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How To Build Lean Muscle Free Reports .pdf

Original filename: How To Build Lean Muscle-Free Reports.pdf
Title: How To Build Lean Muscle
Author: Derek

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How To Build Lean
Great Tips for Building The Perfect Body
Compiled by: Derek Morrison
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Article #1
How to Build Lean Muscle Quickly
By Jessica M Yates

Are you looking to achieve that sculpted muscular physique you've always
wanted? Do you want to have great muscles and a nice firm body but
don't know what exactly you need to do to get it beyond working out,
lifting weights and dieting. Mainly the best way to achieve and build
muscle is to eat properly, exercise correctly and have the proper
supplements to support your body's growth.
To start with eating well, by eating smaller meals every three to four
hours it keeps your metabolism up and active. It’s very important to
never skip a meal. It’s also important to eat high amounts of protein at
each meal; this means 15 grams per feeding for females and 20 grams
per meal for males. Remember also to drink plenty of fresh water and
stay hydrated. Your protein should come from meats, eggs, and fresh
caught fish. Avoid processed carbohydrates. Refined Carbohydrates are
the major cause of weight gain and many diet related diseases.
Some of the best muscle building foods are:
Beef - beef is important due to its high protein content, vitamins and iron.
Beef from grass fed cattle have higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid
which gives you a boost in shedding body fat and helps in building lean
Beets - beets are a good source of betaine, this nutrient enhances liver
and joint repair and also increases muscle strength and power. Beets also
enhance energy and aid recovery after workouts.
Brown Rice - Brown Rice provides long lasting energy throughout the day
and during your workout. Brown rice can also help boost your growth
hormone levels which aid in lean muscle growth, strength, and fat loss.
Cottage Cheese - Cottage Cheese is rich in protein and contains the
slowest digesting protein you can eat, casein protein. Eating a slow
digesting protein means it prevents your muscles from being used as an
energy source while you fast.
Oranges - Oranges help boost growth, strength and help aid in

Cantaloupe - Cantaloupe is a fast digesting carb which makes it a good
carb, especially to have in the morning or after a workout.
Eggs - eggs are known as one of the best proteins out there. Their ability
to boost lean muscle and strength is what makes them so great. The
yolks are where majority of the goodness comes from, however that's
where the cholesterol lies as well.

Good workouts are also important including proper strength training and
cardio exercise to burn calories.
Another important factor is taking supplements to support lean muscle
growth. Precision Lean Muscle Formula is proven to support this growth,
build lean muscle, burn fat and more.
Taking the right supplements are important when trying to achieve
muscle growth. Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula is the perfect
addition to any man’s exercise regimen. We are offering FREE Bottles of
Power Precision Lean Muscle Pills on our website for you to try! Find out
more today!
Free Lean Muscle Pills
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jessica_M_Yates
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7345767

Article #2
7 Tips to Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat Fast
By Syd Solomona
People have usually come to some decision in their lives and decided
enough is enough! I do not want to look at this body anymore! They have
decided to stop complaining, to take control and be responsible for their
body. Here are 7 tips to help you to build some lean muscle and burn
some excess body fat off fast, which will help you gain control of your
body whether you want to lose weight or gain weight.

Tip #1; Be clear on why you are deciding to change your body for the better

Tip #2; Write down your goals clearly and simply, and read them daily

Tip #3; Find the best muscle building program with proven results

Tip #4; Find a mentor or coach or someone who will support you in reaching
your goal

Tip #5; Keep focused, train when you do not feel like it and track your progress

Tip #6; Enjoy the process and do whatever it takes

Tip #7; Continue to learn and grow by educating yourself

Be clear on why you are deciding to change your body for the better, and
make it a high priority in your life, alongside family and work or business

Writing your goals down and reading them daily should be able to
motivate you to want to do whatever it takes to reach them. Visualizing
the end result of how you will look and feel will also empower you.
Search for the best muscle building program on the internet.
Find someone who has the same goals as you or who has already
achieved the physical goals you are striving for, and ask for guidance or
support. Remember there time is important and follow any advice they
may provide. Enjoy the process and realize it will take some time for
results to appear but stay focused and track your progress. Continue to
learn about nutrition and training techniques and how they may affect you
and your bodys' development.
To learn strategies how to build lean muscle and burn off excess body fat
fast and for more information go to
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Syd_Solomona
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4818374

