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Set 'n' Forget
Money System

The Ultimate Free Viral Traffic, List Building
& Money-Getting System!

In This Ebook You're Going To Discover...

How You Can Create A Real Set ‘n’ Forget Online
Business That Works For You While You Sleep

How To Set Up A Free List Building & Commission
Generating System Today

How To Get A Never-Ending Supply Of Free Traffic &
Advertising For Your Websites

How You Can COPY This System By Re-Branding This
Ebook With Your Links Which Will Build Your List,
Build 5 Downlines At Once & Pay You Commissions
(get ready to be blown away by this step!)

 How To Get Your Branded Copy Of This Ebook
Downloaded By Hoards Of People So They Can
Replicate The System Which Benefits YOU More
 And Much More!

Congratulations! You Have Free Re-Branding And
Giveaway Rights To This Ebook! Read Through To
The End To Learn How To Re-Brand It With Your
Affiliate Links (+ Access Bonus Website For Free)!

Legal Stuff (Disclaimer):
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of
this ebook, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time
that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the
Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of
the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or
organizations are unintentional.
In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of
income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their
individual circumstances to act accordingly.
This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or
financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals
in legal, business, accounting, and finance field.
All written content and images published within this ebook is protected by copyright
laws. You may not reproduce or republish this work or change the contents of it in any
way shape or form without first acquiring permission in writing from the lawful author.
Material Connection Disclosure:
You should assume that the publisher of this ebook has an affiliated relationship
and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned
in this publication and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider.
Translation: I will get a commission if you click on a link in this email and you buy
the product listed. I know, it's obvious, but I want you to be an informed buyer!
Remember, you should always perform due diligence before buying goods or
services from anyone via the Internet, the same as you should buying offline.

How This Ebook Will Change Your Online Business
A BIG congratulations on downloading this ebook!
You're about to discover a fool-proof system for generating swarms of free
viral traffic, building a list and making fat affiliate commissions all on autopilot.
It might sound like hype but stay with me until the very end of this
report! (The most powerful secret and step of this system is at the end ;-)
Like I said, this system can and will change your business is you follow the
steps. It does take a little bit of set up to get it all going, but once it’s
going, it will keep going thanks to the power of Viral marketing!
The system is laid out in 4 simple steps. I’ve tried to keep it as simple and
step-by-step as possible. So if you can follow easy instructions, and point
and click your mouse, you have all the skills you need to succeed with this
All 4 steps are super important to read and follow, so don't skip any, but the
big secret that makes this system work is revealed in Step 4.
In Step 4 you'll learn how to turn this PDF into your own 'Viral PDF'... meaning
you can re-brand this PDF report with your affiliate links and give it away to
You’ll also be shown where you can get a free squeeze page website kit like
the one you saw when you signed up so you can use it to build your own list.
That’s where the beauty of this system happens. Your subscribers will go
through the same process as you did. And when they follow the system too ,
they will click on your referral links to join the sites that are recommended
in this report to make the system work, building your downlines and putting

commissions in your Paypal account.

Step #1. Understand The Fastest & Easiest Way To
Make Money Online On Autopilot Is With List
There are a ton of ways to make money online but what you want are
AUTO-PILOT income streams, so you can work less and make more money.
We all want that, right? Well, I’m going to reveal exactly how to do it.
Unfortunately, most people have no clue how to set up an autopilot listbuilding system. Keep reading because I’m about to show you how you can
use mine that works like a treat.. because it’s fast, easy, free and truly is a
set and forget system.
First, I need you to understand the most effective way to build a long-term,
sustainable income online is to focus on list building.
“List building” is simply building a list of subscribers (collecting names and
emails) of people who are interested in what you have to sell. With a list,
you can send as many emails to them as you like with a push of the button.
With a list you CONTROL THE TRAFFIC. It’s the ultimate way to get traffic
and sales on demand.
You don’t need to look too far to realize the most successful and richest
marketers online are the ones with the big responsive lists.
When all is said and done, it comes down to a numbers game. The more
people you have on your email list, the more traffic you can get to your
offers. The more traffic, the more sales you make!
The other beautiful part of building a list is that once they are on your list,
you can contact them again and again. You could think of it as free
advertising for life. Anytime you need traffic and sales, just send out an

