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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev His Enlightenment and Isha Cult Empire "As It
Is" !
PS: This post was originally published on 14-April-2011, on Google Blogger Site
http://zaysen.blogspot.com & was suspended from 15-May-2012 to 23-May-2012
after receiving defamation law suit/death threat from a Fanatical Isha Meditator
towards the blogger. On 16-July-2013 based on a Legal Request, received by Google,
this post has been permanently removed from Google Blogger Interface.
PS: This post is a re-compilation of whatever has been written in the 149 pages of
http://guruphiliac.lefora.com/2009/03/17/sadhguru-and-the-isha-foundation/ and
the blogger's own intuitive observations as an ex-volunteer from outside for 2 years,
after undergoing immense mental trauma, because of SJV, his False Talks, which
were heard, on World Space Satellite Radio, of the early days of Isha Foundation !
Note-1: This post is “Especially & Only” intended for those [very young people,
from early teens till their 30's] who might, get captivated/carried away, by "Sri
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev's" [SJV] mesmerizing voice, logical talk, after reading his
book Mystic's Musings, Encounter The Enlightened[Today's Isha Foundation is not
the same as described in these 2 books and does not need any body’s help & support
to stand on its own feet] and might abandon their families, give up their
school/college education, careers, surrender their freedom, wealth, properties, even
their intelligence to SJV & put their entire lives, in his hands & accept him, as the be
all end all for them, in pursuit/search of so-called Enlightenment and to become a
full time teacher/volunteer/monk for Isha Foundation at their ashram in India &
Nashville, Tennessee, USA and may regret this later. If you are not, of this type, have
a strong mind, will and can retain, your own individuality/originality, balance, even
after doing Isha Yoga Programs, then this post, is not intended for you! You can
read, my other blog posts, Life After Isha Yoga 1 & 2 in my blog
Note-2: Whatever has been posted here, has no, relation with learning Yoga from
Note-3:Readers, disciples, devotees, meditators of Sri Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, may
kindly read this post, in an objective, non-fanatical, neutral position, as this Blogger
was also like them and still is a devotee of sadhguru, as sadhguru acted as a Ritvik or
representative of his own Guru and showed the blogger who his actual Guru was and
what inner qualities this blogger possessed, which he himself was not aware of and
the blogger has no anger, envy, hatred, enmity, prejudice towards Sri Jaggi Vasudev
or towards Isha Foundation. If this post appears offensive to them then this Blogger
begs their forgiveness beforehand !
This post, is not against SJV/Isha personally. At no point, is this blog intended, to
shake the faith of others, in Sri Jaggi Vasudev or Isha Foundation! It may be viewed,
as a constructive criticism and not as a fault finding exercise!
Note-4: Due to some comments, which have been received, accusing the Blogger of
having received cash, from ISKCON [International Society For Krishna
Consciousness], to write this Blog, The Blogger clarifies that ISKCON, as of now, is

an ex-gangsters run, debauched, perverted, criminal, corrupt, defunct, rudderless
ship/society, a haven for rascals, completely in unchartered waters, having deviated
wholesale, from the teachings/instructions, of its Founder and the blogger, has no
connection, with the present ISKCON, It's Members, Gurus and Leaders. The Blogger
only follows, the teachings of ISKCON Founder Acharya: Nitya Leela Pravishta, Om
Vishnu Pada, Astottara Sat 108, His Divine Grace Srila A C Bhaktivedanta Swami
Prabhupada via his transcendental books, at his Army Fort. Wherever, ISKCON has
been used, in this Blog, it is only, as a comparison, as a lineage based religious cult.
For comparative purposes, any, other religious organization, which has a clear
definition of "God" can be substituted. Readers are advised, that after reading this
post, if they develop any interest, towards the various, spiritual organizations,
referred to in this blog, they are requested to conduct, due diligence, of the
history/present status, of that organization, before they decide, to involve with them.
E-Mail zaysen.colonel@facebook.com
Thursday, April 14, 2011
The Gospel of Isha Foundation and its Founder: False, Sadhguru Sri
Jaggi Vasudev [SJV]!
A brief History of False, Sadhguru Sri Jaggi Vasudev.
“Sripada[=Sir] Jagadeesh [Jaggi] Vasudev”, appeared on this planet, on
03-September-1957 at mysore town, karnataka state, India and was the youngest of
the 4 children of his parents. Father Senior Vasudeva was an ophthalmologist in
Indian Railways, Mother Shrimati Susheela was a homemaker. His parents, wanted
him, to become a doctor/engineer, but “Sri Jaggi Vasudev”, after schooling,
underwent, one year of self-teaching, at the Mysore University, learnt various
subjects and developed a keen interest towards, English Literature and graduated in
the same subject. After this, as he wanted to travel, he got into, various businesses,
like poultry farming, construction & was very successful and made a lot of money.
“Sri Jaggi Vasudev” says, he has no tradition to back him and does not come, from
any lineage of enlightened spiritual masters, or any disciplic succession type of
system, like ISKCON or a Dashanami monastic order like Adi Sankaracharya. "Sri
Jaggi Vasudev" being too much, influenced by the life of Lord Gautama Buddha,
Buddhism, & Lord Buddha's Sangha concept, and wanting to replicate the same, in
this modern age, had some, inborn aversion, contempt, prejudice & envy towards the
written word, vedic traditions, scriptures, especially "philosophy" as a subject & had
deliberately, avoided learning sanskrit, studying Indian Philosophy, even when, he
had many chances to do so, in his life, but had read the works of some unknown
European Philosophers like Dostoevsky, Camus, Kafka. Sadhguru means an
uneducated guru, one who has no training in "sanskrit" the "vedas" "upanishads" or
any school of philosophy.
All "Sri Jaggi Vasudev" has, is his own inner life experience and he proudly
confesses, that, he has till date, not read even the Bhagavad-Gita[Sacred Scripture of
the Hindus] yet his clarity and knowing is even much better than what Lord Krishna
spoke in the Gita.
He states, that at the age of 25, on 23-Sep-1982, when he was sitting, at his place of

birth, on top of one Chamundi Hill, he suddenly felt, the entire surroundings around
him, have become a part of him and there is no him and no others. Everything had
become him and in a moment 4 ½ hours had passed. He had nothing, to do with
spirituality, no enlightenment till then and suddenly he finds that tears are flowing
and his dress is wet. Till then, he had always felt, that duality was existence and he
had no problems with that. Tears and adult Sri Jaggi Vasudev were just impossible,
he says. Then again, the same experience, happened while he was sitting, on his
dinner table, with members of his family and this time the same experience, with
tears lasted for over 7 hours. His relatives, asked him, whether he had drunk alcohol
and what he had done, that so much water, akin to river Ganges was flowing from
his eyes.
Then, when he was sitting, in his farm, he had the same experience and this time, it
was 13 days. For 13 days, he simply sat, without food or water. Later, he found that
he had been in samadhi and people were all around him, trying to touch his feet,
asking solutions to their problems, and wanting to garland him and he just hated it.
After this, his voice, his eyes, body shape, all changed drastically and he walked out
of his poultry farming and construction business. Then, after nearly one year, of
hanging out and not knowing, what he should do, suddenly three past life time’s[370
years] of memory descended on him in a flash. In the 1st SJV was "Bilva" who died
very young by a snake bite. In his 2nd incarnation he was "Shiva Yogi". In the 3rd he
was Sadhguru "Shri Brahma" who left his body through all the 7 chakras at the age
of 42.And at present in his 4th appearance he is "Jaggi Vasudev".
Since childhood "Sri Jaggi Vasudev" was a sworn rational atheist, an excessively,
aristotelic logician, A non-believer and still does not accept, in the existence, of a
personal-God, and had always made fun of temples, never having visited any, and
when his parents, took him to the temple, once in 3 months, he had put, such
difficult questions to them, which they could not answer, that they always left him
with the shoe-keeper, paying the shoe-keeper some money to take care of him!
At that time; “He had, hung outside temples and observed that, only miserable
people were visiting temples, and those who were blissful and joyful by themselves
stayed away from temples. He further noted that, those who came from temples,
after meeting the creator, were always cursing him and the creation[shoe-keeper]
later, as their footwear got stolen[which were not entrusted to the shoe-keeper to
save money] from the temple gates, while as people, who came from restaurant’s
after having Idli, Vada, Dosa [A south-indian snack meal] were far more blissful and
SJV had logically stated; "There are over 3 Million, Gods & Goddesses in India, but
why is their fear in your hearts? Whatever Gods, you believe in, is simply based, on
the social situation[eastern or western cultures] in which, you have been raised."
"Whether your God has a beard or is clean shaven, has 4 hands or 8, 3 faces or 6,
Lion Head, Elephant Head, Monkey Head, Horse Head, is simply, other
people's[Grandma & Grandpa] stories & your imagination, which has nothing, to do
with reality! We never thought, of our Gods possessing 8 legs, but even then, he
could, never have surpassed a centipede[A poisonous reptile with 100 legs/fangs]."

"Just because, you are a human being, you think "God" is a Human being. If you
were a Big Buffalo, you would think "God" as a Giant Buffalo. People should abandon
the idea, of thinking of God, as some white haired, golden beard, person, sitting in a
peacock throne, in a far off heaven above the clouds, controlling the destinies of
He had openly ridiculed, criticized the authenticity of tradition, scriptures &
challenged people in speeches, stating ; "All those who believe in God, just for 1 day,
leave your family & your business in God's hands, "All those who believe in God, take
your rosary beads in your hands, chant your God's name and jump in front of a
moving train and see what happens" All scriptures must be burnt, all so-called places
of worship destroyed as they are "breeding dens" for "lethargic beggars in uniform"
and so, using Logic had ruthlessly discouraged & destroyed the faith of people,
in temples, deity worship, scriptures, rituals, invocations, stating; “Don’t think, that
singing invocations Visalakshi, this akshi that akshi, Kailasha Vasa, Kashmir Vasa,
Coimbatore Vasa & by visiting temples/churches/mosques, you will become
spiritual; Looking at gods you will only hallucinate."
Actually there is no God, no soul, no atma! The creation has come only from void,
nothingness or darkness." "All these things are mere addresses he added!"
But now suddenly, after three life times of memory, opening up, the only goal of his
life, is to erect, consecrate, an ellipsoidal hindu form, called a "Shiva Linga" but this
is special, unlike any other, called a "Dhyanalinga", not meant for worship, but only
meant for the purpose of meditation. According to "Sri Jaggi Vasudev" a human
body is also, similar to a dhyanalinga with seven chakras or energy centres, located
from the anal point, to the top of head. Right from the inception, to planning, to
consecration and energization everything descended in "Sri Jaggi Vasudev" simply
from within because his Guru "Sri Palani Swami" had touched his forehead with his
pointed-staff in his previous life as "Shiva Yogi".
After this, "Sri Jaggi Vasudev" was gone, and self-enlightened/self-rechristened
Sadhguru was born, as the story goes. Then, with sadhguru being born, he came to
Coimbatore, a city, in tamil nadu state, india and spent 17 years, building good will,
in society. Then he located the place, where in his previous life, as Sadhguru "Sri
Brahma", he had shed his body, a place called velliangiri foothills, 30kms west of
coimbatore and immediately, after seeing the 7th hill at that place, he knew that this
was the place, where the dhyanalinga, had to be erected as per his Guru’s wish. All,
those people, who had known Sadhguru, in his previous three life times, were readily
waiting for him at velliangiri foothills, is what SJV says! Within 10 days, with the
help of some kind people, like Mr Shanmuganathan who accepted his stories and
gave Rs 8 Lakhs[$ 18,000] he had purchased 150 acres of land and registered it
[where the Ashram in India is located now] which is situated in reserved forest in
Nilagiri biosphere with wild animals.
Those who learnt, that SJV, was going to erect a Temple, themselves could not
believe it first! They stated; "You! Going to erect a Temple? Because of you, we
stopped going to temples!" Unfortunately people were too naïve and simple to see
through his long term cons & scheming! Unquote

Then, with the help of his wife "Vijji", [who was SJV's sister, in his previous life time]
and another married women "Bharathi" [who was sadhguru’s disciple, in previous
life named "vibhuthi"]and in this life, he had made her, take birth in a particular
womb, he claims, so by using His, His wife’s and His divine consort Bharathi’s life
energies the seven energy chakras of the dhyanalinga would be activated and
consecrated. Both these women had to come in this lifetime only to help & assist him
towards the consecration of the Dhyanalinga! It was his wish, to use 14 people, to do
the consecration, but it did not work out.
Suddenly, when nearly 95% of the consecration was done, and in a week’s time, the
whole process would have finished, by the end of Jan 1997, his young wife Vijji of 31
years of age, while meditating, felt the urge to dissolve herself and so, she came out
of her meditation, went and removed her jewellery and left her body on 23rd Jan
1997. Sadhguru says that, it was Mahasamadhi, where one leaves his/her body by
sweet will, with prior planning. However, as he burnt her body the next day, itself
even without informing his Father-in-Law, who was about 380 kms away or without
doing an autopsy, suspicions remain whether the death was natural or a murder by
The following is the Indian Express Newspaper report as appearing on October 12,
1997 about police registering a case of murder by Jaggi Vasudev:
Coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of scandals relating to fake godmen getting
exposed, yet another ashram from Coimbatore is in the limelight with Jaggi Vasudev
aliash Jagadeesh of Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore, being charged
with the murder of his wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.
A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at poondi
and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US.
According to police, T. S. Ganganna of Bangalore (father of Viji) had preferred a
complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter
Viji. The complainant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, 1996. He
reportedly received a message on January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that
Viji was no more.
Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan.24
even before they could rush from Bangalore, raising suspicion about the nature of
death. He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation.
According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his
illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. Based on the complaint of
Ganganna to the Bangalore City Police on Aug 12, a case was registered.
The Bangalore City Police transferred it to the Coimbatore Rural Police. The
Coimbatore Rural Police have registered a case against Jaggi Vasudev under Section
302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201 (suppression of evidence).
Later Isha Yoga Foundation has denied reports that Jaggi Vasudev had fled to USA
to avoid investigation of ashram.
Authorised Signatory of Ashram Kiran stated that Guruji had gone for giving

lectures. ENS
Despite the above, for the present, I will accept, that SJV is innocent and his wife
died a natural death, as SJV says.
Then after this, SJV, took on the role of his deceased wife, upon himself and with one
body, he started playing 2 roles, which lead, to an immense drain on his system and
within 3 ½ years, the dhyanalinga was consecrated and offered to the world, on
24-June-1999, the story goes. The Dhyanalinga's base, is rooted, in solidified
mercury at room temperature claims SJV.
SJV also claims, that many disembodied ghostly beings, came looking for
dissolution, when the dhyanalinga consecration, was happening and for certain
chakras, to be consecrated he trapped, certain ghostly beings and made them a part
of dhyanalinga.
After this, SJV had already planned, the moment the dhyanalinga was erected, he
would leave his body, at the age of 42 in 1999, but he did some yogic healing
methods like repair of nadis [Channels through which, life force or prana, flows into
the energy body] fixing a broken ankle bone and simultaneously curing his asthma in
an hour,

and A celestial snake, visiting him in his bedroom a "King Cobra" and biting him, in
the naval portion of his body, after which, life started flowing, in his once finished
body and he is, still on life support and surviving because certain people[Divine
consort Bharathi] out of their love and affection are doing, certain spiritual
practices. These people, have put a copper anklet on his right foot, with a thread,
which works as a wireless antenna, sending and receiving energies from their own
bodies to SJV's, for him to live, otherwise, he could leave his body any-time, since
SJV is the gateway to these people's Enlightenment and Liberation is another story
that goes.
Then even before this, since 1992, SJV had already started teaching Sahaja Sthithi
yoga [8 & 13 days yoga programs] in tamil nadu and also in the USA, with his
so-called non-religious, non-profit, non-political, public service, charitable
organization, Isha Foundation run completely by volunteers. Then, to make people
experience, the same chamundi hills oneness experience, he started offering, Inner
Engineering Programs of 3/7 days, the Isha Flagship program, offering the distilled
essence of yogic sciences.
The Twists, Turns, Gas Lightings, Eccentricities, contradictions,
paradoxes, lies, pretensions, deceptions, manipulations & multiple faces
of False Sadhguru Sri Jaggi Vasudev and Isha Foundation !
1-SJV, claims in the book "Mystics Musings" [For your free e-book please email the
blogger] Everything written in this book is complete falsehood & fabricated] he never
learnt yoga, from anybody and since the age of 12, yoga just happened for him. Even
when, he went to school, he was always meditative and would teach, his schoolmates

meditation even initiate them. Yet, one who knows yoga, since 12 years, in his
enlightenment video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYXlOJlhf38 says that, till
the chamundi hills oneness experience, he had nothing to do with spirituality.
History shows, that SJV, trained, under Sri Rishi Prabhakar http://www.ssy.co.in/
in 1984-1986 who had lineage from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi & Werner Erhard. SJV
was sent, by Sri Rishi Prabhakar, to start his centre in Coimbatore, where he left Sri
Rishi Prabhakar and renamed himself Sadhguru and became popular. All his
programs, like Bhava Spandana have leanings from Sri Rishi Prabhakar.
Refer Comments:
http://www.rishigurukulam.com Even the Isha Home School, is based on this. Refer
comment, as mentioned in point # 7 below.
Also SJV claimed, that the entire dome of the dhyanalinga temple, was designed by
him, using his construction business experiences and executed by his Brahmachari
[Monk] Engineers, yet later it was found, that it had been designed and built by
French Auroville Earth Institute, Architects Satprem Maini and Karthikeyan.

