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Article 1
Palm Reading: Evaluation of Four Lines
Palm Reading, also known as Chiromancy or Palmistry is a
wonderful, but very complicated task. The objective of palmistry is to
evaluate the life history of someone. You can judge the future or
character of the person whose palm you are reading. Here are the best
and great tips for evaluating the palm of any person.
Selection of Hand
First step should be the selection of the right kind of hand. If you want
to read the palm of any female, you should choose the right hand to
evaluate the fate and the left hand to evaluate what she has
accumulated in her entire life. If you want to read the palm of a male,
you should do the other way.
Major Lines Identification
There are four major lines you have to identify in the first step of palm
reading. The head line, heart line, life line and the fate line. You will
see the fate line in only a few hands.Heart Line - the line goes straight
from the index finger to the pinkie finger. This line is very helpful for
indicating the cardiac health, emotional attachment with someone,
and romance stability in your life. If the heart line starts below the
forefinger, it shows the contentment with love life. If you see the line
starting below your middle finger, it shows the selfishness from your
side in love. If the line is short and straight, you have less interest in
love. The long line shows your expressiveness in love.Head Line - It
occurs exact below the heart line and shows the thirst for learning and
your intellectualism. If the line is short, it will show your preference of
physical achievements over brain. The curved head line shows your
ability of creativity. During palm reading, if you see the head line
separated from the line of life, it will show enthusiasm and your
adventurous nature. If you see the cross or threads in head line, it
shows the emotional disturbance and the broken line shows

inconsistency in the thoughts.Life Line - The life line starts near the
thumb and moves on in the form of an arc to the wrist. You can judge
the physical health, major changes in your life and physical injuries
and other events occurring in the life by examining this line. If the line
is deep and long, it shows vitality and a curvy life line shows a lot of
energy. If it is very close to your thumb without making a deep curve,
it shows your tiredness. If the life line in your hand is forming a
semicircle, it will show you have a plenty of enthusiasm and strength.
If you have more than one life lines, you possess excessive vitality. The
circles in the life line show your injuries and the hospitalization period
and if it breaks somewhere, it shows you suddenly change your
lifestyle.Fate Line - It is also known as the destiny line. It divides the
palm into two parts. It can be seen if your fingers are upward and the
palm is downward. It is not present in all of the hands. If the line is
deep, it will show the strong role of destiny in your life. In some hands
the line of destiny joins the life line from the start; it shows that the
person is self-made. If it joins in the middle of the life line at your
hand, it shows you sacrifice your interests and desires for others.
Article 2
Palm Reading - Know Your Future
Palm reading is a very old and special method of future telling. In this
method, the palm reader doesn't need any detailed preparations or
any kind of fancy equipment. He/she only needs your pair of palms.
Palm reading is also called as Palmistry. Palmistry could be traced
back many thousands of years in history. When you approach a palm
reader, the very first question that he/she will ask is whether you're a
right-handed person or left-handed. The reason being, the hand in use
more often describes the picture of everyday life while the other one
shows aspirations, inner life, dreams, and mysteries in your life.
Knowing about future life has always been quite interesting and
exciting for everyone. With palm reading, you can also come to know
about the secret facts in the life. Every single hand is different and it's
own way to foresee future. The palm reader concentrates on the

dominant hand and sees what an ordinary person can't see. There are
several factors that the palm reader looks into like the palm lines in
the hand and also the shape of the hand. The palm reader first lets you
know about your own personal traits and something about your daily
life. And then he moves to other predictions about marriage, love,
career, health and much more.
Important palm lines:
The palm lines are the key to the art of palm reading. Every man has 7
major and 12 secondary palm lines.
Primary Lines - The Life Line, The Head Line, The Heart Line, The
Health Line, The Line of Apollo or Sun, The Fate Line, The Marriage
Secondary Lines - The Ring of Jupiter, The Line of Mars, The Ring of
Saturn, The Ring of Sun, The Girdle of Venus, The Moon of Line, The
Line of Influence, The Travelling Line, The Lines of Children, The
Bracelets, The Casual Line and The High Post Lines.
Few of the important palm lines are discussed below,
• The Life Line - depicts your vitality as well as the time period of your
life. This is actually the most crucial line on your hand and it will
always be present.
• The Head line - deals with your philosophy, morals, attitude and also
with the way you approach your life. It's a representation of your
mindset and learning ability.
• The Heart Line - deals with all of the events and emotions which are
centered about love, whether it could be your ability to love, or
perhaps be loved by some other. Generally, the deeper and the
stronger this line, the warmer and the stronger your devotions are.
• The Fate Line - indicates your achievements, pre-destined vocation,
and career path.

