is added and same circuit can be used as Universal DC motor drive. Triacs are used as power
The AC drive controls the rotation speed of universal motor by using phase angle method. This method
consists of changing the RMS voltage applied to the motor. In this case, the voltage is a function of the
firing angle of the Triac.
In the washing machines High-frequency PWM universal motor drive is also used. Traditional
converters are currently used in the washing machine drives. These are connecting single load across
output. It drives either universal motor or heater. For driving both loads two converters are required.
We introduce Multimode matrix converter. It drives two loads simultaneously.



Multimode matrix converter drive system is used single conversion. Input is directly connected to
output. No energy storage element is required. This topology reduces the losses because one stage is
eliminated. Efficiency of converter is increased. Thus energy the consumption of system is decreased.

Figure 3 Block Diagram of multimode matrix converter washing machine drive used for laundry. (Three Phase)

Block Diagram of multimode matrix converter washing machine drive used for laundry is shown in
figure 3. It is three phase to three phase matrix converter. In the matrix converter IGBT s are used as
switches. Switching of these IGBTs are controlled using Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation Technique
to get desired output.
In Household washing machines universal motor and induction motor is used. For washing machine
application high starting torque is required. The advantages of universal motors are specifically high
starting torque, very compact design and high running speeds. The disadvantage of this motor is the
maintenance and short life caused by the commentator.

Input Supply
220 Volt, 50 Hz

Multimode Matrix

AC Motor


Control Logic

Figure 4 Block Diagram of Multimode matrix converter washing machine drive used for Home

Figure 4 Block Diagram of multimode matrix converter washing machine drive used for Home This
multiple converter is capable to drive two motors simultaneously. This converter is drive two ac loads


Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 291-297

International Journal of Advances in Engineering &amp; Technology, Mar. 2013.
ISSN: 2231-1963
simultaneously. Control and logic block contains control circuit. Matrix converter block contains power



Arrangement of multimode Ac converter is shown in figure.5.


Input Voltage 220 Volt 50 Hz

Universal Motor


Heater coil

Figure 5 Proposed Switch Matrix of multimode matrix converter washing machine drive used for Home.

Four switches are required for multimode matrix AC-AC converter. These switches are arranged
according to figure 5.It forms a four by one matrix. Two loads are connected to multimode converter.
Universal motor and heater are connected across load.



Operation of multimode matrix converter is divided in to two states.
State 1 (0-π)
In the state one IGBT S1 and IGBT S 3 turn on and current flowing through universal motor as well as
heater simultaneously. Positive voltage appears across load.
State 2 (π-2π)
In the state one IGBT S2 and IGBT S 4 turn on and current flowing through universal motor as well as
heater simultaneously. Negative voltage appears across load.
Table 1 shows the switching status of the switches in state 1 and state 2
Table 1 Status of switches in state 1 and state 2
S1 S2 S3 S4 Input Output
State 1 (0-π)
State 2 (π-2π)












Multimode matrix converter concept is verified using simulation.


Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 291-297

International Journal of Advances in Engineering &amp; Technology, Mar. 2013.
ISSN: 2231-1963

Figure 6 Simulation Model of multiple matrix converter washing machine drive used for Home

Figure 6 shows Simulation Model of multiple matrix converter washing machine drive used for Home.
Same model can be used for different application such as power tool control, food processor, vacuum
cleaner etc. SPWM technique is used to control desired output voltage across load.
Sine wave block generates sine wave signal. Repeatating sequence block generates triangular wave.
Sine wave is compared with triangular wave using relational operator block. Output of relational
operator block is SPWM signal. SPWM signal is ‘AND’ ed with the square wave. Output of ‘AND’
gate is connected to IGBT gate.



Simulation results are shown below. Figure 7 shows simulated SPWM output. Output across heater is
shown in figure 8 It Increases the efficiency of converter. It is observes clean AC waveforms across
input and output. Figure 9.shows total current flowing through the both winding. Current flowing
through the main winding and auxiliary winding decides the power consumption of motor. It observes
no distortion in main winding and auxiliary wing current. Distortion less output increase performance
of motor and consume less power. Current flowing through main and auxiliary windings is shown in
figure. 10 &amp; 11. Voltage across capacitor is shown in figure 12.characteristic of rotor speed is shown in
figure 13.Figure 14.shows electromagnetic torque of motor.

Figure 7. Simulated SPWM output


Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 291-297

International Journal of Advances in Engineering &amp; Technology, Mar. 2013.
ISSN: 2231-1963
Input Voltage






Output Voltageoad


Figure 9. Total current flowing through both winding









Figure 8. Output Voltage across Heater
Figure 10. Current flowing through main winding

Figure 11. Current flowing through Auxiliary winding

Figure 13 Rotor speed


Figure 12. Voltage across Capacitor

Figure 14 Electromagnetic Torque


The simulation model on Multimode Matrix Converter for washing machine using MATLAB/Simulink
Software Package has been presented. The Results are presented for both loads of operation. The
multimode matrix converter topology for multiple AC-AC conversion using the single circuit has
presented with SPWM Strategy to synthesize the multiple AC output for a given AC input. The
simulated Results are confirming the proposed methodology. After the success the Authors have had in
building some circuits and building simulation models for many more applications, the authors feel that
the technology of power conversion using matrix converter topology can be extended to many other
applications. The approach of FIRST building a simulation model and then building a large power 3
phase to single phase conversion at 20 kHz, has given us the confidence that this topology can be used
to build a converter to control the speed in a washing machine drive. The simulation results encourage
us and we hope others to build different applications after first building a simulation model.


Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 291-297

International Journal of Advances in Engineering &amp; Technology, Mar. 2013.
ISSN: 2231-1963



The work described here in this paper also will be built as a hardware Prototype project and published.
If the work is good and good results are found we may encourage to file for a patent.

[1] Bakan A.F, Bakan A.F.Sarul M.H., Universal Motor Speed Control with Current Controlled PWM AC
Chopper by using a Microcontroller, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology,Vol.1
2000, 394-398.
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Sanjay Mohite, has received the B.E. Electrical Engineering from Pune University May
2002, M.E. in Electronics Engineering from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada
University in May 2007. He is pursuing Ph.D in Electronics &amp; Telecommunication
Engineering from Symbiosis International University; Pune India. He is currently working as
a lecturer with Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, in
Jaywantrao Sawant College of Engineering Pune India. His research interests includes Matrix
converter drives, Embedded system design, &amp;Renewable energy sources
Narayan Pisharoty, has received his B.Tech from IIT Bombay in 1966, Masters from IIT
Kanpur in 1968 and Ph.D. from Carnegie-Mellon Univ. in 1971 all in EE. He ran his own
Digital Equipment Design and Manufacturing Company till 2004. Currently he is a Professor
and Head of E&amp;TC Department at Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Lavale, and Pune. His
interests include Alternate Energy Sources, RFID and Bio-Medical Engineering.


Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp. 291-297

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