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Original filename: Twisted.pdf
Title: Evernote
Author: Ursula

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25/08/2013 03:57
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Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy
Thanks Marcia for the heads up. German Genealogy is pretty hard for many of us
but being taken advantage of is bottom of the barrel.
(see "recent posts by others" for rest of her post) — with Removed
Share · 12 June
55 people like this.
Removed Thanks for that heads up.. I'm so sorry she was ripped off. My
husbands family are German and so far I've hit many brick walls, mostly with my
inlaws not wanting to talk about family stuff.
12 June at 18:24 · 1
Removed That is terrible unfortunately the individual will likely use a different
name. It is very difficult. I have had so many positive RAOGK. One woman with
Hungarian connections also helped with translation etc... as well as one from

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Denmark. I hope Marcia is able to find her brick wall.
12 June at 18:29 · 1
Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches GenealogyI encourage
fellow Germany researchers to post on German Genealogy. Very helpful
(closed) group
German Genealogy
Networking with those conducting German genealogical
research, in order to provi...
See more
12 June at 18:30 ·


Removed my ancestors are German who migrated to Russia 1700-1800's...
then of course they left for the states when the Bolsheviks came, have had NO
luck whatsoever tracing them...
12 June at 18:31
Removed Sandy, my German relatives are the same way... so sad.
12 June at 18:31
Removed German research can indeed be challenging. I have ancestors from
the Netherlands and from Germany (Mecklenburg-Schwerin to be specific). In
my database, about 95% of the people are Dutch. There were a few
roadblocks i my German research, however, census records helped me get past
12 June at 18:33
Rene Rudd No worries about him using a different name. I have had
numerous encounters with him on many genealogy pages. He is awful!
12 June at 18:33 · 2
Removed Take trip to Germany. Go to the Rathaus in the area you think your
ancestors last lived. Chances are there will be records. A translator is cheaper
than a "researcher". Most of the folks there are quite friendly and helpful.
Besides, the schnitzel and beer is great!
12 June at 18:34 · 12
Removed Same here... Lost track in Germany. 1740s. Have birth records and
even ships records of them leaving Germany, from Scotland. But nothing
earlier. The Bornns.
12 June at 18:47 · Edited
Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches GenealogyMy Kellers married
and bore their children in Germany but lived in Switzerland. Have all the
baptism and marriage records from Hondingen but can't locate them in
Switzerland GRRRR
12 June at 18:44 · 1
Removed One problem is that in many areas of Germany, people tended to
move around a lot, especially in rural areas. If you can get back to the early
1700's, you're doing good.
12 June at 18:53 · 1
Removed have a Kunigunda Keller b. 1843 in Germany. She married Joseph
Zweifel b. 1840 in Germany. Does the name ring a bell?
12 June at 18:55
Removed One must keep in mind that Germany really didn't exist before the
1870s. I know that my "German" ancestors are sometimes listed in census
records as Swiss, Bavarian, or even French.....
12 June at 19:09 · 5
Removed there is also the German Genealogy Group.
German Genealogy Group
Join us and discover that family research is the most interesting and rewarding
... See more

Page: 844 like this.

12 June at 19:09 ·


Removed Who knows what my German relatives real names are. Mr. Fulhage
married the Widow Hoelscher and in order to transfer her land to him without a
tax he took the name of Hoelscher. She died and he remarried and all of his
children were named Hoelscher but are they really Fulhages or something else.
12 June at 19:15
Removed @Removed - could yours be using the "Born" today? I have kin in
Germany today with that spelling? I'm fortunate in that I still have kinfolk in
Germany to help me with my research..they are able to translate old German
papers to new German to... S ee M ore
12 June at 19:24 · 1
Removed And you have to remember that Germany as a country is fairly
recent. If you do any research, try to find a good map during the time period
you are looking!!
12 June at 19:25 · 2
Removed My Hoth/Brandt family came from Pomerania. I found a
WONDERFUL genealogist who lives in the area where my ancestors came from.
For about $1200 he literally found dozens of family members after searching in
about 6 or 7 churches. His name is ***********.
Removed I don't think it is appropriate to criticize a professional here. We do
not know the specifics of the contract that was signed, nor do we know what
research was done. It is totally possible that every avenue was searched. Just
because we spent a grand sum of money does not assure us that records will
suddenly appear.
12 June at 19:57 · 3
Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz Judi -- I'm in the German Genealogy
group and saw the initial post. Professional researchers cannot
guarantee results, certainly -- we all understand that. But they should
be accountable for their time spent, and be able to provide a detailed
report of which sources were checked, and how they proceeded to
attack the problem. In this case, no such report was provided, despite
numerous requests for one. The researcher in question is still active in a
number of other Facebook genealogy forums, and I believe people
absolutely SHOULD be aware of issues like this before they hire a
professional. Certainly everyone needs to perform his own due diligence
-- maybe some will decide to take their chances and hire this individual
despite the concerns. But this is a pretty huge red flag.
12 June at 20:12 · Edited · 10
Removed I had a lousy experience with one I hired from Ancestry.com for
some NY info I Needed.
12 June at 21:54 via mobile · 1
EllJay Guthrie Karl Michael Sala is also on LinkedIn ..... he joins
numerous genealogy chats on there and all he does is spit out crap
about how good he is and what so called quals he has, ..... he is
constantly advertising himself and saying that hes worked on some top,
well known projects ....... his prices are horrendous ...... i ended up
leaving several groups on LinkedIn because of him ..... the chat groups
were for solely to help each other with genealogy but that Karl just kept
selling himself ....... he also became very rude to me when i asked him to
stop with the advertising..... he accused me of being an internet troll!!
..... i complained to the admin person who repeatedly asked him to stop
but it fell on deaf ears
13 June at 15:55 · 1
EllJay Guthriejust go into LinkedIn and look for yourselves
13 June at 15:58 · 1
Removed It is very possible the sirname was changed when moving to the

29 June at 01:52

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