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chemical acid peels ebook

Article 1
Acid Peels - Enhance Your Skin Tone

Acid peels really help to rejuvenate the skin. Acid peel is truly
a simple and effective way to enhance skin texture, remove
scars, wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of various other
skin imperfections. This makes you look more youthful and
fresher than before. These kinds of chemical peels are nonsurgical remedies for your face that'll not simply refine the
skin texture, but will even boost your skin's radiance. There
are many types of acid peels available including glycolic acid
peels, citric acid peels, malic acid peels and tartaric acid
peels. Home Glycolic peel is safe to use at home and it comes
with low concentration.
Acid peels are of milder nature. The application is normally
simple enough or doesn't need you to provide with lots of
technical info. Acid peel normally heals quicker and requires
significantly less time to complete. It's important to have the
fundamental information as how the acid peels work, what
you need to be dealt with just before, during and after the
Acid peels eliminate the dead skin cells in the upper layer of
skin. As a result age lines, pimples, and wrinkles are
significantly reduced. Your skin doctor will often cleanse your
skin before starting the treatment. Then he/she applies a
liquid solution of glycolic acid along with a neutralizing lotion.
After the treatment, you may experience a sense of stretched
and oily skin. The time period which is needed for the
treatment is generally 35-40 minutes and that's why it's also
termed as lunchtime treatment. The skin will appear slightly
greasy. It's the effect of neutralizer solution with scent of

cucumber making it looks greasy.
The patient's skin type determines the results of the
treatment procedure. Here in this treatment, a stronger
solution must be applied each and every time. You might feel
soreness in the region treated. Momentary itchiness may
develop after a couple of hours. Skin may appear chapped but
it's quite normal. Try to avoid washing the face for a while
once the treatment is over. You should avoid hair removal for a
couple days at least. Be sure that your skin is adequately
moisturized. Also, make sure that you put on the sun screen
lotion liberally just before moving out. Don't exert yourself by
taking work or exercise about 2 days following the treatment
as your skin may not be able to take excessive pressure. You
need to talk with your dermatologist regarding safety
precautions and possible unwanted effects.
After the treatment is carried out, your skin could have a
proper and healthy blush. Also, cell multiplication is improved
resulting in the development of fresh and new skin. Face lines
are reduced immediately after treatment. Acne breakouts and
damage spots are also vanished after the use of the acid
peels. You'll find less skin discoloration problems. Dark spots
will become less visible and your skin will appear more
stunning than ever before.
With these simple and easy steps, there is no doubt that acid
peels are the best beauty weapons for everyone.
Article 2
Knowing more about acid peels

Derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid is a naturally occurring
acid and it's a part of the larger family of acids called alpha
hydroxyl, most commonly known as fruit acids. Due to its
beneficial effects, glycolic acid is used generally for chemical
peels that are applied directly on the skin. The result is that
the top layer of the skin will be exfoliated which in turn will
stimulate the growth of collagen. If you didn't know yet, using
one such type of peel you will be able to treat acne, fine
wrinkles, dry skin and hyper pigmentation. With that being
said, how can you actually take advantage of acid peels?
1. First of all you will need to find a medical practitioner or
esthetician who will apply your peel. While the milder peels
are safe to be applied by estheticians, if you will want to go
with a deeper one, then it's better you will get in touch with a
doctor. Moderate to deep peels are recommended if you have
skin issues you want to treat.
2. Before taking up the procedure you will have to determine
whether you are a good candidate for it or not. If you know
yourself of having a bad history of sun burns or keloid scars,
then you shouldn't try one such peel. Make sure that you will
discuss your skin history with the doctor beforehand.
3. With as much as four weeks ahead of the peel, you will
need to start preparing for it. Stop exfoliating your skin using
abrasive cleansers or sponges and if you take Retin-A, stop
taking it prior to the peel.
4. At this point you will need to apply the peel and the glycolic
acid will sit on your face for a good several minutes. When the
peel is applied you will feel a tingling and burning sensation
on the area.
5. When the skin will start feeling very uncomfortable it's time
you will tell this to your doctor or maybe esthetician. It usually

signals the peel is ready for neutralization.
6. As your skin will heal you will need to make use of the
cream your doctor or esthetician gave you. Generally the
cream is applied immediately after the procedure and after
that you will have to continue using it for several days.
7. If needed you will have to return to the rest of your peel
series. While some individuals will see results after one
session, others will require going with a few or several of
them until their skin will look as they want it to.
Tips and WarningsFlaky skin should not be picked after your
peel. Just let it slough away naturally, because picking will
cause scarring.If you're a man make sure you don't shave in
the same day you get your peel.Following a glycolic peel you
will need to avoid the sun or your skin will develop a brownish
discoloration. It's one of the most common side effects people
experience and in some cases it can be permanent.After
having a glycolic peel, wear sunscreen of at least SPF30.

Article 3
Acid Peel: A Safe and Affordable Skin Treatment

Although it has an awful and scary sounding name, a glycolic
acid peel is a really effective way to get smoother and better
looking skin. It can effectively remove freckles, acne scars
and other types of blemishes quickly and affordably. Mild acid
peels are also quite affordable and can be done in a short
period of time.
Because of fairly new technology, the acid peel has become