• The Health Line - the absence health line normally shows that health
isn't a concern. Degree of health issues is shown by the weakness or
strength of this palm line.
The shape of your hand can tell a lot about you. It's really an
important part in Palm Reading to look at the shape of the hand,
along with the lines it has. In Palmistry, there are basically 5 basic
types of hands that a reader looks at. They're the square, the conical,
the pointed, the spade shaped and the mixed-hand.
Palm reading will help you know a lot of great things about you as
well as your future life. If you're able to find a true and genuine palm
reader, he/she can guide and make the path of your life much easier
and comfortable.
Article 3
The Basics of Palm Reading
Otherwise known as chiromancy or palmistry, palm reading is a
common form of art that is practiced in various parts of the world. In
this write-up, we're going to create a basic understanding of this
ancient Indian mastery.
How to determine the hand to be read
Determining the hand to be read is normally one of the most basic
skills that one has to acquire in mastering this art. Every person has
two hands. One hand is the active hand while the other one is the
passive hand. The selection criterion depends on the individual whose
hand is going to be read. For instance, if the person is left handed then
his active hand is his left hand while his right hand becomes the
passive hand. Vice versa holds for the right handed individuals.
Usually, the active hand contains very specific inherited traits that can
be used to determine one's destiny.
Understanding the Structure of The Hand
Another of the basic concepts that you need to understand in

mastering the art of palm reading is the structure of the hand.
Different hands have different shapes and sizes; all these factors can
be used to interpret one's destiny. Let us now understand how
different hand features carry different messages.
Basically, the shape of the hand is subdivided into four distinctive
elements namely: water, air, earth and fire. Those categorized under
the earth shape usually have short fingers, square shaped palms, deep
and straight lines. People with air hands normally have long fingers,
square shaped palms and clearly articulated palm lines. Water hands
are normally oval shaped with long fingers and a soft skin. Those with
fire hands have short fingers, long palms and well defined clear skins.
People with earth hands are generally modest, water hands represent
sensitivity, fire hands represent confidence while and air hands are
found in sociable individuals.
Another dimension of interpreting the structure of the hand is by
looking at the size of the hand. Basically people with small hands tend
to be more impulsive.
*Thumb Flexibility
One can also learn a lot by observing the flexibility of the thumb. A
highly flexible thumb shows that you're accommodative and adaptive
while a rigid thumb shows that one is pretty obstinate.
*The Palm Line
The palm line also carries a lot of information that can be used to
interpret some essential details about one's personality. There are
different palm lines that are used in palmistry i.e. the health line, the
travel line, the marriage line, the success line and the line of fate.
~Life Line: This is found between the index finger and the thumb
stretching downwards to the edge of the palm.
~The Fate Line: This line is conspicuously absent on the hands some
people. It normally extends from the middle of the palm vertically
downwards to the wrist.

~The Marriage Line: Found below the little finger, this line contains
information about ones marital life.
In conclusion, palm reading is a very interesting form of art. There are
so many dimensions that one can't take in discussing this topic. In this
article we have created a basic understanding on some useful concepts
in this area.
Article 4
Palm Reading - Your Ultimate Psychic Method!
Let's face
it, in today's world, we can use all the help we can get. In today's
economic and social times, living without side assistance, which can
provide us with motivation and direction, is of great difficulty.
Hundreds of different support methods exist, all aimed at providing us
the assistance we need. Whether it's a psychologist, a masseuse or a
psychic, all put work in order to make our lives as easy as possible.
One field which has been gaining vast popularity in recent years is
palm reading, a field concerned with reading one's future from his
So, What Is Palm Reading?
Palm reading, officially called Palmistry or chiromancy, is an art of
foretelling and characterization of the future through the study of
one's palm. The practice of palm reading is found all around the globe,
with many cultural variations. Those that practice the art of palmistry
are usually called palm readers, palmists, chirologists, hand reads, or
hand analysts.
Palmistry can trace its roots all the way back to ancient Greece from
Aristotle, who discovered a treatise on the topic of chiromancy on the
altar of Hermes, and then presented it to Alexander the Great, who
then took high interest in examining the specific character of his
officers by examining their hand lines.
It is generally believed that Palmistry has its origin in India with its

