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Class of 2014
Candidate: Jake Butts
Self-Nomination: While our time at Williams is slowly coming to a close, the class of 2014 still has the ability to
change Williams for the better now and for the future. I am running for 2014 Class rep. because I believe in that ability,
and moreover in our responsibility to leave Williams a better place for students than it was four years ago when we
first walked on campus. Through my experiences as a tutor, TA, JA, JAAB member, and now CEP member I have
learned about many of the challenges, wants, and needs of our class, and moreover, of the student body on a whole.
Beyond exposing me to these things, my experiences, in particular as a JA and JAAB member, have also enabled me to
think critically about important campus issues that affect the lives of all students. As a representative of our class on
college council, I want to continue to learn and think about these things in an effort to generate new ideas and solutions
for our campus community. I am making a facebook page to share some of these ideas with you:
Although I am excited about these ideas, I am most excited about the ones all of you have, and the things that you want
to see change here at Williams in our final year. If elected, I promise not only to listen to these ideas, but to engage the
members of our class in an effort to find even more ways to create change and improve Williams in our final months.

Candidate: Emily Calkins
Self-Nomination: Throughout my time at Williams, I've had the opportunity to serve not only as a two-year
representative to College Council and a member of its numerous committees, but also as a tour guide, a photography and
executive editor of the Williams Record, an intern in the Alumni Relations office, and a Junior Advisor. In each of these
capacities I have heard both critiques and celebrations of our community and, in turn, formulated my own.
Alongside some of the most impressive and dedicated people I've met here, I have helped navigate the drafting of College
Council's restructuring, institute the annual Sophomorientation programming, finance two semesters of subgroup funding,
bring Macklemore to campus, rethink sexual assault reporting procedures, and challenge the "myth of effortless perfection"
so prevalent on campus. It is my memory of each of these conversations coupled with my dedication to addressing these
and other problems that makes me a singularly strong candidate for the role of Class of 2014 Representative.
In my final year, I hope to accomplish a number of things through College Council, including working with the Career
Center to give senior job applicants offer turn-around times comparable to their competitors at Ivy League and "feeder"
schools, emboldening the new event funding structure established last year with ACE, and revitalizing the SuperFan and
Community Matters efforts.
Anyone who knows me well also knows that my iCal is filled, packed even, with meetings. Whether it is brainstorming
during a weekly editorial piece, piping up during a debate in College Council, or tossing out ideas during a midnight chat at
home in the entry, I have spent my entire career at Williams in rooms where the big questions are being consistently asked
and honestly answered. It is, frankly, what I do best.
And it is also exactly what I hope to spend my final semesters here doing: representing and re-evaluating, applauding and
editing, working for and wondering about the awe-inspiring community we all share. I hope I have given each of you, my
classmates, a reason to believe I am uniquely prepared for that opportunity. Thanks & good luck to all those running!