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Elections Guide
Sep 19-21

Elections Timeline
September 18
September 19
September 21

September 26

Meet the Candidates
Baxter Hall, 7-8pm

Elections Open, 4pm
Ballot sent via email

Elections Close, 4pm

Results sent to campus soon thereafter

First College Council Meeting
Hopkins 001, 7pm

Voting Mechanism
All ballots will be sent to members of the student body
via email. Please click on the link and submit your
Williams utilizes instant run-off preferential proportional
voting (IRV), also known as Single Transferable Voting.
Instead of voting for a single candidate, as in traditional
voting systems, voters instead rank each candidate in
order of preference. A “1” is assigned to your top choice,
a “2” to your second, and so on. Each voter is allowed to
vote for their top four candidates, but may choose to vote
for as few candidates as s/he chooses to.
In IRV, candidates win by meeting or surpassing the
quota, which is the least number of votes needed to fill
each position. Each top vote is assigned a value of 1.
Once all votes are cast, the quota is reached using the
following formula: (N/(S+1))+1, where N is defined as
the number of top votes and S is the number of positions

Votes are tallied in different “counts,” or rounds. Each
person’s top votes are tallied and transferred to each
candidate. If a candidate receives the specified number
of votes, s/he is elected. The excess value of the top
votes will then be transferred to the voter’s second
candidate and the next round commences. If a voter’s
top choice does not win, his/her vote is transferred to
his/her second candidate. This continues until all
candidates are selected.
If no candidate wins during on any given count, the
candidate with the lowest number of votes will be
eliminated. Each person who voted for this candidate
will have their votes transferred to their next eligible

Class of 2014
Candidate: Jake Butts
Self-Nomination: While our time at Williams is slowly coming to a close, the class of 2014 still has the ability to
change Williams for the better now and for the future. I am running for 2014 Class rep. because I believe in that ability,
and moreover in our responsibility to leave Williams a better place for students than it was four years ago when we
first walked on campus. Through my experiences as a tutor, TA, JA, JAAB member, and now CEP member I have
learned about many of the challenges, wants, and needs of our class, and moreover, of the student body on a whole.
Beyond exposing me to these things, my experiences, in particular as a JA and JAAB member, have also enabled me to
think critically about important campus issues that affect the lives of all students. As a representative of our class on
college council, I want to continue to learn and think about these things in an effort to generate new ideas and solutions
for our campus community. I am making a facebook page to share some of these ideas with you:
Although I am excited about these ideas, I am most excited about the ones all of you have, and the things that you want
to see change here at Williams in our final year. If elected, I promise not only to listen to these ideas, but to engage the
members of our class in an effort to find even more ways to create change and improve Williams in our final months.

Candidate: Emily Calkins
Self-Nomination: Throughout my time at Williams, I've had the opportunity to serve not only as a two-year
representative to College Council and a member of its numerous committees, but also as a tour guide, a photography and
executive editor of the Williams Record, an intern in the Alumni Relations office, and a Junior Advisor. In each of these
capacities I have heard both critiques and celebrations of our community and, in turn, formulated my own.
Alongside some of the most impressive and dedicated people I've met here, I have helped navigate the drafting of College
Council's restructuring, institute the annual Sophomorientation programming, finance two semesters of subgroup funding,
bring Macklemore to campus, rethink sexual assault reporting procedures, and challenge the "myth of effortless perfection"
so prevalent on campus. It is my memory of each of these conversations coupled with my dedication to addressing these
and other problems that makes me a singularly strong candidate for the role of Class of 2014 Representative.
In my final year, I hope to accomplish a number of things through College Council, including working with the Career
Center to give senior job applicants offer turn-around times comparable to their competitors at Ivy League and "feeder"
schools, emboldening the new event funding structure established last year with ACE, and revitalizing the SuperFan and
Community Matters efforts.
Anyone who knows me well also knows that my iCal is filled, packed even, with meetings. Whether it is brainstorming
during a weekly editorial piece, piping up during a debate in College Council, or tossing out ideas during a midnight chat at
home in the entry, I have spent my entire career at Williams in rooms where the big questions are being consistently asked
and honestly answered. It is, frankly, what I do best.
And it is also exactly what I hope to spend my final semesters here doing: representing and re-evaluating, applauding and
editing, working for and wondering about the awe-inspiring community we all share. I hope I have given each of you, my
classmates, a reason to believe I am uniquely prepared for that opportunity. Thanks & good luck to all those running!

Candidate: April Jenkins
Self-Nomination: Hello 2014s! This is April Jenkins and I am running for Class of 2014 representative to
serve our class on College Council. On CC I have a track-record of extensive experience and innovative ideas to
ensure that your opinion is heard.
I have been on CC every one of my semesters at Williams as first Pratt House rep, Wood Neighborhood at-largerep, Class of 2014 rep and as CC Treasurer and hope to continue the work I have started to ensure the best Williams
possible. As we tackle our senior year, I look forward to working on planning for Senior Week to manage the most
exciting events while remaining affordable for all students.
Extensive Experience & Innovative Ideas
Managed CC’s $403,000 allocation as Treasurer
Finance Committee every semester at Williams
Cofounded the Superfan Program
Established Frosh Council our first-year
SophomOrientation Planning Committee
Worked extensively with student organizations
Committed to increasing allocations for student organizations and club sports
Allocated budgets to bring events like Macklemore to campus
Class of 2014 Rep (2013)
CC Treasurer (2012)
Wood Neighborhood At-Large Rep (2011-2012)
Pratt House Rep (2010 – 2011)
If I elected I hope to continue working on streamlining CC funding. My specialty is funding after being CC
Treasurer last year and I look forward to continuing CC’s work on rollover funding. I think that our best option is to
increase annual allocations to better support the growing needs of club sports and student organizations. Over the
past three years I have heard the amazing ideas of Williams students and want to ensure that CC’s funding system
enables students instead of hindering them. I hope to use my extensive College Council experience to turn your
innovative ideas into action! I will serve as an open and accessible representative to ensure that the work CC does
reflects the needs and desires of the Class of 2014.

