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But the Square of Nine can go even further to help qualify the significance of a high
or low point. We have already established the price of 2889 as being reasonably
significant as a possible support level. What we can do now is check to see if the
“Date” of this low is also important using the Square of Nine. So in order to do that
all we need to do is select the “Time” page on the Square of Nine spreadsheet and
then simply enter the date of the high of 3500 which occurred on the 7/3/2002 into the
centre, or middle of the Square of Nine. Now that we have done that, all we need to
do is check to see if the date of the low of 2889 - 10/10/2002 sits anywhere interesting

in relation to the square of nine. So, on the following Square of Nine “Time” chart we
can see the date of 10/10/2002 is sitting rite on the Cardinal Cross and is therefore
representing a significant time frame at our significant support level of 2889. This is
known as an alignment in both time and price, and suggests a high probability turning
If we were to now look at the most recent low that has occurred on the Australian SPI
200 you will find a reasonably significant low of 2679 – 13/3/2003. Looking at the
same Square of Nine “Time” chart we can see the date of this low occurring on the
13/3/2003 can also be found on the Cardinal Cross, and is only one square out! So the
Square of Nine “Time” chart is suggesting the time frame in which this low occurred
is significant, and is therefore a low to watch for a potential change in trend.