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Author: Haphiza BaboolAL

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Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved
Haphiza Baboolal

The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the
creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant o
represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapid
change of the Internet. While all attempts have been made to verify
information provided in this Publication, the Publisher assumes no
responsibility for errors omissions, or Contrary interpretation of the subject
matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or
organizations are unintentional.
Readers are cautioned to use their own judgment about their individual
circumstances and to act accordingly. This is my experience and the results
that I obtained from my treatment. This e Book does not promise any cures
to anyone although what is written in this book is my personal
This report is not intended for use as a source of legal, business,
Accounting, Medical or Financial advice. All readers are advised to seek
services of competent professionals in legal business, Medical accounting,
and finance field.
This e Book is for educational and informational use only. Talk to your
doctor before commencing any program. Any supplements referred to in this
book have not been evaluated by the FDA. The author and publisher shall
have neither responsibility nor liability to any person or entity with respect to
any damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this e

“A wise man ought to realize that health is the most

valuable possession and learn to treat his illness by his
own judgment"….Hippocrates

If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, nursing or
taking medications I recommend you talk to your doctor before using
any of the things I talked about in this book.
Some of the methods I used are FREE while others cost very little.

How to use this book?
My story
Chapter 1 What is Vulvodynia? Vulval pain, Types of Vulvodynia,
2 main sub-types: Generalized vulvodynia and Vulvar vestibulitis
Chapter 2… Causes, Symptoms
Chapter 3… How is it diagnosed? Is there a cure? When sex hurts?
What shall I tell my partner?
Chapter 4 …Emotional support, Coping skills for chronic pain,
Disability Benefits
Chapter 5 …Diet, Treatment, Self care
Chapter 6 … How I controlled my vulvar pain naturally
Chapter 7… How I stopped my vulvar pain

You can heal yourself. You may have heard or know
someone who healed themselves from a serious health
problem even when the doctor’s gave up on them

How to use this book?
Reading any book from the beginning is always advisable but you may
choose to read any part of this book in any order that you see fit for you. I
ask that you read this book with an open mind because some of the
things I used to control the pain do not seem normal to many people.
Since no one was able to help me find a way to relieve the pain I looked
for ways on my own and help they did. It did not matter to me that some of
the things may seem ridiculous all I wanted to do was get rid of the pain. I
make no claim that you will have the same results that I had. You may want
to talk to a professional before starting anything that I mentioned in this
By the time you are finished reading this book you should have a knowing
that you can heal yourself from your pains no matter how severe that pain
may be at the moment. We all have a healer within us and if we take the time
to connect ourselves with the Infinite we will be able to do just that.
Thousands of people all over the world have healed themselves even when
doctors gave up on them and lived for many years afterward.
After reading my story where I suffered vulva pain for 9 years I was able
to control that pain. I went from a scale of 10 with 10 being the highest to
a scale of 1 within 3 weeks using natural solutions. But when I don’t do the
things I should be doing I would feel some discomfort but quickly return to
what I know I should be doing.
You will now understand why I made that claim. When pain interferes
with a person’s sex, social and personal life they will likely try anything to
bring their life back to normal. I used a combination of things and I know
they all helped in one way or the other to get my life back to normal. If you
choose to use this book you may only want to start with 2 or 3 things to get

My sex life is not something I talk about to anyone; that is very personal
and private to me and my husband. The reason why I will be sharing it in this
book with you is because I want to let you know I went through what you are
going through now and my hope in writing this book is to let you know that
there is help out there only if we will take the time to research and listen to
our body. I had very little sex life since I started having the pain in my vulva
but all that is in the past now.

