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“… eject your Kindle …”
loc 2003 [p. 102] perhaps delete the comma in:
“You can resolve many problems with your Kindle, quickly and
loc 2045 [p. 102] insert “yellow” in:
“Make sure that the charging light …”
Helpful to a newbie.

**loc 2081 [p. 106] insert a comma before “and let” in:
“If your device does get wet, unplug all cables, turn off the
wireless (go to Menu, and choose Turn Wireless Off) and let the
screen revert to the screen saver.”

**Loc 2119 [p. 107] delete the 2nd comma in:
“There are some places where RF signals could constitute a
hazard, such as health care facilities, and construction sites.”

**loc 2455 [p. 111] insert a comma before “or” in:
“This limited warranty applies to any repair, replacement part
or replacement Device …”

**loc 2457 [p. 111] insert a comma before “or” in:
“that are not subject to accident, misuse, neglect, fire or other
external causes, …”