Since when, did, Auroville designers, Satprem Maini & Karthikeyan who were
disciples of Mother Mirra Alfassa of Sri Aurobindo Ashram become SJV's
Brahmacharis? So SJV, even lies to overstate his achievements, and does not want to
give credit, where it is due, to those who actually deserve.
2-SJV, like a couple of Johnny Do Gooders, in an overly, unwanted compassionate
way, is operating, with a preconceived notion, that most of the people, are of the
aristocratic/elite class, whose materialistic needs, have been fulfilled, very early in
life and this has caused, enough nerve wrecking for them, to seek his offered
spirituality. Anybody, who has not done, SJV's programs, is definitely missing out,
on something like, blissfulness, unboundedness and how, we are all too stressed out,
unhappy and we all have never tasted, real happiness without doing his programs.
SJV, is very remorseful that; the majority of the humanity, spends their life-time,
simply eating, sleeping, mating, procreating and dying, as though, people joining his
cult, would somehow be exempt, from this process. He himself, has done, pretty
much the 1st four all his life and is waiting for last one.
SJV, was very upset by the fact, that, there was intense competition, among the

present Guru's to gather followers & used to lament and state, that, most people
carry, a dozen Guru's in their hand bags, having read the books, of so many so-called
Guru's, even when, to set one's focus/vision, on just one, was so difficult in these
times. He would like us to believe, that he is serving us, a much needed tonic, for the
ailments, which even we did not know existed in us.
SJV is the only "Guru" & "Way" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y30qdmidgg
19:20 to 19:54 mts] to cross this Kali-Yuga [Iron Age]. All others are "False" and
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8-NbVsRvPs&feature=related Something, like
SJV & Isha, happens to people only once in 5000 years. SJV has already, made
another assumption, once you make the mistake, of getting initiated from him and
sitting with him, you are going all the way, with him, and he is only taking you,
towards your ultimate liberation/dissolution. No U turns allowed! This is simply, to
get people, to come to his programs, pay money by hook or crook and after getting
hypnotised, mesmerized, brainwashed, surrender to him & become full time slaves in
the form of monks/volunteers/donors.
3-SJV says, that philosophies are fantastic explanations, invented by out of work
men, to explain something, which cannot be explained i.e. nature of the absolute
truth. Isha Foundation is totally non-religious and has no leaning towards any
particular belief, god, scripture or philosophy. He used to, make fun of people,
stating, they were confusing "spirituality" with "philosophy" and, almost every one,
on this planet was a "philosopher". For whatever nonsense, one was indulging
themselves in, they had a "philosophy" for it.
Yet, even a lay observer can tell, that Isha is based on buddhism, shaivism [Hindu
Demigod Shiva] shaktism [Energy] and shakti-yoga philosophy[Refer Free E-book by
mahashivaratri, buddha poornima are celebrated in Isha and shoonya meditation
offered. Then SJV asks, people, to dance to "Hare Krishna" mahamantra in bhava
spandana program and asks brahmacharis to keep repeating “Om namo bhagavate
vasudevaya” which is a mantra invoking vaishnava [A sub-branch of hinduism] God
Krishna. Again, in order for the kriyas, to be effective, SJV asks people, to undergo
Guru pooja training, invoking various vaishnava gods like "Narayana", and past
sages like "Vashishta","Sankaracharya", "Parashara Muni". Now, “Hare Krishna
Mahamantra”,“Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”, “Narayana” are trademarks of
traditional Religious cults like ISKCON. Is this Isha Non-Religious Foundation?
4-When, SJV, had started teaching inner-engineering programs, himself, when Isha
Foundation was very new i.e. 1994-1997, he personally condemned, all forms of
cd/dvd, television yoga, book yoga, stating; reading any "teachings" or
"philosophies" or "scriptures" or gathering the guru's words & chalking out, one's
own path from different books, will lead to no transformation and take one
no-where. SJV, used to take great pride in publicly ridiculing, people, when
questions like Brahman, past life, mind, karma, atma, soul was raised, and snubbed
the questioner as to from where these ideas had come and what "atma" was the
questioner talking about? He used to look at the soles of his feet & say, that to talk

about things, which was not in one's experience was simply lying to oneself !
Only experience, in the form of Live transmission of Life Transforming Kriyas like
Shambhavi Mahamudra, Bhava Spandana, & Samyama programs were the real
lasting thing and for these Kriyas to work, personal initiation, by a physically present
live Guru, in front of the participants, was of utmost essence 100%. Then after some
time, he contradicted himself; thinking, I suppose, that if I teach like this, I can
never reach many people and make a lot of money so some dilution is required. So
others can teach & I can initiate people into the kriya, by a video disc, without myself
being present physically. And the shambhavi mahamudra kriya, will work and be
equally effective, if not better as before. Isha, was a silent revolution, for
self-realization, spread by, just word of mouth.
Now, 19 years down the line, everything has changed. All his talks, discourses have
been printed/made in the form of books and dvd's, huge billboards
advertisements/posters on vehicles have come up, competitors in the same business,
who were condemned earlier, for teaching yoga on television, being bad for one’s
health, on special invitation, have endorsed SJV & credited him with the title of 21st
century Lord Shiva, tv-programs/interviews are being broadcasted and even an
introductory inner engineering cd/online program has been made, a self-publicity
False Biography has also been published and every three months a new book is being
released. All this when he poeted once; "The gloriousness of the written word is but
the excreta of the deluded mind" & "Silence is the only way". See, the unfolding of
the False Guru Hoax!
5- Keeping point # 4 in mind and with the infancy of Isha Foundation, when SJV,
had to get free labour, in the form of full time slaves[volunteers] or yoga teachers at
Isha, he used to pretend and put on a sad sullen face, as if, he was tired, disgusted,
disgruntled & finished with life and say, people are trying to add value to their lives
by the clothes they wear, the educational qualifications that they possess, the visiting
cards that they carry, the cars in which they travel, their jobs and have all become
too thirsty for life and despite having so many problems they will only seek a better
life next time.
I quote from his book "Encounter The Enlightened" [For your free e-book please
e-mail the blogger] pp # 32. To a question, as to why one should become spiritual
and what is the difference between a spiritual person & A materialist? He says, "That
a spiritual person is somebody who has everything within himself; he only begs for
his food; but if he wants to earn that too, it is no big deal. He can earn that also."
To promote his cult, in front of a large audience; SJV used to speak that people like
Buddha never did intense hard work, and most of us were just over working
ourselves, as if everybody was a born billionaire, implying that earning money for a
living was a crime. He quoted;
"If a drop of honey, were to be put on the floor, and the bottle placed, on the table,
even an ant has higher intelligence to reach the bottle" ! "But the tragedy of
mankind, is that, he/she has remained stuck with the few drops on the floor,
concentrating too much on the peel[body] than the real fruit[self]" !
“All of you are deeply soaked, in enjoying the physicality of this world, which you

think as solid reality, which modern science has proved it beyond doubt as "False"
and still not an ounce has melted for you. All your activities are based on sense
perception, and coming from outside from 5 sense organs, through which people are
trying to become complete".
"When you unconsciously seek the ultimate, it can make you go, through all the
things in your life, like Job, Big Breakfast, Shopping Mall, Marriage, Money,
Business & insatiable activity for 50-60 years which does not move you an inch and
gets you nowhere." “You must really have a great endurance for all this!”
"Either, you go through all this and realize it on your death bed, or you realize it
when you are about to start it or when you are in it, when you have time on your
Refer pp # 99, Encounter the Enlightened Book, To a question as to What is a full &
complete life/person?
He says & I quote "If your inner nature is unbounded, your life is also unbounded.
You can either sit, with your eyes closed and your life is complete, or you perform
different actions and your life can be complete. When man has reached, a state,
where within himself, he does not have the need to perform any action, and his
actions are only, to the extent required for the external situation, then that man has
become complete. Once a man has reached the state where he does not have the need
within himself to perform any action, then that man is a complete person. This does
not mean, that such a person, did not do anything in life! He did everything possible
to experience/know life, but he is not somebody, because of his actions. Even without
action he is the same! If somebody, wants his company, he will give, but others
company is not needed for him to fulfil himself. Why have you been performing one
action after another? It is towards fulfilment, isn't it?
Refer pp#177 Encounter the enlightened book I quote; "Now this attachment to
somebody is just a reflection of your own attachment to your own body. If there is no
attachment to this body, you will have no attachment to anybody. I want you to put a
hyphen between "any" & "body". If you're really not attached to this body you cannot
be attached to anybody."
"People try, to create a perfect life, based on the outward, but the actual quality of
life was based on the inward." Spirituality was for turning inward to overcome
compulsiveness !
He even said, to his disciples, in one video, "Luke you came early! If you tell anybody,
in India, that you live in an ashram, the 1st question, people will ask, is what went,
wrong in your life?" Like this, he portrayed, as if spirituality/yoga, was meant only
for those, who were lethargy personified/escapists, wanting to break cots, as their
occupation & spend their whole lives, on a couch having renounced everything!
6-With the above statements, pretence & logical talk; SJV succeeded, in the active
recruitment of young men and women as Isha teachers, by wrecking marriages,
breaking families, brainwash, mesmerism[This process continues unabated till this
day] with many people [Girls as young as 13 years] giving up their school & college
education, lucrative jobs, selling their houses[in some cases even violent force via

hired goons was used] and donating everything, like 401 retirement savings, to the
Isha cult and becoming his monks/teachers, after a rigorous grinding, of 4 years for
their enlightenment process to accelerate.
Refer Comments
After the Isha cult empire, was firmly established, with enough corpus and slaves, in
just 2 years, he twisted the whole thing to his advantage. He started saying; Isn’t it a
misnomer, the whole country has that spirituality is meant for those who want to
avoid life. Why do you want to live here by avoiding life? Better to drop dead? This
whole process of detachment is wrong, he said.
Refer last paragraph of page 462 mystics musings book, "Now, if you think logically,
it seems impossible that there is no difference between the Dhyanalinga and me.
Even if you have experienced the Dhyanalinga in some way for a moment, it still
sounds absolutely egoistic for me to say this; but really, there's no difference. If you
don't like it, I can't help it. Slowly you will see, as the days pass, I won't be interested
in keeping up any façade for anybody's sake. We have done enough of that in order to
bring about the necessary goodwill and understanding into people so that they could
become receptive enough. We don't have to continue doing that for a lifetime. Those
who are too logical and whose ability to live life is very much on the surface may fall
off. I don't want them to fall off, but they may, because I am too blunt. It's all right.
This is how it is."
Then he quoted "That a spiritual person, should not be against the concept of life,
and become happy & settle with just his pongal-vada-coffee-vedanta[A snack meal &
a certain school of philosophy]and his own liberation, but have more thirst for life,
than a materialist and he himself, is not yet done, with life and one cannot make a
distinction, between the 2[matter & spirit] as both are heads & tails of the same
coin." He also said "That I wish to pursue & make rich people spiritual because they
are the ones who are the most in inner turmoil." meaning wealthy upper class
I rest my case! It is obvious, that the cult that it truly is, is showing its true colors
now, that they have a sizeable following. In the early days, the message was watered
down, to make it easier to spread and recruit more people.
The genuine Gautama Buddha, was in poverty by choice but I [SJV] being a False
Buddha, can pursue the rich and their deep pockets and offer them mass
Other than his family members, an assumption was made, in comparison to the
Buddha, that Buddha took to the path of begging and asceticism, with very deep
intelligence and that the majority of people, have no need of Job, marriage, own
houses, wealth creation, children. So in order to attain Buddha Hood, simplicity,
renunciation and monk-Hood[intense hard work of 20 hrs. a day for just 2 meals]
was preached for others, yet the False Guru himself had/has an opulent lifestyle.
Business class air travel, 2 annual trips to USA when it is too hot in India, golf

playing, Land Rover travel, 5 star hotel stay, hand-gliding, helicopter-flying, BMW
motorcycle rides, horse riding, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and even drinks
potfuls of Folgers coffee, stops frequently at "STAR BUCKS" for his regular coffee
fixes, like an addict and in the past ate Chicken.
When asked about this; He pointed to his stomach, laughing and said that since he
was enlightened he could decaffeinate, anything. I was stunned, when in a himalayan
trip, SJV, ordered fried egg-plant [Brinjal] dish for his volunteers. All these three
items, are condemned as negative pranic substances in his Inner Engineering
programs, stating that coffee intake can make, one's old age miserable! At present he
himself consumes Sea-Food while at the same time is a “Champion for the cause of
pure vegetarianism in the world!” He has even bought a Hummer[A sports Utility
vehicle] for $ 80,000/- and a Beta R22 Helicopter costing $ 266,000/- for his
personal use in India. Which previous Enlightened Master did all these things in the
But till date, SJV’s own daughter of 22 years Radhe, has studied in the best of
boarding schools like Rishi Valley & completed fine arts at Kalakshetra in Chennai.
She herself, has never been initiated into the Isha yoga cult, as a monk or even from
outside, or why she is not volunteering and helping her father, in his world-wide
mass enlightenment/liberation business, while as girls of her same age, even
younger, are working as slave teachers in Isha; remains a mystery to me?
7-Even though SJV, always tries to depict to the world that three things in world
should never be commercialized; 1-Health-care, 2-Spirituality, 3-Education the exact
opposite is happening at Isha Foundation. When listening to his discourses on world
space satellite radio in Jan-2007, I remember, SJV saying, that he was travelling in
rural Tamil Nadu with his friend who was a stockbroker/chartered accountant,
when his friend commented, that he must have done some good deeds, because of
which he was rich, and the rural people, would have been very sinful, because of
which they were like that. To this SJV replied; "Please do not say like that." After
some time, this stock broker, became a pauper and SJV lamented very sarcastically,
that after doing his yoga programs, this stock broker, owed SJV money, which SJV
would never get back, in this lifetime. The tone of SJV, itself conveyed, that he was a
cut-throat business man, whose only goal of life, was to make money, using yoga &
spirituality. This was later confirmed, as his birth caste is Chettiar [Vysya].
Chettiar's greed, for money, has no limits. A second example, comes in Mystics
Musings Book, pp# 228-229, when he had eaten, gardinal sodium tablets to
experience death, he had beforehand, donated all his money, $ 3, and after he
survived it took a lot of threats and fist fights with his friends to get back ½ the
amount. A third example, from the master himself, comes, in a discourse "The Trap
of a Dream" http://www.archive.org/details/TheTrapOfADream_3 03:27 to 04:22
mts, where in his child-hood, his parents used to pay money, to the shoe-keeper, at
the temple to look after him, had they paid him the money he would have stayed in
one place.