Candidate: Dan Lee

I'll be honest: I'm not your typical CC candidate. I haven't been on CC before, I'm not an athlete, I

haven't led ten organizations (or even one). But I do believe I can provide a fresh and valuable voice on CC. This past year
many of the officers ran on the premise of making CC a more transparent and representative institution. I used to think that
all those "inadequacies" I listed meant I didn't and wouldn't have a voice in college affairs. However, I really do believe that
college council is making significant strides towards becoming an organization that actually represents all students' interests,
and I know I can be a significant part of that change. Williams has quite literally been my home for the past 3 years (my
parents moved to Korea my freshman year), and though I may not see the changes I hope to bring about come to life before I
leave, I am dedicated to making it a better place.
Honestly, I think the new administration is out of touch with certain realities of college life, and I would make better
communication with the administration and campus security one of my primary goals as a Class Rep. It shouldn't be a
privilege to have dinner with the rarely-seen president of our college. Security shouldn't target JAs/entries (arguably some of
the safest spaces on campus) as a means of reducing campus drinking, nor should they intimidate and bully the students
they're supposed to "protect." Athletics are another concern of mine: our varsity athletes (over half the student body) have
done extremely well DESPITE mediocre and overcrowded facilities, and many club sports have been forced to find practice
times off the scrap heap as a result, all the while being treated as irresponsible problem children by the administration. With
some new facilities coming next year, now is a great time to reform our athletics program, and if elected I would make this a
If you know me, you know that I'm always happy to lend an ear and some time for other students. I would represent our class
and college's interests, and add a new face and unique perspective to college council. Thanks for your consideration,

Candidate: Eric Liao
Self-Nomination: Dear Class of 2014,
My name is Eric Liao, and I would like to be your 2014 Class Representative. As seniors, we are pretty adept at
finding our way around campus. Just as that is one of the many things we do know, there are some we don’t: figuring
out where we will be next year, whether it is travelling on a fellowship, working someplace new, or attending a
graduate program. I am sure we are working very hard to figure out our next steps post-graduation, and would like to
stress less about our college academic lives. So allow me to make it one step easier - I want to make your senior year
One of my main goals as a 2014 Class Representative would be to keep everyone informed of the work I do as a
member of College Council. Through monthly updates, I will give you summaries about what has been going on in
College Council, and what events you can expect on campus in the near future.
Being a representative means that I am a voice for many – I am the voice for YOU! That being said, I aim to find ways
to add all of your helpful input into our weekly College Council meetings as a way to express ideas of what seniors
would like to see on campus. My previous experience as a member of the SophomOrientation taught me how to plan
events efficiently and accordingly, all the while integrating other people’s opinions. In addition, my outgoing
personality and approachability are qualities that I hope will allow people to freely express their opinions to me, and I
will do my best to add those ideas into the conversation.
My last main goal as a 2014 Class Representative is to create and plan more events that allow us as a class to come
together and enjoy our final year here. With my prior experience on College Council and as a Head Baxter Fellow, I
will use my valuable experience to form get-togethers and events that appeal to our class. Quick ideas I have (but are
not limited to) include: events catered by Lickety Split, Sushi Thai, or Spice Root; class dinner at the Log; get
everyone together for a campout; and bringing back tent parties. This goal is to give everyone the best possible
opportunity to enjoy every aspect of Williams College, along with getting together with old and new friends.
The days of being in college may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean our fun has to. It is just beginning, and if
elected as 2014 Class Representative, I will strive to make it an unforgettable senior year.
Eric Liao

Candidate: Gia Recco
Self-Nomination: Hi all,
I’m Gia Recco and I’m running for CC representative for the Class of 2014. I feel that my previous
experience on College Council, my role as a J.A. last year, and my current role as co-chair of the Williams
Mental Health Committee qualify me to serve as your rep.
Last semester, I gained a great deal of valuable experience as member of College Council and have a good
sense of what is needed to be an effective rep. As a member of College Council, I hope to continue working
with the health center to keep providing effective psychological services for students and improve already
existing student-run resources.
I am also interested in improving both academic and extracurricular life at Williams by working with CC to
raise awareness for issues surrounding the honor code and helping to better support more student initiatives.
I feel that my various experiences on campus would allow me to be a resource for CC. It would be a
privilege to represent the Class of 2014!

Candidate: Ben Shuham
Self-Nomination: My name is Ben Shuham, member of the class of 2014 and originally from South
Florida, and I am running to be one of the class of 2014 representatives on College Council. At Williams, I
have been an MSRC Tutor, Peer Tutor, TA, Intramural Coordinator, as well as being the current student
chair of the Williams Reads program. Most importantly, I served as the Dodd Neighborhood representative
to College Council during the 2011-2012 school year. During my time on council I focused on completing
limited but impactful projects such as installing a ping-pong table in lower Paresky and restarting the
program to provide available copies of the New York Times around campus.
Studying abroad last year has allowed me to take an invaluable step back from the purple bubble and reflect
on what makes Williams a special place and what can be improved. Quite obviously, we lack the amenities
and extracurricular options that other campuses take for granted. There are fixes to this problem that are both
practical and do not drastically tarnish the small town charm that defines a part of the Williams experience.
For one, I will look into why breakfast food at Lee Snack Bar is served only during late night and not at
breakfast as well. Further, I will be an advocate for the growing campus call for students to be more involved
with Spring Street business activity. No student should be put at a disadvantage for lack of private
transportation and as such the idea for a student run grocery or co-op is a good one and should be pursued.
Lastly, I will aim to improve the IM sports culture. Moving the registration and scheduling system online in
the last few years is a great step forward, but more can be done to increase participation and make IMs an
engaging part of Williams for those who seek it.
These ideas are not grand or revolutionary, but I truly believe the unique aspects of the Williams community
can only get stronger with greater access to basic conveniences and outlets from academic life. With your
help, I can use my experience getting things done on council to move these discussions and projects forward.
And, as always, my door will be open to anyone with ideas on how to make Williams a better place. Thanks
for listening and remember to vote on the 19th.

Class of 2015
Candidate: Ben Corwin
Self-Nomination: Just thought I'd throw myself into the pool, and because voting is anonymous, feel
free to vote for someone with less experience in school government, more crazy ideas, and a fuller schedule.
If you feel like my part in implementing the Purple Bike Rentals program is relevant experience, then call it
that. Or call it an insane idea. What I do know how to do is communicate across ages and campus divisions,
organize meetings, and get money.

Candidate: Rani Mukherjee
Self-Nomination: Hey everyone! I have been serving on College Council since spring semester
freshman year, and I would love to do so again this year. For the last couple years, I have been involved mainly
with College Council Great Ideas and was Chair of the committee last semester. I have worked on many
projects, big and small, including working with the Purple Bike Coalition to start the bike rental program that is
now running, and helping with smaller projects like getting lawn games to rent at Schow and more gym
equipment in Upper Lasell. If elected this semester, I would want to ensure the continuity of projects from last
year, and would also like to play a role in guiding students through the process of creating new student
organizations. I am always open to hearing suggestions and answering questions, so if anything is on your mind
please let me know! I look forward to working with you.

