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Golf Carts And Their Surprising Uses

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About Golf Carts And Their Surprising Uses
Golfers out for a Sunday afternoon game just take them for granted on the golf
course, and never think about their origin. I am talking about golf carts, those
miniature vehicles dotting each golf course. Even so, golf cart production is a
multi-million dollar industry and different systems abound. Golf carts are
manufactured as miniature cars, and golf-cart corporations provide leasing and
financing choices just as the huge car corporations do.
Golf originates from a medieval game played on the coast of Scotland in the 15th
century. Golfers would hit a pebble instead of a manufactured ball around the
sand dunes employing a stick or wide club. As time passed, stones were
exchanged for man-made balls, the earliest of which were thin leather bags
stuffed with feathers. The gutta-percha ball wasn't invented until 1848 and might
be hit the maximum distance of 225 yards. In 1899 rubber balls were invented
that may reach distances of 430 yards if hit by a professional. Golf sticks evolved
into carefully weighted golf clubs, and in the 1880's the use of golf club bags
became fashionable. The caddie, a servant who carted all the player's gear aound
the golf course, had his burden lessened in the early 1950's by the introduction of
the golf cart.
The 1st golf cart manufacturers were E-Z-Go, Pargo, Harley Davidson and
Cushman. The cost was astoundingly high for this era, $1200, however as even
more manufacturers entered the field it dropped to $600, still a steep price for
this era in inflationary terms. Fifty years later, E-Z-Go is still producing golf carts
today. There are 100s of golf cart manufacturers listed online, and virtually all of
these corporations specialize solely in these vehicles, and don't produce any
larger cars.
The 1st golf carts were gas-powered, however recently the market has shifted to
even more battery-powered systems. Golf carts can be customized just like cars,
and lift kits and ATV wheels are sold to golfers who wish to express their
individuality out on the course. There are corporations which specialize in creating
entire custom golf cars, or even miniaturized versions of full sized cars, like the
Humdinger (Humvee), mini Jeep, Rolls-Royce, Cadillac or even Mercedes-Benz.
Golf carts come in three forms: manual push/pull carts, electric motorized carts,
and electric or even gas golf cars that hold passengers as well as gear. Push/pull
carts have two to three wheels and a vertical support to hold a golf bag. They are
basically just a manual dollies with clips and holders especially adapted for golf
gear, and sell for $50 to $100. Moving higher in sophistication, motorized golf
caddies cost about $500 all the way to $1000. Golf carts, which resemble dune
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buggies in size, begin at about $1800 for a small basic model.
Ebay has a massive choice of both new and utilized golf carts at low prices
however service can be a problem with the smaller vendors. Check if the vendor
has a physical store as well and is not just a reseller of a larger firm. Warranty
service can be affected by this.
Manufacturers are also expanding their sales by renaming carts "Electric Utility
Vehicles" and suggesting alternate utilizes for them, like hauling lawn equipment
and travelling around rural properties.

Golf Carts: An Evolution on the Golf Course
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used golf carts
Article Body:
At one point in time, the use of a golf cart was something only the somewhat
wealthy could enjoy on a golf course. Those who were not able to afford the use
of a golf cart often found themselves hauling their clubs over their shoulder as
they walked the golf course. Well, times have changed.
Golf carts are now the standard at almost all golf courses throughout the country.
Very seldom do golfers carry their clubs over their shoulder anymore.
Unfortunately, some recreational golfers like to treat the course golf cart like a toy
rather than a purposeful mode of transportation. Often times, you can witness
wreckless behavior exchanged between recreational golfers and the use of their
golf carts. However, this is one minor annoyance as a result of the golf cart
gaining popularity.
Typically, golf carts are available for rent from the course clubhouse. Most golfers
take advantage of this service. An alternative, if you have the money, would be
to buy your own golf cart. However, this is costly, but you will not need to pay
rent for a golf cart whenever you go to the course.
Golf carts are available for purchase either new or used. New golf carts can be
purchased from anywhere from about $4000 to $11,000 dollars. Many factors
attribute to the cost, such as model, seating capacity, and any additional options
that may be available. There are two types of golf cart engines, gas engine or
electric engine.
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An alternative to new golf carts would be to purchase a used golf cart. Used golf
carts are alot cheaper than new ones, and typically you can find a sufficient golf
cart for less than $3000. Buying a used golf cart can be alot like buying a used
car. You will need to thoroughly inspect it inside and out. Make sure to ask the
owner any questions you may have about the golf cart. Always make sure to
take it for a test drive before committing to a purchase.