According to tradition, all the masters and scriptures agree that, for the spiritual
seeker, the Guru disciple relationship, is the seeker's most significant and important
relationship. It is not a relationship, to be entered into lightly, but only after great
consideration by both. The seeker approaches the Guru and the Guru evaluates the
seeker, to determine, if he will accept the seeker. However, in Isha it seems, the
Guru's only method, of evaluating the seeker, is to determine, if the seeker has
enough money, to pay him, for the teachings. Basically, SJV, or his volunteers, ask, if
you can pay a certain amount of money or if you have some talent or ability, which
they can exploit, in the form of volunteering for Isha, and in most cases both.
And this amount is not small. It can be as high as $ 2000 & £ 2000 for a three day
Inner Engineering Intensive Program[SJV conducted] in the USA and UK. If you can
pay this much, you're in. If not, well you don't get to learn Yoga. The whole Guru
disciple, relationship in Isha is only monetary!
SJV, is supposed to be offering yoga as a experiential-science and not as a belief
system, which is another falsehood, as his Inner Engineering is just a mix of different
asanas [yogic-postures] and breathing techniques and A-U-M mantra chants, taken
from past traditions and nothing new. He is not the inventor of yogic asanas but
simply selling them as a packaged brand at heavy price but projects himself as
Patanjali-The father of yogic sciences.
8- His Inner Engineering for 7 days, which has been taught, for the last so many
years, might have made people more productive, less angry and irritable and more
energetic, but as a way for Enlightenment it is too much far off. For some people his
"Kriyas" have back-fired seriously. Enlightenment can happen, for only those, who
take their longing and pitch, to such a level, where due to some life situation, they
get so intense to know the truth, that either they know it, or they will kill themselves.
SJV himself says, that, Buddha never sat or did long hour meditations. He sat under
the Bodhi tree, and in an instant, he was enlightened. So SJV, going to offer,
everyone, chamundi hills experience of blissfulness and oneness by shambhavi
mahamudra is simply too much of a claim being made in order to get participants.
The Following questions, regarding, SJV's wife, Vijji’s, death, remain
unanswered even after 14 years!
9-Vijji literally, dropped dead from deep meditation, for no explainable reason, other
than Maha Samadhi. She was a young, healthy woman of 31 years and literally
dropped down dead. Her husband says she attained mahasamadhi and burns her
body within 24 hours. I ponder:
A- Was a physician present to certify the actual cause of her death? When did he tell
the authorities about Vijji’s death? What does the death certificate say was the cause
of death?
B-SJV himself acknowledges, in mystics musings book that Vijji was not an
accomplished yogi. Vijji was not known as an enlightened being when she was living.
She did not give herself any honorific title like "Amma" or "Swamini" so how was

maha samadhi accomplished by an unaccomplished yogi such as Vijji? Did SJV have
some neutral spiritual authority pronounce the death as Mahasamadhi ?
C- Knowing, that Vijji, was not an accomplished yogi, why would SJV involve her, in
a process that was “enormously” risky, as described by SJV in mystics musings? That
decision, would seriously endanger, the very purpose of SJV's incarnation in this
lifetime, that being the consecration of the dhyanalinga. It seems only an
accomplished, advanced yogi, would be able to assist with the consecration, not an
amateur bank employee/home maker such as Vijji.
D-After the consecration was completed; SJV had already planned, to leave his body,
at a particular age, but he and his divine consort are still living, How could SJV & his
divine consort Bharathi, only survive in the intense Vortex-Triangle of energy, that
was created, while Vijji who was supposed to live long, is dead?
E-I heard this in world space satellite radio, SJV said, that he purposely held people
back, from enlightenment, because he could use them here, for now, and then let
them go to enlightenment sometime in the future. Well, if that's true, then why
didn't he hold Vijji back for one week? It would have been, to fulfil his Guru's dream!
His sole reason, for incarnating in this lifetime was within one week of happening
and she just checked out. Just like that! He couldn't hold her back, like he said, he
holds other back! Then, after she's gone, he starts the process again, by energetically
taking on Vijji's role and also doing his own role, in the consecration process. So, he
was doing 2 of the 3 roles necessary for the consecration. And, by his account,
switching from his energy to Vijji's energy, was destroying his physical and energy
bodies and he was not sure if he would live through the process. This gruelling
process, goes on for 7 months or so and, suddenly, when the police come to
investigate the murder charges, SJV decides it's a good time, to go to the USA and
lecture. Incredible! For a man, that is so single minded, in all he does and he decides
to detour to the USA in the middle of the most significant project in existence up to
this point. If he did, it is totally out of character for him.
The story of dhyanalinga consecration, takes a new turn, after 14 years of Vijji’s
Mahasamadhi, with the release of SJV’s biography “Sadhguru-More than a Life” in
2010, written by Ms Arundhati Subramanium, published by Penguin India Books.
Here the story says; I quote “Jaggi claims, that in the previous lifetime, he and
Vibhuthi (now divine consort Bharathi) carefully planned dhyanalinga, to the point,
where even wombs were selected by them."Bharathi could have helped finish the
process when Vijji was alive but was attending her children school annual day
Even after she knew, that she was vibhuthi and had full knowledge, of past lives of
her's, Jaggi's and Vijji's (Karma yatra as mentioned in mystics musings book
page-433, 434, 452) she chose to attend a school function over dhyanalinga
consecration. Unquote!
The biography also states; That Vijji had never accepted SJV as her Guru and she
was totally against the dhyanalinga temple erection and SJV's closeness with his
divine consort Bharathi was creating too much emotional problems for Vijji.
So the Following Points can be Summarized concerning the Dhyanalinga

1st -Vijji leaves her body, by own sweet will, having planned her departure before and
having fed everybody, by her own hands at the ashram, before she left her body while
meditating and even after she went and removed her jewellery, came back,
meditated, and then left which is mahasamadhi and SJV cannot hold her back and
he burns her body in 24 hrs, without informing his father-in-law/daughter.
Dhyanalinga consecration, is abandoned for another 2 years.
2nd - SJV, takes the role of his departed wife upon him and in the process his body is
totally drained and shattered & he ages by 25-30 years [MM book page 435]. When
the police, visit the ashram 7 months later, SJV with his fragile, drained and
shattered health, aged 65, is in other part of the globe in USA for giving lectures.
3rd -When all the three were together, and the process could have been completed
with Vijji alive in a week’s time, an insignificant event like attending a children
school annual day function came in the way of such a huge project for which soul
specific wombs had been selected in the previous incarnation of SJV as sadhguru
Shri Brahma and disciple vibuthi taking birth as divine consort Bharathi [ Even after
she had full knowledge of her’s, SJV’s and Vijji’s past life and the intensity of the
project and her own role in the present life] for which SJV had to incarnate for the
4th time and a considerable amount of money had already been spent on the project.
4th -So it appears that, when SJV’s divine consort Bharathi was attending her
children school annual day function, at this time both SJV and Vijji were meditating
in the intense vortex of energy, so rather than 3 only 2 people were helping in the
dhyanalinga consecration and Vijji couldn’t keep up as she was not an accomplished
yogi and dropped dead which was the actual cause of her death. So now it clearly
shows that SJV was directly/indirectly responsible for his wife's death having plotted
& hatched the scheme with His Divine Consort Bharathi beforehand by purposefully
making her abscond from the dhyanalinga consecration for a petty event.
5th -After the dhyanalinga is erected, SJV's, divine consort Bharathi divorces her
husband after SJV's wife Vijji's death and starts living full time and has an opulent
life style like SJV for herself at the ashram. She was and still is very rich and allegedly
invested around 11 million dollars (50 crores) in Isha in it's infancy. The common
factor between Jaggi and Bharathi was they both spoke Telugu while as Vijji only
spoke kannada, was poor, emotional, and truthful.
6th -So the Triangle, completes itself in all 3 corners. Jaggi can sell his stories to
others, but not to these two ladies. His wife Vijji, would become an uncomfortable
presence, to Jaggi and oppose his greed for power & wealth. Bharathi is rich,
secretive, spoke Telugu and ready to invest. He being a "Chettiar" Businessman
made the obvious choice. His wife attained 'Mahasamadhi' and burned to ashes.
Rest is history. With this, all the questions raised above from 9-A to 9-D are
answered and the newspaper article published in 1997, holds true.
When, SJV claims, of solidifying mercury at room temperature, three past
enlightened life times, capability to; plant certain souls in particular wombs,
choosing the very womb where one can be born if one practices his yoga, creating

and bringing Lord Buddha in the form of energy webs, trapping celestial beings for
consecration of dhyanalinga, even bringing his dissolved Guru back to do the
dhyanalinga consecration, trapping people to become his disciples, having command
over the entire creation via his ring finger; How is it, that with so much capabilities,
he could not save his own wife, who left her body in meditation, while he is able to
retain his own, by others[divine consort Bharathi] doing spiritual practices for him?
How cum, what is possible for him, was not possible for her?
The story of Vijji's Mahasamadhi, again seems suspect. Kindly see this Video
01:58:00, where Indian movie actress, Ms Kiron Kher asks SJV about Vijji's death?
Her question is connected to what Jaggi says in his book Mystic Musings? She asks
him how Vijji dies and his explanation that she suddenly left the body? SJV goes into
a lengthy ramble till the Isha Media department suddenly realizes that he may be
saying something inconvenient. The Video is censored at 02:05:00 with a blurb that
there is an issue with the video and it will resume at 02:07:30. I find it hard to
believe that Isha which is so media savvy would screw up a recording like this. Soon
after the next question is about breaking ties to family which again elicits a long
rambling response. As he starts his explanation, which meanders through some very
unconnected thoughts, he tries to laugh but his interviewer does not join in and
looks quite grim. I am suspecting Anupam Kher knew his wife was going to ask this
awkward question. You can tell from Anupam's body language that he is not entirely
believing Jaggi.
There are two cameras, going by the angles of the video. Did both of them fail at the
same point? Quite a remarkable co-incidence. Anyway, he attributes her passing
away to her already stated desire several months ago to die in this manner and her
mistake of removing her ornaments which were holding her life within her physical
Some Points can be summarized from the above Video.
A) Obvious audio/video censorship. There are thousands of Jaggi videos without this
ever happening in the past. Ironic that there are at least 3 videos recording during
this taping (watch the video placements) and all 3 gone at the same time and in
different ways? The only thing that would affect all 3 at the same time would be
failed power supply which isn't what happened. There was still audio and video, just
sliced/chopped up.
B) He gives an example of another yogi Nirmalananda who achieves maha samadhi
as his proof that this is possible. The yogi was 73! He lived in silence and solitude for
decades before achieving the mythical maha samadhi.
C) Supposedly, Vijji told Jaggi that, she wants to die the same way, as this yogi even
though she says her life is happy externally and internally. Their daughter "Radhe"
was only 7 when Vijji died. Also, supposedly she announces her death date 9 months
before she dies, but she misses her exit-date by a month. So why does Jaggi, insist
that he was surprised, when she died? In fact, he admits that he was "irritated" that
she got up and walked around during his meditation just minutes before dying.
D) Again the question arises? If, SJV knew and had met, an advanced Yogi, like

Nirmalananda with Vijji, when she was alive, why didn't he substitute him for Vijji
for the Dhyanalinga consecration, which could have made the process, more secure
safe and sure 100% which could have resulted in Vijji being alive now? Refer
question raised in point # 9 C.
Wait a Minute! Again see! No mention of the Divine consort who was
E)What great sages like Swami Sivananda couldn't achieve in less than 15-20 years,
when they were meditating for 16 hrs a day and they retained their bodies for about
30 years after attaining Nirvikalpa Samadhi yet Vijji, A home-maker admittedly not
an accomplished yogi[She would, not even, have read the Patanjali Yoga Sutras],
leaves her happy, healthy body after a few years of meditating? None in Isha's,
thousands of devotees, have attained this.
Isn't this, the same SJV that knows, which color of underwear, people are wearing?
Isn't this the same guy who boasts that he "pulls people back" from leaving their
body during Samyama?
If his story is true, then shouldn't people be revering Vijji and not SJV? She's
obviously the better yogi-such "exuberance for life" that she simply left her body.
Meanwhile, he's a poor yogi, if he doesn't know, that his wife is leaving her body,
never mind being unable to stop it. Not very comforting, that he tells people at BSP
and Samyama that they are safe, meditating in his presence and he won't let them
leave their bodies.
Readers can themselves decide whatever might be the truth about dhyanalinga
consecration and whatever benefits this dhyanalinga would actually render to the
10- In Isha, the bliss effects of joining the program are too well crafted, at the same
time, warnings that the program[BSP] may have negative effects on certain people is
always hidden. The regular quote by SJV's volunteers is; Sign up for the Inner
Engineering, Doesn't work go do BSP, BSP lands one in hospital for 15 days, Do Hata
Yoga; Hata yoga creates intense fever for 7 days, Doesn't work try shoonya, shoonya
reduces one's mental alertness and reduces intelligence,
Doesn't work go for Samyama. If all fails one is too much of "Head" & "Investigator".
The most bizarre and one sided hypo critic argument made by the Isha cult is that if
you get any benefits from the practice of Isha yoga it is all because of Sadhguru and
if it backfires on some people it is because of the lack of intensity/ego of the
participants. Heads Isha wins tails the participants lose.
Please see 6 direct lies from the Master himself.
11- SJV tells in his Inner Engineering Program, that if one does not take nervous
stimulants like tea and coffee the human body can keeping going without food for a
maximum of 8 days as long as it gets enough water. Yet for SJV, it was samadhi in

his farm for 13 days without food and water!
12- In one video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qrV7-yxyCA where he talks
about saving money by skipping a meal [less than $ 1] for Isha Vidhya [Rural Schools
http://www.youtube.com/ishafoundation#p/u/191/AFZXayZ2NGA\ he says that
Wednesday is a very special day for him as on a Wednesday, he was Born. But upon
verification, neither 03-Sep-1957 or 23-Sep-1957, 03-Sep-1982, nor 23-Sep-1982 was
a Wednesday. An enlightened master, with 3 past enlightened lifetimes, who claims
to remember the past life names of people and advocates living in this present
moment cannot remember, such an important day of his present life!
When this master, can spend $ 266,000 on a Beta R22 Helicopter
http://www.youtube.com/ishafoundation#p/u/45/EZMB2WJ26eE [annual cost $
8000, flying cost $ 122 per hour] $ 80,000 on a Hummer, $ 36,500 on a Land Rover
in order to satisfy his whims & penchant for driving luxury and fast cars, I again
wonder, how much money can he ask people to save by weekly dinner fasts? So
readers, can see the genuineness, in his statements about Isha Vidhya!
quotes the name of one premier physical research institute D' Labor laboratory of
England and speaks about a path breaking experiment with hyper sensitive photo
film which was able to capture an image of a rosebud as a fully bloomed flower. And
this experiment was repeated multiple times with the same result. However upon
searching the Internet for ½ a day there is no such evidence of this experiment or
even the existence of any such laboratory in the world.
14-"The risk to Isha was what happens were Sadhguru to achieve maha samadhi and
proceed onto another life." Years ago, SJV would say that he had no idea how long he
could 'keep his body.' After a number of hospital stays with some unknown illnesses,
he eventually got better. It wasn't until he had a clean bill of health that he publicly
announced he'll be on earth for at least another 5-10 years. There was a period of
time that Ishaites didn't think he would make it and one of SJV's top devotees Sri
Senthil was taking over more of SJV's programs....just in case. If he can control his
physical death, how can he not control his physical life? Why the many hospital
When SJV recovered, he was quick to take responsibility for his 'miraculous
recovery'...saying that the doctors did nothing for him and were completely baffled
by his illnesses. Then how in the heck did he get sick in the first place? Why doesn't
he take responsibility for that? Remember, he was so sick that he was preparing his
underling to take over. So his recovery was obviously a surprise and outside his
SJV, had already confirmed, that he would be consecrating and establishing an
occult temple[Linga Bhairavi] as a safeguard to the dhyanalinga, 1 to 2 years, before
he leaves his body[Page 452 MM Book] so, by 31-Jan-2012, he should have left. Since
he is still living, again everything is a lie.
15-In a discourse video[Enlightenment-Life the way It is] to a question, as to what
yoga practices he performed, by which he got blissful and ecstatic, He says; "They

were very simple & physical, nothing spiritual and everybody can become
enlightened, by doing simple yogic kriyas. But till now, none has attained light,
under SJV, in his over 19 years, of teaching Yoga. SJV is the only one, who attained
and is performing "Shiva Thandavam Nritya" [The dance of Lord Shiva] for the past
15 years, having returned, from his Deathbed, surviving King Cobra Snake Bites, in
Naval, without antidote, while for all others[99%] he tells; "The moment of
enlightenment and leaving the body is the same".
In the early stages, of Isha Foundation, when volunteers, who had done, the
maximum work, in the USA to establish SJV's cult, visited India, to verify his claims,
about people knowing him for 3 past life times, still being alive they couldn't even
find one such person anywhere. It was only then, that the magnitude of SJV's lies
and deception became known to them.
In Page 424 of mystics musings SJV says, “In this life, I’m free to be in every other
way, but not free to be in anger. If I get angry, immediately below my naval,
everything dies. The energy just thinks it is time to leave the body. Now you know
Nathalie why I am so loving and compassionate to you all. "Those 'volunteers' who
had seen Jaggi in a rage, who came out of the cult, and shared what they had seen,
have really witnessed how 'compassionate' he is. Since he is still living despite having
intense bouts of anger his above statement is nullified.
An example of Isha and SJV compassion, was shared by the person, who used to live
at the McMinnville Tennessee land, before Isha bought it. That person says; that they
had a lease on the land for an additional 6 months when Isha bought it. But, Isha
apparently did not care about the additional 6 months left on his rental contract.
Isha booted him off the land immediately when they purchased it. This is SJV/Isha
compassion and concern for human well-being, which will change the world!
16-A, fresh Lie, dated 24-July-2011, by the master himself came on NDTV program
"We The People" Has spirituality turned into a profit industry? Refer video link
ofit-industry/206047?hp Here, SJV says in the end of the debate 43:48 to 44:08
that he tore, his left leg knee, while playing soccer, 3 years ago and so now he can
only play Golf. So, the Messiah, who can Fix, his broken ankle bone and cure asthma,
both in one hour time, cannot self-heal his left leg knee bone in 3 years!
17-SJV says that only Rig-Veda mentions something about a house-holder yogi,
consecrating and erecting a dhyanalinga. To my knowledge, no yogi's in the past,
have married and had daughter's, especially in dhyana, hatha or kriya yogic schools.
These schools of yoga, demand absolute celibacy. House-holder yogi's, have only
appeared, in the bhakti schools[devotional] of yoga which is totally against SJV's
philosophy. Again SJV lies, when he does not know sanskrit and has not read the
vedas, how does he know what is written in Rig-Veda? There is nothing called
dhyanalinga being consecrated by a grihasta-yogi mentioned in any scripture!
See the 1st contradiction of the False Guru; "He himself is not done with life and says,