Candidate: Quinn Pitcher
Self-Nomination: This part may be redundant, but I'm Quinn Pitcher, and I'm running to be one of your Class
of 2015 Representatives. I'm running for this position because I believe that my experience on campus has given me
some insight into how the college works, and how the student experience could be made better. As a WOOLF leader,
an executive board member of the Williams College International Investment Group, new member of the Campus
Safety and Security Committee, and Co-Chair of the ACE Concerts Committee, I have a plethora of experience in
divergent areas of campus life. My time as Co-Chair of ACE Concerts has in particular given me a large amount of
experience in event planning and campus life, and that using my new position in both ACE and CC to continue to
refine campus entertainment would be a large part of what I aim to do if elected. Elsewhere, I would aim to continue
to strengthen CC's commitment to mental health issues, as well as work with security to refine policy. In sum, I hope
that you consider me for the position of [one of your] Class of 2015 Reps, and thanks for hearing me out!

Candidate: Griffith Simon
Self-Nomination: College Council has always been an interest of mine and I want to make an impact here at
Williams. As a junior on campus, I have already seen the class separate a little bit. Many students have gone
abroad or are JAs for the new freshman class. As a junior who is on campus all year, I want to see events that will
bring our class together.
As a board member on Cap & Bells, the president of The Williams College International Investment Group, and
the treasurer of The Globalist, I want to see how CC helps student organizations. I know what it is like to found a
group and ask for college funding. I want to make sure that current groups get the most funding they can and that
students are always encouraged to start new groups in fields that interest them.
I've always found it frustrating that the majority of the parking options on campus are behind Mission, a freshman
dorm. The Thompson Lot is often inconvenient, and sometimes even unsafe, for students to walk to and from. I
want to urge the school to make more parking options available.
As your representative, I will do my best to implement my ideas and make our community a better place. I will
always listen to my peers' thoughts and suggestions because I know everyone has great ideas.

Candidate: Ali Tafreshi
Self-Nomination: Hello, I am Ali, and I would like your support for a position as the Class of 2015
I have faced situations, in their numerous leadership positions on campus, where I have been in charge of
representing a large constituency, listening both via surveys and personal conversations, to the demands of
students of different clubs and organizations. This kind of skill is imperative when it comes to serving as a
class rep, where this kind of demand is constantly made by students of the college as a whole.
I have held multiple leadership positions on campus such as At-Large Elected Representative on the Dodd
Neighborhood Leadership Team, Co-President of Purple Valley Films, Board Member of the HMB
Premedical Society, Baxter Fellow, and Dodd Neighborhood Programming Coordinator.
I enjoy rock climbing, writing poetry via SpeakFree, playing drums, and hugging my grandma.
In these many leadership positions, I am constantly tasked with listening intently to the demands of my
constituency, whether it be neighborhood members, or students looking for equipment to make a movie. By
proving myself as an adequate leader on campus in these activities, I am a singular candidate to be a critical,
impartial, and principled leader as a class rep.
I promise to listen. I promise to represent.
Have a lovely day!

Class of 2016 Representatives
Candidate: Jessica Bernheim
Self-Nomination: This past year, I had the great privilege to serve as your Class of 2016 Representative on the
College Council. I would love to serve you again as we begin our sophomore year! I am honored to be a part of a
community where students have a voice in a student government. CC represents a diverse and talented student body
whose intellect and character define the institution of which we are all a part. I want to continue to advocate on behalf of
the class of 2016 and articulate the needs and wishes of our class on College Council.
This year, I want to work on getting a grocery store on campus. After the departure of Ephporium, students are
restricted in their ability to quickly purchase grocery items; especially impeded are those students who do not have a
car. I think that the addition of a grocery store run similarly to Goodrich coffee bar, as a student business, would make
an excellent addition to our campus. A student-run grocery store would create more student jobs and could bring in
more local produce to our campus. Such a store would be a valuable service for students on reduced meal-plans and for
those who want to purchase quick snacks on the run!
In just the few weeks I have been on campus, I have encountered students who are starting new business endeavors that
make use of technological innovation. Some of those students have expressed challenges with programming, coding,
and graphic design. One way to bring together students with computer science experience with students starting up new
initiatives that require technological programming would be to create a compiled list of students who are interested in
working on the creation of websites and on coding. That way, students who need to hire website designers or coders
could utilize an untapped resource on campus, simultaneously allowing other students a way to help their classmates
and make some money!
In addition, I want CC to serve as a stronger resource for bringing more speakers to campus. I think that most clubs or
organizations could benefit from the words, advice, and personal stories of leaders established in the fields relevant to
their operations. In addition, students of all interests would enjoy hearing distinguished speakers on campus, and the
presence of speakers could allow clubs to share their activities with a broader cross section of students. CC should work
with ACE to empower all clubs to bring more speakers to campus. For example, the debate club could bring legislators
and political commentators to campus, the Kaplan Society, officials working in foreign affairs, while club sport teams
could bring sports journalists and athletes to campus to engage a more diverse group of students on their work.
It would be a great honor to be a 2016 Class Representative, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you
this year!

Candidate: Jochebed Bogunjoko
Self-Nomination: My name is Jochebed Bogunjoko and I’m running to be a sophomore representative to
College Council. I want to run for CC because, as a summer tour guide, I told prospective students and their
parents an idealized version of Williams - a version of Williams that I want to match our daily Williams. I want
Williams to be the best it can be and I want to be a part of that process. I think I would make a good
representative because I love people, I love Williams and I’m committed to making a difference.

Candidate: Jesus Espinoza
Self-Nomination: My name is Jesús Espinoza and I’m running for reelection as Class of 2016 Representative
on the Williams College Council. Since first being elected to College Council in the fall of 2012, not once have I
forgotten the people who voted me into office—people like you who want the best for their class, the student body,
and, above all, the best for the college we all cherish deeply in our hearts.
If reelected, I will continue to represent the Class of 2016 to my utmost ability. I intend on keeping open eyes and
ears for what affects our class and the overall quality of life in the Purple Bubble. As class representative, I have and
will always weigh the needs and concerns of my constituents more than my own—that is what genuine
representation entails. Throughout my time in College Council, not once have I ceased my approachability with my
constituents: I made sure any question for me about College Council, student life, and anything Williams would go
answered. My willingness to help my constituents at any time of day and during any situation—be it between classes
at Paresky or even at a party at Wood basement or Perry goat room—will remain a characteristic of my tenure as
class representative.
Remember, if you have any questions during my campaign or, if reelected, my tenure, feel free to email me at, call or text me at (702) 573-1458, message me on Facebook at jesusespinoza4, or
even stop by my suite at Carter 3B. When the time to vote comes (between September 19th and 21st), you will have
to choose four class representatives. If you demand an experienced representative who is passionate about his class,
peers, and college, you will already know whom to choose. Out of many, one—VOTE JESUS.