Golf Carts: Great For Golf, But What About All The
Other Uses?
When most people think golf carts they think of a buggy that takes a golfer and
his golf clubs around the course. And that’s a fair assumption seeing that is what
they were originally produced for. But in this day and age there are other uses
apart from the obvious.
Many large companies with many warehouses or factories also find a need for golf
carts. Traveling to and fro between buildings is made easier and faster when
using a golf buggy. These little buggies are not only convenient but also can be
very useful along with the fact that they can be affordable.
You will find many manufacturers that produce these golf carts in either a manual
push and pull, electric or gas version. Some can carry passengers as well as a
golf bag.And for the people who like to be a little different there are companies
that make custom versions to satisfy that individual need.
You don’t have to have a custom version to be a little different as you can just
add some ATV wheels to make yours stand out from the others if that is what you
If you are a fanatic golfer or just an occasional golfer then golf carts are still a
great way to get around that 9 or 18 hole course. Of course you can purchase
your own or you have the option of hiring one as well. Many courses have them
for hire for reasonable prices but there may not always be one available. So if you
don’t like disappointments then perhaps you should consider buying one.
A good idea is to check out the many online manufacturers that make reliable and
affordable golf carts for you to choose from before making any rash decision.
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Remember, whether you are a golfer or you just need the cart for convenience
and versatility in your business or home you will find a wide range to choose from
on the web.

Golf Carts: Not Just For Golfers Anymore
According to new research, more than 60% of cars in the USA North America
travel less than 15 miles per day and nearly half of drivers travel less than five
miles away from home. With gas prices climbing higher every day and air being
polluted with gas emissions, a golf car is the most environmentally friendly
vehicle out there. With all the golf cart accessories available, golf carts can
become the most stylish and eco-friendly vehicle on the road.
Golf carts are widely used in university campuses where they transport people,
goods and equipment, and are even used in cases of medical emergencies. They
are also used in quiet neighborhoods, at large sports events by the personnel,
and of course, on golf courses by golfers. Many golf carts are purchased by
disabled people who appreciate the higher speed and safety of golf carts
compared to those of power wheelchairs.
Driving a golf cart is extremely economic. It costs around one cent per ten miles
to operate an electric golf cart. It’s also ten times cheaper to maintain and repair
a golf cart than a car. However, not many automotive giants readily leap into the
golf cart market, claiming that there is currently no demand for golf carts.
Still, more and more neighborhoods, especially in resort areas or those
surrounded by golf courses, switch to golf carts to access malls, movie theaters,
schools and restaurants without having to ride on the highway. In university
campuses golf carts can be used only on designated streets and paths. Golf carts,
as neighborhood electric vehicles with a proper license can travel on roads with
posted speed limit of 35 mph.
Golf carts were introduced in the 1950s and later became popular thanks to golf
visionaries such as Billy Dolan. With golf carts, golf greatly evolved as a game.
Smaller, more efficient and nicely designed golf carts with cute stylish accessories
such as custom wheels and seats, lift kits and even programmable speed
controls, golf carts are becoming safer each year.
As a vehicle, golf carts can have three or four wheels. They can be powered by
electric or internal combustion motors. The most famous golf carts manufacturers
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include Cushman, Club Car, Daihatsu, and many more.
Among the most popular golf cart accessories today are lift kits that add
clearance to the golf cart which help with accessing rocky places and bumpy
roads. Many lift kits include off-road tires that can be used on the golf cart
making it a rough little off-road beast.
Another popular golf cart accessory that is in huge demand in colder seasons is a
rain curtain. These curtains can be snapped to the car frame to sit permanently
on the car body, or they can be clipped to the car with hooks and removed in
warmer seasons.
Many golf cart accessories basically do nothing except add some flare. Racingstyle aluminum pedal kits, graphic and even 3D camouflage, custom steering
wheels will add a stylish touch to any golf cart.
Golf carts are slowly spreading beyond student campuses, golf resorts and
retirement communities. Well-designed and safe golf carts may soon be as
common on city streets as scooters and bikes.

