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Lower Abdominal Pain .pdf

Original filename: Lower Abdominal Pain.pdf
Title: Abdominal Pain |10 Causes Why You Have Stomach Pain After Eating

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Abdominal Pain |10 Causes Why You Have Stomach Pain After
In most people, stomach pain af ter eating is hardly a cause f or concern.
Typically, it goes away af ter a f ew minutes and happens very inf requently.
Other people however can experience abdominal pain on a routine basis
af ter a meal. If this is you, f ollowing are the 10 possibilities of why this

Overeating and Trapped Wind
T his is the most obvious reason f or abdominal pain and is of ten easy
enough to address. What happens is that a person eats too much,
making it hard f or the stomach to keep up with all the f ood being
digested, resulting to some aches along the tummy area. A good way to
solve this would be walking a normal pace to help with digestion. Eating
proper portions and drinking water would also help. If a person eats too f ast, there’s also a good chance
that they’ve managed to ingest some wind along the way. T his leads to bloating and some pain which can
be addressed easily enough. Typically, the best solution f or this is some light walking to exercise the wind
out of the system.

Stomach Ulcer
T his is def ined by small erosions along the stomach or the intestine. Individuals with stomach ulcer of ten
f ind themselves experiencing pain af ter eating something acidic, causing f luids to pass through the lining.
It’s a very painf ul condition that requires medical attention immediately. Typically, some medications are
provided to heal the ulcer. Individuals with this kind of health condition of ten suf f er f rom highly stressf ul

People with bowel problems may experience abdominal pain af ter each meal as the stomach starts to f ill in.
T his is because their stool has been in the tract f or a long time and started hardening, preventing the body
f rom completing the process of digestion. Constipation can be treated using dif f erent medications,
depending on the severity. Drinking enough f luid can also help with the digestion process. Note that
passing stool should be done every day. If there has been a 3 or 4 day delay, this might be a cause f or

Gallstones are balls of bile which may f orm along the gallbladder. T hey vary in sizes, growing as large as
golf -balls when ignored over time. Af ter growing, the stones can start causing problems with the natural
order of things, sometimes leading to stomach pain along the right side where the organ is located. In some
cases, the pain may extend to the shoulder, especially af ter eating f atty f ood items.


T his is something that should be addressed immediately as burst
appendicitis can actually be f atal. T he organ typically catches some of the
f ood debris that comes f rom the stomach. If it becomes inf lamed, a
shooting pain along the right side may be f elt along with other symptoms
such as f ever. T hese symptoms must not be ignored with the patient sent
immediately to a hospital to have the appendix removed.

Intestinal Obstruction
T his ref ers to anything that might be blocking the small intestines, making
it hard f or the f ood to pass through. Although the stomach is very ef f icient
in breaking down f ood, there are instances when large portions make it to the small intestines, blocking the
passage of other f ood items. T his condition is of ten accompanied by a watery stool and stomach cramps.
To avoid this problem, individuals should ensure that their f ood is properly chewed bef ore swallowing. Note
though that f ood may not be the only cause of blockage. Tumors and other growths along the intestinal
wall can also be culprits, hence the need f or a checkup.

Food Allergies/Poisoning
In some cases, the problem is the f ood itself . Individuals who have f ood allergies and unaware of the
condition might suf f er through stomach pains immediately af ter eating the f ood. For example, individuals
with lactose intolerance f ind it hard to break down dairy products. When this happens, the f ood causes
bloating, tenderness and dif f iculty to pass of f the f ood. T he best way to remedy this is by avoiding allergycausing f ood items in the f irst place. Food poisoning, on the other hand, can be caused by several things
ranging f rom actual poison to a bad batch of ingredients. If this is the case, vomiting the f ood and seeking
immediate medical help are best.

Although the pain f elt during heartburn is along the upper abdominal area, the pain might radiate to other
parts of the body as well. Heartburn is of ten described as a burning f eeling, of ten f elt af ter eating as acid
f rom the stomach manages to make its way to the upper portion of the body. T he condition of ten becomes
worse while lying down or bending over. Typically, heartburn is triggered by several f ood types and may be
treated with some medications and lif estyle changes. Individuals who are sensitive to specif ic f oods are
allowed to simply avoid them during meals.

T his is a condition when the colon muscles start to weaken, making it inef f icient in doing its f unction. When
this happens, some parts of the stool may become “trapped” along the intestines, causing an inf ection due
to the waste element of the stool. Individuals may then suf f er f rom stomach pains, bloating, cramps and
inf lammation. It becomes worse af ter eating as f urther f ood is processed and pushed through the
intestines. Fortunately, there are ways to medically address the condition in order to control the symptoms
of the problem.

Stomach Flu
Also known as gastroenteritis, this is basically a virus that attacks the stomach. Symptoms include stomach
pain diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Typically, the condition f ollows af ter eating as the virus travels through
the f ood or the human hand. An excellent preventive measure is by thoroughly washing your hands and
being circumspect with whatever f ood is on the table. T he viruses are of ten treated with medication or go
away on its own, depending on the person’s immune system.

Of course, these are just some of the possible causes of stomach pain after eating. T he truth is that
there are so many variables of the condition that a verif ication of the doctor is most important. For
example, if you are eating or doing anything new when the pain started, this might be a cause. Some
possibilities include a new exercise routine (causing stomach muscles to be extra sensitive) or a new diet
which doesn’t go well with a person.

Cases When Immediate Help Is Needed
Stomach pain after eating should never be ignored, even if it is just trapped wind. Note that although the
symptom itself might be simple, there might be severe causes that need immediate medical attention.
Following are some of the instances when stomach pain after eating must be mentioned to a doctor
Frequent vomiting.
Dif f iculty in passing stool even with regular f ood ingestion.
T he pain only started af ter an accident or injury to the stomach.
T he pain lasts f or hours or days.
T he stomach becomes hard or rigid when touched.
Bloody stool
Problems with breathing
T he pain goes on and of f over a period of several days.
Pregnant or possibly carrying
Frequent urination, of ten accompanied by more pain.
T he pain radiates to other body parts.
Had previous serious medical conditions
If the pain is mild, sipping water to aid with digestion can help along with some relaxing walks. Avoiding
eating f or the next f our hours is also advisable.

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