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Tennis Ideal for Beginners (1) .pdf

Original filename: Tennis Ideal for Beginners (1).pdf
Author: Kenny Twyman

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Tennis Ideal for Beginners
4 Powerful Tennis Articles

Complied By: Kenny Twyman

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Article # 1

Perfect Tennis Serve - Tactics For Beginners
By Junior Pswarai

When it comes down to creating the perfect tennis serve beginners will find this to be very
frustrating. There are many things to get right such as the form and then the power and
then you have to think about the spin, placement etc. Things like this can be very
confusing and if they aren’t done properly can make a weak serve, however for a
beginner the main thing you will want to think about would be to get a high ratio of serves
in (preferably first ones) instead of out.
The reason why you want to try and make sure that you get the first one in is that that is
what your opponent is expecting. Have you noticed how in some games at the first try the
opponent might stand behind the baseline? They are preparing for that first shot to cause
them trouble, they are giving themselves enough space. However if you ruin the first one
then they are going to expect you to do it again and they will move closer so that they can
prepare play on the aggressive which is something that you’re going to want to avoid
from happening as a beginner to the game.
Some things to keep in mind as a beginner would be the placement that you are going
with. Placement is vital, with the correct placement you can cause trouble for your
opponent, after a few strokes you will be able to understand which side is their weaker
side and which is their stronger and this already will start to give you the advantage.
However, don’t always aim at the weak side of your opponent, if you are consistently
going for their weaker side then they will adapt to this and end up putting you on the
defensive, you will want to keep it mixed up and mysterious so you keep them from
getting used to one area of the court.
Another thing to consider with placement is how deep you are going to put it. The deeper
that you go the harder it is going to be for your opponent to attack the ball and it also
gives you enough time to get into a good position that will therefore allow you to go and
volley the ball and get the point.
Many beginners like to think about just creating a powerful shot which can be deadly for
an opponent but chances are as a beginner you won’t be able to control a powerful
shot and you may find that you are instead creating more trouble for yourself without any
control. The first thing that you want to learn is control and placement and then over time
you will want to start learning how to add more power and then move adding more strokes
such as the slice and the kick which are going to be great to add to your arsenal of serves.
In conclusion, as a beginner to create the perfect tennis serve you just really want to be
able to place it into the opponents weak side and their stronger side occasionally too to
keep them guessing and the deeper you can get it the more time you can get into position
to attack the ball.

About the Author
There are many other things to consider with a perfect tennis serve; power, different types
of serves, the placement of the ball and these can all be done with the right information as
well. If you want to make your serve more deadly then something you can do is check out
this blog where you can find more information on the serve and how you can improve it.

Article # 2
Improve Tennis Serve - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Your
4 Serves
By Junior Pswarai

If you want to improve tennis serve then you are going to have to be able to hit the 4
different types of serves, each on have its advantages and can make you open up your
opponents and cause them problems if you are able to do them properly keeping you in
control of the game and your opponent off rhythm and always on the defence.
You need to learn how to effectively hit these strokes so that when the time is right you
can pull a different one out of the bag keeping your opponent on their toes.
The 4 main shots you can use are the kick, top spin, flat and the slice. There is no better
one out of them as they have their advantages and they also have their disadvantages but
knowing when to use them can make you very troublesome for your opponent. By
knowing this you will know when to mix them up in the game.
Flat Service
Advantages - The flat serve is a fast and powerful shot that you can do which if placed
correctly can win you points. This is the main one that many beginners use as they
can’t add spin on the ball yet but it is very effective is you know where to place it.
Disadvantages - This is a very easy one for your opponent to hit back as it is just straight
forward so you will need to make sure that you can control it and place it in paces that are
hard for them to adjust to and return.
By hitting the ball from the bottom to the top on the service you can create a load of spin
on the ball which can be very tricky for your opponent to return.
Advantages - when performed correctly your opponent will find it hard to return and with
the spin added it can make their return poor. It also gives you enough time to make it
over to the net if they do end up returning allowing you to create a strong volley.
Disadvantages - It is easy to tell when spin is coming and the effectiveness will be lost if
the opponent attacks the ball off the rise.
Brushing the ball from the right can create the slice which can be hard for an opponent to
get to and return.
Advantages - Depending on which way you slice you can either make the ball move away
or towards the opponents body which can put them in an awkward position where they
have to readjust or go off court to reach it allow you and open court to smash a volley in.
Disadvantages - many people use this shot now and it is becoming one that people are
used to returning now so not one to use frequently on the court.
The Kick
Just like a topspin you want to hit this from the bottom to the top (at an angle) and if
done correctly can be trouble.
Advantage - When the ball hits the ground it travels in the opposite direction when it
bounces off the ground confusing the opponent as the ball travels away or towards them
in an instant and putting them into uncomfortable positions.