that spiritual people, should be having more thirst for life, yet at the same time he is
talking that nobody wants to tackle the main problem in this world, which is
population and 7 billion people appearing, is not divine plan, but irresponsible
reproduction. He quotes in the Book; "Encounter The Enlightened"; "Actually, it is a
crime to produce a child in India and talks of making wombs of women barren in
order to solve the population problem".
SJV, says marriage is a vent created, to release one's lust, in the form of raising a
family. He gives advice, to all modern women, to steer clear, from compulsive
parenting, as if women by themselves, are capable of having children, without the
need of men.
Refer Web Links Below:
His words; "Producing another being is a tremendous responsibility; it is not to be
http://blog.ishafoundation.org/2011/03/02/radhe-takes-the-stage/ “He didn't have
the need/desire in him to create his daughter”. I wonder, which Enlightened person,
who talks so much, about alleviating human suffering on this planet, after getting
the oneness experience of existence, at 25 yrs, will marry and indulge in Banana
work[Reproductive Act] and what his consciousness[where would his oneness
experience be/go]when he was performing the act? Even, an intellectually realized
person, will think, twice, whether to do or not! It seems SJV, failed to see the divine,
in his wife, & had kept his brain/intellect in cold-storage & was very much in grip of
"Maya"[Illusion] when he was mating, otherwise a self-blissful Yogi, having
attraction, for the opposite gender or her filthy anatomy is disgusting!
But for SJV, Banana work, was a prerequisite, since the dhyanalinga, can only be
erected by one, who has fathered a child, is another story created, to put off
questions of the above nature.
Was it a conscious parenting, or compulsive/unconscious act, of parenthood for him,
or simply Banana work to overcome his own insecurity, since he says, that 99%
Banana work in the world is happening out of insecurity ?
The words of former US President, George W Bush, "Either you are with us or you
are against us".
But SJV is both in favour of creator/ life, has thirst for life, even when there is no
God & creation has come of out nothingness. Anyone who is against the concept of
life is insane & has nothing to do with spirituality, People who are chasing money or
trying to earn for their families via office work are materialists, but the same or
more work done in Ashram for Free is spiritual. There is no suffering in this world,
or a suffering person will never seek. Detachment is wrong, at the same time, SJV is
a spiritualist who is interested in enjoying all the physicality of the world as
mentioned in point # 6, but is also an out and out sceptic, against human birth and
then again is only a hopeless optimist who is selling Liberation/Mukthi via his Yoga
even when there is no such thing as death and it is life and life only moving from one

dimension to another. Amazing Philosophy! Even the notorious of crooks have been
outsmarted by SJV here!
Look at the 2nd hypocrisy; "A widower with a daughter, consecrating and turning
others into celibate monks as, "Brahmacharis" & "Sanyasis." Always in tradition a
"sanyasi" only gave "sanyasa" to others.
Then, this so-called, enlightened yogi, comes on live television and shamelessly
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGF2pXE5mwA 04:26 mts
So this, is the yogic bench mark of enlightenment, for this False Yogi, attachment
and affection for his own daughter, like a Chinese-Emperor, when, for all others,
leaving their spouses and children, to become, full time slave teachers, at Isha was
suggested, as the means for enlightenment.
Please read point # 17 and compare it with point # 5 & 6.
Defects in SJV’s Enlightenment
According, to the Vedic scriptures, the supreme truth is realized in 3 phases.
Brahman [Dazzling All around Light], Parmatman [Local Aspect of Personal Aspect
of the Truth], Bhagavan [The ultimate personal aspect of the truth]. SJV's so-called
enlightenment, is only till nothingness or darkness, which is before Brahman. Any
Advaita Vedantin[A school of philosophy, emphasizing on the oneness of existence,
even creation and creator] like Swami Sivananda or a Monk of Ramakrishna
Mission, would have definitely experienced Brahman, which is the dazzling
effulgence, which gives, the concept of oneness, in the last stages of meditation
[Nirvikalpa Samadhi]. Also in Vrindavan, India, there are so many Bhakti Yogi's,
sitting and doing their Bhajan [repeating the holy names of god] and seeing the
Supreme truth, face to face every day. SJV, has not even reached, this state and just
with nothingness, he is posing that he is Enlightened. He is Not!
My character study, of SJV says, that he comes very close, to the CIA Recruiter
“Walter Burke” [Actor Al Pacino] in the Hollywood movie “The
Recruit”[Downloadable Free from http://stagevu.com Walter Burke, recruited
James Douglas Clayton [Actor Colin Farrell] by emotionally, selling the idea, that
James’s father, who had worked, for shell oil and died, in a plane crash was actually
an undercover NOC agent of the CIA, like Burke. Then Burke emotionally, played the
role of James’s real father, recruited him in CIA, put him through intense training,
made him leave the farm and then made him a False NOC and turned him against,
the CIA, after getting what he wanted, from the CIA office. All this, with, much
manipulation, some very straight forward lies, on the face. Burke, made a good
statement, in the movie, that he was a Spook, just like James or his father “Who told
stories and he lied a lot too.”
In the end, it was found, that James father, never was a CIA agent, but actually
worked, only for shell oil. When, James asked Burke, why him? Burke replied; the
principal job of a CIA Officer is recruit an asset [New cult members], Develop the
asset [Thought reform, Brain wash, mesmerism] and then turn the asset. James, was
searching for a father and Burke for a partner, so he recruited, trained and turned

Apart, from my above character analysis of SJV, here is what I observed:
The, man has magnetism, certain mysterious, psychic abilities that is out of this
world (I can testify to it), considerable knowledge of ancient works and is a well-oiled
machine, when it comes to language and communication.
He is, who I would describe, as a successful Tantric. He has, all the necessary tools, at
his disposal. And, he is selling his gifts at a price. He is an expert, at mind control
and he keeps the volunteers completely under his charm.
He has mastered, the art of bringing, the crowd under his spell, through music,
colors, chanting, hand gestures, facial expressions, stage management techniques,
hypnotic suggestions, dances, lights and what not. The volunteers, are well trained,
by a set of inner core senior disciples, to perform so well, to the beat, so much, so
that it all looks amazingly smooth and perfect.
His volunteers, are extremely loyal and see him, as the last best hope in this life filled
with incredible misery and stupidity. They are urged, to spread the word and they
believe, they are doing the rest of the world, a favour by doing so.
This is a man, who has horned his skills and polished his moves to perfection, over
many years. He hasn’t left many clues, behind that could come, back and bite him in
the ass. Everything is measured and precise and he has it down to the last detail like
the Belgian Forger in Frederick Forsythe's thriller novel "The Day of the Jackal"
I quote; “The best person to know about SJV would be Mrs Bagyam Srinivasan who
took Jaggi from Mysore to Tiruppur [A Town Near Coimbatore] and introduced him
to the whose & who[Textile Mill Barons] of Tiruppur. Without her Jaggi would not
be what he is today. But Jaggi ditched her nicely, to eliminate the traces of his
history. After all his favourite method is "use and throw". Here comes another truth..
Jaggi was not Viji's first husband....She was somebody's wife and Jaggi took her
when he came to Coimbatore/Tiruppur. They had regular arguments and fights like
any other married-couple. You may wonder what’s special about "tiruppur" as the
ashram is in "Coimbatore". Tiruppur is so special because Isha yoga centre was first
registered in Tiruppur as a trust. But Jaggi threw out all the old trustees who were
with him at the time of registration. So based, on this cult philosophy only people
like SJV work, recruit, brain wash-mesmerism, extract work, and then dump them.
The above perfectly justifies SJV's callous attitude/acts towards his wife & Daughter
! When SJV had already planned to leave his body at the age of 42 years, after the
Dhyanalinga consecration, why did he marry in the first place and have a daughter,
knowing very well that his wife would become a widow, and his daughter a orphan!
SJV, is simply too enamoured by buddhism and shaivism and is depicting, that he is
a buddha and shiva of this age. He, is only a snake oil salesman, masquerading as a
yoga/spiritual teacher. That is all! It is my sincere belief, that, SJV himself is not an
enlightened person. The man is a charlatan, who has zero interest, in anything,
except the expansion of his empire.
Some of his present followers, have advocated, that SJV never keeps anything

hidden. And he, his followers have admitted, that SJV lies, when it is required and it
is fine with them. Who can survive without lying?
If the, outside world, really knew[which this post attempts to do] as to how much
corruption, deceitfulness, lies, intentional break up of families, seduction, adultery,
use of "silence" as a tool and scare tactic, and mutual spying, that exists inside the
inner circle/core group of Isha which surrounds SJV, their spines/brains would
And in the 2nd week of April 2011 these were the same people campaigning trying to
fight, for the cause of Anna Hazare, Fast unto death, in order to eradicate
corruption, in India. They are going, to make India corruption free, when their own
cult leader is justifying that he lies, when needed and there, is nothing wrong. How
The 1st question that needs, to be asked here is, How and from whom, did Isha get
permission, to construct their Ashram and put up residential buildings inside
reserved nilagiri forest by cutting trees and clearing agricultural land? Didn't they
indulge in corruption?
Somebody wrote his own observations about SJV in an online forum, & I quote;
"That upon visiting the grave of Vijji at Isha Yoga Centre the visitor felt that she was
not dissolved completely and is still wreathing in pain and SJV could be controlling
her spirit. In India, this kind of occult has a long history. It looks like spirituality but
it's not. Street magicians('modi mastans') used this to earn a few bucks while their
powers seemed amazing. They used these controlled entities to bring/move stuff.
Jaggi is one such person who speaks English and makes Millions. He uses, them to
control the crowd and give some of people twitching and shaking, claps, hissing
sound, sharp clicking sounds, act as invocation cues for them. This visitor also said,
once you enter Isha Ashram, you are under a certain control. Residents, are made to
forget unwanted incidents. Once you enter, you won't remember everything. I asked
him why, do they forget and he replied that if they had remembered, everything, they
would go to the police.

I always wondered, about his raw arrogance and confidence. He may be getting it,
from the pride of controlling souls. Jaggi, talking about life energy, death, ghosts,
dissolving them, and were seen by people (Mystic's Musings) gets new context. You
may or may not believe this. But this kind of world exists and I have seen enough
proof. Just get out of Isha."
I [Blogger] would 100% agree with what the visitor felt that Vijji is suffering in her
grave. 1st of all there is no such thing as dissolution in hindu scriptures or even in
shaivism which is what SJV follows. Adi_Sankaracharya[Founder of advaitha school
of vedanta] an incarnate of Lord Shiva [9th Century CE] completely destroyed the
Buddhistic concepts of nothingness and established the concept of self, atman or
pure light which is identical to the ultimate truth Brahman. With this, he drove
away, all the Buddhists away from India, by his rope and snake theory [Vivartavaad]
and upanishads commentary. He himself stressed, there was no other way, other
than devotion to Lord Krishna [Bhaja Govindam] in this age, which SJV very cleverly
says, is dissolution which is another false hood.
In 1486-1534 when “Sri Chaitanya” descended on this world, to propagate sankirtan
[chanting of holy names of Lord] The Buddhists tried, to poison him and a huge
eagle came, and picked up the plate and thrashed it on the Buddhist leader’s head,
who fell unconscious.
So, if the atman [Soul] is pure light, what is that SJV is trying to dissolve? According
to his theory of dissolution, life has come out of material elements like pancha
mahabhuta and they would simply disappear, when the karma was over for them, as
there is no god, no soul, no atman and simply consciousness or energy. But if one
reads the Gita, second chapter, Lord Krishna says, that we all are jiva's, individual
souls and part and parcel of him and he is the supreme soul and the supreme person
and everything rests on him. The soul keeps migrating, from one body to another, till
it gets this knowledge and surrenders to Lord Krishna. SJV's, whole theory, goes
completely against what Krishna, is saying and yet he claims, he has better
understanding than what Krishna is saying.
If SJV, completely dissolved his wife and she simply left her body, in deep meditation
and attained Mahasamadhi, all those, who attained Maha samadhi were always
buried, in a deep pit, with 1st the body, being placed, in crossed legged padmasana
or lotus posture, then the pit is filled with herbs, vibhuthi-sacred ash, camphor,
lemon and salt and then a Tomb was built, with the departed entity's Deity placed on
top. There is no cremation, even for the most, debauched sanyasi, leave alone an
enlightened being. Then, why did, SJV burn her body in just a day without even
informing his Father-In-Law and His Daughter? It could, only have been, to destroy
evidence, which could have ascertained, the actual cause of her death, which
indicates that there was some foul play!
Either the above is possible, or else, SJV was playing, with something with
half-baked knowledge, which seriously back fired!
If the visitor, says, she is suffering, then it means, her ghost is still there, awaiting
another body? I have asked, many vedic scholars, as to how a shiva lingam is
consecrated, and they all said, that it was done, with, pranaprathishta and always

with uttering vedic mantras, by qualified priests with milk abhisheka Etc. No one
knew, anything, about human life energy, consecration except SJV.
Yet, SJV says that all other lingas and even the Tanjore[A town in tamil nadu state,
India] temple linga is one, where all the energies, have gone wrong. Who is SJV, to
say, that the deities at many temples are not consecrated properly? Because, he just
cannot accept/respect faith/beliefs of others. There are lots of temples, built by
devotees, rishis and kings that are properly consecrated as per agama vidhi. Those
are not properly built, because SJV says so! Millions of people visit those places even
today. One thing Isha, does, very well, is persuade you convincingly, to question, your
inner guidance, your inner voice, your own connection with the divine, even kill your
own consciousness (however genuine your experience may have been in the past) and
jump onto their bandwagon of spiritual-correctness.
At this point, I am myself writing, my honest experience of the Dhyanalinga. On my
1st visit when I sat in front of the DL, I definitely experienced, intense and heavy
energy coming from it [This is common in all Lord Shiva Temples] even a certain
kind of fear and after a couple of minutes, I had to come out of the temple. I don’t
know, what meditation means and could never sit with my eyes closed. After, I
returned and visited Lord Krishna Temples, especially in Vrindavan, India, I felt
much more positive vibrations. After, I surrendered at ISKCON Vrindavan Temple,
and later visited, the same Dhyanalinga, was just an ordinary stone for me. I felt
nothing, even after sitting in front of it for over 2 hrs. No Tears, No body shaking,
nothing. Even in my visit 1st , I did not feel anything, like these.
The, arithmetic of the Dhyanalinga also unfortunately does not add up. The saga of
the Dhyanalinga, stretches back to 370 years, beginning from SJV's 1st lifetime, as
Bilva the Budubuduku. Thus four lifetimes i.e. Bilva, Shiva Yogi, sadhguru Shri
Brahma and Jaggi Vasudev are covered in 370 years which is an average of 92 ½
years per lifetime. But we know, from Jaggi’s own claims, in mystics musings that
Bilva died young and sadhguru Shri Brahma died at age 42. Thus if you add these
two (assuming Bilva to have died at 40 years at the maximum) we get approx 82
years for two lifetimes, which leaves 288 years for two lifetimes, including the time
to reincarnate. That’s really stretching both biology and the theory of reincarnation
way beyond any present, modern human being can accept as truth!
The above, again demolishes, what SJV says, in Mystic’s Musings [ pp #351 last line,
pp#352 1st 2 lines] that “finding a womb is almost instantaneous. One may be back
within days or weeks.”
I am assuming, here, that SJV, did not fall back to animal nature, and then evolved,
into a human being, in those 288 years.
So in all, the Dhyanalinga, three life times of coming back, for only this, making
people, take birth in special wombs, using 2 amateur homemaker women to
consecrate the dhyanalinga, trapping of beings, for the purpose of certain chakras,
being consecrated are too much of a fairy tale to be believed and most if not all could
be False. And SJV, also says, that he lies. So, what Walter Burke said is true, that is
what SJV is very good at "A Spook who tells Fairy tales and Lies".
But again I ask myself this question? What is the purpose, of taking so much trouble,

