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Cammy Lee
Arbonne “Imagine” Conference
Real success measured by how many people's lives changed. It is a business too.
− Consistency and duplication
− Follow your upline. Don't get distracted and flutter around with different styles;
every time you switch you're stalling your business
− Is it the system that's not working or me?
− Have to efficiently teach and lead others to be successful
− Writing down helps sink in
− Take a lot of failing and learning. It's like boiling water, stay course until boiling
from experience.
− Have to be consistent as leader in your own growth
− Build team through attraction, not promotion
− Teach culture, not life style
− Humble workers are whose successful. Do what needs to be done without others
− People who respect you, like you; friends who respect you love you; and people
who like you as a leader, will follow you.
− It's about work effort duplicating your upline exactly. Not about how smart,
reinventing the wheel, etc.
− What's scarier, asking someone to do a party or not put food on the table?
− Leadership
− L = Learn (personal development; never get proud; always be a student; if not
reading something not take it serious)
− E = Excellent (when no ones looking or knows; serving without known;
private victories that lead to public recognition later)
− A = Activity (Gives abundant boldness when calendar full; empty calendar
feels timid, insecure; “If everyone in your business did what you did in last
month, what would it look like?”)
− Treat every party/presentation as if your next NVP is there
− D = Duplication (Teaching others how to teach it; creating leaders; do not
add/remove anything from upline to your system; create leaders independent
of you; get out of the limelight – it's not about you; don't try to be perfect, just
be yourself)
− E = Ego (Best way to start your day is to eat your ego for breakfast; know
when teach/lead/learn; success is not comfortable, it's painful but worth it;

apologize even if you don't know what you're apologizing for; stay sensitive to
emotional side of business; don't worry about being right but doing right; be
honest with yourself what's not working in your business; limitations usually
come from within – so problems look inside first at your ego)
R = Relationships (Boundaries of balance to invest/love but still able to take
friend hat off and put your CEO hat on to have difficult conversations when
needed; be a good listener; coach your team by staying neutral on certain
issues/struggle instead of trying to dig them out; relate, don't try to hype them
up but say how you can identify and then can share how you overcame
[coaching from underneath so they're not defensive]; use personal experience
to inspire change; people don't care how much you know until they know how
much you care; if only goal is to be liked it's gonna be difficult to lead people;
it's about learning about how people need to be communicated with for easy
and hard conversations; give people time if they need it and not ready to hear
it; it's a business not a sorority – stop taking it personally)
S = Sacrifice (Smallest action of purpose is bigger than your largest
intention; plant your feet and be on purpose in moment with small actions;
don't miss small step opportunities; not bull in china shop; bend over
backwards for your team; see faces in paycheck instead of dollars; think of all
hours spent by others to make your paycheck so start working for them; your
team is army of volunteers – you're not paying them, Arbonne is; you're not
allowed to be disappointed in your team ever; you work for them; this business
is inconvenient but it's worth it; sacrifice now for life you want later; if easy
it's sleazy; boundaries and match effort of what they're bringing; not build
business for them; hold them accountable in matching effort from day one;
generosity sets you apart; fame and success are not same)
H = Human (Give grace, especially to your upline; put yourself in their shoes;
go to bed exhausted because you're pouring into other people, not yourself;
we're wired to enjoy serving other; having crappy day, find someone to serve;
if feeling sorry for yourself, go find someone to serve and allow joy; a lot of
valleys to rebound out of and keep going to your next peak; if you want
success, it's about how you choose to work your business when you don't
feel like it; no one feels successful all the time; no such thing as success
without frustration; if you're comfortable you're complacent; if lost work in
areas of your strength first and then start learning/working on your weakness;
one thing at a time of what it requires to be successful; don't live in your
weaknesses – they don't define you; if you're not good at prospecting, say “I'm
a prospecting queen” and change your thinking)
I = Influence (nobody remembers what you say but how you made them feel;
not about managing people since you work for them; be the best example first;
kindness + honesty = influence; being the person who falls down and gets back
up is what others need to know)

− P = Partnering (We're all cement trucks and what's rolling around in us is
cement that's not worth a lot – but if you let it go and flow out the potential
could be a cathedral; don't get focused on those who won't let go but those
ready to pour out; potential sometimes worst business killer; don't miss it and
find people ready to work; are they calling you?; when you work in strength of
your team, the cream will rise to the top and work with them; don't work with
your weakest link first; learn the art of growing your business wide for a bit,
then wide for a bit, then deep, etc; don't put all your eggs in one basket – find
your next business partner)

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