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Note to the Reader:
I don’t reference many books. If you want to know about
Zen, go to the source. Anybody can put “Zen” in the title of their
book. Most of those who put “Zen” in their titles in the U.S. are
Buddhists who call themselves Zen Buddhists. When you read the
old Zen Masters you will see that they don’t talk like the Buddhists
who say “Zen”, they do not teach like the Buddhists who say
Since I’m keeping the bibliography rather short I’m sure some
will say that my parroting of these old men is necessarily
incomplete, but this is silly. In this tradition of Zen the old men all
repeat each other, mostly without attribution. It is almost as if they
expect that everyone has heard it all before. If you read
Mumonkan or Huang Po or Joshu (or Tung Shan) and then turn to
Mumonkan or Huang Po or Joshu (or Tung Shan) for contrast you
will find none. These old men all say the same thing. When
someone claims they are in this lineage of old men and says
something new, then make your bow and depart.
The famous religious leader Dogen said something new, as do
the others in the Dogen Buddhism crowd. Huang Po said that
those believing in the Buddha’s words were not Zen, this is true of
those believing in anybody’s words. When you follow the
authority of a particular teacher, this is called “faith” and it is the
beginning of religion. Religion is not Zen.
You can certainly try to put your faith in the old men of the
Zen lineage, but where does that lead you?