in motivating people and going through, all this, if there is no benefit involved for
The answer is; "Quote by"; General Adam Woodward [Actor Jon Voight] in the
Hollywood Movie, “Most Wanted”. "Money ! A Little Bit More Your Money!"
SJV, is a just another Marwari [A particular community in India known for it's
ruthless Business Acumen] Businessman! SJV, has total prejudice against the
written word. Why may I ask? A printed book, would be eternal and cost less than
any 7 day program. SJV, simply transferred, his, skill sets learnt, from his poultry &
construction business to establish the "False Guru Yoga Business".
SJV, had already decided, as early as 1982, as to what all stories, he would concoct
and spin, for him to build wealth and create empire in the form of Isha Foundation.
From the beginning, I was struck by how everything [smallest things] revolved
around a fee or a donation. The donation, is not truly voluntary, either. Nothing
substantive is free. SJV, is a multi-talented businessman, who has perfected a "faith
based business model" involving tax free status, sale of various spiritual programs,
sale of assorted merchandise and books, sale of travel to India and the
Himalayas/Kailash always using free (if not slave) labour from volunteers, who often
even pay for their services (as in the forthcoming BSP program in Tennessee USA).
All I can say is "Wow." Other businesses have to pay employees and taxes. A yoga
instructor running a small studio or program must pay tax on any profits and wages
to any employee. Isha does not. Very clever, manipulation but not exactly fair.
Everything, in Isha, was redefined, to suit SJV's purpose. A, donation which is
voluntary, and can be of any amount, was compulsory with fixed pricing!
Volunteering, which is Free out of one's own will, for one or two programs, was taken
for granted and regularly, called for, to bring more people to join!
The biggest con, that sadhguru plays, by his unlimited responsibility talks, on his
program participants/volunteers is, that they spend their own money, arrange for
his programs, the venue, food, bring new "Recruits" and also pay for their labour,
by making them feel guilty, about their own existence and holding them responsible
for the world’s mess, and conveying, that Isha is the only way, A sense of belonging to
something, in order for them, to slave and prove their self-worth and save the world,
since according to SJV, there is no creator/god. However SJV, does not have, an iota
of gratitude or even thanks for his volunteers, who slave so much, to keep his
corporation running as if they are indebted to do this !
When, I was in Isha, I was baffled, as to how people became "Fanatics" after
undergoing a single program of SJV, and started propagating him, his programs and
cult and became his slaves as if they knew about his character, or his past, from ages.
The same people, who would, not even sign, as a witness to those, whom they knew
for years were vouching for SJV, as if he was the most truthful, honest, sincere angel
on earth!

SJV, breaks people, psychologically by talking in both ways. 1st he says
there is God, then he says there is no God other than nothingness. He says; It is the
lethargic of this world who are saving this planet at the same time He talks that
dedication is a scarce material in today's world and not enough people are standing
up for the cause of his "Action for Rural Rejuvenation" and are insulating themselves
with philosophy and practicing "Detachment."
This is a very perverted, sadistic, narcissistic, diplomatic way of mass exploitation,
slavery under hypnosis & mesmerism, money grabbing via logical, parrot voice, and
oratory skills so that Sadhguru can simply expand his empire and business.
People, who fell for this, from what I had seen of Isha members, their lives were
hardly effortless. They were as mixed up, as anyone's. Indeed, their family &
professional lives, were often effectively destroyed, by excessive devotion to practices
and volunteering.
After awakening from their enchantment, these same people are now leading an
angry, disgruntled, bitter, frustrated, shattered lives with zero self-esteem and a lot
of regret after wasting, so much Time/Money/Energy in building someone else’s
How I myself entered the Isha Cult and Then Freed Myself !
I have no problems, with anybody, surrendering themselves to SJV, or to any other
Guru, they feel like. It is their individual choice after all! In fact, in my spiritual life,
since 1995 till 2007, all these 12 years, I never went, to any live guru, simply, because
I was thinking, that when the teachings of departed Gurus are here, why go for live
ones, when there is a good chance of physical exploitation, sexual abuse and
financial abuse. I also, would never have gone and done SJV's programs had this
there in 2007.
I, got overwhelmed, by SJV's, logical oratory skills and ventured for it, as he was
over-emphasizing, that he was going, to make us experience, something, much more,
than, what one can understand from scriptures. Also, his low cost of programs, in
India, at that time, due to, his using, slave-labour trapped me. For me, scriptures &
philosophy work, and all my life's questions, have been answered, by Bhagavad-Gita
"As It Is". Still, I kept an open mind and did the inner engineering, with much
respect for SJV. Even, in non SJV inner engineering, the warnings, were clearly
there! The mesmerized teacher maa and a full time volunteer, walking like a zombie.
After this, because of the insistence, of the volunteers, who very cleverly hid, as to,
what goes on in BSP, I went for BSP even though the home work part, etc did not
mean anything, as I had lead a pretty straight forward life till then. I still do. It is
only, when I reached the India ashram, did BSP and broke my body, for 3 days, to
hear Hare Krishna Mahamantra, on the last day, that my entire perception, of SJV

completely changed, to that of a charlatan, A mesmerizer and exploiter
When, I, 1st visited the ashram in India, I found it to be the spookiest of places & got
a kind of fear/creeps that I have never felt, in my whole life [even when I had visited
the Nazi Death Concentration Camps with its Human Genocide Gas
Chambers/Krematoriums in Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland] the way, it [Ashram] is so
far off, from the city and I immediately felt, that, there was something fundamentally
wrong, with that place/people. I, wanted to leave it, as soon as possible. I hope, I
never land there again!
Later, I got some information, on ashrams from a Book, "Stripping The Gurus"
http://www.strippingthegurus.com and I quote "Ashrams, in my experience, are
lunatic asylums filled with jealous and needy people.... Most of the ashrams, I have
known and visited, are not sacred environments where people progress; they’re
places, in which people regress—to blind adoration, spiritual vanity, sibling rivalry,
mirroring and parroting of the so-called master and in my experience, I have to say,
sadly, that I have seen, very little real spiritual progress made in them”. This would
apply perfectly for the Isha Yoga Centre. Unquote!
Please see another glaring contradiction in SJV's statements as written on:
To a question, by someone, to explain so many contradictions, in his own sayings,
SJV says; I quote "There are thousands of people, who come, and go from here, and
I’m sure, some of them are disgruntled like this man, because someone rubbed them
the wrong way. There are, no super human beings, here in this Ashram. These are
people, who are imperfect and are striving to grow. If they were perfect, they would
not need me, or anyone else."
Now, compare his own statement made, in the earlier days, when he had destroyed
normal people's lives, to Recruit Free Slaves, at his Ashram as mentioned in point #
5 & 6.
This BSP program, has only been designed, to hook ignorant, naive, young people,
especially those, who have never even read, a spiritual book, of any other Guru into
the Isha cult and dedicate their whole lives, to SJV, by becoming monks or full time
volunteers. While doing BSP, I was amazed as to "How, highly educated people, like a
rocket engineers, at NASA had fallen, for SJV’s mesmerism & false parrot talk, given
up their jobs and were doing, menial tasks, like fixing wires, for DVD players at the
ashram. I was equally stupefied, when for the BSP [Bull Shit] program, people had
come as far as 2000 kms spending their own money to volunteer."
After, returning from the ashram, I was admitted in hospital for 15 days. Many,
other local volunteers confirmed that it was mesmerism. From that day, I became
very cautious with Isha and SJV and reduced my contact. Again, when, I completed
Hata Yoga, the intensity of the 3 days program landed me with very high fever. Still,
SJV and his control never ceased on me and he again made me do guru pooja locally
and visit the ashram and I did shoonya and shakti chalana kriya. Still the
Guruphiliac Forum was not available. After this, I warned everybody, not to do BSP
and because of this the volunteers and teachers became my enemies.

When, I was in India, I learnt from an Ex-volunteer of Isha, that his daughter had
become mesmerized, after doing BSP and had, left her home and parents at the age
of 20 years, to become a monk of SJV. This person told me, that, whenever, a single
child of his parents, especially from wealthy families, becomes a victim of SJV, the
ashram people are very happy, that they can hook the families cash/property for
SJV's use. This person, had a very harrowing struggle, in bringing his daughter back
from the Isha Yoga Centre and make her join a career, but with counselling, she, was
able to overcome the SJV spell and is now leading a normal life.
In one sathsang [gathering of seekers around the master] personally, I saw & was
stunned, when a middle aged woman, working as a high ranking official, with indian
government, asked SJV, if she should, abandon her family and if SJV, would accept
her & make her a monk!
When, SJV conducted the I.E for 3 Days, I did not volunteer, somehow trying,
desperately to break free from his control and I succeeded. When I later, learnt, that
people had paid Rs 2000/- to volunteer, I was convinced, that, it was just a money
making scheme and exploitation. I asked this, and one volunteer told me, that Isha
was only meant for people, as a last resort, when all other spiritual processes, have
failed for them, and, if you have landed yourself in Isha, then you must be in that
state, where, you can freely part with labour as well as your cash. That's It! With this
I closed the chapter in early 2009!
I quote one statement from another Victim of Isha Foundation. "I was once
a part of Isha and must add that it has completely reinforced my opinion on how
erroneous that entire cult is. I say this with conviction, because, I have been an
indirect victim of Isha, for the last 3 years now. My husband, got to hear about Isha,
from a few friends and went to attend Sadhguru's discourse in mumbai. He, then
expressed his desire, to go to the Isha Ashram at coimbatore to do some yoga course
and I really encouraged him as I felt, it would do, a great deal of good, to his asthma.
Little, did I know, that I was actually ruining my life forever. He, came back a
changed person. Lost interest in his professional life and family. Over 3 years, he
became more and more depressed - Isha 'yogis' convinced him, that the way out of
the depression(entirely created by them) was through following the practices and
more practices.
He, started spending, close to 4-5 hours every day, for various Isha activities. The
first thing, I see in the morning, is my husband doing, his Isha practices -what time
in morning doesn’t matter – it could be 7am, 8am, 9am or even 11am. In the two
hours, that I get ready to leave for work..he’s still doing his yoga. While, I sweat it
out, at work the whole day, he sits at home doing his meditation, watching Isha
videos, listening to Isha music, reading Isha books and browsing on Isha websites.
Every time, I try to call him from office, he never picks up as he’s doing his
meditations or various other practices. I, come back home, late evening and the
sight, is exactly the same -he’s doing evening /night yoga practices – moving as if
he’s in trance, making strange sounds. It’s, been over 2 years and my life has been
exactly the same. This is the growth that Isha promises. Let me share here that my
husband used to be one of the most sought after media professionals in Mumbai
before Isha came into our lives. The above is just a tip of the iceberg.

Isha, has also taught him that a little violence, a little tension for the bigger mission
of attaining Enlightenment, and inner peace is absolutely alright. Thus, my days, are
now replete with all forms of ‘justified’ violence – emotional, mental and even
physical. If, you are wondering, why I am still holding on to this marriage – its only
because unlike Isha philosophy, I believe in valuing relationships. I think Isha, is like
cancer, from which I need to save my husband – the man I loved and married. My
earnest urge to all is not to fall into the Isha trap!
From any opposition from the family, he had a ready reply -"Sadhguru always
says....family is the first one, to come in the way, of your spiritual journey. You have
to be strong to not fall into the foolish trap. "
Over 3 years, I saw my husband, falling into an unfathomable abyss of depression,
violence. My beautiful marriage, with the man, I had really loved became an
emotionally and physically abusive relationship. I really tried, not to be judgemental
and decided to experience 'benefits' of Isha yoga myself before commenting. I did 2
courses, went to Isha ashram, became a volunteer, for a few programs and have
reached the conclusion that Sadhguru is a fabulous businessman who is using
spiritual tourism to amass wealth and fan following. Isha Ashram, is a 5 star resort,
complete with spas, restaurants, exotic handicraft stores, amusement places. It’s
ridiculous, how the man is playing with so many innocent lives. What absolutely
baffled me, was that there is just no place, to share feedback. On one hand, they
encourage you to talk, and in the same breath they stifle your voice completely.
Finally, they told my husband, he should take a break from his wife and for getting
clarity, should go to ashram for a few months, to find his true mission. My husband
is gone. The organization is thriving. Sadhguru is up on every billboard / poster /
banner possible. And I am left behind wondering what I should do now!
My, husband has come back home after spending 3 months, in the India Ashram
with no communication to the family and it has reconfirmed my views about what a
BIG FRAUD this Sadhguru is. I have realized, from hearing my Husband's
experience, that ISHA, gradually makes you blind...first to your surroundings, then
to your immediate environment, your family and finally your own self. It really
teaches, you, how to completely disregard and disrespect your body. I was horror
struck, to see, him - he looks sickly...a skeleton with some loose flesh hanging on his
body... he seems dazed and disoriented most of the time....I am filled with disgust,
revulsion, pity and finally a lot of compassion for him. How can such an organization
be allowed to exist. While that Sadhguru looks healthy & Fat..if I dare add....the
others who go to his ashram seeking him...come back mal-nutritioned & under
SJV, himself sadistically endorses the above! Please see this video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcJljyyIfpc&feature=related from 00:53:00 to
00:53:06 where he says to Sri Deepak Thinmaya, that, if you stay with him for six
months, he will make you, in such a way, that nobody will be able to recognize you!
I feel, this it's intellectual terrorism.... In today's society, where there is so much
mistrust, suspicion, anger, stress around and people are longing for something to
latch on to, SJV had found out an effective way of cashing in on this disillusionment!

It's scary to do this Isha marathon mass sessions."
This post is a plea to all those reading to free themselves of the
fraudulent organization that Isha Foundation is.
Qualities of Self Appointed, Narcissistic, Psychopathic, Demoniac,
Fanatical, Tyrannical, Unrestrained, Unquestionable, Unapproachable,
Unreformable, Maverick, Independent Cult Leaders, like Sadhguru Jaggi
Vasudev !
"Psychopaths, are social predators, who charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly, plow
their way, through life, leaving behind, a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered
expectations, and empty wallets. Completely, lacking in conscience and in feelings for
others, they selfishly take what they want, and do as they please, violating social
norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret."
The combination of "Charisma" & "Psychopathy" forms a "Lethal Mixture" in
the formation of Cults & Cult Leaders. "CHARISMATIC PSYCHOPATHS" are
devilishly charming, attractive, and liars. They are, usually gifted, of some talent or
another, and they use it to their advantage in manipulating others. They possess, an
almost demoniac ability, to persuade others, out of everything, they own, even their
lives. Leaders, of religious sects or cults, for example, might be psychopaths, if they
lead their followers, to their deaths. This sub-type, often, comes to believe in their
own fictions. They are irresistible.
“Psychopaths have an on-going and excessive need for excitement & they long to live
in the fast lane or ‘on the edge," where the action is. In many cases, the action,
involves breaking the rules.”
Most of them, are always, larger than life figures, which fully endorses SJV's own
biography-"Sadhguru More than Life"!
“Most psychopaths begin to exhibit serious behavioural problems at an early age.”
Like being precocious, bratty, bully ringleader, Fist Fighter etc.” “Psychopaths
consider the rules and expectations of society inconvenient and unreasonable,
impediments to the behavioural expression of their inclinations and wishes.”
Sociopaths, have always existed, in varying form and to various degrees. They have
been known by various titles. They have been studied, using various techniques, and
through the years, their ailment has been blamed, on various causes. But one thing,
never varies: all sociopaths share three common characteristics. They are all very
egocentric individuals, with no empathy for others, and they are incapable of feeling
remorse or guilt and have a deceptive perception & outlook, of things!
While the psychopath, has likes and dislikes and fondness for the pleasures that

human company can bring, analysis shows, that he is completely egocentric, valuing
others, only for their enhancement of his own pleasure, or status. While he gives no
real love, he is quite capable of inspiring love, of sometimes fanatical degree in
He is, generally, superficially charming and often makes, a striking impression, as
possessed, of the noblest of human qualities. He makes friends easily, and is very
manipulative, using his ability with words, to talk his way, out of trouble. Many
psychopaths, love to be admired and bask, in the adulation of others.
With, the lack of love, there is also a lack of empathy. The psychopath, is unable to
feel sorry, for others, in unfortunate situations or put himself in another's place,
whether or not they have been harmed by him.
The only way to overcome the influence of psychopaths are to ruthlessly shun/avoid
them and completely act contrary to their teachings and to live life on one's own
terms with complete enjoyment !
--R.D. Hare (1993) Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths
Among Us. New York: Pocket Books.
To know the actual, precise, accurate qualities of sociopaths, like SJV, please