My Story

First let me introduce myself. My name is Haphiza and I would like to let
you know that I suffered from vulvodynia for nine (9) years. I am now pain
free and would like to share my story with others. It all began in the fall of
2003 when suddenly I felt as if a hair follicle was pulling on the left side of
the labia majora.
The pain from what felt like a hair pulling continued without any relief. I
felt really stupid telling my husband what was happening with me. After a
few days of this constant pain I went to see my doctor who told me it was a
hair follicle pulling and sent me home.
In the meantime the pain got worse so I decided to visit the doctor a
second time for the same problem. Again she told me it is a hair follicle
pulling and sent me home with a prescription for some type of vaginal cream
which I don’t remember the name now. Anyway I used the cream but the pain
did not stop.
After a few months the pain stopped in that area and moved to the right
side of the vulva then the pain moved several times around my private area. I
visited the doctor again and the response was “I cannot see anything there.”
So I went home devastated because I could not get an answer for the pain I
was having. Over the course of these 9 years I visited several doctors and
gynecologists and no one could tell me what was causing the pain. The pain
would sometimes move to different parts of my private area.
I knew there was something wrong but did not know what to do or who to
turn to. I felt the medical system had failed me but then I realized that not
many doctors know much about this problem. As the years went by the pain
finally settled on the right side of the labia majora. With all the doctors and
gynecologists I saw everyone keep telling me that I was very dry because I
had stopped having my periods.
The symptoms I had were extreme pain, at times I felt as if my private
area was being ripped apart with a knife, I could not believe this was
happening to me and wondered if other women were suffering with this
problem too. I questioned myself if I should tell my husband about this. What
would he think? Was I going insane? I knew I had to say something so I told
him and GUESS WHAT he actually believed me.

Other times I felt stabbing pains which felt as if something was piercing
through me. I felt stinging and burning when passing urine, the area felt very
raw, I would also feel that my private area was on fire and at times I would
wake up from sleep because of the pain. In December of 2011 another doctor
sent me for a pelvic scan the result came back negative. This was good news
for me but I still had no idea what was causing the pain. When the doctor
received the result she settled on doing nothing. Shortly after that I went back
to her complaining that the pain was disturbing my sleep and I was getting
irritable during the day due to my sleep being disturbed.
Then in January 2012 as I was about to prepare dinner for myself, my
husband and my young grandson the pain in my private area came on with a
vengeance, it was very bad. I could hardly stand. I told my husband he would
have to fix dinner for them to eat because I was in a too much pain. My
husband wanted to take me to the hospital but I did not want to go. I thought
what they would find. They may think it’s all in my head.
Even though I took pain relief tablets before and never got any
relief, I decided since I had some 800 mg Motrin I would take one. I took one
and went to bed and finally fell asleep for a few hours and when I woke up I
still had some pain but it was much less. The pain was there almost
constantly and at times would remain for days. The doctor finally decided to
do an examination herself, and saw a discoloration where the pain was.
She then referred me to another gynecologist but when I called to make an
appointment they did not take the insurance that I had, so I had to wait. While
waiting for them to find me another gynecologist I had an appointment at the
local hospital to see an endocrinologist.
When I visited the endocrinologist she asked me if I had any other health
concerns that I would like to discuss and I mentioned the pain I was having in
my private area. She recommended me to see one of the doctors at the
Women's and Babies clinic at the hospital. I told my practitioner about it and
she wrote me a referral and I made an appointment to see yet another
Over the years I used several things to help alleviate the pain but nothing
worked. I was very getting very depressed and did not know what to do.

Some of the things I tried were:

A&D ointment


Coconut oil

KY jelly

Pain medications

Vitamin E oil

Olive oil

Aloe Vera gel


But nothing helped. I then asked the doctor for a prescription for
Lidocaine, I read where some people got relief from using it this did not help
either. All this pain was very disabling at times; it was difficult sitting,
standing, walking, exercising, having sex and even socializing. For the most
part of 2012 I was having severe constant pain and did not know where to
turn to for help. As for my sex life it was zero because the pain was
unbearable even when I had to pee or wash myself let alone someone
touching me.
One night I said to my husband I may never be able to have sex again.
What will you do? His response was why I should worry about having sex
when you are in so much pain. He was extremely understanding. When he
said that do you know what happened? I was determined more than ever to
take matters into my own hands and find a cure for this debilitating pain.
Needless to say after several months I was successful.
Even though I tried several things before to get rid of the pain and nothing
happened I vowed not to stop until I find a solution to end the pain there and
then. I kept my appointment to see the gynecologist and she was very

