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Candidate: Eric Liao
Self-Nomination: Dear Class of 2014,
My name is Eric Liao, and I would like to be your 2014 Class Representative. As seniors, we are pretty adept at
finding our way around campus. Just as that is one of the many things we do know, there are some we don’t: figuring
out where we will be next year, whether it is travelling on a fellowship, working someplace new, or attending a
graduate program. I am sure we are working very hard to figure out our next steps post-graduation, and would like to
stress less about our college academic lives. So allow me to make it one step easier - I want to make your senior year
One of my main goals as a 2014 Class Representative would be to keep everyone informed of the work I do as a
member of College Council. Through monthly updates, I will give you summaries about what has been going on in
College Council, and what events you can expect on campus in the near future.
Being a representative means that I am a voice for many – I am the voice for YOU! That being said, I aim to find ways
to add all of your helpful input into our weekly College Council meetings as a way to express ideas of what seniors
would like to see on campus. My previous experience as a member of the SophomOrientation taught me how to plan
events efficiently and accordingly, all the while integrating other people’s opinions. In addition, my outgoing
personality and approachability are qualities that I hope will allow people to freely express their opinions to me, and I
will do my best to add those ideas into the conversation.
My last main goal as a 2014 Class Representative is to create and plan more events that allow us as a class to come
together and enjoy our final year here. With my prior experience on College Council and as a Head Baxter Fellow, I
will use my valuable experience to form get-togethers and events that appeal to our class. Quick ideas I have (but are
not limited to) include: events catered by Lickety Split, Sushi Thai, or Spice Root; class dinner at the Log; get
everyone together for a campout; and bringing back tent parties. This goal is to give everyone the best possible
opportunity to enjoy every aspect of Williams College, along with getting together with old and new friends.
The days of being in college may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean our fun has to. It is just beginning, and if
elected as 2014 Class Representative, I will strive to make it an unforgettable senior year.
Eric Liao

Candidate: Gia Recco
Self-Nomination: Hi all,
I’m Gia Recco and I’m running for CC representative for the Class of 2014. I feel that my previous
experience on College Council, my role as a J.A. last year, and my current role as co-chair of the Williams
Mental Health Committee qualify me to serve as your rep.
Last semester, I gained a great deal of valuable experience as member of College Council and have a good
sense of what is needed to be an effective rep. As a member of College Council, I hope to continue working
with the health center to keep providing effective psychological services for students and improve already
existing student-run resources.
I am also interested in improving both academic and extracurricular life at Williams by working with CC to
raise awareness for issues surrounding the honor code and helping to better support more student initiatives.
I feel that my various experiences on campus would allow me to be a resource for CC. It would be a
privilege to represent the Class of 2014!