Candidate: Ellen Finch
Self-Nomination: Hey there, class of 2016! My name is Ellen Finch and I would love to represent our
class on College Council this year. For those of you whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, I am from
Concord, NH, was in A4 last year, and can often be found at snack bar, skiing, or attempting to come up with
jokes for the social calendar. My incentive to be your representative is rooted in my love of Williams and all
the people that make it such a wonderful place. I am incredibly invested in our next three years here, as well
as the legacy that we leave behind, and want to see our class have the best experience it possibly can. After
being a proxy at many college council meetings last and witnessing what a large impact the organization has
on our time here at Williams, I found myself immediately looking forward to the next chance to run.
You can be confident that I, if elected, will be a dedicated and effective member of College Council. I have
the knowledge and drive to make good and efficient change within our college community. In high school, I
was a leader of student government, secretary of our NHS, and ran multiple school wide programs including
mentoring and tutoring. On campus I was on the executive board of the Freshman Council and am often
involved in the planning and execution of various events and student run activities (You’ve probably seen
me around getting overly excited about all things Williams-y!). As a tour guide, social calendar coordinator,
and zealous superfan, I’ve dedicated significant time to learning the ins and outs of Williams and getting to
know not only the school but also all of you. I am positive that with my previous experience in leadership
positions and my current passion for making Williams a better place, I will be able to accurately and
effectively represent the class of 2016.
I hope that you will trust me with this position, and if you have any questions about what I hope to
accomplish or what I have to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me - my unix is eff1!

Candidate: Corey Michon
Self-Nomination: Hi!

My name is Corey Michon, and I am running for the position of Class of 2016

Representative. As former AP representative on College Council during my freshman year at Williams, and as a four
year member of Lexington High School’s Class Council as Class Secretary, I have great experience in student
government and representing my classmates in working towards the betterment of our academic experiences. I am
passionate about each member of this community’s well being and have a deep desire to play an active role in the
institution of positive change on campus. Our class has a diverse set of needs, wants, and ideas in what creates the ideal
Williams experience, and through exposure to the many voices of the class of 2016, I am eager to do my part in
improving our collective experience at Williams College. My history with participating in student government and
understanding of the dynamics within which students can institute change at Williams provide me a strengthened ability
to work toward positive reform in the interests of the student body. In addition to this experience, my interests on
campus, ranging from performance art, to athletics, to social justice work, brings me into relations with many faces
within our class. These interactions with diverse social groups aids my ability to represent a well-rounded, collective
whole of our class’s student body, rather than standing to represent a select few. Additionally, I am active in
recognizing potential changes on campus that would benefit our student body, and hope to bring these ideas to College
Council and work on instituting their establishment. One major focus I have is the dining hall swipe system and the
absence of a campus grocery shop, and am eager to explore the idea of being able to apply swipes to grocery needs.
Vote for me, and I promise to do my part in giving you the greatest Williams College experience possible!

Candidate: Alphayo Nyarera

Hey ‘16s!

I am back, and I want to be your representative to the College Council. This year I am wiser, and more importantly,
better experienced. Over the last year I have also been involved on campus as the President of the African Student's
Organization, a Mears Mentor for MD-1 and a member of the Finance Committee on the College Council. All these
positions have not only given me adequate exposure to how the college works, but they have also shown me how I
can serve you better.
This year I hope to continue with the duty you charged me with, which is to represent your interests in the college
council as well as keep you updated on important information that concerns you. Further, I am mulling over the
possibility of starting a campus wide competition to collect ideas that will improve student life. Together with
members the Student Affairs Committee, I hope to make this a possibility that will continually improve the Eph
As always, your concerns will be my priority in all College Council sittings. Vote for me, and let us do awesome
things together!
Yours in service,
Alphayo Nyarera

Williams Hall
Candidate: Brooke Bovier
Self-Nomination: Williams is the greatest college on earth, and what better place to live than the
namesake of our glorious school. Willy is the center of campus, therefore this is (obviously) a very important
position and especially in this election, if you're not first, you're last. One of my objectives, permitted you
vote for me, is to start the Brooke Bovier Club for Kids Who Don't Read Good or Go to Amherst (I already
have a model, but it's going to need to be at least 3 times as big). I am also taking the initiative to bunk all of
the beds in order to have more room for activities. And I hope that I could bake a cake filled with rainbows
and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy. As senior class vice president and captain of the varsity
cheerleading team, I have experience leading more than a one-man wolf pack (I would love for you all to
join me in mine). If you vote for me, I solemnly swear that I will be up to no good. So vote for me (do it and
you're cool!), Brooke Bovier.

Candidate: Lucas Elek
Self-Nomination: My fellow Ephs, my name is Lucas Elek, and I wish to have the honor of representing
Williams Dorm on college council. Before I talk more about who I am, I want to talk more about who we are. Who
are we really? What does it mean to be a 2017 Williams student – beyond the purple cows, late night snack bars
and brutal Sunday mornings with limitless amounts of work? I know that we are a pretty diverse group, in all forms
of the word. I know that we are passionate, persistent, persuasive, productive and pretty freakin awesome. Beyond
that - I dunno honestly, but I’d like to be given the chance to figure it out with all of you.
I’ve gotten to chance to meet many of you over the course of the last few weeks. Whether it was at orientation, the
world famous Wily F basement parties, or in class (shout out to anyone doing their Pysch work right now; my
prayers are with you). I haven’t met all of you, but I hope to do so in the coming weeks.
We all have a wide range of interests and talents. I feel blessed to have witnessed the brilliance of our students, the
fierceness of our athletes, the craft of the art students, and the kindness in all our hearts. God, that sounds so
cheesy. But its true.
Now you might be saying. That’s great Lucas. I know how great Williams is. That’s why I came here! Alright
Alright slow down. Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a pretty outgoing guy. I’m a big fan of mingling. I’m a
runner – I compete all year. I was the only outspoken liberal at my high school, so Williams is a nice change. I’m
an acapella groupie, through and through. I love politics and history fun facts. Did you know Jimmy Carter was a
peanut farmer? Pretty dope right? I’m kind of a dork if you haven’t picked up on that already. But that’s ok. I think
Williams is all about expressing your inner dork and making peace with it. That’s why I choose Williams.
I don’t want to bore you with my experience, but I lead a variety of service groups and student action groups at my
high school. It allowed me to meet different types of people with whom I wouldn’t have otherwise come into
contact. It also allowed me to make a difference in my community.
I think this is a very special place we have all just entered. It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, but that’s
why we have each other. Regardless of the outcome of this election, I look forward to meeting all of you. This
journey of ours is just beginning, and we should enjoy every minute of it. My name is Lucas Elek, I’m a 19-yearold ginger, I do a pretty good Golem voice, and I want to be your dorm representative.

