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How to success in Tennis
3 Powerful Articles
Compiled by- HMAJ Dissanayake

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10 Top Tennis Tips For Coaching Junior Tennis Players
By Rufus Keown

Mini Tennis, Pee Wee Tennis, Tiny Tots Tennis, Little Mozzies! Coaching Junior Beginners
have been called everything. The bottom line for tennis coaches is that having a strong
beginner tennis coaching program is the key to a long term sustainable business
Putting together an exciting and challenging tennis coaching program for the young
player should be a priority for any serious coach. These young beginners also need some
special coaching methods to teach them to love tennis and stay in the game.
Tip 1 - Success equals Confidence equals Fun! Tennis is in the recreation business and
coaches are fighting to attract young athletes to the sport so that grass roots programs
flourish and we produce players at the elite level. Be constantly positive; play fun games
which all players can succeed; create an atmosphere at your club that parents and
children can enjoy. Do your best to keep children in tennis for life.
Tip 2 - Use modified tennis equipment. This relates to tip number one because by using
lower nets, softer tennis balls, lighter tennis racquets and fun equipment we can help
our students succeed and therefore enjoy tennis.
Tip 3 - Use cones to position players. Use cones or spots to position students for games
and activities. This will give them a reference point and prevent them from wandering
Tip 4 - Refer to the names of lines and areas of the court. Use the names of lines and
parts of the court when giving directions. This will provide a "full" tennis education and
help when playing matches later on.
Tip 5 - Demonstrate before you explain the drill. Young children are fantastic learners.
They learn best from observing and copying; as well as experimenting and feeling how
something works. In your tennis lessons give the players lots of visual coaching and have
them shadow swing so they can feel the correct stroke. This will be far more effective
than explaining to a child with a very short attention span who may not fully understand
the meaning of your words.

Tip 6 - Don't get too technical! This relates to tip number five. Technical instruction is
wasted on young children but they do understand simple distinctions. For instance using
higher or lower; softer or harder; to the left or right are effective words to guide a young
player. This is one reason why the use of targets and cones can be a very valuable
coaching tool.
Tip 7 - Use targets for students to aim at. The reason for using targets is to compel the
players to use control over power. Many young players will associate success with how
fast and far they can hit the ball. Studies have shown that in sports that require both
speed and precision (like tennis) it is far better to learn slow, controlled moves and then
make them faster; then learn fast uncontrolled moves and slow them down. By hitting
accurate controlled shots our players will become better in rallying (which should be the
foremost goal of any program.)
Tip 8 - Don't take private lessons too early. While some parents will expect us to dress up
in a clown suit and entertain a 4 or 5 year old in a private lesson it is inappropriate for
this age. The children at this age enjoy the excitement of playing with their friends and
social interaction - the coach will soon become weary and lose passion for their job.
Tip 9 - Progress the program. Keep giving the students a reason to come back to the
game. Progress from a mini court to full court; a mini racquet to a graduate racquet; low
compression balls to championship balls; a 30 minute lesson to a 45 minute lesson. Keep
challenging the students or they will feel they are not improving and find another sport
which offers a pathway.
Tip 10 - Let them play the game. As coaches we are trying to teach players the game of
tennis. Once the fundamentals have been taught modified game play should become an
emphasis. While at a young age hitting the ball over the net seems miraculous, and
returning an impossible dream; let the students experiment with a modified rally. The
coach can help or make special rules so it remains enjoyable and the students can
experience some success.
Follow these tennis tips to success in your own junior tennis program!
By Rufus Keown
Club Professional Coach

Cofounder http://www.globaltenniscoaching.com
The global website for tennis coaches and players with 1000's of tennis drills, tennis
articles, tennis tips and tennis lesson plans.
Article Source: http:/EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rufus_Keown

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Tennis Tips: Want To Play Better Tennis? Train Like A Boxer
By Jay P. Granat, PhD.

If you are serious about wanting to play better tennis, you may want to train like a boxer.
I have counseled many tennis players, boxers and martial artists. In addition, am an avid
tennis player. I was involved with boxing and the martial arts as a child and have recently
resumed training in what fight fans call "the sweet science."
Here are thirteen reasons why boxing will make you a better tennis player:
1. Boxing, like tennis, is all about balance and good footwork. Any boxer will tell you that
you can not do anything if you give up your balance. The same holds true for tennis.
Great players have great feet.
2. Tennis requires great stamina. Once you can spar three or four three minute rounds,
you will discover that you have excellent stamina for long points and long matches.
3. The speed bag is a good way to improve your timing, focus and your hand-eye
coordination. In boxing, you need to know where your hands are all the time. In tennis,
the ball travels in the direction of your hands. The speed bag can help you to improve
focus, timing and awareness of your hands. Mastering the speed bag can be quite
helpful in improving your volley and your reactions at the net.
4. Great boxers have great rhythm. Just watch their hands and their feet. Boxing gyms
always have music with a beat playing in the background for a reason. Similarly, a tennis
player requires a great sense of timing and rhythm so they can strike the ball at the
optimal time.
5. Jumping rope is a favorite exercise amongst fighters. Tennis players who jump rope
can improve their footwork and their balance. Being light on your feet is particularly
useful when returning serve and when running down balls.
6. Some years ago, I played a tennis player who was a black belt in Karate. I noticed that
he was particularly good at reading where I was going to hit the ball. When I asked him if
his martial arts training, which is similar to boxing, was helpful, he said it definitely was.