Golf Carts, Not Just For the Golf Course
Golf carts have a wide range of uses. Sure, the most obvious is for the golf
course. But where else might you use a golf cart. Surprisingly almost anywhere
short distances of travel are needed. Below, I'll talk about such instances where
the use of a golf cart would be ideal.
On the golf course, golf carts are the primary means of transportation aside from
walking. Golf carts are convenient and easy to use by everyone. The use of the
golf cart makes traveling across the golf course quick and painless. Typically,
most golf courses use electric powered golf carts as opposed to gas powered golf
carts. Several factors influence this decision, but more than likely they choose
electric due to its quiet use.
There are many large corporations that look to golf carts in order to help move
people across large sites where businesses are located. For example, so much
time can be saved by using a golf cart to travel across the worksite as opposed to
walking by foot. If the need to go back and forth the workplace frequently, the
amount of time saved by using the golf cart could be worth alot of money to the
company compared to someone always walking.
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Many security companies use golf carts to patrol the grounds of a company that
they are securing. The golf cart makes it easy to cover alot of ground in a little
time. The quietness of the electric golf cart also is a bonus in that it may be quiet
enought to catch suspecting crooks off guard.
Golf carts have also been known to have a use on the home front, especially if
you own alot of land. Sure, if you own a lot of land, you may have a tractor, or
other large piece of machinery. Would anyone of them be as efficient as an
electric golf cart? Chances are they are not, especially with the current gas
As noted above, there are many uses for golf carts aside from the golf course.
Whether you are at the golf course, workplace, or even the home front, the golf
cart could be of use to you.

Golf Carts Not Just For The Golf Course Anymore
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Article Body:
In the market for a used golf cart? Did you know that they’re not just for driving
around the course anymore? You can use them to haul yard gear and transport
gardening supplies and tools. They can also be utilized simply as a way to get
from point A to point B if you’ve got a large piece of property or just need a little
assistance getting around. Also, a used golf cart can be a big help if you’re a
family who likes to travel. They’re great to have on camping trips for tooling
around the grounds, or getting to the store, showers and swimming hole. And of
course, they still make your golfing experience more enjoyable when cruising
around the course instead of walking, especially on those warm days.
Used golf carts are available in electric or gas power and range in price from
around $1,500 to higher end versions priced at around $4,000 depending on the
extras you choose. There’s also lots of online companies that also sell
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reconditioned carts for an even more economical approach.
Another money-saving tactic is that if you’re mechanically inclined and have an
old golf cart that may be out of commission due to worn out or broken parts, you
can purchase a wide variety of replacement parts, either aftermarket, used,
refurbished or new, from an online dealer.
One new and fun aspect of owning a used golf cart these days is that you can also
get them custom painted! There are companies that will airbrush your name, boat
name, or even a cartoon character or favorite scene and most places just need a
picture or sketch of your idea to create original artwork for your cart which will
make it uniquely yours!
What about cart stretching? Instead of purchasing a larger cart, this concept
involves cutting an existing 2-seater golf cart in half and then combining it with
another to ‘stretch’ your seating and space availability. It can also increase the
safety and comfort of your passengers which is always a good idea.
Additionally, if you’ve got a used golf cart, or are planning on purchasing one and
it may not come exactly the way you wanted, there’s lots of accessories and
updates you can add to it. Some of these include heaters with 12 to 48 voltage
capabilities that plug right into the cart’s power outlet. You can order custommade seats in your choice of upholstery and color, a new canopy or even different
floor mats.
Look around online to see all of the many options that are available to you. For all
its uses, a used golf cart is a functional and fun way to get things done.