The last 2 links above perfectly describes SJV's traits and characteristics!
How, The False Guru-ship, Show Bottle, Spirituality Enterprise,
Operates As A Money Making Scheme?
In the early 1970's there was something called “Showing the Deity Business”! The
modus operandi was: A group of men, would simply dress, in the saffron colour
robe[Self ordained Sanyasa] thinking, that the ochre robe would guide them, on how
to be a Guru. This was the self-appointed guru’s party. They, would exploit the
sentimentality of gullible people, and seek donations, to build big and beautiful
temples, with a motive, to manipulate, and control the properties, and would show,
nice decorated deities in the temple, so that Hindu's, would come and put money on
the collection plate and box and these False Guru's, would later come, empty out the
temples and get money for their opulent life style and maintain themselves.
SJV is re-enacting the same thing again!
18-Simply erect a hindu form and declare it Dhyanalinga-A multi-religious temple.
Put on a nice, costly, designer, Guru uniform & robe with silk shawls. Wear a
diamond stud on the ears! Grow a beard! Crown yourself "Sadhguru" by wrapping a
Decorated Turban on the Head like a "Professional Snake Charmer" [which is what

SJV was 370 years ago as Bilva, Page 418 MM book] to cover your baldness, Gather
dude fanatical followers & declare that you are enlightened. Pretend that you are a
Jesus/Buddha/Shiva descended, to save humanity from catastrophe, when in reality
you are; A False Prophet! A False Pope! A wolf in sheep’s clothing! A
jackal/shark/draculla travelling, donning the garb of a sage, simply to rip/empty
people’s pockets/bank balances for your flamboyant lifestyle, and suck young people's
life energies, to get free slaves in the form of Isha teachers.
19- Then in order to build wealth & create empire, use very logical, creator given
parrot voice, and oratory skills to your advantage and spin false fairy tales [Mystics
Musings Book] all pre-written, pre-planned, pre-conceived, memorized as early as
1982 with cult members, like three past enlightened lifetimes, special human energy
consecration of the Dhyanalinga. Make claims of solidifying mercury at room
temperature, trapping of celestial beings, wife attaining Mahasamadhi and leaving
her body in deep meditation, healing a broken bone while healing oneself of asthma
at the same time, Returning from the Jaws of Death via King-Cobra snake bite in
naval and then somehow miraculously surviving all this after the consecration of the
Dhyanalinga. The Bigger the Lie, the more it will be accepted without question,
especially in higher, wealthy, affluent circles! As the old saying goes, keep repeating
the same lie often enough, till it becomes the truth.
20- Start teaching sahaja sthithi yoga by showing it as a science. Trap people, in the
name of volunteering, by breaking families, creating divorces. Make colourful fancy
names, like Isha, Inner Engineering, and Institute for Inner Sciences to make a Cult
Brand Image.
21-Out of False humanity, for the poor and suffering, with crocodile tears create
window dressed, sham charities in the name of Action for Rural Rejuvenation,
Project green hands, schools, mobile clinics etc in order to gain the sympathy of
program participants and garner donations without even sending the donors an
annual report or cash flow statement so that dubious activities of the cult like Fertile
agriculture land purchase from distressed sellers at throwaway prices, by declaring
them as barren and later selling them, at huge profit, as shivapadam housing
cottages. Construction of residential buildings, with heavy wood work [cutting trees]
inside reserved forest by corrupting govt machinery, playing high pitched music,
inside reserved forest during Maha Shivaratri which can disturb animal wild life,
can be hidden under the carpet.
Cult members become free teachers of the cults school, with No salary, No-medical
and still have to pay full fees, for their own children's education out of past savings,
while with donor’s money the False Guru's daughter attends the best of the schools
and art colleges.
When, resident volunteers, at the ashram, are asked to forego, weekly
dinner[Wednesday] to save money for the cult, why doesn't the False Guru's
daughter, study in his own school and save him money, which can be used for his
charities? To invoke, the deepest sympathies of people, in one video discourse, "Will

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhHVohhve7Q 00:05:32 mts] SJV spoke, that
Rural children in remotest villages of tamil-nadu walk 4 kms to school each way, to
save Rs 7/- in bus ticket, which they give to SJV, since this Rs 7/- matters so much
to SJV for his charities! Now compare this saving, with spendings of $ 266,000/- on
Helicopter, $ 80,000/- on Hummer, $ 36,500/- on Land-Rover!
I, placed a small request, in August-2010, to this Master, stating, that he had been
kind enough, to show me, who my actual Guru was[Refer My Blog Post
and if this Master would be kind enough, to award me a Spiritual Name, so that, I
can, do my spiritual practices with more ease. I also stated, that if he complied, with
my small request, I would give his foundation an annual donation of $ 250/- on
Janmashtami day. He has, read the request, but till date[16-Jul-2013] no reply, has
been received, from him. So reader's, can again see the truthfulness, in money saving
techniques of SJV & Isha Foundation.
22- Create, a cult musical group with cult members, doing music, even though, none,
has any back ground on music and brand it, "Sounds of Isha" so that, cult Ishaite’s
can keep spending their money, in buying dvd's/cd's and the False Guru, has created
another steady stream, of income, for his opulent life style and these were
condemned earlier.
23-Create vanaprastha ashram, at the yoga centre, for indian old couples to die
peacefully and sell each cottage for Rs 700,000/- for Indians and overpriced condos
for $ 60,000/- for Americans, by giving them, false promise of life long free food!
remember, SJV was/is an Astute Business Man! "A Businessman never gives
anything free".
24- Build, 5 Star health Spas and Isha life chains in Indian metro cities all managed
and run, by slave labour [Volunteers] so that fellow Ishaite’s, can keeping paying
money, for a feel good thing. After all, the money, is, in the family, right! Everybody's
money, is SJV's money; But the reverse is not possible! For grabbing others money,
time, energy, free-labor; "It is yoga or union or advaithic philosophy [Adi
Sankaracharya] of oneness of existence". For giving one's own [SJV's] money, time,
labour it becomes, separation or suddha dvaita philosophy or pure duality of
existence [Madhavacharya].When, SJV, charges Rs 100,000/per hour, for a private
discourse, at the house of industrialists, his Advaitha/Yoga evaporates!
25- Make, Isha travel company and offer overpriced [$ 4,445/- per person] annual
himalayan and kailash mansarovar yatras in order for enlightenment to hasten. Each
kailash yatra generates an annual $ 2,666,667/- for Isha and Isha gets all its visa
processing, travel, logistics, arranged and done via volunteers without spending a
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Y30qdmidgg on the couch with Koel' Part 1 'Headlines Today' - Isha Kailash sojourn; SJV says from 03:06 mts to 03:24 mts that
he will definitely take care of all pilgrims with full responsibility at personal risk to
him than to them. But we see, from 11:00 mts to 12:30 mts, that as altitude sickness
takes over the pilgrims, he washes his hands off, and people are fooled of his being a

shiva, sadhguru or God and he being available to them when needed. These people
would by now have come out of the Isha daze having wasted their money on a useless
26-When, point 1 to 25, is still not rendering results, start hobnobbing, with greedy
wealthy industrialists, snobbish page 3 celebrities and share the same stage with
corrupt-politicians in the name of spiritualizing them, when actually what the cult
leader wants, is their endorsement, publicity and their money for his jet setting life
style. And, this conveys that Isha is a Non-Political organization! And yet, these were
the same people, the False Guru condemned, in point # 5, as materialists and being
too thirsty for life!
"Now coming to the best part" !
The yogic temple Dhyanalinga has failed, The chakra activation yoga, is not yielding,
enough blissful beings and also backfiring for many, False charities and photos, of
poor rural people are not yielding enough dollars, Sounds of Isha has become just
another old thing. How to keep the interest alive and keep the steady flow of dollars?
Use the American way of constant-innovation!
27-Move to West/USA and hook ignorant, naive, upper middle class americans and
offer mass enlightenment, kundalini awakening techniques by constructing, another
1700 acre ashram, all built with slave labour/donations in Tennessee, with Mahima
Dome[Where did SJV's compassion for the poor & downtrodden in India and money
saving go when millions of $ was being spent on this dome?] and special sleeping
corridors/places. Conduct 90 days Anaadhi program by charging $ 50 per day. This
one program raked in about $ 900,000/- for Isha USA and labour was free because
of all work done by mesmerized volunteers.
Make false claims, that one's kundalini, will awaken according to the proportion, of
dollars one can pay. From muladhara to swadhistana for $100, to manipuraka $150,
anahata for $200, vishudi for $300, ajna for $400 and for the highest, sahasra for
$450. Start selling, time sharing at the USA Ashram for $ 40,000/-.
This, has been added, on 02-Nov-2011, after receiving fresh information, that SJV,
in order to collect funds from participants for the construction of new buildings,
swimming pools, at the Tennessee Ashram, auctioned his shawl, which he had worn,
during the BSP program for $ 100,000/- to an Indian women, the second shawl for
$ 15,000/-, and one shawl, was given for free to a Hispanic Businessman from San
Diego who failed to get the 1st shawl for $ 80,000/-. This was only, because this man,
agreed to arrange for SJV's programs in future at San Diego.
Reader's, can themselves decide, whether Isha Foundation, both in India/USA is a
Non-Profit, or a hugely profitable, commercial organization masquerading, as a
tax-exempt charity, all running under, slave labour of mesmerized volunteers, with
no transparent accounting policies or online accounts published till date!
If Kundalini awakens, it is because of SJV, if it does not, then the fault lies on the
participant. He/She was not intense enough, or their ego was too much and then
there is no warranty or refund clause. Everything, in Isha, is only a experiential
possibility, nothing is a surety!

28-SJV, repeatedly said, on many occasions that "Samyama" would be taught only in
India. Now, the same person is arranging that in Tennessee for $ 2000/-. Create,
samyama sadhana rejuvenation programs by charging Rs 3000/-, build a feminish
companion occult temple for the lonely dhyanlinga by consecrating a stone & name it
goddess Linga Bhairavi [It is truly amazing that SJV’s gods can become lonely and
need feminine company but for human’s divorcing and abandoning their spouses
and families was the only means for enlightenment]!
29-Offer, visitor seats at linga bhairavi consecration for $22,500/-. Sell energized
idols of the goddess and set for $ 100 as previously guru pooja training and guru
pooja set failed for $ 48 and did not rake in enough dollars.
30-Demand donation, of $ 47 per sq/ft, for constructing 500,000 sq feet of adi-yogi
temple complex in velliangiri reserve forest, which can completely destroy the
Nilagiri Natural Ecology of this sacred place considering the effects of increased
levels of luminosity, sound, particulate matter, sewage, construction waste, general
garbage, increased vehicular traffic etc on the animal and plant life in the biosphere.
Such factors, profoundly affect animal and plant behaviour, pollination patterns,
amongst a host of many other effects. All the above factors, are going to increase
manifold, during the construction phase, and once the complex, is fully functional
and becomes a Concrete Jungle. And this tells us about; SJV’s concerns for the
environment with his project green hands, massive tree plantation in tamil nadu and
as an indira gandhi national award winning environmentalist.
And Now The Last Thing!
31-All the above, has failed to create, the chamundi hills experience and mass
enlightened blissful, living beings on this planet. So now with a sense, of false guilt,
gloom and sadness, the False Guru feels that he needs to shower his false
compassion, on the dying. The False master, in a mass sathsang, in Chennai,
declares, that, he is going to motivate and energize, another set of slaves, so that
people on their death bed, can have a peaceful after life [Kala Bhairava Karma] for
their souls, as if such things, are in scarcity in this world. All those, who shed their
bodies, before SJV, so mercifully appeared on this planet, or even one moment,
before his announcement, in a country of 1.25 billion people, never got palanquin
bearers/hearse vehicles, to take their bodies, to the cremation ground and, get a
proper burial/cremation ceremony from priests, from their loved ones, and this
work, needs to be taken up, by SJV and his cult.
So, like I said, from point # 1-17, 18-31, The goal of SJV and Isha, is to capitalize and
convert, everything, into a dollar making business, so that SJV, can simply lead a
King's life for himself and leave a huge legacy, for his daughter and family members
and his inner circle of devotees, to retire, at the Tennessee, USA Ashram, with a huge
corpus, built at the sweat of slave labour of others.
SJV knows, that after he leaves this planet, all his eye-wash, charitable activities and
schemes will collapse for want of charismatic leadership like himself or infighting
amongst his disciples and sanyasis [Already a Blood Bath was averted in 2012], so
that is why, for each and everything, Isha is talking money and he is raking in the
dough when he has time on his hands. A recent example[Jan-2010] of cheating and
money making, by the Isha Foundation came in light, in the form of opening of False

Face Book accounts, to garner $ 1 million of chase community's Face Book prize
When, there are spiritual organizations http://dlshq.org conducting 2 months
yoga-vedanta course free in their ashram with food, boarding, lodging, isn't Isha and
SJV all about money, when someone is being asked to pay $ 150 for BSP
volunteering for 3 days in the Tennessee Ashram. Would, anyone pay Rs 6900/- for
the same in India? Suppose none pays and comes forward after reading this, then
how does SJV run his business in McMinnville, Tennessee? To bring, this kind of
thinking in people, I am typing this!
In my opinion, Isha and SJV are just a trick and game being played, on ignorant,
naive, upper middle class Americans in order to siphon off their hard earned dollars
to Isha, so that SJV's "False Guru Corporation Isha" in India can keep going.
There is NIL spiritual benefit, being derived by anybody from the Isha programs.
Since people have gotten in, they are simply mesmerized & over-hyping that Isha
works, works, and works when we know it does not to the extent [works 50%] it is
propagated, marketed and sold. Any other Free Yoga Program works equally well if
not better. Norton Antivirus for Rs 750/- Vs Avast Free Antivirus.
over-hyping, blaspheming & ridiculing others faith, are my biggest
concerns, with SJV and Isha Foundation, which made be write this post.
SJV, used to tell his followers, that, he had made a huge sacrifice, for humanity,
having descended down from "His Peaks of Life" so that people, could be benefited
by his Isha Yoga. So, he wanted more and more people, to come and attend his
programs and spread Isha Yoga. So, what was needed, is action, to make that
happen, from slave volunteers with an intense sense, of urgency to spread his
teachings. At the same time he quoted that; " He was not a person, inspired to do
anything, in life and Isha Foundation had come more out of legal compulsions than
any real inspiration, and he was not attached to all this and it did not mean any
damn thing to him." This one statement of his, made many volunteers leave him
Since, SJV has experienced the "Highest Truth" as "Void" and "No-Mind" and
quoted that "Both men and gods were made in this void" then the Void has no
ambition whatsoever. The animal mind may want its disciples to "take over the
whole world," but the Void does not care because it is beyond any motivation. The
Void is infinity and beyond human desire, so how can that which is beyond the
human mind have human ambitions?
In many discourses SJV repeats, that modern science has proved it beyond doubt
that this creation is completely False an Illusion. So if the creation is False An
Illusion, “Why would he want to descend to a gross material level and take interest in
"earthly concerns" like rural schools, mobile health clinics, project green hands, ARR,