knowledgeable about Vulvodynia. At last I had a name for something that
was causing me so much distress for so many years.
She examined me and wrote me a prescription for some antidepressants
called Amitryptyline and a special cream which she ordered directly from a
company because the cream had to be prepared just for me. Needless to say I
picked up the prescription for the Amitryptyline and after using it for 3 days I
stopped because I was having severe side effects.
On my way home from seeing the gynecologist I decided to change my
diet and tried to get the pH in my vagina between 7.3 and 7.5. Keeping your
PH between 7.3 and 7.5 is considered to be ideal. To test your PH you can
purchase PH strips from your pharmacy which is inexpensive. A PH above 7
is considered to be alkaline and a PH below 7 is considered to be acid.
With a health issue such as vulvodynia you have to be able to discuss the
situation with your partner otherwise he would not understand what you are
going through and why you do not want to have sex. If you don’t know how
to address the problem with him ask him to go with you to your next doctor’s
appointment and have the doctor discuss the problem with him. Not all men
would be very understanding and this may lead to your relationship being
broken up or much worse a divorce.
I used to wish that even if I got 10% pain reduction I would be happy. It is
now less than one year and I can honestly say that I am PAIN FREE but it
took a lot of work, in the end it was all worth it. I know how embarrassing
this subject is to talk to anyone about. I would not wish this pain on anyone,
but for those of you who are going through with it there is help. I listened to
my body and gave it what it needed to heal.
Can you imagine how elated I was when the pain actually began
decreasing and when it actually stopped you can imagine I was really on
cloud nine. I finally got my life back. WHEW!

The female organ consists of the following parts:
The vulva is the female external sexual organs which includes the Mons
Veneris which is the fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone below the
Labia Majora
This is the outer lips of the vulva and is usually covered with pubic hairs.
Labia Minora
Are the inner lips of the vulva.
This is the opening between the urethra and the anus.
Is the opening between the clitoris and the vagina.
The clitoris is located just above the opening of the vagina and becomes
pronounced when a woman is aroused.

Diagram of the female anatomy
Most women do not know what they look like down there. Ladies take a
mirror and squat and find out what is down there. It is your body you have a
right to know.

Vulva pain
Millions of women all over the world suffer from vulva pain which can
last from several months to several years and destroy your sex life and social
life. For century’s pain in the female genitals were considered psycho-sexual.
Women were told that it is all in their head when this is real pain. Many of
them go through psychotherapy or sexual therapy without help.
Doctors know very little about vulva pain and so disregard it as it is all
in your head. Women get very frustrated and depressed when they are
experiencing real pain in their private area and are being told it is all in their
head. They also get very emotional because the pain is interfering with their
sex life and other areas of their lives too. It is only within the last few years
more research is being done about vulva pain. Scientist still does not know
much about the problem as yet and so most doctors do not know exactly what
they are looking for and how to treat it.

What is vulvodynia?
Vulvodynia is a condition where there is discomfort or pain inside the
vulva. The area is usually sensitive and very painful whether the area is being
touched or not. The pain may also be constant or intermittent.

Types of Vulvodynia
Generalized vulvodynia:
Is when there is pain in the vulva area at different times. It may or may not be
constant. When the area is touched there may or may not be pain although the
pain may get worse when the area is touched.
Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome:
Is pain in the vestibule which is the entrance to the vagina? A sharp stabbing
pain is felt on touch. Women of any age group can be affected by vulva pain.
Women with vulva vestibulitis there is a sharp stabbing pain when touched at
certain areas at the vaginal opening.
Dysesthetic vulvodynia the pain is felt without being provoked with a
burning sensation. It can even be felt all around the vulva and sometimes
down the legs. This type is found more in women who have reached
menopause so there may be an imbalance of hormones.

Causes of generalized Vulvodynia
The cause this type of vulvodynia is unknown although there are theories
that it may be related to hypersensitive nerves.
Things to consider in the development of the condition are:
Until now doctors do not know the causes of vulvodynia but researchers are
working on finding the causes.
They may include:

Sensitized nerve ending in the skin itself.

Chronic yeast infection

Inflamed nerves in the vulvar area

Vulvular skin disorders

Trauma from childbirth or other injuries

Hormonal changes

Emotional stress

Herpes simplex

Allergy or sensitivity to clothing or other things touching the vulva

Sexual abuse

Immune deficiency

HBV Virus


Vulvar dryness

Causes of Vulvular Vestibulitis Syndrome:
Again the real causes are unknown but there may be certain factors that may
cause it such as:


Hormone imbalance

Certain sexual practices


Sensitivity to certain substances

Changes in the vaginal ph levels


Pain in a localized area with or without contact of anything


Vulval pain

Perineal pain

Burning sensation which feels like a knife is ripping you apart

Feeling raw

Feeling like you are being ripped apart

Stabbing pain in the area

Pain when passing urine or washing oneself

Pain without any provocation

Severe pain on being touched

Feeling as if a needle is being stuck in the vulva

Sleep problems because the pain wake you up from sleep

Pain may or may not be present when exercising

Pain may or may not be in a specific area

Track your symptoms
Pay attention to what brings on the pain such as after eating anything specific
such as processed foods, deli meats, after having sex, eating hot and spicy
foods, riding bicycle, stress, exercising etc. Take note when you notice
something has affected you remove it for a few days and then try it again to
make sure.