Candidate: Amelia Hidalgo
Self-Nomination: Hi Class of 2017! My name is Amelia Hidalgo and I am running to be the Williams
Hall Representative for this year. I am very excited by the prospect of being able to represent you all
(residents of best hall on campus - woot woot)! Here’s just a little about myself: I’m from El Paso, TX and
am currently living in Willy D. As of now, I plan to major in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience
and will be going the Pre-Med route. I love singing, reading, and am a self-proclaimed chocoholic and avid
Country music fan. I bring passion, enthusiasm and a great sense of humor to all that I am involved in and
strive to give nothing less than my personal best. I have held many leadership positions in high school and
hope to continue to serve my community as a member of College Council. As representative, I will do my
best to ensure that your voice is not only heard, but that it is considered in council proceedings. In the short
amount of time that I have been here, Williams has become my home and you all have become my family –
a family united in our love of this school and in the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us during our
college careers and beyond. This year is an important one – a time to learn not only about the world around
us, but most importantly, about ourselves, who we are and where we want be. It is for this reason that I want
to represent you. I want to be a part of making this year run as smoothly as possible and ensure that we, as
freshmen, are heard. In light of this, I hope you will consider voting for me as Williams Hall Representative.
In doing so, you will not only gain a representative to speak up for you, but there may also be impromptu
ukulele jam sessions to look forward to. Or not.

Sage Hall Rep
Candidate: Andrew Chou
Self-Nomination: ****FRESH PRINCE OF SAGE HALL****Now this is the story all about how, my life
got flipped, turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I’m ‘bout to run
for Fresh Prince of Sage (in Bel-Air). In western Washington born and raised, Stud Gov for four years I spent most
of my days, Listenin’, collaboratin’, talkin’ all cool, and all playing some Squash for Williams the school. When a
couple of guys, told me about co-council, I started droppin’ posters in my neighborhood. I misplaced one sign and
Dean Dave got scared, and asked “You’re running for Fresh Prince of Sage Hall (in Bel-Air)?” I pulled up to
breakfast about seven or eight, and I hollered to the staff “why can’t I get seconds, ya haters?” Looked at my Sage
peeps I was finally there, to sit on my throne as Fresh Prince of Sage Hall (in Bel-Air). I’m chock full of ideas and
I’m open to talk, if I’m in my room, go ahead just knock, If elected I’d be a Fresh Prince of Sage Hall, now I’m
goin’ to list some more details and all. In terms of leadership positions, I did student government for 4 years in
high school, was president of two different clubs (Asian Affinity Group and Squash Club) and was in charge of
~200 members. But what I think is more important than qualifications is my unique perspective on the role of
College Council at Williams. For example, as a fairly big guy (6’4”) and member of the Squash team, I realize that
there are some problems that don’t often go addressed. Why can’t you get seconds in Paresky? Sometimes you
really want an entrée of the steak as well as the spaghetti. Who else is tired of filling 2 or 3 cups for Powerade and
chocolate milk when the cups could just be made slightly bigger like in Mission? But I am also keen on the other
small quality of life issues at Williams. If you had to sprint to your next class through the pouring rain last week
you might appreciate my idea to install “umbrella booths” in all the major buildings. Not only do I pay attention to
quality of life issues, but I also have plans for long-term projects. I think it’s ridiculous that some freshmen didn’t
get to enroll in Econ 110. There should be more IM sport opportunities for the athletes who played in high school
but chose to take a break from athletics in college. My name is Andrew Chou, and I am running for Sage Hall
representative. I think my experience as well as my ability to identify key issues surrounding student life will make

Candidate: Chase Epstein
Self-Nomination: Hello, my name is Chase Epstein and I want to represent the members of Sage Hall
this coming year. I’m not going to bombard you with my high school accomplishments, chances are the
other candidates are also qualified if they are at Williams. The Sage Hall Representative to College Council
needs vision, execution, and dedication; all of which I believe I have. I will create an opening in the barrier
between Sage inhabitants and the College Council. I will lobby for funding for events and, most importantly,
I will work tirelessly to meet your needs and advocate for all members of Sage Hall and the college at large.
I have much experience organizing and assisting managing events ranging from Children’s Specialized
Hospital Fundraisers to beach sweeps with thousands of people volunteering. I have the traits to be an
effective and approachable representative while bringing a fresh perspective to the College Council. Any
representative that isn’t constantly campaigning for their constituents and constantly improving their
conditions is not doing their job. From the tangible issues in Sage Hall to the intangibles of college and dorm
living, I hope to improve your experience in our freshman year here at Williams.
In the time between the release of this statement and the vote I encourage you to come find me; I live in Sage
B and would love to get to know you and for you to get to know me. If elected I urge you to come find,
email, or message me with any suggestions or concerns regarding Sage Hall or the college in general. Thank