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Golf Carts Provide Optimal Golfing Enjoyment
Looking for a gas powered, electric or a pull cart? Golf carts are essential in
helping you get around the course. In order to make the most of your time
management skills you want a vehicle like custom golf carts or a durable pull cart
to help you carry your equipment. Ez-go golf carts along with yamaha are well
known in the golfing world and often come in electric or gas powered models.
Depending on what you are seeking, some players enjoy the value of used golf
carts as often they are priced a little more affordable. Golf carts are an absolute
necessity for those more challenged terrain courses.
There are many advantages when using golf carts. These include the ability to
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carry your clubs, snacks, beverages and stay drier in poor weather conditions
with all weather enclosure features. Custom golf carts are very stylish. You can
create the ideal image or machine that suits your needs. Lots of consumers taylor
make their own vehicles. Quite often the popular choice are used golf carts. The
availability is absolutely amazing. The features that these machines come out
with is truly endless. You can easily customize your golf cart to match your
Golf carts are the ideal utility for the avid golfer. Take advantage of custom golf
carts as they allow you to design your ideal vehicle. Ez-go, Yamaha, Club car are
all top name brands. You can either review new sources or used golf carts. The
convenience factor is worth looking at. Just imagine the benefits that come with a
great utility cart buggy. We understand that many consumers have different
needs, and an endless list of golf cart accessories is usually not too much farther
than a click away. Improve your game enjoyment with the added convenience of
your very own golf cart.

Golf Course Equipment Basics: Winter Storage
Small engine vehicles, like golf carts, lawn mowers and trucksters, need the same
care and maintenance as a car or truck. Owners tend to forget that putting a golf
cart or mower away for the winter requires the same care as if you were planning
to store a vehicle for an extended amount of time. Too often carts are stored
away in some corner of the garage without much thought given to how well they
will start up when the weather improves. Golf cart owners figure that hiding
them away in a shed or garage, clear from the winter elements is sufficient. Not
quite. Even if your golf cart or mower is new, they still require some
maintainance. In fact, getting them to start up trouble-free from season to
season requires you follow a few points of due-diligence.
First, gather up the equipment you will need to properly put your golf cart in
storage for the winter. This equipment includes a wrench, a few bottles of distilled
water, some cleaning rags, gloves for you, goggles for your eyes, a hydrometer (it
measures the gravity of the electrolyte solution) and a voltmeter (to measure
voltage). You may want to throw in some baking soda and vaseline as well.
The following are measures you can take to ensure your golf cart or course
mower starts up again as spring comes around.
1. Read the manufacturer’s maintenance guide
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t try to tinker with the small engine if
you’ve never handled one before. If you notice anything unusual, take your golf
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cart or mower to the nearest dealer for an inspection. Don’t wait until spring to
have your small engine checked.
2. Remove the battery
Before storing your golf mower or cart for the winter, remove the battery and
disconnect it from the battery cable. Store your battery in a safe place, away
from heated elements, gas or furnace. Wipe it clean and brush off the battery
terminal with a metal brush. Check for any cracks or borken elements. If the
manufacturer recommends special cleaning solutions for your battery, give it a
good cleaning before putting it away. If there are no spcial instructions, distilled
water should do the trick. Avoid using corrosive cleaning chemicals. Most golf
cart or mower problems are due to poorly maintained batteries.
3. Store in a safe, covered location
Store your golf cart or mower away from heaters, furnaces and gas containers.
Also ensure that it is not place near any open windows where water damage may
4. Put it away clean
Clean your cart or mower before storing it. Wash off any leaves, grass, residual
soil, dried or wet mud, and moisture pockets from both the main exterior and
underneath. Wipe off grass and dirt from around the blade using a long-handled
brush - Do not use your bare hands! When you clean your mower, unplug the
spark plug lead wire, wind it up gently and tape it together.
5. Remove remaining fuel
You should finish off any fuel that is remaining in your tank (if it uses fuel) or add
a fuel preserver before storage. Read the instructions for the fuel preserver
carefully before using. After adding it plug your mower or cart and let the engine
run for a few minutes. This should give the fuel preserver enough time to go
through the carburetor. One good thing about fuel preservers (also called
stabilizers) is that they keep the fuel fresh in the engine for as long as half a year.
You can now turn off the engine.
Follow these simple steps for storage and your golf cart or mower will start up in
a snap.