Adi-Yogi temple complex etc?
SJV, has stated, that he is constantly, in a state of bliss which is permanent. He said,
that he could, just stay in his room by himself, for the rest of his life and be just as
blissful as being in the world with people. He said he had no need of interaction with
other people and that he would be exploding in bliss all by himself and even ridiculed
others saying that "All others were doing compulsive activity in order to seek inner
fulfilment, trying to expand via the "physical" than "spiritual" because of which this
planet's life was even at stake". This prophecy of doom which was made in 2001, is
still being repeated[August 2011] to make cash and recruit slaves, that, if people do
not take things in their own hands this planet will not last for another 10 years. He
also said, at one sathsang, a few years later, that he could create other people,
hundreds, thousands, as many as he wished, from within himself to interact with
and entertain him if he wanted to.
The way Isha has expanded since 1992, through the "physical" can anybody really
accept that SJV is not attached to expanding his empire and is working without any
inspiration, motivations, ambitions whatsoever ? Either it is inner insufficiency, or
he is definitely after wealth, fame, ambitions, and pursuit of power which again
raises ????? about his enlightenment !
Keeping the above in mind, why not he opens himself, to a fair investigation for his
wife's death and face trial. If he wins, the matter is laid to rest, once and for all; if he
goes to jail for the rest of his life; He can remain blissful; by himself in his jail cell! So
again no problem!
And, let’s say he gets convicted and he’s given the death penalty –What’s his problem
with that? His own saying from his book "Midnights with the Mystic" applies here
that "Death is a Fiction" & "There is no such thing as Death"; "It is life and life only
moving from one dimension to another". He says he has a very difficult time staying
in the body now with his current life, so, if he gets the death penalty, others can be
saved the trouble of doing spiritual practices for him, and he can just surprise the
"Executioner" and leave (drop the body) before his execution. He doesn't have to be
concerned with maintaining the body any more. He was supposed to have dropped
the body after the Dhyanalinga consecration anyway.
SJV says, he has command of the entire creation through his ring finger. With that
kind of power, with command over the very existence itself, why does he need a
helicopter? Why does he need a Jet? Why does he need any means of transportation
at all? Why does he need slave volunteers to run his business? In the Upanishads it is
said; "That by mere will "Brahman" is able to project the entire cosmos and can
wind it within itself, if it wants".
So SJV, could simply sit, in his gravity free easy chair, at his air-conditioned
bungalow in his ashram and by mere stroking of his beard, he could simply create, as
many, of himself, as he likes, and then bi-locate, each one of himself, and, in this
way, accomplish his "mission" without polluting, the environment with plane,
helicopter, or automobile emissions. Bi-location would eliminate all obstacles,
including time delays or even getting lost on the way to the venue. He could do an
infinite number of programs simultaneously. Or, if that process is too much trouble,
he could just manipulate the entire creation with his ring finger. He could recreate

the creation the way he thinks is best. I heard him say he could "open up the entire
creation" with his ring finger during a sathsang. So, why all the need, for Isha
corporation and the volunteer stuff etc. Either create as many of himself as needed
and dispense with the need for volunteers, or, do the ring finger thing and finish the
matter to his liking.
I have listened to one of SJV’s talks where he sarcastically makes some remarks on
“puranas” even though he clarifies that he does not want to demean or ridicule the
vedas or the ancient texts. What is the need of it? Why does he keep ridiculing the
beliefs of others? In one of his interviews with koffee with Anu
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG6yyWsU0kE&feature=related 04:42 to 04:52
mts he made some comment on “Adam and Eve” being a dumb couple, and they got
enlightened by a snake, but still the westerners dread/hate snakes. Again in
encounter the enlightened book, he said, that only 16% of the "Bible" is truth, rest of
it is distorted.
Going by his words, he is the one, who is creating a clash between faiths.
This comment, was unwarranted and made with publicity intention.
Why is SJV, so averse to acknowledging what is established truth? Where is the need
to claim that his ways are not related to any religious scriptures? Where is the need
for such an extensive cloak to "prove" that his teachings are scientific and "He is a
spiritual master with a difference", only to then mislead people and make them
do bizarre things just because in the meantime he has convinced them that he is a
mystic whose ways should not be questioned! When he makes his 'volunteers' chant
“Om Namo Bhagavata Vasudevaya”, it is clearly a Hindu chant, and a Hindu
deity [Lord Vasudeva-Krishna] that is being invoked. Why this subterfuge? Why
not plainly acknowledge that he is borrowing heavily from the Hindu
scriptures, and his organization is nothing but a Hindu-cult propagating
Shaivism & Shaktism ? Just let him be honest with it !
Cleverly Isha has alternate definitions for each & everything. Shiva is not God. But he
is Adi Yogi. What is the difference, when both signify creator & source of creation? It
begs for the question how does it differ if other religious organizations like ISKCON
openly say that “Krishna” is God? Scripture is the proof ! At least they are
transparent and straightforward!
If one asks SJV, what is his concept of God, he counter asks the questioner; “From
where did he get this idea that there is something like God”? I am asking; "From
where did SJV get this idea that shiva is the adi yogi?" "Did, shiva send SJV, a text
sms from Sivaloka [Mount Kailash]?"
Isha, clearly rides and masks comfortably between 2 horses. "Religion &
Spirituality" + "Belief & Science". First of all why claim "this is not a Religion?",
"this is not a Belief"? Saying religion probably will not have any questions - but
please understand - when you say "No-Religion” and Science the organization should
have patience to explain each & every question raised. Else do not brand as
Other thing is masking & basking under the name "science". The name "spiritual
organization" it is perfect. But the moment when you utter the word "science", it

again invites a whole world of questions, because science is questioning. At that
moment one cannot go and hide under "mysticism". Stick to either one of the
definition - NOT BOTH! But, how can SJV claim mysticism to escape from charges
of his alleged murder of his wife and his claim that she took Maha Samadhi?
When SJV claims, that Isha Yoga is transmitted scientifically and not as a religious
belief system, then science will demand proofs. Since he also claimed, that the energy
form of the dhyanalinga, cannot be destroyed, even if the entire planet is destroyed,
then why not simply, cut-open the dhyanalinga and show an international
congregation of physicists/chemists, where the solidified mercury at room
temperature is?
SJV had, himself acknowledged, that, despite, other's doing spiritual practices for
him and encasing his right foot in a copper ring with wi-fi thread antenna, and he
repairing his nadis, he has only recovered 75%. His pulse and heart rate were still
very low in the range of 38-40.
So why not brave his naval & demonstrate in public, and heal his remaining 25%
ill-health, & stabilize his, abnormal heartbeat and pulse by taking another celestial
snake bite in naval? Since SJV, has perfected the art of snake charming and has 3
past life times of experience as a " Professional Snake Charmer", this time he could
blow/play his "Bag-Piper" and even invite, the multi-hooded celestial serpent
"Anantha Sesha" which resides in "Vaikuntha" [spiritual world] on which Lord
Vishnu relaxes and ask it to bite & cure him, and capture the same on video film to
be uploaded later on you-tube by his devotees! SJV, has already missed, the 1st
opportunity, to make money, by this in 1997. Now, here is again, a golden
opportunity, to make millions of dollars.
The story of SJV, getting healed by a Celestial King Cobra Bite again is False. With
respect to the above para, please see this link:
Now observe, with how much caution, protection, and with tongs, he is handling the
King Cobra. He could have easily, proved the above, by kissing the snake, or by
braving his naval, in front of everyone, but he didn't.
Why not show how a fractured ankle bone can be healed in 10mts along with healing
asthma in one hour? Both these discoveries would eliminate the need for doctors and
prove the entire medical science wrong!
Imagine the shock the scientist observers will receive when they see irrefutable proof
of the divine solid mercury at room temperature - the laws of chemistry and physics
having been suspended by SJV's grace. Once the existence of solid mercury at room
temperature is scientifically prove to all the world, no one, not even me, would deny
that SJV is a superhuman avatar. Indeed, the world will all follow him as the one
true sadhguru. I eagerly await this demonstration and final ultimate proof of
sadhguru's power. SJV and Isha Foundation could even win a nobel prize for this!
If SJV cannot prove, then say it is “False”/ "Belief" What is the problem? I will accept

it! The problem is SJV wants to warm himself in everything that both the definitions
have to offer. Why is there a STRONG sense of right & wrong in Isha? "Belief is
wrong”; “Religion is wrong”; “Religion is Arrogance"; "Only seeking is Right" "Isha is
not for Believers, it is for seekers".
I am asking Here; "Did SJV seek, medical proofs, like DNA test report, to accept that
Radhe was his daughter? Didn't he simply "Believe" and accept the word of his wife
on "Faith."
It is not the question of right or wrong with any entity. It is how one applies it
rationally & with sense. Applying any definition beyond a point & beyond any sense
is very dangerous by itself. Most of the problems, in this world, are between fanatics,
who do not accept/honor others’ beliefs. If faith without experience is always
"DANGEROUS", experience without faith is "IMPOSSIBLE"!
After reading the above paragraph, A chemical engineer of IIT New Delhi, India
having experience of over 25 years in resins, pigments, and who worked with united
nations on an environment program aiming at reduction of mercury usage said that
SJV's centre in coimbatore has mercury based idols and according to them it gives
them better spiritual enhancement. There are many such units in India,which are
playing with mercury for such unscientific and barbaric acts. Also some stories have
appeared from the India Ashram that the rasalinga at the teerthakund is beginning
to chip and flake and is no longer smooth and exposing red oxidized mercury. So
much, for SJV's False claims, of solidified mercury at room temperature. So, before
taking a dip, be careful, as mercury, is a highly hazardous substance, capable of
causing severe brain damage.
Refer video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xetgTCzXkt8
How could a so-called enlightened master after
29 years of his
enlightenment ignore the Bhagavad-Gita, Upanishads even once in his
I quote from his Book "Encounter the Enlightened" pp # 42 "Now you have brought
Krishna in. First of all, before we bring in Krishna, we need to come to
understanding, of who Krishna was. I want you to understand that Krishna does not
fit into the logical dimensions of your life. You built temples for Krishna, that's easy.
You worship Krishna. That's also easy. You sing songs in praise of Krishna. That's
always very easy. If Krishna was available now he would make all our lives very
uncomfortable. Your mother would chase him, your daughter would want to dance
with him, so you will persecute him and hound him out of the place." You can never
accept and worship a man like Krishna if he entered your neighbourhood now. So
your worship is False."
His 2nd quote; "When Krishna spoke, the Bhagavad-Gita, to Arjuna, over 5000 years,
did Arjuna have a tape-recorder to record it? Are we hearing, the same
Bhagavad-Gita, as it was actually spoken, by Krishna now? In, all these years,
Krishna's Bhagavad-Gita, could have been distorted, so much, just as school text
books are changed, before elections in India!
His 3rd quote; "Rama Rajya, I never want for India! Why don't people see, as to, how

much trouble Rama and his associates, underwent, in their own life. I am asking all
the women present before me; Do anyone of you, want a man like Rama as Husband,
so that, you have to spend 14 years, in Forest, to be kidnapped by Ravana, and then
give proof of your chastity repeatedly, and have your own sons fight their father".
The above comment, was deliberately made, to shake people's faith, in their own
Gods/Religions/Beliefs during Ramar Setu controversy in 2007, when SJV shared
the stage, with the state's, then Chief Minister.
Let us assume, for a moment, that SJV's inner clarity and knowing, is even
crystallized and clearer, than what has been experienced, by past sages who wrote
the Upanishads or even what Lord Krishna spoke in the Bhagavad-Gita. Even then,
at least to guide, less intelligent, conditioned beings, like me, wouldn't he even buy a
Good English compilation of Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, Vedanta Sutra, & go
through the ancient texts, at least, once in his life, so that if he finds something new
he can tell us and cross check/verify his knowing with that of the scriptures!
I quote from one of his interviews to Ms Arundhati Subramanium published in
Man's world magazine Nov-2005.
He states "All this scriptures, in India, we never know, who the hell wrote them and
so, I have not bothered to read them. They were written, by imperfect people, who
were hugely prejudiced in terms of caste, even their basic humanity did not function.
Such a scripture has no relevance for me."
This statement, indicates, so much prejudice, towards the scriptures, tradition and
SJV's ego, by a self-proclaimed enlightened being, who is asking everyone, in his
programs, to accept everybody else, as truly themselves and claims to have Advaithic
[oneness] experience.
SJV is indirectly accusing, Srila Vyasa Deva, who compiled 18 chapters of
"Bhagavad-Gita", 100,000 verses of "Mahabharata" 18,000 verses of
"Srimad-Bhagavatam" & 555 verses of Vedanta Sutra as an imperfect, caste
prejudiced, human being. But, to mint money for his cult, the same Srila Vyasa Deva
& caste prejudiced saints & sages are being worshipped annually, during Guru
Poornima at Isha and same vyasa/guru pooja is being taught for $ 48. Please refer to
point # 3 in the beginning.
Yet within a month of the above statements being said this bogus guru who has
never read Bhagavad-Gita gets a spiritual walky talky direct communication from
Lord Krishna from goloka or celestial vrindavan to conduct Krishna-Leela programs
in Dec-2005.
If SJV is following Demi-God Shiva, shaivism, shaktism and buddhism [nothingness]
which is totally opposite of what Krishna said, is he qualified to talk on what Krishna
did in his life and what Krishna is saying in the Gita? Is SJV, a “Sarva Bhauma”
[PhD] in the philosophy of Krishna consciousness? Is SJV a devotee of Krishna? Has
SJV seen Sri Krishna Face To Face & accepted Krishna as the supreme truth and
surrendered to Krishna? Does SJV even know which commentary of the Gita has to

be read? There are over 600 commentaries! Can SJV, even explain, the meaning of
one verse of the Gita?
SJV again contradicts himself; He quoted "That the fight is between one man's
beliefs versus other man's belief." Since SJV is a shaivaite and has open prejudice
towards Lord Krishna who was a vaishnava God and all "shaivas" are the enemies of
"vaishnavas"[His statement in inner-engineering] why is, SJV talking about things,
which are not in his own experience? Isn't he lying to himself and to others?
Why doesn't SJV, have the basic honesty, to admit, that whatever he knows, he know
& whatever he does not know, he does not know [since no one guru can answer all
questions of a seeker]? If I do not know, at least let me guide others in seeking other
specialists than misguiding them? Yet he again milk's cash by conducting
Krishna-Leela programs by offering them for $ 100 and sell dvd's for $ 45 with
incomplete/incorrect knowledge.
Kindly note, SJV conducted "Mahabharata" special program in February-2012
which again solicited heavy donations from people. At this moment the cast
prejudiced/imperfect human being, Srila Vyasa Deva and his epic "Mahabharata",
became a cash cow/money spinner for Isha Foundation!
I very clearly, remember, having heard on world space satellite radio, that in the
early years, of Isha, when SJV went to preach, if someone, had already read the
Bhagavad-Gita, he would be much disappointed, because he knew, his False talks,
would never work on a person, who had read the correct commentary, of
Bhagavad-Gita. He would ridicule people saying; "That anybody who has read the
second chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita, think that they are spiritual. We find such
people even today. There is nothing spiritual in one reading a book." This is, as if,
reading & understanding, all the 18 chapters, of the Bhagavad-Gita was so easy, a
child’s play, meant for everybody!
Now the same SJV is quoting in his blogs that Lord Krishna was asked about the
nature of the absolute truth as if SJV was present during Lord Krishna's time 5237
years ago.
If you see the Krishna Leela program dvd, when he read one translated verse of
Bhagavad-Gita, with how much distaste and discomfort he spoke as if reading the
BG was giving him some electric shock. He even discouraged people from reading
the Bhagavad-Gita completely, because he knew if they did, his Guru Hoax would be
completely exposed. This completely indicated his ego and he trying to portray
himself as god for his dud followers. This is the reason he has put a blanket ban on
reading anything in the ashram !
And despite the above, he concluded the Krishna-Leela program, stating that, if we
would, take up, three things in life and do it playfully, he would handle the ultimate
truth for us. Despite so much efforts in satsangs, SJV still cannot answer a simple
question, as to who the creator or what the ultimate truth is, because he himself does
not know!

