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Not Zen
To all the followers of the Way;
Especially those lunatics @reddit’s /r/Zen,
without whom I would have spent more time drinking tea.

I am in no way qualified to write this book.
Anyone who implies that they are qualified to say anything
about Zen, qualified by having a teacher, by a lineage, by years of
study, by a title or a certificate… all of these are not Zen. It is one
thing to talk about the history of the conversation and who said
what, it is error to say “Zen is”.
I would also encourage skepticism with regard to anyone who
wears a robe and shaves their head. This is not normal behavior,
and Zen Masters have been skeptical of these sorts of people since
one of them crossed the sea to China 1500 years ago.
If anyone takes offense at any of this, that is of course not Zen.