Equipment That Lasts: Using Repower Kits on Small

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Golf course managers have the difficult responsibility of keeping their fleet of golf
carts, course mowers, trucksters and sand haulers running smoothly year to year.
As these items experience wear and tear it is important that they be maintained
so that they last as long as possible. Funding is not always available to replace
bad equipment at a moments notice. Extending the life of your equipment is
possible through proper oiling, electrical testing and cleaning. When major
problems start to occur in areas like engine performance, it is not necessary to
feel that the cart or mower is done for. Repowering the engine using a rebuild kit
is an economical solution for extending the usability of equipment for several
more years to come.
You can reduce the long-term costs of golf cart repairs and replacement by opting
to “repower” your golf carts with small engine rebuild kits by manufacturers like
Briggs Stratton, Cushman, Kohler, and Honda. The manufacturers of these small
engines have designed them to withstand both heavy workloads and light
depending on the amount of use. These small engines come in a wide assortment
of sizes, available horsepower, and different transmission set-ups, to meet all of
your power needs. These engines also use a variety of sources such as gasoline,
diesel, and electricity from batteries for their power. This makes them quite
adaptable to the course-specific needs of every golf course.
The largest manufacturer of air-cooled gas-powered engines is Briggs Stratton. A
Briggs Stratton small engine is durable even under the harshest of conditions and
doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to stay in peak running condition.
Many golf courses utilize equipment by Cushman, who creates small engines for
the Cushman Truckster and Cushman Haulster. The Cushman Truckster small
engine can provide a golf cart with all the power it needs to traverse rugged
terrains with the weight of passengers and equipment on board with ease. The
Cushman Haulster is also built to handle heavy loads.
The Kohler line of small engines for repowering golf carts are compact but durable
and provide optimum power. These engines are built for longevity.
Honda small engines power motorcycles, boats, and go-carts in addition to
lawnmowers and golf course equipment. These engines are sturdy and can handle
whatever task is put to them.
These manufacturers are well-respected small engine builders that have
reputations for producing quality products. By using a repower rebuild kit that
uses one of these engines, golf course managers will get quality power, a sturdy
machine that will stand up to the rigorous demands placed on them with less
maintenance required, and a comparatively inexpensive solution to replacing
equipment. You will find these engines are a cost-effective choice for the other
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equipment used for the maintenance of golf courses such as seeders and mowers.
Golf course managers have the difficult job of keeping the fleet of carts and
mowers running smoothly for a long period of time. By repowering their existing
fleet when needed, they can save money on buying all new carts and still get the
same tough, sturdy, dependable running engines they expect from top brand
small engine manufacturers.