specific roots in Astrology, Roma and Chinese Yijing fortune tellers.
How Is Palmistry Performed?
Palm reading consists of practicing the evaluation of a person's future
life or character by 'reading' that person's palm. Various "lines" and
"mounts", purportedly indicate interpretations by the relative
qualities, intersections and sizes. In certain traditions, the readers
even examine the characteristics of the person's fingers, fingerprints,
fingernails and palmar skin patterns, shape of the palm, skin texture
and color and hand flexibility.
A reader generally begins the process by reading the person's
dominant hand (being the hand with which the person writers or uses
The basis of the framework for the classical palmistry is rooted at
Greek mythology. Each specific area of the fingers and palm is related
to a goddess or god, and it's features indicate the nature of the topic.
For instance, the ring of the finger is associated with the Apollo Greek
god, having characteristics tied to the subject's dealings with music,
art, wealth, harmony, fames and aesthetics.
When reading the person's hand, the reader pays important attention
to the general features of the hand. This includes the hand shape, the
palm lines and the palm mounts.
The following aretaken into consideration:
The hand shape: Whether the hand shape is that of earth, air, water or
fire. Each obviously resembling a certain hand shape.
The hand lines: whether the palm lines are that of a heart line, a life
line or the fate line.
The hand mounts: Whether the hand mounts are that of the mount of
Luna,Venus, Mars negative, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Mars
or Rahu and Ketu.
At the end of the day, all psychic techniques can help one understand
himself better and possibly predict his future. Palm reading in
particular, is a great way to make that possible quick, easy and cheap!

Article 5
The Ancient Art of Palm Reading
Palm reading has an ancient history. It is also still in use to various
degrees all around the world. It is basically the art of getting
information about a person by the lines in their hand. There are
several different methods, but they all still have the same basic claim.
The lines in your hands can be used to learn about your health, love
and relationships, wealth, and more. Let's look at palm reading a little
Palm reading is also known as chirology. It is the art of foretelling and
getting personal details about the future of a person through studying
the lines in the palms of their hands. People who perform this are
commonly referred to as hand readers, palm readers, palmists,
chirologists, or hand analysts.
The origins of palm reading can be historically traced back to ancient
Greece and Aristotle. Palm reading was widely used throughout the
empires and nations of that region, and the east. It was in use Egypt,
Babylon, India, Tibet, China, Sumer, Persia and more. It is commonly
believed that palm reading actually originated in India, and has its
roots in astrology, I Ching, and fortune tellers. A Hindu sage, Valmiki,
is thought to have written about palm reading several thousand years
ago. From India, it is believed to have spread throughout the area east
and west by word of mouth and practicing palm readers where it
eventually reached Aristotle and many others.
Palm reading is basically the practice of divining a person's future or
personality through reading characteristics of their hand. Usually, a
person's dominant hand is read first, and several factors can be taken
into account. The actual lines in the hands are commonly associated
with things relating to the person. For example, there is the life line
which is believed to be associated with general health and well being.
It is also believed to be show major health related things in a person's
life, like a broken leg, a disease, and so on.
The heart line is usually associated with attraction and love. A gridded

or chained heart line is associated with being high strung, wearing
emotions on their sleeve, or nervous people. It is also associated with
highly creative people, very motivated scientists, and so on. The heart
line is also commonly associated with things related to the heart in an
emotional sense. Attitudes towards love and relationships are believed
to be found in the heart line.
The head line is usually interpreted to refer to the person's mind and
the ways in which it works. It is commonly believed to be able to
indicate learning style, their style of communication, their interest in
gaining knowledge, and more.
The fate line is believed to indicate many things about a person's
journey through life. Their career path, schooling, as well as successes
and challenges are believed to be shown in the fate line. It can indicate
things that are in the control of the person, and also things that are
outside the control of the person.
Palm reading has a very long tradition in human history, and has been
in use by many cultures for thousands of years to gain knowledge
about themselves or other people


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