How is Vulvodynia Diagnosed?
Before a person is diagnosed with vulvodynia other causes of vulvar pain
should be ruled out such as yeast infection, herpes, trauma, precancerous
conditions, allergies to soaps, washing detergent, fragrance toilet paper,
dermatitis and sexual assault.
There is actually no tests to diagnose vulvodynia except using a moistened
cotton tip applicator which the doctor will touch around your vulva area and
ask you to let them know when you feel any pain. On visual examination
most times nothing can be seen, sometimes there may be a little redness or a
discoloration of a small area, other times a small white spot may be seen.

Is there a cure?
Since the actual cause of vulvodynia is not known there is really no
known cure. Only within the last few years researches have really taken an
an interest in vulvodynia. As with any disease if you do not find the root
cause of the problem then it will be difficult to find a cure for the
problem successfully. So even though there is no known cure there are
things you can do to control your pain.

What shall I tell my partner?
Vulvar pain affects your sex life whether you are married or you are single
and can have a devastating effect on the couple’s life. Sex is meant to be
enjoyed with the person you love, but for many women having a condition
like Vulvodynia that causes burning, stinging and pain sex is no fun at all.
This is very depressing and frustrating for both parties and they should seek
help otherwise a perfect relationship can end in divorce.
It is very important you talk to your boyfriend or husband about this. Your
partner may or may not understand what you are talking about or what you
are going through. You may need to get some more information on the
subject to help him understand it. You should also let your partner know that
vulvodynia is not contagious or a sexually transmitted disease nor is it life
threatening. Tell him the truth; let him know how much you are hurting and
that you need his support.
You may need the help of your doctor to help your husband, boyfriend
understand what is going on with you. So make an appointment with your
doctor and both of you visit him/her together.

Emotional Support
When you are diagnosed with vulvodynia you wonder how much worse it
can get. Dealing with this type of pain even for a day is very devastating and
can seem like a very long time. You feel embarrassed because you do not
want to talk about pain in such a private part of your body, it is difficult to
think of anything other than the pain you are having at the moment and you
want to fix it as soon as possible.
Most women even they are in a lot of pain pretend everything is alright,
you are afraid to talk about it for fear that others may not understand what
you are going through. Thousands of women may have never heard the word
vulvodynia so would not understand what you are going through or what you
are talking about. Now your life has turned topsy turvy and you do not know
what to do or who to turn to. Pain in your vulva destroys your desire to have
sex and many women give up having sex at this time.
This pain brings fear, depression, anger, loneliness and panic into a
woman’s life which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. You need
to find a trusted family member, friend, husband or as some people say your
other half, co-worker, doctor or anyone who would listen to your strange
complaint even they may not understand. Most times no one is able to give
you any advice other than to just listen and advise you to visit your doctor
because no one had experienced this pain before.
Try to find a group where people come together to talk about any type of
pain or check out forums on the Internet. If you talk to enough people
someone may understand what you are talking about and give you some
support. Sometimes all you need is for someone to listen to you. For many
years the only people I talked to about my private pain were my husband and
my doctor. May my husband be blessed for understanding what I was going

Coping Skills for Chronic
• Chronic pain affects a person’s life in many ways, so you should learn
ways in which to effectively manage your pain.
• The first thing you need to do is to accept that you are having pain and
find a way to deal with it.

Acknowledge the way you feel whether you are anxious, sad, stressed or
even angry. I must say at times I used to be very angry about my pain. Your
feelings have a great impact on your life and can be overwhelming.

Share your feelings with someone else.

You may want to write your feelings in a journal.

Look for positive ways to surround you, like being with positive people
and doing positive things like helping others.

