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Candidate: Ben Shuham
Self-Nomination: My name is Ben Shuham, member of the class of 2014 and originally from South
Florida, and I am running to be one of the class of 2014 representatives on College Council. At Williams, I
have been an MSRC Tutor, Peer Tutor, TA, Intramural Coordinator, as well as being the current student
chair of the Williams Reads program. Most importantly, I served as the Dodd Neighborhood representative
to College Council during the 2011-2012 school year. During my time on council I focused on completing
limited but impactful projects such as installing a ping-pong table in lower Paresky and restarting the
program to provide available copies of the New York Times around campus.
Studying abroad last year has allowed me to take an invaluable step back from the purple bubble and reflect
on what makes Williams a special place and what can be improved. Quite obviously, we lack the amenities
and extracurricular options that other campuses take for granted. There are fixes to this problem that are both
practical and do not drastically tarnish the small town charm that defines a part of the Williams experience.
For one, I will look into why breakfast food at Lee Snack Bar is served only during late night and not at
breakfast as well. Further, I will be an advocate for the growing campus call for students to be more involved
with Spring Street business activity. No student should be put at a disadvantage for lack of private
transportation and as such the idea for a student run grocery or co-op is a good one and should be pursued.
Lastly, I will aim to improve the IM sports culture. Moving the registration and scheduling system online in
the last few years is a great step forward, but more can be done to increase participation and make IMs an
engaging part of Williams for those who seek it.
These ideas are not grand or revolutionary, but I truly believe the unique aspects of the Williams community
can only get stronger with greater access to basic conveniences and outlets from academic life. With your
help, I can use my experience getting things done on council to move these discussions and projects forward.
And, as always, my door will be open to anyone with ideas on how to make Williams a better place. Thanks
for listening and remember to vote on the 19th.