Disadvantages - It’s hard to learn and perform and without enough experience
performing this can put your opponent in a good position to make a return.
If you want to improve tennis serve then understanding these 4 serves will be beneficial
for you as you will know their advantages so you will know which one to play to mix up the
game and throw your opponent off.

About the Author
There are plenty of ways to improve tennis serve, exercises, drills, and things such as
learning more about the serve can make you a deadly opponent from the service line. If
you want to make your serve more deadly then something you can do is check out this
blog where you can find more information on the serve and how you can improve it.

Article # 3

Play Your Best Tennis- Tennis For Beginners
By sandy hoffman
Tennis for beginners doesn't just entail getting physically fit and practicing for the game.
Playing this sport also requires the right gear and equipment to help you play the game
more appropriately. So here are some ideas about important things that you will need in
starting to play tennis.
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Tennis Wear
One should choose an outfit that is very comfortable and make sure they have pockets or
compression shorts for holding extra balls when you serve. Nowadays, there are new
innovations that include super breathable fabrics, as well as, built in UV protection, cool
isn't it. No matter what your preference there is always a look, style and price point for
every personality and budget.
Tennis Sneakers
Playing tennis for beginners also involve acquiring a good pair of shoes that is specifically
intended for the tennis court. Wearing running shoes is definitely a bad idea since it will
not give you the freedom of movement that this sport requires such as moving from side
to side, plus the fact that it will damage your knees as well as the tennis court. Make sure
to wear snug, light and comfortable tennis footwear for optimum tennis playing
As a beginner, it is not necessary for you to buy those models that tennis pro is using. At
this stage, you can opt for the more recreational version of player's racket. However, in
choosing a tennis racket, your grip size is a very important consideration, since racket
handles come in different circumferences for different hand sizes. Racket length is also
another factor to consider.
There you go. The mentioned gears are just a few of the basic things you need to get
started in playing tennis for beginners. You can make a research about other important
things that you need to provide yourself to enjoy this sport, or better yet, visit your
nearest tennis store to get some more ideas.
Click Here For Tennis For Beginners Instant Access Now!

About the Author

This author writes about Tennis Drills For Beginners at Play Your Best Tennis

Article # 4

Why Tennis Is One of the Great Sports Out There
Posted by Adam Bright on Jun 4, 2013

There are many reasons why people take up tennis. If you are not sure about whether shopping for the Wilson Six
One or the Wilson BLX Tour is going to be a good idea or not, then read this article and you will be certain that
tennis is one of the great sports out there. If you already enjoy tennis as a sport, then you may be more willing to
take it up yourself. There are many benefits of playing tennis. Before you go out and buy the Wilson Blx Tour or the
Wilson Blx Blade racquet, it is a good idea to have a clear idea about why playing the sport is a great idea.
Are you someone who just wants to feel healthy, fit and nice? Well, there are many options for you. You can go to
the gym and exercise with your iPod in your ear in an air- conditioned room. You can buy a treadmill for your home
and walk on it for an hour every day. Both these options are extremely boring, aren’t they? But what about if you
take up tennis? That is going to keep you fit and healthy for all your years! Yes, shopping for the Wilson Six One or
the Wilson BLX Tour is a great idea for you if keeping fit and healthy are priorities for you.
You can burn an average of about 498 calories an hour of playing tennis. Isn’t that simply great? Very few exercises
offer you that kind of calorie burning advantages. And you don’t need to play tennis just because it burns calories
and helps you lose weight! There are many social advantages of playing tennis as well. If you have a friend you want
to catch up with, then a game of tennis is a wonderful idea. It will help both of you to stay fit and motivated and also
provide a chance where you can chat and actually have fun! Also, if you have a spouse who is unfit, then a great
way to bring out the fun streak in him is to get him to play a game of tennis with you. If only every weekend, getting
him to play tennis will not allow him to lose weight, but it will also mean more quality time spent with you! If you
have kids and want them to stay fit and active, then make sure that they play tennis. It is a wonderful sport!
Playing tennis whenever you can will ensure that you are happy and fit. Research has shown time and again that
people who exercise are happier. And what better way to exercise than to play a sport which you enjoy?

Author Resource:
The author is someone who loves playing tennis. Presently he owns the Wilson Six One and the Wilson BLX Tour. For
more information visit our website: - www.wilsonblxtour.com

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