Refrain from negative thoughts like “I will never be rid of this pain” or
“I will never get any better” these are destructive thoughts.

Focus on things you are able to do instead on what you cannot do.

Eat a healthy well balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, drink
an adequate amount of water and exercise when possible.
• Your sleep may be disturbed a lot due to intense pain so you may need to
find healthy ways to deal with this. Herbal teas such as Valerian, Hops or
Chamomile tea may be helpful.

Find ways to reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Keep a record of what causes flare ups.

Disability Benefits:
Did you know that women who is suffering from vulvodynia and are unable
to work may be able to apply for disability benefits?
The National Vulvodynia Association has a booklet you can request for
women who are unable to work due to this disability. It provides a step by
step guidance for those who are seeking disability benefits. The phone
number is 301-949-5114.

Some women choose to use a low oxalate diet some said it helped others
said it is too restrictive, yet some said it did not help at all. I did not choose to
refrain from any particular foods except what I found personally affected me.
Your best bet is to keep a journal of the things you eat and record if there
is any pain after eating certain foods. If the pain increases after eating a
certain food place it on a list and avoid it for a few days then eat that specific
food again and notice if the pain came back.
Eating some raw foods may be a good idea since it helped me.
Also you may want to take note of any changes you made with the use of
soap, washing liquid, toilet paper etc.

Medications are used to alleviate the pain and may provide some pain
relief. There is no single treatment that is appropriate for everyone. You may
need to try several different treatment plans before finding one that may help
you. You may also need a combination of treatments to help with your pain.

Local anesthetic such as Xylocaine helps some women. I did not find
any relief with this.

Topical estrogen creams.

Antidepressant such as Amitriptyline has been found to be helpful with
pain reduction even though it was developed to be used for depression.

Anticonvulsant such as Neurontin or Tegretol may be helpful also.


Nerve blocks

Special exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.




Cognitive behavior therapy

Relaxation exercises

Bio feedback

Pelvic exercises I did not do any of this.

Vestibulectomy which is a surgical procedure in which the vestibule is
removed, some patients find relief from this procedure.

Talk to your doctor before medicating yourself.
Self Care

Things to eliminate using:
Perfumed toilet paper
Perfumed soap
Perfumed bubble baths, sprays and douches
Avoid wearing tight clothing
Don’t go horseback riding or any activities that will increase pain. Avoid
using tampons
Avoid soaking in a tub take showers instead
Should use:
Use white unscented toilet paper
Unscented soap
100% Cotton underwear during the day and preferably use no underwear at
Olive oil or coconut oil
Wash after urinating if this is not possible wet some toilet paper and wipe.
May apply some ice to help the pain
Wear loose fitting clothes
Use non-propylene glycol lubricants when having intercourse.

How I controlled my Vulva Pain Naturally
I tried many natural solutions to control my vulva pain and I believed they all
helped in one way or the other.
On my way home from my visit to the gynecologist I stopped off at a
vegetable store and brought some vegetables as I always do but this time I
bought mostly vegetables that I can eat without having to cook them.

I began including some raw foods into my diet which was a salad at
least once a day.

I stopped eating meat which is very acid and takes days to digest.

I drank at least 6 - 8 glasses of water a day to help the body get rid of
• Exercised at least 3 times a week when I was able to. This was not
always possible due to the pain.
• Drank at 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil 2 times a day before
meals and I applied some of the oil to my private area 2 times a day after
having a shower. If you are going to apply the oil you may want to use panty
liners as the oil soil your underwear.
• I drank a glass of water mixed with a pinch of baking soda on waking up
in the morning.
• Started washing my private area with 2 teaspoons of baking soda mixed
with 2 cups of warm water after my shower.
• I prayed a lot. This has been part of my upbringing so I continued with it.
If you are someone who does not include prayer in your daily life that is OK.
I am not telling you that you have to pray. I am just sharing what helped me.

Stress this is a major one. Most people are very stressed out these days
due to various reasons, but this is something you have to get a handle on. My
pain reduced when I started finding ways to de-stress myself.
• I began including some raw foods into my diet which was a salad at least
once a day.

I stopped eating meat which is very acid and takes days to digest.

I drank at least 6 - 8 glasses of water a day to help the body get rid of

Exercised at least 3 times a week when I was able to. This was not
always possible due to the pain.