Candidate: Candice Dyce
Self-Nomination: On move-in day, the last thing my mom told me before driving back home to New York was
to surround myself with people I admire and to try to be like those people with whom I surround myself. This forced
me to really think about who I have become and who I would want to be in college.
Since 5th grade, I had always been the only girl in my group of friends, constantly being teased about what I could
and could not do because of the clear correlation between girls and cooties, including running for Class President. So,
there I was, in the middle of a heated Yu-Gi-Oh! dual with my bros,when I realized that if I could beat my friends in
the clearly intense card game, I could easily take over the world, despite being a girl. I decided to start with running
for Class President. I had a ton of fun making the signs and meeting new people, but I don't think then I understood
why I thought the position so appealing. In retrospect, I didn't know yet that I could be a responsible role model.
My dreams of taking over the world continued as I gained more and more leadership experience in high school.
There, I became a member of the student government for two years, after which I became a dormitory prefect of my
boarding school (similar to a JA) for my last two years. The more years passed, the more involved I became. By my
senior year, I was able to lead almost every club I had joined and/or started: Spanish Club, Biology Olympiad, GayStraight Alliance, and our Environmental Activists group, to name a few. It wasn't that I necessarily fell in love with
the power, but rather I loved seeing the changes it made. There is nothing I hated more than constantly complaining
about problems, but not doing anything productive to change them.
With respect to my mom's advice, I'd like to surround myself with College Council members in an effort to be seen in
the same light as they are, as a liaison between students and faculty. In short, I would be a great candidate for College
Council simply because I'd love to be a voice for the student body in an effort to see the necessary changes be made,
like making food available between lunch and dinner, for example. Also, it'd be pretty sweet to keep taking over the

Candidate: Celeste Pepitone-Nahas
Self-Nomination: Hey hey hey my name is Celeste and I live in Sage A!
Here’s some things I’m all about: running cross country, political science, and watermelon. Here’s some things I’m not
about: Amherst, THE LAUNDRY MACHINES IN SAGE BASEMENT, and writing self-noms (they’re awkward.)
So yesterday when I tried to do my laundry both the washer and dryer ate my quarters so it cost me $6. Not chill. As your
Sage Hall Rep one of my goals would be to improve the basement facilities.
“What about recreational activities in Sage basement?” you might be wondering. Yes, those need improvement too. As
upstanding citizens and dedicated students We deserve a legit set up with leather futons and better speakers. And definitely a
ping pong table so Sage residents can practice and hopefully work up an Olympic team. Those are some long term goals.
But let's be real...I just got here! And I still sometimes feel like a prefrosh. I’m still learning that “studying” in the common
room is about as effective as googling “how to write a self-nomination.” (not effective.)
Rather than list my plans I'll tell you a few secrets:
1) Do you know about the Bike Share Program? Yeah, CC set that up last year. It's pretty sweet and you should be hearing
more about it in a few weeks! With me as your CC rep I will keep you informed and ahead of the game with a Sage Hall
Facebook Page.
2) I’ve noticed a …slight disparity…in the quality of food between Paresky and Mission. Have you? That’s something I’d
like to work on as your Sage Hall Rep, since if the temp. dips below zero I’m not walking to Mission.
3) Williams isn't perfect. I’m not perfect.
But for me, Williams is a home away from home--a place I fell in love with because of the talented and passionate people.
This place has true energy. I’ve seen it in the a cappella groups, in the professors, in the way sunlight hits frosh quad in the
morning and I know it’s going to be a beautiful day. (or I know I’m tired af...) It is a place unlike any other, a place I'm
committed to improving in any way I can.
I’m here to listen to your ideas, your voices, your thoughts. My purpose is to bring your ideas to fruition. (..And also to use
CC funds to outfit Sage basement) As your SAGE REP I will be there for you guys at all times--whether you have policy
suggestions or just want to recap first Fridays. I'm completely addicted to coffee so email me at if you
want to grab tunnel city.
Or better yet stop by Sage A this Friday evening! I live on the fourth floor and we will be chilling with some snacks and
good music. Come with questions, concerns, or just to hang out. I will be happy to discuss my policy ideas for this Fall, or
just interpretive dance and eat watermelon.

Candidate: Steven Yannacone

In high school, I was captain of the cross-country and track teams my junior and

senior year. At the beginning, the team was unmotivated and unwilling to work. As a leader, I knew that I
had to take responsibility for any team problem. Over the course of two years, through many emails, talks,
compromises and words of encouragement, I got them to run more and more until my senior year we were
one of the best teams in the district. I am not here to lie to you and say everything went perfectly, but there is
no question that we became better runners and, more importantly, a better team.
I know that any financially smart school body will not just freely hand out funds to improve an entry. The
entry needs real demonstrated need or desire. I would like to give Sage the voice it deserves on the College
Council. If elected, I will not only provide suggestion boxes for your concerns but also tour the entries every
weekend so that you can present your issues to me personally, if so desired. If there is a common complaint I
will not only present it to the council, but will present them with a petition for proof of the entries’ concerns.
From my personal experience, I know the washing room concerns. The machines are too few , too small, and
too expensive. A small load (washing +drying) is $3.00, and, because of the small size of the washers, a
normal-sized load is $4.50. I promise to work my hardest to try to get the college to invest in new equipment
and/or to reduce the price.
If you have concerns that you want to inform me of during the regular school week, feel free to call me at
484-683-5323 or email me at

Candidate: Cornelius Chandler
Self-Nomination: In my two and a half weeks here at Williams College, I have consistently felt a
peace and level of positivity I could have never imagined. There is this air of acceptance that permeates the
student body, and it allows me to connect with people in a myriad of wonderful ways. Empathy is the
essence of my existence. It always has been, but I am able to exercise it fully at Williams. Each time I meet
someone new, all I want to do is leave them with the feeling that, “Hey, this guy will always give a damn.
Sometimes it will be huge. Sometimes it will be very, very small, but no matter what, it will always exist.”
Having experienced what I’ve experienced these last 18 years, I’ve learned how to love and appreciate the
pain responsible for making kids who they are. I’ve also learned how to love and appreciate the beauty of
each person’s individual experiences, and the fact that every single person matters. I’ve learned how to
understand intolerance, even give people the benefit of the doubt when they say things that make you want to
“bus’ em wit a brick.” I’m also “kyut” (pronounced ca-yute), charismatic, very friendly, and I like making
people feel good. It’s almost as if I was born to make people’s lives easier. I won’t single-handedly change
the face of Williams Student Life forever, no matter how much swag I have, BUT I will be the shoulder for
you to lean on, and the advocate who will stand by you, when it’s time to turn up and get what you need. It’s
also AP1 for life, but all the other floors and Mission entries are full of the coolest people I’ve met in a very
long time, and I would love to be the voice of so many talented, gorgeous, super-de-duper 17’s. I love my
entry, I love my class, and I love my new school. All I can do now is hope that you trust me to deliver.
Thank you.
Cornelius Ward Chandler, Jr.

