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3 No Bullshit, Practical Tips
To Have More Gorgeous Women In Your Life
Starting Today
by Vincent Vinturi

© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

1. Show Up

This is the tattoo on my left arm :-)
I know it can be scary to walk up to a strange, beautiful woman and try to make
something happen out of thin air. ...Welcome to the world of seduction! But don't
sweat it. Not even the greatest seducers are 'prepared'. In fact, screw being
If you're nervous about approaching and talking to a woman, and you don't
know what you're going to say, any attempt to fight with the nervousness and try
to overpower it will flop. You'll just be wasting your energy and making yourself
tense. So how do you “not fight it”, then?
Well, It's just like darkness. If your room is dark, you can chase the darkness
around. You can scream at it and swing your fists at it and banish it out of the
room. But it's not just going to disappear 'cuz you said. In fact, it can't, because
it doesn't even exist. It has no positive existence of its own. Because darkness is
just the absence of light. And so the only intelligent thing you can do to dispel
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

darkness...is to introduce light!

It's the same thing with being nervous and feeling that 'approach anxiety' when
you're looking at a woman you'd like to go talk to. Fighting the nervousness is
futile. Instead, bring your flame into the dark room. By which I mean:
Show up and talk to her anyway.
Despite your nervousness and despite not knowing what to say. Despite any
lack of preparation.
By the way, a funny thing about preparation... you can only make mistakes if
you're prepared...
In short, there's NO trick or workaround or way to avoid the necessity to show
up. That's IF you want women in your life, of course.
Picture this: you're a stand-up comedian, and your job is making complete
strangers laugh. It's a tough job. You probably get damn nervous before coming
on stage. You sweat cold bullets and your throat is parched even though you've
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

been guzzling so much water you can't wait to finish your act just so you can run
off stage to take a whiz.
Getting booed off stage and humiliated isn't just a possibility, it happens all the
time in this business. And the emcee is just about to call your name...

“What's the deal with airplane peanuts?”
So maybe you go out there. And maybe just when you're on the verge of peeing
your pants because all you hear is crickets in the audience, you deliver your
punchline ...and everybody erupts into uproarious laughter!
You get off the stage and you're proud of yourself (because you've basically just
survived a panic attack). And you'd put yourself through it again tomorrow night,
because putting a smile on the faces of these new friends makes it all
worthwhile for you.
And while you're lost in that warm, sweet glow of gratitude, you forget for a
second just how badly you need to pee...
So the question is: do you love women enough to show up for them even
though they might boo you off stage?
Do you love women enough to risk the possibility of being dismissed, used,
abused, and laughed at by them? Do you love women more than you hate the
feeling of putting your real self out there and stepping nakedly onto the stage?
Courage doesn't mean not being scared. It means being totally shit-your-pants
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

terrified and going through with it anyway. Great ladies men know this and
accept it gracefully as a fact of life. If we men don't show up, we can't expect to
have women in our lives!
And here's the real deal Holyfield and the God's honest truth about having
women in your life. Once you begin showing up consistently, your life will
be full of women. It's as simple as that.
If you're not terribly bright and fear you may forget this, may I recommend you
do as I did and get it tattooed on your arm? ;-)
One last thing before I give you a practical exercise. I've been doing this for
years (and I have friends who are VERY effective with women who have been
doing it for decades) and I get rejected, ignored and blown off all the time. So
do they.
Sometimes an interaction is going amazingly well and then it vanishes into the
air like a wisp of smoke. You think “WTF just happened?” Or the interaction is
going terribly and in an hour you're back at your place going at it like teenagers.
This area of life is inherently random. You can curtail the randomness somewhat
by practicing social skills and spending time around women and striving to
understand them. But even the most effective seducers flop on a regular basis.
It sucks, it hurts but that's the name of the game. It will never go away. So be
brave and keep showing up...

© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

In Field Exercise #1: Yes, you're getting homework. But it's not the shitty,
boring, school kind. Because I'm not going to be here to grade you or judge you.
Or tell you that you did a good job or a bad job. These are exercises that I've
developed through years of in-field experience and they WORK.