Golf Equipment, Is Your Equipment Compatible
With Your Game?
If you are looking for information pertaining to Callaway golf clubs, golf club
components, golf club clones or any other brand or form of golf equipment, you
will find it very helpful to read on. Nowadays, there are many factors to consider
when trying to find the ideal golf equipment for you. Whether it is a driver,
fairway woods, irons, golf bags, golf balls or any other golf equipment accessory,
we all have different preferences and needs. Every person is unique, and every
swing is different from player to player. For instance, a golfer with a fast swing
will achieve better results with a stiffer shaft as opposed to a softer shaft. The
problem that many people encounter when shopping for golf equipment such as
Callaway golf clubs, golf club components, golf club clones or any other piece of
golf equipment, is that there are so many choices and features available that it is
difficult for the average person to know where to begin, or where exactly to begin
looking, for that matter.
Those are not the only things that come into play when seeking golf equipment
such as Callaway golf clubs, golf club components, golf club clones or any other
form of golf equipment. It can get very complicated if you happen to get into
specifics such as "center of gravity" in the clubhead, and what effect it will have
on your shot depending on where it is located within the clubhead. And we do
recommend you do get into those "specifics" to acieve the best possible results
with the equipment you happen to choose. Depending on the level of player you
are, you may want to leave the "specifics" to the pros. Go to a pro-shop and try
an assortment of brands and models, and be sure to ask one of the salesmen to
help you find which type of clubheads, shafts and golf balls are best suited for
your type of swing. If you don't know what type of swing you have, have him
watch you swing a few times. Most of the time, salesmen in golf proshops are
very knowledgeable when it comes to the fundamentals of golf and golf
They will be able to help you dramatically. One thing they may not be able to help
you with however, is a price to suit your budget.
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This is why we recommend you do your research, go to pro-shops, golf
equipment shops, and do what ever you have to do to find the particular pieces of
golf equipment like Callaway golf clubs, golf club components, golf club clones
and all golf equipment needs, then make you purchases on the internet. Internet
shopping is becoming more and more popular. Why, you ask.
People are becoming more aware of the great deals on the internet due to the
fact that the middlemen are eliminated in the process, or that huge stock must be
cleared to make room for new arrivals. There is an abundance of website
merchants offering prices so low that stores just cannot compete with, and they
usually carry a much wider selection of goods. So if you are the type of person
who likes brand names, you will have no trouble at all finding equipment with BIG
names such as Callaway, Nike, Cleveland Golf, Titleist, Ping, Orlimar and
TaylorMade, to name a few. You may also be interested in having a look at some
alternatives such as clone golf clubs.
These are golf clubs made to the specs of all your favorite top brands, and usually
the only differences are the name on the club and the price. This is a great way to
pay even less, and still get what you want and deserve, as long as you don't mind
a different brand name.
Good luck shopping for your favorite golfing needs, and try to make it a learning
Remember, your knowledge on golf eqipment can result in a surprising
improvement in your game.
Little things like a basic understanding of why a ball reacts the way it does when
coming off the clubhead can make it easier to work on your swing. So, know
what's best suited for You before you buy, and you'll be on your way to a much
more enjoyable round of golf for years to come.

Golf Equipment Isn't Working
Golf equipment doesn't work?
keep reading.

Did that catch your attention? I hope so. Now

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Just the other day I was watching the Golf Channel and they were talking yet
again about the latest and greatest drives and irons. This golf equipment (new
technology) that has gotten totally out of hand, is making these companies a ton
of money.
Because they prey on vulnerable, frustrated golfers looking to play better through
golf equipment.
Here’s my beef!
It’s not working! I don’t care what these companies say…I see golfers everyday,
buying new golf equipment and STILL not playing any better. It’s a known fact
that the average golf handicap has not gone down in over 20 years!
It’s NOT the equipment that’s going to improve your game…it’s YOU!
You swing that club. You show up to the range or course. It all depends on your
current physical condition how well you will swing…and especially for 18 holes.
Is that registering with you yet?
How many new clubs have you bought lately? Did it allow you to play better…
consistently? Be honest. Don’t let your pride answer that question. Just state
the facts. Are your scores lower? Do you swing with better consistency?
These are questions to constantly ask yourself to make sure you are seeing
progress. If you’re not…then save your money and get working on YOU!
It’s always fun to see the new golf equipment that’s coming out…but your game is
dependant on your physical capabilities, not compensations with golf equipment.