Drank at 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil 2 times a day before
meals and I applied some of the oil to my private area 2 times a day after
having a shower. If you are going to apply the oil you may want to use panty
liners as the oil soil your underwear.
• I drank a glass of water mixed with a pinch of baking soda on waking up
in the morning.
• Started washing my private area with 2 teaspoons of baking soda mixed
with 2 cups of warm water after my shower.
• I prayed a lot. This has been part of my upbringing so I continued with it.
If you are someone who does not include prayer in your daily life that is OK.
I am not telling you that you have to pray. I am just sharing what helped me.
• Stress this is a major one. Most people are very stressed out these days
due to various reasons, but this is something you have to get a handle on. My
pain reduced when I started finding ways to de-stress myself.
• I did volunteer work even when I had a lot of pain because I found it
took my mind off the pain.
• Socializing is very helpful. It allows you to be in the company of others
and not feel as if you are alone.
• Acupressure: I used a tennis ball and massaged under my both feet by
rolling it on the floor. I think this help me a great deal also.
• Meditation:
How to meditate

you are someone who does meditation on a regular basis, please

continue, if you have never tried meditation before don’t think you have to sit
in a certain position for any length of time. Meditation is a technique that has
been practiced in the East for thousands of years and there are several
different ways to do it. It restores your internal balance and stimulates the
immune system.
Take at least 5 minutes twice a day or longer periods if you have the time
and sit in a quiet area undisturbed area. The important thing is you try to do it
Sit upright without leaning against the wall a chair back or anything, you
don’t have to sit with your legs crossed. You can also sit on a chair. Sit
comfortably with your back straight so it will be helpful when breathing,
Sit upright on a chair with both feet touching the floor.

Close your eyes or open them a little.

• Relax your arms and legs; you can also rest your hands on your lap, the
important thing is to keep your spine straight.
• Follow your breath in and out and count it as one breath, count to 10 and
start from one again.
Breathing in and out counts as one breathe, or you can recite a Mantra
which is a word such as OHM, LOVE, PEACE or whatever else you would
like to or visualize something or some place that calms you. You will find
there are many thoughts that come up, don’t push the thoughts away, just
acknowledge them and let them go by.
Many thoughts will come up but you just need to continue.
There are several techniques to do this and no one is wrong, chose the one
that you feel comfortable doing. There are also many CD’s on the market for
sale on meditation also you can borrow them from libraries. You will find
that as you continue to do this you will eventually start feeling better.
• Forgiveness: I noticed the first time I sat and really try to forgive
everyone who may have hurt me knowingly or unknowingly, and asked
forgiveness from anyone whom I may have hurt knowingly or unknowingly
helped me a lot. You do not have to meet face to face with anyone to do this.
You can write it on a sheet of paper burn it afterward or put it in a balloon
and let it fly away. You will be surprised the way you will feel afterward. Or

you can write it in a book and keep it. You may also want to take some time
and be by yourself and just say whatever it is you want to say.
This one is very important – If you are married, have a partner,
boyfriend significant other or whatever you want to call your partner it is
most important you open up and talk to him about your problem. If you do
not tell him he will not know what is going on with you and would not be
able to understand why you do not want to have a sexual relationship with
If they do not understand they will look outside of the relationship to
fulfill their desires.
Many women do not talk about the private parts of their body and do not
know how to relate this problem to their partner. There is help though. You
can ask him to go to the doctor with you and your doctor can help to answer
questions that he may have. Most doctors are willing to meet with your
partner to discuss the subject.
You will be surprised at how gentle and understanding they can be when
they know what you are going through.
Now these are the things I tried and helped me reduce the amount of pain I
was going through. On a scale of 10 being the highest pain which I had most
of the time, after using the methods I described above I went to a scale of 1.
Most times I do not have any pain. Could I live with this scale? Sure I can.
You have to stay positive.
Since things work differently for each person I cannot guarantee all of
these actions will help you. You do not have to try all of these at the same
time choose 2 or 3 methods that you can deal with and work them into your
schedule but start doing something.

If I had not started I would have still be in a lot of pain. Now I can have
sex again without having to worry about that pain. Sometimes you have to
take your health into your own hands. Take charge of your health. Only you
can do this. It is your body.

