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Subw ay Lun ches
Subway lunches are available for the children on a Tuesday and
Thursday. Orders are to be completed on an envelope and placed in
the subway order box (outside school office).
Min i Su bs
white or wheat bread
Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Tuna or Salami
Juice Box
Small Primo
Large Primo
Min i Pu mp
Large Pu mp

$3. 60
$2. 20
$2. 50
$3. 90

It’s My Tu rn To C ook Ton igh t B osch S chool Holiday
Program – Ju ly 1 5 - 1 7
The It’s My Turn To Cook Tonight Bosch School Holiday Program is
FREE, ONLINE, FUN and unique with great prizes. It is available
ANYWHERE there is Internet coverage. This means no travelling, no
pick ups or drop offs – kids get food savvy and learn to cook in their
own home, using their food, cooking their dinner. Find out more
<http://www.itsmyturntocooktonight.com/> .

When AC Petfoods collects your injured or
unwanted cow, nominate your school, and they
will send the payment for the animal directly to
the school.
What a great way to earn extra money for your
Phone 08 00 D OWNC OW