Golf Fitness Equipment For Your In-Home
Golf fitness equipment can be a variety of pieces; but what truly is golf fitness
You’d be surprised to find out it is not expensive; and is not necessarily in a gym
or health club either.
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Yes…there are golf “machines” for stretching and strength building that are well
over one thousand dollars, but are definitely not needed.
When you think of the golf swing, it’s a dynamic movement completed in space
with your ‘whole’ body. So any kind of training or golf fitness equipment should be
able to accommodate this.
I've designed all my programs, dvds and books to utilize the below equipment for
one reason. Convenience. Which will save you time to do what you really want
to do. Play golf!
For starters, a pair of hand weights (dumbbells) are inexpensive, portable and
can be used for dozens of golf-specific exercises. They don’t have to be heavy or
cumbersome. You’d be surprised what a 5 to 8 pound pair of dumbbells can
accomplish with the right golf exercises.
Next on the list of golf fitness equipment is tubing. You may have seen it in
articles, on the television or in a catalog. Exercise tubing is extremely portable,
very inexpensive and also can be used to mimic many phases of the golf swing,
but with resistance.
I personally use exercise tubing in all of my programs, with all of my personal
clients and in my own golf workouts. It can give you one heck of a workout if you
have the right resistance. These bands come in varying tensions from light to
extra heavy.
Another piece of golf fitness equipment is a stability ball. It’s the big ‘beach ball’
looking thing that is used in offices to sit on, in many exercise classes, at most
health clubs and all of the physical therapy clinics.
Why? Because again it’s portable, inexpensive and very versatile. Doing golf
exercises on the ball incorporate core stabilization, balance and stability. All
important factors in a mechanically sound golf swing.
And the last piece of golf fitness equipment is a weighted medicine ball is the .
You might remember them from several decades ago as the big leather balls that
the old fitness fanatics used to improve strength and power.
Well now they’re back! They are used in every sport-specific strength program in
existence. You can do so many sport-like movements with them and they weigh
as much as 20 pounds, so you can imagine the benefit from a power standpoint.
I have a couple of my ‘bread-and-butter’ exercises I use in all my programs that
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incorporate the weighted medicine ball and they are very effective.
So there you have it! Three or four pieces of inexpensive and portable golf fitness

Golf Tips Involving Golf Equipment
Blaming your moves, shots and swings for your golf mishits and mishaps? Well,
no matter how much time and effort you have been spending over practicing your
moves to perfect your game, you still won't achieve your goal if you use
unsuitable or defective types of golf equipment, will you?
Now is high time for you to consider the following golf tips that involve checking
on your equipment's quality.
If you plan to choose used golfclubs as beginner's tools, scrutinizing before
purchasing is a must. The clubheads, the shafts, and the grips are golfclub parts
that should pass inspection first before landing a decent spot in your golf
equipment cabinet. Another excellent golf tip that will get you through the game
is making sure that the set of used golfclubs you're eyeing have set consistency.
It will also help a lot if you check first the price of new clubs vs. used.
A golf tip for a golfer that plans to regrip his clubs: Be cautious. This is because
the grips are the only contact points one can access to affect the shot. Before
carrying out the regripping, know the core grip of the club and your hands grip
size. To determine your core size grip, measure the diameter of the butt of the
shaft you're going to re-grip. The shaft's diameter should match the grip's core
diameter. In determining your hands grip, the available size grips are regular,
mid-size, oversize and jumbo. Use only the best re-gripping materials that will
provide optimum performance for your golf clubs.
Another golf tip or advice is that using ill-fitted clubs will be an obstacle to your
golf playing success. A golfer must consider his or her body type in choosing the
best-fitting equipment to support and deliver his backswings efficiently. Too steep
angles in carrying out backswings may be avoided if one selects the perfect fitting
equipment available.
Custom golfclub fitting makes a better option than just buying new golf clubs.
Getting custom fitting golfclubs is a golf tip that translates to a very worthy
investment. The uniqueness of each person is attributed to the need of this way
of buying new golf clubs. A custom fitting produces golfclubs that specifically suit
the height, strength, swing characteristics and clubhead speed of the golfer.
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The type of club shaft also helps in predicting whether you'll do good in a game or
you won't. There's a choice between a steel club shaft and a graphite-made club
shaft. This golf tip aims to make you realize which type of golfclub shaft will
benefit your game. Observations tell that the steel club shafts are more preferred
by professional golfers while graphite shafts become more popular with women,
senior players and beginners. Steel shafts are less expensive than graphite shafts
One more golf tip that could help you is that the golf clubs that must be the main
content of your bag must suit your skill level. Since various skill levels need
various golf clubs, it won't be wise to just use or bring a golf club that is just lying
around. And, don't ever forget about the maximum golfclub load your bag is
allowed to hold. You can only bring 14 golf clubs in your bag. No more. No less.
Aside from your skill level contemplation, your mastery of a certain golfclub and
your being comfortable with using it must also be put into consideration in
deciding which golfclub to hit.
A good combination of the right moves and good choice of equipment will better
arm you to become the best golfer you could ever be.

