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Distilled Water .pdf

Original filename: Distilled Water.pdf
Title: A comprehensive guide to distilled water

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A comprehensive guide to distilled water
What is distilled water?
Alike oxygen, water is one of the basic necessities f or human survival. Imagine how tough lif e would be if
you can’t drink water af ter exercising, af ter eating f ood and worse when you are thirsty. Drinking clean,
purif ied water is a right f or every human. Sadly, because of rising pollution and increase of salt and mineral
content, ordinary or tap water is mostly unf it f or human consumption.
T his is where distilled water comes to the picture. Distillation is the process used f or purif ying water by
thermal treatment. Although, this process of purif ication has been used since 200 AD, it gained popularity
just a while ago. Since water is f iltered via evaporation and condensation, hence distilled water does not
contain any impurities such as salt or minerals. Distilled water generally tastes bland and when f iltered
accurately, it is considered to be purest f orm of water.

The properties of distilled water
Distilled water is certainly dif f erent f rom the ordinary natural water in
terms of its physical appearance, chemical attributes and taste. Some of
its major properties are:
Distilled water is colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid
Af ter the evaporation of even 1 liter of distilled water there is no
residue lef t
T he color or transparent nature of the distilled water cannot be
altered via any chemical or acid.
Distilled water is not af f ected by the action of lime.
If you are wondering what is the pH of distilled water then the
answer is level 7 which means completely neutral, indicating zero
presence of pH altering chemicals and salts.

So how to make distilled water?
We answered your query about what is distilled water. But it is quite
certain that you are wondering about how is it made?
Well, distilled water is the colorless, odorless, tasteless and pure f orm of water which is obtained by
heating normal tap water and collecting condensed steam.
T he process of making the distilled water is carried in a container where the water is heated up to its boiling
point and the steam is channeled and collected in a clean container af ter which the water is cool enough to
T he f iltration process is based on the notion that on boiling water, the heavier and solid impurities are not
converted to gas and remain in their original f orm. T heref ore, on condensing evaporated water, all you get
is distilled and a very pure f orm of the liquid. To ensure that the water is pure, 3-4 cycles of this process
are repeated.
For industrial purposes, the distilled water is collected in the stainless steel container which must be
properly clean and sanitized. By every possible step the contamination level is checked properly and the
process stops only when they get the actual amount of purity in the distilled water. T he only reason f or the

purif ication of distilled water is making the water 100 percent pure. Apart f rom the industrial use, the highly
pure distilled water is also used in medicine, scientif ic research, and hi-tech purposes where the water is
very pure, with impurities in the range of just 1 or 2 parts per million of water.

The uses of distilled water
It is a well known f act that over 70 percent of earth’s surf ace is water.
But did you know that barely 1 to 2 percent of it is drinkable?
Well, this is one the prime reasons why water is distilled and how
distilled water packs several uses and benef its.
Do you know what distilled water is good f or? It is good f or drinking
and absolutely f it f or human consumption. Since, it is devoid of
inorganic wastes, it can be used f or gardening and washing purposes
too. When a perf ect quantity of healthy minerals is added to distilled
water, then it can be used f or f lushing toxins out of the body.
Because of low sodium content, distilled water is used f or preparing
f ood, especially f or people with high blood pressure. Distilled water
reduces the chances of water borne diseases and is quite good f or
inf ants and elderly people.
Distilled water is used in several industries which require mineral-less water. It is used as a coolant in
nuclear-powered ships as well as airplanes. Currently, a lot of hospitals use it during surgical treatments as
it is saf er and cleaner to use.

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