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plant sushi
Choose from our selection of conveniently packed
Plant Sushi cartridges, containing plants specialised
in removing specific VOCs. For optimal performance,
we recommend you to change Plant Sushi cartridges
every 6 months. For a complete list of Plant Sushi
cartridges, please visit our e-store at

Purple Waffle Plant
Hemigraphis alternata
Best for removal of VOCs
(Toluene and Trichloroethylene)
associated with preservatives,
gasoline, insecticides and
many more.

Green Fittonia

Spider Plant

Fittonia albivenis

Chlorophytum bichetii

Best for the removal of
VOCs (Benzene and
Toluene) associated with
lubricants, detergents,
lacquers and many more.

Best for the removal of VOCs
(Formaldehyde and Carbon
Monoxide) associated with
paints, fabrics, automobile
exhaust and many more.

Red Fittonia

English Ivy

Fittonia albivenis

Hedera helix

Best for the removal of
VOCs ( Benzene and
Toluene) associated with
rubbers, dyes, silicon
sealants and many more.

Best for removal of VOCss
(Formaldehyde and Octane)
associated with cosmetics,
toiletries, fuel gas and
many more.



Syngonium podophyllum

Mixture of Plants

Efficient in the removal
of VOCs (Formaldehyde
and α-Pinene) associated
with fabrics, plast ics,
paints and many more.

Contains decorative stones
along with speciali sed
plants to balance peaceful
appearance with practical VOC
removal. Best for the removal
of total VOC (TVOC).

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue


Sansevieria trifasciata
Produces natu ral
negative ions, removing
dirt and dust particles
fro m our a i rspa c e.

engineered by
Product of Singapore

Mixture of Plants
Contains several differentt
plant species for maximum
beauty and effect. Best for the
removal of total VOC (TVOC).

Snake Plant

Asparagus Fern

Sansevieria bacularis

Asparagus densiflorus

Produces natural
negative ions, removing
dirt and dust particles
from our airspace.

Best for removal of VOCs
(Trich loro et h yl ene a n d
α-Pinene) associated wit h
odorants, turpentine, plastics
and many more.

Fresh Air Never
Looked So Good

the air we breathe

nuvoc microbes

We breathe in toxic gases on a daily basis, even in a
sparkling clean environment. These toxic gases, also
known as Volatile Organic Compo u nds (VOCs),
comprise of benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and
many more. Carpets, furniture, plastics, paints ,
cleaning agents, cosmetics and building materials
all emit VOCs.

Nuvoc microbes TM is a scientifi c a l l y cu l t i va t e d
cocktail of 12 different strains of microbes.

They adversely affect our health causing headaches,
fatigue, dizziness or nausea, nothing serious you may
think. But in the long run, constant high-level exposure
can cause kidney failure and even leukemia.

Through extensive research and experiments carried
out by our researchers at NT U, the se microbes have
been proven to have 99% efficacy.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reveals that
“Indoor air can be worse than outdoor air due to the
presence of VOCs” in offices and homes.

These microbial strains are derived naturally and are
harmless to humans. They have the intrinsic ability to
absorb VOC gases from our airspace and break them
down into harmless particles.

Utilizing nature's very own powers, Nuvoc microbesTM
is t he key t o h a v ing clean and heal thy ai r i n
your environment.

B o t a n i c a i r e u s e s ou r N u v o c m i c r o b e s TM a nd
specialised plants to biologically remove VOC toxins.
We infuse our Nuvoc microbesTM into porous stones
where VOCs are removed through bioremediation.
Specialised plant species also remove VOCs through
In total, our formula removes 70% of VOCs, while the
plants absorb the remaining 29%. Botanicaire is lab
tested to remove 99% of VOCs within an hour in a
200 sq ft area.
T h e B o t a n i c a i re sy ste m i s a lso an a i r p u rifier;
removing dust particles by col lect ing them in the
water reservoir and absorbing bad odour with its
integrated carbon filter.
Botanicaire’s combined power of Nuvoc microbes TM,
specialised plants, dynamic airflow and activated
carbon filtration protects you and your family from
these environmental toxins.

Botanicaire is a leading-edge air purifier that integrates
Mother Nature's intrinsic power, advanced technology
and aesthetic beauty into a single device. Its proven
efficacy of removing harmful VOCs, dust particles and
odour makes Botanicaire a must-have for any home or
office looking for top-notch indoor air quality.

VOC remaining/ ppm

Why wait? Get Botanicaire today and enjoy holistic
benefits in your indoor air quality!







B o t a n i c a i r e i s p r o v e n t o r e mo v e m o r e t h a n 9 9 % o f
free-floating VOCs within an hour in an airspace of 200 sq ft.

Botanicaire is a revolutionary air purifier that uses
technology developed at Nanyang Technological
University (NTU), Singapore.

all natural solution


proven efficiency


our vision
Botanicaire was borne out of a strong desire to go green
by a group of researchers at Nanyang Technological
University in Singapore.
We believe in recycling and using natural products. We
believe that using plants and microbes to clean the air
is an ideal solution to cut down the carbon print.

ideal placement

botanicaire system

Specially designed for use in homes and offices,
Botanicaire can be positioned almost everywhere within
an indoor space, away from direct sunlight.

Air In
LED Light

Air Out
Carbon Filter
Porous Stones

The plants and microbes will live and actively work to
reduce the harmful VOC toxins that are in the air around
where you work, play and live.

Recommended settings
Living rooms


Dining rooms
All-purpose rooms

Check out our website: w for more of
our products.

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