Greens Equipment: Update Golf Course Mowers
and Tractors with a Toro or Kohler Small Engine
Rebuild Kit
If you deal with golf course management and it is your responsibility to ensure
that your greens, fairways and roughs are always in the perfect condition, then
you need the right tools for the job. Toro makes excellent golf course
management mowers and other vehicles, but a lot of heavy users consider their
small engines to be a little light for their requirements. After a few years small
engines like these also start to show wear and tear, and most golf course
managers consider replacing the entire vehicle to be the only solution.
Toro golf course management equipment in the 300 range generally comes
standard with a Kohler K321S 60407 or 60295 engine. While these engines are
perfectly serviceable, they have a few minor drawbacks that make them
unsuitable for heavy or long term use. For example, they do not have full
pressure lubrication, overhead valves or hydraulic valve lifters, and these
components not only contribute to greater power in small engines, but greater
fuel efficiency and durability as well.
Small engine rebuild kits are available for the K series Kohler engine that are easy
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to install, lightweight and far more powerful than the original engine. These kits
come with simple, step-by-step instructions so even if you have little technical
background you can replace your Kohler engine yourself.
Of course, one of the main reasons so many golf course management
professionals are turning to small engine rebuild kits is that it is far more costeffective than replacing a Toro golf course management mower or cart. Not only
is it far cheaper than replacing the vehicle, but the Triad/OHC engine is far more
fuel efficient than the standard Kohler engine. Kohler Triad Repower Kit are
always the cheapest way to bring new life to an ageing Toro GM-3, or any other
Toro green management vehicle.
Your golf course is unlikely to be vacant at any time during the day, so having
Toro golf course management equipment that can do its job without anyone
noticing it is a necessity. If you were worried that installing a more powerful
motor will make your Toro vehicle louder, it doesn’t have to. Small engine rebuild
kits can also include a brand new muffler kit – ask your rebuild kit retailer about
what is included or what can be added to ensure your rebuild vehicle meets your
specific requirements.
No other precision small engine can deliver this much low end torque. The Kohler
engine might be the standard, but this engine was built with perfection as the
goal and no other small engine turns so little fuel into so much power.
With a slightly more powerful and refined engine comes the extended lifespan you
would expect. Because these engines have low emissions and are expertly
constructed to withstand the beating they will be receiving you will get many
more years out of your Kohler engine replacement kit than you did out of the
original engine.
Take advantage of the opportunity and ease that you can get from rebuilding your
Toro golf maintenance mower with a Kohler small engine rebuild kit.

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