Homework: Real Natural Seduction style!
If you do them, you'll see a difference right away. If you don't, you'll probably
post a thread about me on PUAhate.com. Here's the exercise:Every day this
week, come up to 5 women you see who look cute to you. It doesn't matter
where you are, what either of you are doing or who else is there to bear witness.
Simply come up to her and say “Hi.”
No pickup lines, no crutches, nothing rehearsed, no masks to hide behind. This
is you showing up in front of a woman nakedly with no ego armor on.
The trick is to stay aware and present to the moment and allow yourself to
feel every emotion and bodily sensation that arises. Watch these feelings as
they arise in your being, watch them as they linger there and watch them as
they make their way out (which they will).

© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

By the way, watching your thoughts is a meditation technique practiced for
thousands of years in the East. It's incredibly effective for getting out of your
head and really flowing in conversation with a woman. It may feel strange at first
but give it a shot, it really works.
“Vincent! What comes after 'hi'?”
...Why ruin the surprise?

© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

2. Touch Women Early And Often

In the seduction community there's a lot of talk about 'kino' and 'kino escalation'.
That's geeky pickup talk for “touching”. Kino just means touching. And people
talk about it a lot and with good reason...it's really important!
When you touch a woman, it releases a chemical in her body called oxytocin.
This chemical is responsible for feelings of bonding and makes her feel a
'connection' with you. It makes her feel comfortable.
It's important to touch a woman early on, preferably right away, both for the
oxytocin effect and because it sets the precedent for the kind of behavior she
can expect from you in general.
Women are always looking to see if the way you act with them in the beginning
stays consistent later on. She wants to figure out if you're really this touchy-feely
guy, or if you're just putting on an act in the beginning to try and game her and
get her into bed.
So to avoid making women feel like you're not authentic, I simply recommend
becoming a touchy guy!
If you love women, and want to be physical with them and sleep with them,
you've got to make it clear from the start that this is what you're about. And
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

here's a brilliant tidbit I learned from my buddy Paul's book “Attraction Formula”.
...Think about this: you're going to be lying in bed with a woman, touching her
naked body and entering inside of her. You'll be at the very pinnacle of intimacy
with her. But you can't go from NO touching straight to this incredibly intimate
scenario. It's too much of a quantum leap. If you spend time with a woman
and don't touch her at all in the beginning, it will be damn near impossible
to get intimate later...

So you have to gradually increase her comfort with your touch right from the
start. You want to be constantly pushing the envelope and looking for excuses to
touch her lower back, her butt, her breasts, her face, her hair, even her pussy. If
she calls you out on it, smile about it. Admit it. Of course you're touching her.
She's got this gorgeous skin, amazing booty, soft hair. And you're a man. You'd
have to be a freaking eunuch not to touch her!
So come time to do the “big wiggle”, you've already familiarized yourself with her
body and vice versa. You've become comfortable touching one another and
being in each other's physical space. You've smelled each other a bit, felt each
other a bit. You've left the “strangers” dynamic behind and entered into a “lovers”
paradigm. So the transition to sex is muuuch more natural and organic.
So touch people, men and women. It makes people feel understood and
visible. It's very powerful and warm and endearing if done right. Make it a habit.
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

If you're not naturally touchy, just start doing it. Nobody's naturally anything by
the way. It takes time and practice.
Whatever excuse you can find to touch somebody, use it. You may overdo it at
first (actually you WILL overdo it at first) but that's how you learn this thing. First
the pendulum swings too far in one direction and you don't touch women at all.
Then you overdo it and creep a few women out. No problem. It happens. You
have to figure out the boundaries of any technique for yourself to see when it
applies and when it doesn't.

© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

In Field Exercise #2: Touch every single person you meet (if practically
possible) for the next 7 days. Put your arm around them, or touch their forearm
to emphasize a point, or slap them lightly on the knee when you make a joke.
Find an excuse and do it. This is something I STILL practice daily.
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the reactions you get. Especially since
most people aren't used to being touched, but ALL of us like physical contact if
it's done warmly and sincerely. People will really open up to you.

© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

3. Stay Aware

“Awareness is sexy.” - An Italian woman I met in Laos
Women are drawn like moths to a flame to a man who is aware. Awareness is
your flame. And like a flame, awareness is contagious. It can jump suddenly
from one candle to the next if you put the two candles close enough together.
When you're aware and present in the moment, living it totally and intensely,
people catch the vibe. It zaps people out of their sleepy state and draws them
into the moment with you. It's like a powerful magnet.
So what's the big deal about awareness?
Awareness is your ticket out of the need to rely upon scripted routines,
rehearsed things to say and loads of techniques strung together haphazardly.
The best seducers are incredibly aware.
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

Not that techniques are useless or something. They ARE very useful. And
through your awareness you increase their utility. Because you can feel when to
use a given technique and when not to use it. You can subtly sense when a
given line is appropriate and when it isn't. And since seduction is a game of
inches and seconds, cultivating this quality is crucial.
So what does awareness actually LOOK like?

It means that when you're talking to a woman, you're completely PRESENT with
her in the interaction. You're looking at her, giving her your FULL attention and
listening to her. Listening is different from hearing. Everybody who isn't deaf can
hear. Listening is totally different...
So if she says something and you find yourself calculating a reply or clinging to
something you want to say really badly, just let it go and focus on what she's
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

saying and conveying RIGHT NOW.
Rather than replying to her words, reply to HER. Reply to her being, to her
sentiment, to her meaning, NOT to her literal words. There's a big difference...
It also means listening unhurriedly. Let her speak. Give her space. Pretend like
you have a few seconds of delay before anything she says registers with you.
Awareness is a kind of unrushed listening to the world around you. It's a
meditative quality that you can literally FEEL in certain people. The best
seducers I know have this quality...
Awareness is also a deep listening to your INNER world. What's going on inside
of you? Listen to it, feel it, acknowledge it. Let it sit there inside you and watch it.
Don't fight it, repress it, suppress it or even analyze it. But if you feel so inclined,
share it with her!
I remember meeting a woman once and we went back to my place. Once we got
there she pulled away when I tried to kiss her. I felt annoyed that she came back
with me to my room when I'd made my sexual intent unmistakably clear from the
beginning (see tip #2) and now she seemed like she either didn't want to be
there or was playing games with me. Either way, I felt irritation welling up inside
me and I told her exactly how I felt. I asked her why she came back with me if
she didn't even seem to want to be there. I gave her the opportunity to leave.
She stayed.
Awareness is sexy because you're tuning into the outside world and how it
makes you feel in your inner world. And then by staying true to how you feel and
what you want in a situation, you can be honest and direct and not waste your
time, or a woman's time. Something I write about in my 2nd book, Real Natural
Manhood, is that the fundamental quality that makes a man “masculine” is his
willingness to consistently ask himself what he wants, and respecting that
feeling no matter what.
So while awareness sounds kind of frou-frou and new agey, there are very
practical benefits. By staying aware, you develop presence. Literally. You are
present for the interaction. Not off in your head or thinking of the cool, funny
clever thing you're going to say, or laying your plans for getting her number or
And because you're listening to the situation and to the way it makes you feel,
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

you can respond (most people REACT) with suppleness, freshness and
authenticity. Awareness is the secret sauce my friend. And it's the key to getting
out of your head.
There are many ways to cultivate awareness, and I've written an entire book on
this topic. But the technique that works best for most people is watching. So
here's the 3rd and final exercise:
Exercise: Watch everything that happens both outside of you and inside of you
for the next 7 days. Just watch it. Don't try to do anything with it. Don't try to fight
it or embrace or repress it or think about why the hell you're feeling such and
such a thing. Simply watch. This is an ancient meditation technique.
You'll find that the more your practice watchfulness, the less your mind will
interfere in your interactions. You'll almost feel like you're watching yourself from
the outside like an out-of-body experience. Yet paradoxically, you'll feel very
connected to and present in the moment.
I know this might sound even weirder than the photo of me below and it's
something only a small handful of cats in the seduction community have
explored. But I urge you to just TRY this. It's super practical and you'll be able to
verify the results for yourself.

To many bold (and strange) adventures...
Vincent Vinturi
© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

Got some questions or comments about the information
in this report? Cool.
Hop over to the report download page and jump in with
your thoughts. I'll be around to respond personally. :-)

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© 2013 Vincent Vinturi – www.RealNaturalSeduction.com

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