He remarked, "When we spar, we have to read our opponent's body language to
determine what they will do next. This kind of anticipation is vital in tennis as well.
7. Boxers have a mantra. "Make him miss and make him pay." This same mantra is useful
for tennis players.
8. Boxers, like tennis players, need to exploit openings and weakness when they see
9. A slugger in boxing is analogous to a big hitter or a big server in tennis. A player who
retrieves and returns every ball is much like a counter puncher is the sport of boxing.
Tennis players can benefit from deciding what kind of player they would like to be. Some
players, who have all court games, can be both sluggers and counter-punchers.
10. Power in boxing comes from leverage, using your legs and transferring your weight.
Power in striking a tennis ball is generated in much the same way and many of the same
muscles which are utilized in boxing are utilized on a tennis court.
11. A defensive tennis player who retrieves every ball is much like a counter puncher in
the fight game.
12. If you get anxious before a tennis match, the anxiety you are likely to experience
before getting into the ring with someone who wants to tear your head off, will make a
tennis match seem like a walk in the park.
13. Boxing can help you to develop more mental toughness and physical toughness on
the tennis court. If you can manage the threat of a physical beating, you most certainly
can handle the stress of a tight tennis match.
Jay P. Granat, PhD. is a Psychotherapist and the Founder of
http://www.StayInTheZone.com. Dr. Granat coaches top athletes from around the world
on the mental aspects of competing in sports. Golf Digest named him one of America's
Top Mental Gurus. He is the author of many books and programs including Zone Tennis
and How To Get Into The Zone With Sport Psychology and Self-Hypnosis. Dr. Granat has
appeared in many major media outlets including Tennis Magazine, ESPN, Good Morning
America, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He is available for coaching
and seminars and can be reached at info@stayinthezone.com or at 888 580-ZONE.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jay_P._Granat,_Ph.D.

Tennis Lessons and Strategy - The Best Pre-Match Preparation Techniques
by Tennis Singapore
in news (submitted 2011-09-06)

Tennis has become the more easily accessible sport in Singapore to post. If you are a
adult, there are a few places to select from tennis lessons in Singapore. You should
highlight some points to take note off when taking into consideration taking adult tennis
1. Locate public tennis surfaces nearest to you
These usually are tennis centers ran via the Singapore Sports Council. There can be
around three main common tennis centers in Singapore. They're located at Kallang
(east central), Yio Chu Kang (north) and additionally Farrer Park (central). From these
places, you can learn private coaches providing private tennis lessons. On Kallang, there
are even adult group tennis lessons conducted by STA luxury motor coaches. These are
coaches belonging to the Singapore Tennis Association. They are all qualified coaches.
2. Individual vs Group lessons
Individual tennis lessons are typically a bit more high-priced, ranging from $60 to $100
each hour for one person. The wide range draws on the quality and the qualification
belonging to the coaches. If you are a beginner, It would be encouraged first an
individual one-to-one lesson aided by the coach. After, say, 5 modules, you may then
plan to join a group. Its easier to form an organization amongst your own associates.
You can also seek the services from the coach to coach an individual's tennis group.
Playing in the group is quite fun because it allows one to spar with others and luxuriate
in the spirit of contest.
3. Ask for the qualification and connection with the tennis coach
Do certainly not be shy when seeking the qualification of a good tennis coach.
Ordinarily, a qualified coach might have a STA level 1 rugby coaching certification. Some
coaches have large qualifications and would also charge a higher monetary fee.
However, there are coaches who're not qualified (from your paper point of view) trip

coaches. Tennis coaching is simply not regulated by the bodies in Singapore i. age. one
need not be licensed so that you can coach.
4. Tennis lessons at clubs
If you happen to be a member of a fabulous country club, there is most likely a tennis
section on the market. Sign yourself up will probably be member and enjoy using
others. There also are a resident coach present with whom you may as well take
5. Tennis lessons at private condominiums
If your home is in a condominium by means of tennis facilities, there will be rugby
coaches visiting the courts often. A suggestion is to stay a look out and see more from
these coaches. Again, you may ask your neighbours precisely how well these coaches
present them before engaging their services yourself.
6. Timing and scheduling of tennis lessons
It could be good to take be aware that most people prefer of having their lessons after
function i. e. in the evenings or with the weekends. Therefore, you may battle to find a
tennis mentor at such peak occasions. If you will not be too fussy about direct sunlight,
try arranging for lessons at 3-5pm during the afternoons or later perhaps the mornings.
7. Search the internet regarding tennis lessons
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Tennis, Singapore tennis, Tennis lessons, Tennis coaches, tennis program
Singapore tennis , Tennis lessons, Singapore tennis league and pr

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