very popular and incredibly quick and available to do in your
own home. These are so quick and easy that some people are
calling them lunchtime peels. Perfect for those who are busy
and on a limited budget, these peels can be done at home for
barely any money, where a deep peel at the doctor and
repeated visits can be time consuming and expensive.
The way the glycolic acid peel works is quite simple. The mild
acid burns away a layer of skin, taking the damage with it and
leaving the new, damage-free layer. Acid peels also have the
ability to stimulate new skin cell growth by deeply penetrating
the skin. It also makes your skin produce collagen, which is
very important for healthy skin. While these peels can be used
anywhere, most people use them on their face because this is
the skin that is most visible to the world. Surprisingly, this
skin therapy is very gentle, even for those with sensitive skin.
The side effects are usually mild and the skin usually recovers
completely within two days. If you are not happy with the
initial results, then the process can be repeated once a week
for the next couple of weeks.
Acid peels are very popular because of their price and how
easy they are to administer. They come in a number of
different concentrations, from 10% to 70%. It is recommended
that if you have never done a peel before you should stick with
the lower percentages to see how your skin will react. Also,
be sure to follow the direction exactly and be sure to not leave
the peel on your skin for more than 10 minutes as a time. Even
though these chemical peels are mild, they are still an acid
and should be treated with caution. It is always wise to seek
the advice of your dermatologist to see if he or she thinks you
can safely use a chemical peel. The doctor may also
recommend that you use the peel for less than 10 minutes to
see what happens. Always remember to stay out of the sun for
at least two days after a peel and be sure to cover up if you
must go outdoors.

Glycolic acid peels are made with natural ingredients. The
acid occurs naturally in sugar cane, citrus fruit, pineapples,
and more and is also one of the main active ingredients in
many of the popular skin and beauty products on the market.
If you are serious about getting rid of acne scars, minor
wrinkles and other blemishes, but do not have the money to
afford a trip to the dermatologist, then an acid peel could be
exactly what you're looking for.
Article 4
Selecting the best products for acid peels

Selecting skin care products can be a daunting affair. This is
especially so when you have to pick a product for less
frequent procedures such as acid peels. Identifying the best
product among the hundreds or thousands available in the
market is quite difficult. You need to know where to look and
what to look out for so as to increase your chances of finding
the best available products. While you could rely on an expert
to recommend something that is suitable for you, having a
good understanding of all the options that are available is the
way to go.
Knowledge is the key to making the right choice. With
sufficient information, you will comfortably pick one from the
many products available. You must therefore begin by
conducting adequate research on the acid peels in the market
and their suitability. Your research will help you
make a good decision on where to buy and what exactly you
need to buy. These details and information you collect in your
research will help compare the different products that you can
use for acid peels.

1. Identify a reputable source
Reputable sources build their reputations by supplying quality
products. If a supplier has a poor reputation, it is very likely
they have poor quality products to offer. The best sources will
stock the best products so as to maintain their reputation as
the best. They will ensure that each item bought by their
customers is of the right quality and quantity. Buying your
acid peel products from the right supplier ensures you enjoy
better results while eliminating the need for repeat
2. Go for respected brands
When some people hear of respected brands, they tend to
think that this means they have to buy the most expensive
brands. However, respected brands are simply products that
have proven their worth in the market. The pricing and
popularity is not what is in question here, the main issues of
concern are whether the product works and whether its
effectiveness has been proven. Always ensure that you use
respected brands for acid peels.
3. Seek assistance if you are unsure
Working with a reputable source that employs professionals
has the additional advantage of expert advice. Whenever you
are unsure about certain issues that relate to the acid peels
you are considering, it is always advisable to get assistance.
Professional help will make it easy to select the right
products. It will also help you decide whether you should do
the acid peel yourself or have it done at a facility.
Having covered these three very important areas, you will
have made an important step towards ensuring that your peels
are successful and safe. Having chosen a good product to use,
the next step will be to decide on where the procedure is done
and who does it. Doing it yourself is cheaper but there are

many who argue that it is better when a professional does it.
However, regardless on who does the acid peels for you, using
the best products is critical to achieving the desired results.

Article 5
Acid Peels

For those that struggle with the embarrassment of acne, an
acid peel, also known as a chemical peel, may be the answer
to their skin problems. There are different strengths of acid
peels for different types of skin problems. If you are
considering this method of skin improvement you will want to
consult an esthetician or your dermatologist. They will be able
to properly assess your skin and determine the best course of
action for you to take.
When getting an acid peel you should schedule it for a time
when you will have a few days to avoid the sun and to let the
redness and peeling of the skin resolve. It doesn't take long,
just a few days and you are back out an about with smoother,
better looking skin.
All acid peels are not equal so ask questions and do a little
research. If you are dealing with severe acne and scaring you
will need a peel that is somewhat stronger then someone who
has light to moderate acne and scaring. You don't want to over
do it.
Some people may need 4 to 5 acid peels spaced a few weeks
apart to get the results they want. It is never wise to have
more then one or two peels done in a month's time. Your skin
needs adequate time to settle down and heal after each

There are pros and cons to acid peels just like there are to
any treatments. The pros are that there will be a reduction in
the size of your pores and as a result, your skin will become
smoother. Discolorations as well as light to moderate acne
and scaring and fine wrinkles can be reduced or done away
with completely with the right type of peel and the correct
regime of skin care. Those with more severe acne and scaring
will also have positive results but will more then likely have to
have several peels done to achieve the clear skin they desire.
The Cons are that it can be a painful procedure and there may
be redness and itching as well as peeling form a few days. You
will have to avoid exposure to the sun and be very careful
about cleaning and moisturizing your skin. The treatments can
get a bit expensive for some of us, especially if it is
recommended that several peels be done over a given period
of time.
Over all I believe that acid peels are a great treatment option
for those that are suffering from acne and scaring. Of course
you should have a dermatologist or esthetician help you
decide which type and strength of peel is the best for your
skin type. If you have very sensitive skin, you will not want to
use a stronger harsher product, but should opt for a lighter
acid peel that will be gentle. You may need to have more
treatments then one or two so you will need to use the type of
acid peel that will give you the best results with the least
chemical acid peels ebook

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