Article #3
A Cool Tactic to Build Lean Muscle Fast
By Joe Martin David
The movie stars have it, some guys at the beach have it, and you want it.
Having a lean body isn't just about sex appeal either. It gives you a sense
of accomplishment and confidence, one that can only be earned.
In order to build a lean body, most sources will tell you that you need to
work out as many times a week as possible, eat and drink special foods,
oh and buy some special pills that will transform your body.
I'm calling these people out right now, they are all lying to you.
In this article I'm going to show you a cool tactic to build lean muscle
It's easy to do, you can start doing it tonight if you want, and it produces
really quick results.
But before I tell it to you, I'm going to share another little tip for you.
If you want to gain muscle fast, you don't need to buy supplements. In
fact, if you've tried to gain muscle and have failed, don't worry about it, a
lot of people have this problem. It's not your fault and it certainly isn't
theirs either. There is a lot of misinformation out there.
My tip to you? Next time you see a huge supplement ad, ignore it, sure
some supplements work, but none are required at all. Save your money
for better things.
Alright, so now that I've gone over that, are you ready for my tip? The
one that'll show you how to gain lean muscle fast.
Start sprinting, start running sprints five times a week.
Sprinting causes you to shed fat and retain muscle, which gives you that
lean movie star look that everyone wants. It'll help you gain muscle while
you shed those pounds of fat.

Still want more proof? Just look at sprinters, compare them to cross
country runners. Cardio has it's place, but when you want a lean muscular
look, you need to sprint, instead of training like a marathon runner.
Want To Learn More Ways To Build Muscle Fast?
If you want more specific help, want a good routine to follow, or heck,
just want to learn all you need to know about building muscle, check out
my free videos at my website on how to Build Muscle Fast
Want to be building mass amounts of muscle in the next few weeks? Click
on to my website at http://massmusclequickly.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joe_Martin_David
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5397006

Article #4
Gaining Lean Muscle Mass - 6 Diet Tips
By Anthony Lee

When building muscle mass, the workout is only half of the battle. The
other half is your diet. Without a good diet, is impossible to gain any
measure of lean muscle mass. That is because the workout serves as
stimuli making your body build muscle tissue. However without protein
stores and the proper diet, your body will not have any building blocks to
make this possible.
Therefore, it is important that you make sure your body is stocked with
the right muscle building diet to help in your goal of a leaner, more
muscular look. Here are a few muscle gaining diet tips to help you build a
diet that is sure to fuel that metamorphosis in your body.
1. Lean meat. Lean meat is rich in protein and is a good basic building
block for more muscle. Meat such as steak and other protein-rich foods
has been a staple of many bodybuilding experts for over the past few
decades. However, make sure you avoid the fat as it could compromise
your bodybuilding goals.
2. Fibre rich foods. Fibre has long been known to help those wanting to
lose weight. First of all, it prevents the body from absorbing too much fat.
And, it also helps lower cholesterol and is a source of slow-burning
carbohydrates, which is ideal for those wanting to lose weight.
Examples of fiber rich grains are oatmeal, wheat, vegetables and fruits.
You could also buy them as supplements at any health store.
3. Water. Most professional bodybuilders go on diuretics just lose body
liquids so that there muscle cuts can be more pronounced. However it is
important for anyone going for in the look to drink enough water since
workouts deplete natural body fluids.
4. Soybeans. Soybeans are a great source of protein and are low in fat
and contain virtually no cholesterol. Many have been heralding soybean
as one of the saviors of muscle building and weight loss.
It can be eaten as tofu, bean curd desserts and others. It is also cheap
and easy to procure.

5. Whey protein. Whey protein is ready available at any health shop. It
can be taken in as a supplement and mixed with soups, vegetables, and
shakes. Whey protein is easy to absorb and is one of the best sources of
protein available.
6. Egg whites. The protein of eggs resides in its egg whites. So, if you
want to bulk up and get your protein from eggs, eat the whites and avoid
the yellow part of the egg. You may also want to purchase processed egg
whites from help stores. They are also good sources of protein.
About the Author
For more muscle gaining tips and diets, please visit http://www.burn-fatlose-weight.info/

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