How I healed myself?
So in a nutshell this is what I did.
• Changed my diet. I ate mostly raw foods, lots of vegetables and fruits
stopped eating meat for a few weeks. Whenever I feel pain when I ate a
certain food I removed it for a few days then tried it again to be sure that is
what irritated the pain.

Gave up processed foods although I hardly ever ate them. I cooked my
food every day. This may not be possible for everyone, but do the best you

Drank at least 6-8 glasses of water.

Drank a lot of ginger, chamomile, and turmeric teas.

Drank unsweetened organic cranberry juice.

Drank virgin organic coconut oil.

Detoxed by body.

Wore loose fitting clothing.

Kept my private area lubricated.

• Drank a glass of water mixed with a pinch of baking soda other times I
would squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it when I woke up
first thing in the morning, I also tried using apple cider vinegar some days.

Exercised when possible.


Used coconut oil (Nutiva) brand 1-2 tablespoon 2-3 times a day with
food. You can cook with it use it on bread, in smoothies etc. If you cannot get
the Nutiva brand try any other brand. It should be organic virgin coconut oil.

Used acupressure.

Reduced stress.

Loved and nurtured myself

Socialized when possible.

Did volunteer work when possible. It takes your mind off your pain.

Be positive.

Strengthened my immune system by eating more garlic not a favorite for
everyone, broccoli, shitake mushrooms, taking a multivitamin every day,
eating plain Greek yogurt, made healthy food choices, watched funny
movies, kept my blood pressure under control, tried to get sufficient sleep
which was not always possible, maintained a healthy weight.

Made healthy and informed decisions

• Forgave all the people who I may have hurt knowingly or unknowingly
and I asked forgiveness from the people who have hurt me.

I used unscented soaps, softener, toilet paper, cotton underwear.

You may be wondering did I take any medication. I used the Amitryptyline
for 3 days but the side effect was too much so I stopped. I healed myself
without taking any medications and so can you.
Within the first day of changing my diet, using the coconut oil and
meditating, I started seeing results.
When I first went to the last gynecologist I was referred to I was in a lot of
pain, I had an appointment for follow up in 3 weeks. When I went to my
follow up appointment GUESS WHAT. I was pain FREE.
It is now 9 months since I first visited this gynecologist and I am free of pain
except when I use very spicy foods I get some discomfort.
Like I said before you do not have to do all the things I did I am just sharing
with everyone what I did but you may want to at least try changing your diet
and try the coconut oil and see what happens.

Using affirmations:
People use affirmations for many things these days so you may want to try it.
I also did affirmations such as…
Every day in every way my vulvar pain is getting lesser and lesser and
visualized the pain lessening.
I am perfect.
I have the power to heal myself.
I am healthy in body, mind and spirit.
I am now attracting health into my life.
I have the power to heal completely.
The medicines I take know how to heal my body.
You can come up with some of your own.
At the beginning of the book you read my story and how much I suffered.
Then you learned about the female organ and the names of the different parts.

Chapter 1
Vulvodynia is a condition where there is discomfort or pain inside the
Here are 2 types of vulvodynia:
Generalized vulvodynia and Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome and how they
Chapter 2

Causes of vulvodynia
Symptoms of vulvodynia
Chapter 3
Vulvodynia is diagnosed only by the use of a Q tip.
There is no cure for vulvodynia.
Letting your partner know what you are going through and talking with your
doctor if necessary.

Chapter 4
Getting emotional support by talking to someone who will listen and does not
think that you are losing it, finding a group if there is one near you or on
joining forums on the Internet.
Learning how to cope with chronic pain by acknowledging how you feel and
finding positive ways to deal with it.
Chapter 5
Diet: may want to try changing your diet by making healthier food choices,
start slowly is the best way
Treatment: there are several different treatments that can be use to help
follow your doctor’s advice. If what you are being treated with does not help
let him/her know so they can change the treatment.
Selfcare : some things to avoid and other things that should be used
Chapter 6
How I controlled my vulvar pain naturally by listening to my body.
Chapter 7
I stopped my vulvar pain without using any medication.

Make sure to talk to your doctor if you are pregnant, thinking of becoming
pregnant or nursing before using any of the information in this book.

National Vulvodynia Association
International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease www.issvd.org
Vulvar Pain Foundation
Vulval Pain Society - UK
Local U.S. City Resources for Vaginal Pain (Vulvodynia)
http://tiny.cc/2a9pv Yeast Infection No More
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