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Original filename: lamotriginesideeffects.com-Side_effects.pdf
Title: Side effects

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lam o t rigine side e f f e ct s.co m

http://lamo triginesideeffects.co m/side-effects/

Side effects
What is Lamotrigine used f or?
Lamotrigine, also marketed as Lamictal drug, is an
anticonvulsant and anti-epileptic medicine that has
been used f or treatment of epilepsy and
maintenance of several psychological disorders
such as bipolar disorder, depression, Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as anxiety and
Depersonalization disorder. T he medicine has
been used f or over thirty years and directly acts
on neurotransmitters to block, modulate or inhibit
electrical activity, thereby preventing f ocal,
absence and tonic-clonic seizures, LennoxGastaut syndrome’s seizures and working as a
mood stabilizer. But alike other drugs, this
medicine too has several adverse ef f ects which
need to be controlled and monitored during drug
interactions and their ef f ect on every single patient must be studied. Some mild to medium adverse ef f ects
of Lamotrigine have been f ound in recent studies. T hese side ef f ects are a result of inhibited sodium
channels in neurotransmitters.
Here is a detailed description of side ef f ects associated with Lamotrigine that can be monitored and
controlled with ef f ective dosage and drug interactions.

Side ef f ects of Lamotrigine in men
Some of the Lamotrigine side effects are mentioned below
1. Skin Rashes – A major side ef f ect of Lamotrigine, which
can be seen in either gender, is skin reactions. Lamotrigine
is prescribed to patients af ter a thorough medical checkup as it is associated with lif e threatening skin reactions
such as DRESS Syndrome, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis and
Steven-Johnson Syndrome. Generally, any benign or
threatening skin reaction appears in f irst 2 to 8 weeks of
therapy. T heref ore, any unexpected skin rash should
receive medical attention.
2. Migraine and Headaches – When prescribed f or epilepsy,
Lamotrigine can lead to a surge in the incidences of migraines and headaches. Most of the males
taking Lamotrigine therapy might have intense bouts of headaches and may f eel dizzy. Sometimes,
migraines and headaches associated with this drug may also lead to sleeplessness. T his side ef f ect
can be easily monitored through regular exercising (under practitioner’s supervision), drug
interactions and tranquilizers prescribed by the therapist.
3. Weight f luctuations – Another adverse ef f ect of Lamotrigine in men is weight f luctuations. Several
males may notice considerable weight loss or weight gain depending upon their medical condition and
Lamotrigine’s interactions with other medicines. Since the side ef f ect prof ile is dif f erent f rom patient
to patient, hence weight f luctuations vary. A balanced nutritional diet designed by the therapist along
with f ew precautionary measures can help in dealing with the situation.

4. Vision Problems – Lamotrigine may lead to double vision and crossed eyes. Initial side ef f ects of
taking Lamotrigine include blurred vision, lack of coordination and loss of balance in males. T his side
ef f ect in men can be dealt with thorough medical check up bef ore and af ter taking Lamotrigine and
caref ul monitoring.
Most of these ef f ects aren’t long term in nature. Adequate changes in diet, simultaneous drugs, exercising
and monitoring can help reduce the adversity of these side ef f ects. Contradictions, particularly headaches,
weight gain, nightmares and dry mouth are reported by men who are taken of f the drug.

Side ef f ects of Lamotrigine in women
Women who are prescribed Lamotrigine f or mood disorders
or epilepsy may witness several side ef f ects of the drug. In
f act, clinical trials suggest that women are more likely to have
more side ef f ects of Lamotrigine than men, although other
anticonvulsants af f ect males more than f emales. Some of
the major side ef f ects of Lamotrigine on women are
mentioned here.
1. Painf ul or missed menstrual periods – Most women may
initially experience missed of painf ul menstrual periods.
T his is because Lamotrigine interacts with f emale
hormones. It is not recommended f or f emales on
estrogen-containing contraceptives. T heref ore, birth control oral contraceptives must be given only
af ter thorough medical screening. A short term ef f ect of Lamotrigine is vaginitis. Women taking this
drug may experience painf ul menstrual periods, which is a long term side ef f ect.
2. Rashes and insomnia – Alike men, women may also have skin reactions to Lamotrigine. Rash images
and Rash pictures must be taken and shown to the therapist in case any unexpected rashes are
noticed on the body. Side ef f ects rash aren’t common and only 5 to 10 percent of patients develop a
3. Pregnancy and Breast Feeding – Lamotrigine must only be prescribed to pregnant women if its
benef its outweigh its side ef f ects and potential risks. Lamotrigine raises the risk of clef t lip and
palate malf ormation in inf ants if it is taken in f irst trimester. Lamotrigine is f ound in breast milk,
theref ore breast f eeding isn’t recommended during treatment.
Apart f rom this, a lot of women may experience memory problem, abdominal pain and cognitive problems
when they start taking Lamotrigine.

Side ef f ects in children
Only small doses of Lamotrigine are given because of its possible side ef f ects in children. T hese adverse
ef f ects are mentioned below:
1. Migraine – Children who take higher dosage of Lamotrigine may complain of headaches or migraine.
T his is because most of the children suf f ering f rom epilepsy or mood disorders tend to take other
valproate medicines, which may result in too much Lamictal in the body. T his condition can be
monitored by giving small dosage of the drug to children.
2. Sleep problems and weight loss – Lamotrigine of ten results in insomnia among children. Most of
them may also experience high and sudden weight loss, which can dealt by a balanced, nutritious diet
f ormulated along with the therapist. Children may also witness cognitive problems.
Side ef f ects that are long term can be monitored and dealt with children. Mostly, Lamotrigine isn’t prescribed
in higher dosage to kids as they are more prone to rashes than adults.

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