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Candidate: April Jenkins
Self-Nomination: Hello 2014s! This is April Jenkins and I am running for Class of 2014 representative to
serve our class on College Council. On CC I have a track-record of extensive experience and innovative ideas to
ensure that your opinion is heard.
I have been on CC every one of my semesters at Williams as first Pratt House rep, Wood Neighborhood at-largerep, Class of 2014 rep and as CC Treasurer and hope to continue the work I have started to ensure the best Williams
possible. As we tackle our senior year, I look forward to working on planning for Senior Week to manage the most
exciting events while remaining affordable for all students.
Extensive Experience & Innovative Ideas
Managed CC’s $403,000 allocation as Treasurer
Finance Committee every semester at Williams
Cofounded the Superfan Program
Established Frosh Council our first-year
SophomOrientation Planning Committee
Worked extensively with student organizations
Committed to increasing allocations for student organizations and club sports
Allocated budgets to bring events like Macklemore to campus
Class of 2014 Rep (2013)
CC Treasurer (2012)
Wood Neighborhood At-Large Rep (2011-2012)
Pratt House Rep (2010 – 2011)
If I elected I hope to continue working on streamlining CC funding. My specialty is funding after being CC
Treasurer last year and I look forward to continuing CC’s work on rollover funding. I think that our best option is to
increase annual allocations to better support the growing needs of club sports and student organizations. Over the
past three years I have heard the amazing ideas of Williams students and want to ensure that CC’s funding system
enables students instead of hindering them. I hope to use my extensive College Council experience to turn your
innovative ideas into action! I will serve as an open and accessible representative to ensure that the work CC does
reflects the needs and desires of the Class of 2014.

Candidate: Dan Lee

I'll be honest: I'm not your typical CC candidate. I haven't been on CC before, I'm not an athlete, I

haven't led ten organizations (or even one). But I do believe I can provide a fresh and valuable voice on CC. This past year
many of the officers ran on the premise of making CC a more transparent and representative institution. I used to think that
all those "inadequacies" I listed meant I didn't and wouldn't have a voice in college affairs. However, I really do believe that
college council is making significant strides towards becoming an organization that actually represents all students' interests,
and I know I can be a significant part of that change. Williams has quite literally been my home for the past 3 years (my
parents moved to Korea my freshman year), and though I may not see the changes I hope to bring about come to life before I
leave, I am dedicated to making it a better place.
Honestly, I think the new administration is out of touch with certain realities of college life, and I would make better
communication with the administration and campus security one of my primary goals as a Class Rep. It shouldn't be a
privilege to have dinner with the rarely-seen president of our college. Security shouldn't target JAs/entries (arguably some of
the safest spaces on campus) as a means of reducing campus drinking, nor should they intimidate and bully the students
they're supposed to "protect." Athletics are another concern of mine: our varsity athletes (over half the student body) have
done extremely well DESPITE mediocre and overcrowded facilities, and many club sports have been forced to find practice
times off the scrap heap as a result, all the while being treated as irresponsible problem children by the administration. With
some new facilities coming next year, now is a great time to reform our athletics program, and if elected I would make this a
If you know me, you know that I'm always happy to lend an ear and some time for other students. I would represent our class
and college's interests, and add a new face and unique perspective to college council. Thanks for your consideration,