Candidate: Olivia Jackson
Self-Nomination: What's up Ephs?! My name is Olivia Jackson and I'm running for representative of
Armstrong/Pratt. Having been on campus for three weeks, the purple valley feels new, fresh, and
opportunistic. There is no better opportunity than to integrate oneself into college life than by joining
College Council. After living away from home for the last four years attending a boarding school much like
Williams, it's easy to find comfort and acceptance among the student body here. In high school, I was captain
of the swim team, as well as participated on several other sports teams, and was an elected leader in the dorm
I lived in. Both positions are highly valued among the students and faculty. To be honest, I have never been a
member of my school's student council, although I have attended some of the meetings. So what better way
to start off my college career than by doing something new, like being a member of College Council? If I
were to be elected, I would work hard to make sure the voices of Armstrong/Pratt are heard and the needs of
the students met. It's hard to make promises that one can't keep, so I'm not going to say that I can make huge
changes or implement things that are out of my realm, but I do promise to voice your opinions and work with
the other members of college council to make Williams the place you want it to be. Finding a home among
the purple mountains is every student's goal and it starts by having a great college council where the people
are willing to do anything for you. Vote for me and achieving that goal is more than attainable

Candidate: Luke Rodino
Self-Nomination: Being a freshman at Williams College is no walk in the park. We have hours of
homework, read novels for fun, spend weekends in the library, sit through hours of lectures (sometimes even
four times a day), and still manage to save time for our entries. What I have learned from my first week at
school is that the Sawyer Library will be my home away from home for the rest of the year (for the Senior
who holds the rights to carol 207 I thank you for vicariously allowing me to use your space). The problem I
see in giving a self-nomination is it lacks the emotion and enthusiasm that comes with a normal oral speech,
so bear with me. If someone were to ask me three adjectives that best describe why I am the best candidate
for the job in question I would answer: competitiveness, dedication, and enthusiasm. Ever since I can
remember I have approached everything in my life as a competition. Whether it be a simple quiz, a game of
pickup basketball, or a game of FIFA; I always want to be the best. To be the best means you have to work
the hardest. I am willing to work harder than every candidate for this position to make sure that our freshman
year, as well as our next four years, are the best years of our lives. I believe that my dedication goes hand in
hand with my competitive drive. I work hard, complete what is asked of me, and more often than not put the
interests of others before those of my own. Most importantly, I believe, is my enthusiasm. We go to a school
whose mascot is a Purple Cow. What else would get you more excited?! People in College Council must be
able to rally the students and I think I am the perfect man for the job. I am excited at the opportunity of
representing all of Armstrong and Pratt. I will turn concern to action and make all of your voices heard. Who
knows? Maybe I'll even make that horribly long brunch line for the Mission dining hall a little bit smaller. A
little bit more about me... I was involved in four years of Student Government in High School and was both
the Student Representative and Vice President of my senior class. I've gotten involved in the concert
planning for the Williams group ACE (All Campus Entertainment), I play on the baseball team, and I live in
Armstrong 2. As they say at Williams "Go Purple, Be Gold!" Thank you and vote Luke Rodino for College

Candidate: Anthoney Tsou
Self-Nomination: The idea of attending Williams was something completely new to me. I would be, for the first
time, on the other side of the country with few familiar faces. From when I left sunny southern California to when I
arrived on campus, I thought about all the possible disasters—losing quarters I would need for laundry, losing the giant
sock that held the quarters I would need for laundry, or having to do more laundry after getting soaked from consecutive
thunderstorms. All those unfortunate events occurred coincidentally within the first two weeks.
After surviving First Days, I had an epic epiphany and lost all fear of trying anything new. I soon joined the
water polo team having never gripped a small yellow ball before, wrote for the Williams Record having never reported
formal news before, and sang at multiple a cappella auditions having never performed outside of a shower before. Not all
my ventures turned out too well, but my ludicrous imagination still gave the awesome people I met the gift of smiles,
laughs, and surprises.
During my high-school years, though I had less time to explore, I had time to develop solid work ethic.
Starting from the pool, I led awkward cheers with nearly naked men in speedos as the captain of the varsity swim team.
Engaging daily while working on papers or figuring out how the blazes a surface of a bowl of mercury spinning with
constant angular velocity could form a paraboloid, I clearly felt myself becoming wiser. Finishing my nights with my job
as an SAT teacher, I learned how to calm rowdy teenagers with the soothing sound of my irresistible voice.
Thus, I’ll apply my past experience and my newfound fearlessness to make food taste better, lines move faster, and two
exits emerge in Paresky dining hall with personal piggy-back-ride services for everyone heading to Mission. I’ve also
done some research on the system for EphPoints, currency we use to swipe for food. When I contacted members of the
college’s faculty, I was appalled that many didn’t know about the new system, which only allows online transactions
instead of the former cash-to-card methods. I’ll improve communication of such important information among the
faculty and students and encourage cross-department discussion before making controversial changes.
College council, a large step up from my high school’s student council, will certainly be something new I’ll
love. I thoroughly enjoy mingling or working with people and arriving on time to meetings. I’m responsible enough to
do laundry frequently and to know when it’s appropriate to laugh. I’ll participate whole-heartedly in my duties to give
each one of you an equal say and to always be available if you need someone who can listen understandingly or act
beneficially or backflip gracefully into a pool. Will I accomplish all that I’ve mentioned? You’ll have to vote for
Anthoney Tsou for Armstrong-Pratt Representative to find out. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on any
opportunities I’ve presented to you.

Candidate: Kathryn Barnitt
Self-Nomination: Hi, my name is Kathryn Barnitt, and it is my goal to be your Mills-Dennett
representative on College Council this year. I currently live in Mills 3, but originally hail from Long Island,
New York. My high school was large and impersonal. That’s why I find myself so invested in the tight-knit
atmosphere at Williams. True, we do mockingly call it the “Purple Bubble”, but each one of us loves,
secretly or not, the comfort and acceptance that the Williams experience provides.
I love Williams as much as the next glossy-eyed frosh. But so far, Williams has been nothing less than ideal.
When we, the members of Mills-Dennett, inevitably have concerns with the operation of the Williams
community, I want to be the one directly addressing the problems. When the questions from friends back
about “How’s school?” inevitably turn from “I absolutely love it” to “I wish I could change…” I want to be
at the heart of that process. We may be newest members of the Williams community, but our voices need to
be heard. I genuinely look forward to working with every frosh in Mills and Dennett in order to accomplish
this, to effect the change that we want to see.
I will not pretend that anything in my high school career has prepared me for College Council. College
Council is undoubtedly unlike any student organization that a Williams freshman has ever been a part of. I
can’t promise that I am over qualified for this position. But what I can promise is that I have confidence in
my motivation to succeed as a member of College Council This, along with my general hatred of Amherst,
should guarantee my election as the Mills-Dennett representative. Thank you!

