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Assistant Treasurer
Candidate: Nicholas Zaza
Self-Nomination: Hey everyone – my name is Nicholas Zaza and I’m running for the position of
Assistant Treasurer of College Council.
Many of you may want to know – what can I bring to this position?
Mostly, I will bring my experience to this position. Last year, as a freshman, I served as the Treasurer of
Freshman Council. Many of the duties of the Assistant Treasurer overlap with mine for Freshman Council. For
instance, I kept detailed Excel spreadsheets of funding, oversaw transfers in and out of accounts, and ensured
that the group was as fiscally responsible as possible with financial decisions. These are very similar to those of
the Assistant Treasurer and I ensure that my other experiences here could bridge the gap, one of them being
Finance Committee. This past spring and now in the fall, I served and currently serve on the Finance Committee
of College Council. I have come to understand much of how the over 150 and growing student groups operate
and how funding is allocated to amongst these groups.
Moreover, as the Assistant Treasurer, I will also bring my own dedication to the College and motivation to
make the inner workings of the Finance Committee as clear to student organizations as possible. For instance, I
would like to work with Emily Dzieciatko, the CC Treasurer, to further streamline and shed light on the process
of funding groups throughout the year to help ensure that CC is spending its 450,000 or so dollar budget more
efficiently. One of such tangible ideas would be to help incentive the use of student’s vans and larger vehicles
for trips by providing those students with more than the $0.17/mile reimbursement rate that is currently in
If you vote for me, Nicholas Zaza, I know that I will be able to help maximize the amount of activities, groups,
and more, which could be done with the money allocated from the College. For those of you who read this, I
really appreciate the time you took to read this boring, yet (semi?) informative self-nom. .

All preceding statements of candidacy have met all requirements and have been approved for the Fall 2013 election.