If SJV's clarity, and inner knowing, is even clearer than, what Lord Krishna stated in
the Bhagavad-Gita, then why doesn't he, simply give everyone divine eye, sight and
show us the entire cosmos, in one place, as showed by Lord Krishna, to Arjuna in the
11th chapter of the Bhagavad-Gita?
SJV, is truly envious of Lord Sri Krishna. The problem is not with False Guru's or
Genuine Guru's. When Rogues like SJV, Mask & Pose as genuine spiritual masters,
they are the most dangerous elements in human society. Because there is no religious
governance, they escape punishment by the law of state by singing their False
Enlightenment stories, Influencing Political Leaders, Money and Muscle Power. They
cannot however escape the Law of the Supreme, who has clearly declared in the
Bhagavad-Gita that envious demons in the garb of Sadhguru’s shall be thrown into
the darkest regions of Hell. Sri Isopanishad confirms that these pseudo-religionists
are heading towards the most obnoxious place in the universe after the completion
of their "Spiritual Master Business", which they conduct simply for sense
gratification. So many demons in the past similar to SJV, like sandal wood smuggler
veerappan from mysore [SJV’s home town] Karnataka State, India made the same
mistake and were killed by Krishna.
I came across an article on the Internet that his 11 group companies under Isha
Business have a turnover of Rs 1 Billion.
And his dud-followers in the form of swami's/maa are working in his ashram like
mules for over 20 hours a day for just getting two meals. The mules have even
forgotten that if they run away from their master they can get green grass and 2
meals anywhere.
These asses, swami's/maa’s have no brains to realize, that once they go past their
youth and become useless to SJV and Isha they would simply be kicked out and left
in the wilderness with no old age security and new asses would simply replace them.
Could SJV, save the 2 volunteers, who met with an accident and died of broken
skulls, during volunteering in the anandha alai program in tamil nadu in 2008?
What about another meditator, whose body was found near the McMinnville
Tennessee, Ashram? Two of his closest volunteers, a husband wife couple, fell from a
rock and drowned in the Ganges in 2008.
Refer http://life-after-joining-ishayoga.blogspot.com/2008_07_01_archive.html
There were 2 girls who committed suicide in 2002/2004 at the India ashram who
were doing his Isha Yoga, surrounded by the Divine. What could be the reason for
yoga practitioners to commit suicide since Isha yoga claims to make one blissful all
day long, life long? Blissful people committing suicide seems odd to me!
SJV acknowledged these deaths, coldly, stating; "If we have done, whatever we
wanted to do, for them, then we continue to live joyously, right? We don’t have to let
sadness affect us because they have passed away. We can be joyful and happy when
our conscience is clear”. Just see, how much concern SJV has for the welfare of his

Even before, the swami’s/maa’s reach old age, If they become invalid, SJV would ask
them to take a king cobra snake bite in the naval, as it would cure them, and they
would [brainwashed] and when they die by observing their breath, like SJV did 370
years ago, in his previous birth as Bilva, It would be termed another mahasamadhi
like Vijji's.
These asses, swami/maa's are simply kept under control by the false poetry of their
false master which unfortunately the asses can never comprehend in the promise of
Those monks [swami's/maa's] who saw the red flags as stated above, when wanted to
leave, were threatened with dire consequences, that they would be creating a
negative energy, back-lash situation for themselves and for others. Don't even think
of leaving the ashram...you will NEVER leave...you will Die here was conveyed to
them. I discovered that numerous ones before had in fact left, usually under cover of
darkness, covertly.
In the early 2000, "Brahmacharya" took a minimum 4 years to achieve at Isha. Now
depending upon the man-power requirement at the Ashram this has been reduced to
one year. Graduating as a teacher at "Isha" has become like producing a car in the
assembly line in 72 days.
At this point, I would like to mention, reported ashram behaviours, by psychologist,
Dr Philip Zimbardo in his classic prison study, as presented in the “Gurus and
Prisoners” chapter, in the book “Stripping The Gurus” downloadable free from;
http://www.pdf-archive.com/2011/05/24/traumatic-abuse-in-cults/ which readers
would be well advised to read after reading this post.
Refer: http://priyankawriting.com/2009/10/my-life-isha-yoga-center.html
After reading Ms Priyanka Dalal's, Isha Victim's Spouse's experience,& the suicide of
2 young girls, it can be aptly put, that Isha Ashram is not an Ashram, but just
another, Nazi Forced Labour/Extermination/Death Camp operated in World War-II
at Auschwitz-Birkenau Poland, Sobibor, Chelmno, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Dachau
by the Nazi's.
I am summing up till Now SJV's Distorted Teachings:
In the early 1980’s, JV gathered, 7 dude followers, after conducting his 1st program
using BMW motorcycle. With them, he drafted, scripted, & memorized the stories,
which he would later weave/spin to establish Isha Foundation. In 1984, he married
Vijji, only to use and dump her, for the Dhyanalinga consecration! In 1986 JV
transformed into a Bearded Sadhguru. In 1990 he became a father. In 1992 SJV
started, with trying to make people, solve their health related problems & lead a
stress free, more energetic life via Sahaja Sthithi Yoga[8 & 13 day programs]. In
1997, Vijji supposedly attained Mahasamadhi! After this SJV managed to somehow
consecrate the Dhyanalinga on 24-June-1999 with the Divine Consort! Even though
he aged by 30 years & was supposed to leave his body on 25-June-1999, he evaded
the law enforcement & spent 7 months on the death bed, duping the Hindu death
God Yama, tossing and turning, stroking his beard, tongue out, rolling his eye balls

up & down[The blogger is laughing as he imagines this in his mind’s eye] and was
visited by a celestial snake, from Lord Shiva’s abode kailash, which bit him in the
navel and gave him, new lease of life, for further 11 years, till 31-Jan-2010, to
consecrate the linga bhairavi temple, as a safeguard to the Dhyanalinga and perform
Shiva Thandavam Nritya!
With the above stories, SJV managed, to get free labour/volunteers, patronage &
donations of Right Wing Industrialists, to expand the Isha Cult in the following ways
Spirituality & Yoga was used as a tool for different purposes with
different people.
1-Those who were, on the path, of pure Faith, in tradition like Krishna
Consciousness, Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-Gita and were visiting temples,
hearing discourses were not spiritual. SJV, with his logic destroyed their faith/belief
and ridiculed them. For SJV, tradition+philosophy+contentment+scriptural study
and spirituality were poles apart & scorned at. Hindu Gods like Rama, Krishna and
their Temples and those who visited them were made fun off.
2-Because of the above, people like myself, thought, something more was being
offered via Kriya Yoga, and so ventured for Isha Yoga. Then shambhavi happened
which was quite good. Then BSP! At BSP one had to undergo immense agony &
break one's body for 3 days, to hear the same "Hare Krishna Mahamantra" from
SJV, which I had been doing so since the beginning and this was spiritual and the
above was contradicted.
3-BSP was supposed to have created, vairagya in people & to make them, renounce
the world and turning inward. Look inside for peace was conveyed. Young people,
except SJV's daughter, were urged to renounce everything and become monks & full
time teachers. Living in the ashram was compulsory for enlightenment!
4-For another, Isha yoga was used to overcome, compulsive activity, to sit quietly &
save this planet from destruction in ten years.
5-But at the same time, those who had taken up spirituality, and had already
overcome compulsive activity, via philosophy, because they were against the concept
of life, or understood the depth of human suffering and were cursing their own birth
every day, and holding banana work of others, as the only act responsible, for their
own sufferings and the cause of creation, or to devote their whole life in
understanding the creator by studying scriptures, were not spiritual and were
labelled as lethargic. Such people, were contented, avoiding life & all the physical
work that life involved. They had no right, to remain alive and they should have
dropped dead.
6-Then as Isha, expanded, activity became a norm for 20 hrs a day. And so Yoga,
was used, to make, one outward bound and look at world suffering and solve world
problems. Only slaving for 20 hrs a day for 2 meals, at the ashram could be labelled
as spiritual. All those, who became SJV's monks, were they supreme personalities of
divinity, who without contentment, in their lives, gave up lucrative jobs, comforts,
money to slave it out for Isha?

7-Then, those who went to the ashram seeking SJV, for curing their asthma,
spirituality/yoga was used, to turn their sound mind & healthy bodies, into
depressed nervous wrecks & skeletons, without their consent, but SJV was enjoying,
almonds, cashew nuts, figs, dates, honey, with folgers coffee for himself in 5 star
8-Again, spirituality, became a great empowerment for SJV, in enjoying the
physicality and material aspects of life, like diamond studs, branded robes, giani
versace sun glasses costing Rs 9000/-, horse riding, formula 1 car racing, helicopter
flying, imported SUV travel and mixing with the Rich & Famous.
9-Then, SJV used yoga+spirituality, to convey & control human population, stating
that, producing a child, was a crime for others, but for SJV, it was a necessity. Did
SJV question this very fact and ask his parents, as to why they got married, did
Banana Work and produce him and three other children? Never! SJV appearing here
was for a Divine Mission on his own will!
As his daughter is of marriageable age now, would SJV preach the same philosophy,
of excess human population to her, if she decides to opt for motherhood or suggest to
his Future Son-In-Law to undergo a Vasectomy before marriage to control human
population? Would he smilingly, give up the chance of him becoming a Grand
Then, it was pure buddhism/nothingness, No-God which ridiculed all philosophies,
scriptures & SJV defeated the concept of self/soul/atma via Logic. Simultaneously
SJV participated and conducted the marriage ceremony of Lord Krishna with Tulasi
Devi in Tamil Nadu!
10-Even though temple visits, would never make one spiritual, SJV erected one
temple and an entire complex, for his own Adi Yogi and asked everyone to visit them
and made millions of $ through the consecration process. Then he said, that "I am
not interested in making people to go to heaven, because you will again be miserable
by missing hell". Buddha never wanted to go to heaven, He had made himself, in
such a way, that he could not suffer anywhere, so we should all try to emulate the
11-Then he accepted, the concept of individual self/soul and used to talk about,
self-annihilation, only mukti was the goal of human life. Then, when there were no
takers for his offered "mukthi" he accepted these ridiculed gods/sages and made
money by conducting programs from their teachings. But, because of his past
ridicule, these Gods became angry with SJV, and did not cater to the material
well-being of his followers, so "occult linga bhairavi feminine goddess temple" was
erected, to cater to the "material" needs of the people and more $ was made. The
same logical SJV who ridiculed deity worship of others, stating that, no Yagas or
Yagnas can save India from calamities, is conducting the same worship, with rituals,
fire, invocations for Linga Bhairavi now !
12-Then, it was conveyed, that the creation was false, but still, he blended the
spiritual, with the social activities like rural schools, ARR, green hands etc which
acted as Kordech [Front end] to raise easy cash for his opulent lifestyle!
13-Very recently in Face Book Nov-2011, SJV is talking, about all of us being spiritual

beings, encased in the material world so sadhana is done to go to the other world.
Now, after the burden of 1800 leeches, in the ashram, and the bear trap of social
projects, has become unbearable for him, and there is no hope of any population
reduction, he is saying that "We being married & having children is not a crime" and
one does not have to leave their families and join an ashram, but exclusion and
insulating oneself from others is ! Then, he is again, reminding us, that we are
heading slowly towards the grave. But again, every act of his & Isha, is done for
human well-being, so that, one reaches his/her fullest potential, and for us, to
become rooted in life here, and to make more money for his "Bear Trap" "False Guru
Projects", Isha has started selling ayurvedic products, ashwagandha tablets, ginseng,
incense, soaps, shampoos, sambhar powder and allied stuff.
Then the due date of SJV, leaving his body, within 2 years, of Linga Bhairavi
Consecration i.e. 31-Jan-2012 approached. Again he duped/evaded Lord Yama and
survived this and erected a entire complex for the Adi-Yogi ! And now the call, for
fresh donations, for attending Aadhi yogi temple complex consecration on 23 &
24-Dec-2011 is announced. Rs 25000/- 10,000/- 2000/- 1000/-. After the
Adi-Yogi Complex consecration, SJV did not fix any future, body
shedding exit dates and became smart! This is False Sadhguru's Mantra!
The above may kindly be read and compared with point # 17.
In any, average person's life, the 1st 25 yrs, are spent in education. The 2nd 35 yrs in
career, job, family. Balance left 15 yrs for spirituality. Even if, a person, starts
spirituality, directly, say at 20 years of age, can this be wasted, with mental
speculators, Gas Lighters, Laboratory experimenters, like SJV, who themselves, have
no clear concept of the creator and are contradicting themselves each moment ? In
Walter Burke's words; May be yes! May be no! Who knows? Only the shadow
knows ! and still claiming, that they are the only "Guru" and way towards one's
liberation offering the highest level of spirituality! At the same time, if someone,
from child-hood believes in tradition, temples, scriptures and knows who the creator
is via past writings of sages/saints or any religion, that medium is no good at all !
At this point, I am overwhelmed, by SJV's lies/False Hood and laughing
heartily, sarcastically!
So for Enlightenment, Liberation, Mukthi for the Masses;
A Dhyanalinga even though a Hindu, but falsely declared as a Multi-Religious
Temple is needed,
Branded Isha Yoga is needed,
3/7 day Inner Engineering is needed for the foundation to be laid for later
mind/intelligence control. In this program, when SJV teaches himself, Isha charges
different rates for different rows of the participants in the same program. Rs
10,000/- for the 1st & Rs 3000/- for the last in India, even though for this
enlightened Guru, physical distances have no meaning. For metro cities and in USA
the cost would be much higher.

Bhava Spandana Program, which can make one completely mesmerized and give up
his/her family, wealth, and job to the Isha Cult and become a monk of SJV is needed,
Hata Yoga & Shoonya Meditation is a pre-requisite in order for one to surrender
their Ego/Mind/Intelligence/Rational Thinking to this False Guru,
Then 8 day Samyama silence program with rented orange robes is needed for
balance mind/intelligence takeover to happen,
Slave Labour in the form of volunteering is needed, even though how much selfless
work SJV himself has done for others is a question? I always felt as to "How
rendering free service/labour to Isha as Plumbers, Writers, Accountants, was
spiritual and the same thing done in society for others for earning one's livelihood
was not".
Guru pooja training/set are required,
Settling down by purchasing one’s own cottage/condos at the Isha Yoga Centre is
DVD's and CD's of sounds of Isha is needed. Till this writer left Isha each DVD
discourse of SJV was at least of 45 mts to 1 Hr duration. Now the same has been
reduced to less than 30 mts and the prices of DVD's have doubled to $ 4.50 from $ 2
to make more money for the cult.
An overpriced Himalayan Dhyana Yatra is required,
Another exuberantly priced trek to Mountain Kailash for $ 4445/- per person at
least once is required with no prior health/hazard warnings for old people.
Health spas, high priced Isha life/shoppe clothes are required,
Special Krishna Leela Programs are required even though the False Guru has not
read Krishna's teachings himself. Accusing past saints & sages as caste prejudiced
imperfect human beings, without reading their teachings and at the same time
making money by conducting programs from their teachings is required.
Abandoning of one's family and children are a must if they create a hurdle,
Making one's children study in Isha Home school by paying Rs 6 Lakhs or $ 13,333/per annum will be conducive for the Child and may lead to the parents getting
Paying special fees in US $ and sleeping under Mahima Dome and time sharing for
$ 40,000/- will make one enlightened,
Then the Dhyanalinga became lonely and needed female company. So Linga Bhairavi
temple will make one enlightened, if one is ready to shell out $ 22,500/- yet in the
very beginning we saw, This False Guru was against temples and discouraged others
heavily from visiting temples, He even quoted once; "That India needs more toilets
than Temples"
Then when no one got enlightened by attending the Linga Bhairavi consecration and
spending their fortune, Linga Bhairavi Guddi Goddess energized set for $ 100 was

suggested. Recently, to raise funds, for the Adi-Yogi complex, Dhyanalinga Yantra
for Rs 300,000/- or $ 5450/- was seen at the Isha Shoppe, in India Ashram.
If one donates/volunteers and becomes a palanquin bearer for dead bodies and takes
them and gives them a proper burial and cremation chances of enlightenment will
increase by 100%.
And finally the last con played is; "If one volunteers/donates for construction of
500,000 Sq/Ft of Adi Yogi Temple complex, then after the completion, the donors
may get enlightened. I Hope they really get enlightened about SJV after reading this,
before they donate!
Some things, which can be expected, after the Adi Yogi Temple complex
construction is over, and funds for its upkeep are required Are:
Front seat ride, in SJV's specially consecrated Hummer for $ 500 per Kms. Specially
consecrated Helicopter rides in SJV's Beta R22 Helicopter with SJV as the Pilot for $
1000 per hr, special donation from volunteers in $ for landing on the roof tops of
their houses.
Added:09-Apr-2012. Those who feel, that the blogger, is criticizing Isha, vainly, on
the topic, of excessive money making, can again see another glaring example. From
this[2012] year, two new pilgrimages, have been introduced, one to Chamundi Hills
where False SJV had his oneness experience and another to Varanasi, Rajgir,
Bodhagaya, Nalanda where Lord Buddha got enlightened. Both these together would
cost at least $ 1000/-.
Added:07-Jan-2013. With reference to the above, SJV had clearly declared in Dec
2011, that the Adi Yogi Aalayam consecration, would be the last big project at the
Isha Yoga centre, for some time to come, and one should not miss that opportunity !
But to make more money, he contradicted himself again and on 21-Dec-2012,
another Surya Kunda[Water Tank] consecration, was held, with another False
solidified mercury Linga.
So, in all, one should, before hand, have, at least $ 100,000/- in bank, before, one
can set their sail, on the Isha Mass enlightenment Titanic. Yet, after doing this, no
warranty, that one would be any better off, than what they were, before, if not far
worse both financially and physically.
Every program in Isha, is always advertised, as once in a life time experiential
possibility, Never it is a one-time certainty !
And, SJV got enlightened, without doing, a single sitting of Shambhavi Mahamudra,
Hata-Yoga, Shoonya, Shakti-Chalana Kriya, Volunteering & did not spend even $ 1
on top of chamundi hill. Yet in Mystics Musings Book, pp 25, SJV says, that if you
ask Jiddu Krishnamurti, how long, to hold Kumbhaka, to get Enlightened, he will
simply throw you out of the place, because it is not so? For all others, the mere
possibility of enlightenment is worth $ 100,000/-.
So, how his Enlightenment, is truly possible and could be Genuine, please everyone
tell me?
Never in the past has any traditional spiritual master like Ramana Maharishi,

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