Candidate: Ellen Coombe
Self-Nomination: My name is Ellen Coombe. I would be a great Mills-Dennett College Council
representative for because I am enthusiastic and hard working. Freshmen are “underdogs” notoriously
overlooked by upperclassmen; however, I want to make sure that the our class has a prominent voice on
campus this year. I am excited and more than willing to listen to opinions and will bring them up in
meetings. My leadership experience includes co-founding and running my school’s chapter of Unified 4
UNIFAT— a student-run, city-wide nonprofit that raises money to fund a school in Uganda and sends
members to work with the community each summer. This experience taught me the value of collaboration
and the importance of working with diverse ideas and interests. It also gave me the skills and confidence
necessary to problem-solve and allocate budgets. Also, throughout high school, I played varsity lacrosse and
squash, which helped me to develop solid time management skills. I know I will be able to fully devote
myself to everything I commit to. Please consider electing me as your CC Rep!

Candidate: Victoria Onuzuruike
Self-Nomination: Hello my fellow 2017s of Mills and Dennett! This is your very own Victoria Onuzuruike of
Mills 4, and I am running to serve our class as the Mills-Dennett Representative for College Council. The purpose of a
first-year representative is to advocate and voice the issues of their class, and keep the individuals informed of the
actions and proceedings of College Council. My goal, hopefully as our Mills-Dennett Representative, is to accomplish
all of these tasks while working effectively on ensuring a tremendous first-year experience for our Mills-Dennett group.
As a first-year student, I understand that there are so many opportunities waiting for us to get involved with here at
Williams College, such as all-campus activities and events. I also understand that such involvements require working
with funds and allocating revenue. Based on those reasons, I want to make sure there are more opportunities, including
social and academic events suggested by our class, which would be provided and funded in our year together. In order
to accomplish such tasks, I would represent and express proposals on behalf of Mills and Dennett, and work alongside
with the College Council’s Finance Committee to guarantee those prospects, therefore improving our freshman
I know that my past experiences, such as being the treasurer for my high-school’s Student Council, as well as my
experience with leadership positions in multiple clubs and organizations, I would be a strong candidate for the MillsDennett Representative.
I am very open to all opinions, and love hearing fresh, innovative ideas that work to achieve the ultimate goal—an
amazing freshman year! If I am elected, I hope to reflect and serve all of us as a nexus to College Council and as a
connection to a fantastic beginning of our time here at Williams!

Candidate: Benjamin Williams
Self-Nomination: In high school, as president of the local chapters of National Honor Society and Latin
Honor Society, I learned that - with dedicated organization and real transparency - student organizations can
have a huge effect on the lives of their members and on the life of a community. That’s why I comprehensively
rewrote the bylaws of both chapters, altering their rules so as to emphasize both service to the larger community
and cohesion as a high school community. In doing so, I asked members to help the needy in their midst at the
Community Kitchen and Habitat for Humanity build sites, and to cheer on their friends at under-attended school
events, like swim meets and jazz concerts. Because I believe in leadership by example, I set thirty hours out of
my schedule per week for such events, so that I would be personally present wherever and whenever I asked
members to appear. And by the end of the year, my high school’s National Honor Society chapter was among
the largest community service organizations in town, and those previously under-attended school events were
filled with crowds cheering on students who were not just their peers, but also their friends.
To me, Williams is a unique place not just because of the quality of the education that it offers, but because of
its remarkable focus on the individual student. Williams’ support for each student is the realization of a
promise: the promise that the College will, to the best of its ability, support each and every one of us in reaching
for our dreams – no matter what those dreams may be. And we’re very lucky to be here in part because
Williams has the resources to make good on that promise.
But unless Williams knows what our dreams are, unless the college knows what we hope and strive and yearn
for, how can it help us to make those dreams a reality? For first-years, in particular, this can be a problem:
unsure of how to navigate this new and complex place, our voices can be lost. This is why I am running for
College Council: to ensure that first-year voices - Mills-Dennett voices, your voices - are heard, loud and clear.
I will work as hard as you ask me to strive, as long as you ask me to continue, for whatever cause you ask me to
defend. I will visit every entry at least once a week, and I will keep my door open (M-107) so that anyone can
come in and talk to me.
And in so doing, I hope that I will help to make sure that your hopes, too, are supported; that your dreams, too,
receive their chance at reality. Because with all the talent gathered here, supporting your dreams is the highest
form of service - to Williamstown, America, and the world – that I can possibly imagine.
So on September 19, remember the name Ben Williams – and ask the College to make your dreams come true.

Assistant Treasurer
Candidate: Nicholas Zaza
Self-Nomination: Hey everyone – my name is Nicholas Zaza and I’m running for the position of
Assistant Treasurer of College Council.
Many of you may want to know – what can I bring to this position?
Mostly, I will bring my experience to this position. Last year, as a freshman, I served as the Treasurer of
Freshman Council. Many of the duties of the Assistant Treasurer overlap with mine for Freshman Council. For
instance, I kept detailed Excel spreadsheets of funding, oversaw transfers in and out of accounts, and ensured
that the group was as fiscally responsible as possible with financial decisions. These are very similar to those of
the Assistant Treasurer and I ensure that my other experiences here could bridge the gap, one of them being
Finance Committee. This past spring and now in the fall, I served and currently serve on the Finance Committee
of College Council. I have come to understand much of how the over 150 and growing student groups operate
and how funding is allocated to amongst these groups.
Moreover, as the Assistant Treasurer, I will also bring my own dedication to the College and motivation to
make the inner workings of the Finance Committee as clear to student organizations as possible. For instance, I
would like to work with Emily Dzieciatko, the CC Treasurer, to further streamline and shed light on the process
of funding groups throughout the year to help ensure that CC is spending its 450,000 or so dollar budget more
efficiently. One of such tangible ideas would be to help incentive the use of student’s vans and larger vehicles
for trips by providing those students with more than the $0.17/mile reimbursement rate that is currently in
If you vote for me, Nicholas Zaza, I know that I will be able to help maximize the amount of activities, groups,
and more, which could be done with the money allocated from the College. For those of you who read this, I
really appreciate the time you took to read this boring, yet (semi?) informative self-nom. .

All preceding statements of candidacy have met all requirements and have been approved for the Fall 2013 election.

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