email to your list.
Having a ‘list’ is like having a press that can print money. Within minutes
after sending out your email you can see sales coming in. It’s the #1 choice
for internet marketers. That’s why there is so much talk about list building.
Even though everyone tells you to focus on list building, it can be quite
difficult for beginners to start growing a list. Some people get stuck on the
techy side of setting up a list building website, while others don’t know how
to get traffic or don’t have a lot to spend on advertising.
The system you’re about to discover in this ebook fixes both problems for
you. It will give you your own list building website AND get traffic for you.
Over the years of marketing online, I have tried many traffic generation
methods. Out of all the dozen or so methods I’ve tried, only one has proven
to be truly hands-free AND not cost a penny... and that is viral marketing.

List Building + Viral Marketing Is The Ultimate Combo For
Growing Your List & Making Money Hands-Free!
When you incorporate viral marketing and list building into one, you have
the ultimate list building machine!
“Viral marketing” is where your website, ebook, video or any advertising
message gets shared and passed around from one person to another. Your
ebook, website, photo or video spreads... like a virus, reaching a much
greater audience than you could reach by yourself.
And the best part is, having all those people sharing your website or ebook
means free traffic. And the best traffic is free traffic, right?
I’m about to show you my system for generating this free viral traffic that
also builds your list at the same time. It uses a combination of viral

advertising and list building sites, when put together strategically, will work
for you to get real viral traffic and people on your list, for free!
A huge viral marketing feature these sites let you take advantage of are....

What If You Could Get People Sending You Traffic And
Building Your List For You 5 or 10 Times Faster?
It’s Possible With A Downline!
A “downline” refers to all the people who have signed up under you in a
membership site or a business program. Your downline consists not only of
your direct referrals, but your referrals’ referrals.
Even the people who were not directly referred by you, but by someone in
your downline, all benefit you to some degree, whether it be commissions
or other rewards. The downline model can typically be found in MLM
businesses (multi-level marketing), which is what makes it so lucrative.
Downlines are a super powerful viral marketing vehicle because they allow
you to leverage efforts, thanks to all the people under you. You work less
and get rewarded more. The bigger your downline, the bigger the rewards.
Think of downline as an army of affiliates working for you, sending you
subscribers, and actually paying you to grow your list bigger. We all want a
bigger list, so that’s why you need to take advantage of downlines if you
want a big list and having it grow on autopilot.
Now before you think I’m trying to sell you on the latest MLM opportunity,
I’m not. It’s not only MLM companies that incorporate downlines in their
marketing platforms.

A lot of non-MLM internet marketing programs i.e. viral advertising
websites, email safelists, use the power of downlines to leverage the
benefits of viral list building, so the members (that’s you ;-) can see results
Using viral advertising sites to grow your downlines and list, will give you
many rewards, but the biggest ones will come in three main forms...
1. Advertising credits when your people join a site in your downline
2. Commissions from your downline members purchase upgrades
3. Your referrals adding more people to your downline for you!
This system you’re learning right now is all about leveraging viral list
building and advertising sites to grow your downlines on autopilot.
And this ebook will allow you to easily replicate this system for you because eventually, you’ll learn how you can re-brand this ebook and give
it away so others can follow the system, setting your viral marketing
system on motion.
In the next part, I’ll be telling you the top viral list building and advertising
sites which are ALL FREE to join, which you can plug in to this system for a
perpetual list building, traffic and sales system.
Excited? Good! Let's get started. Remember to follow each step carefully
along the way... because you need to follow each step for the system to

Step # 2. Set Up Your List Building, Downline Building
& Advertising Firepower For Free!
In this section I’ll be sharing my 5 most highly recommended viral
list/traffic/advertising sites. Remember, all sites are free to join.

Each site also has a built-in downline or viral marketing feature, so when
you use this system to build your list and your downline - you’ll be earning
a ton of free advertising, free subscribers and commissions.
The beautiful part is, when the people you share this system with others,
they will follow this same steps so your referrals, and your referral’s
referrals will be building your business for you, and it keeps replicating!
After you complete the steps, including the rebranding of this ebook, you
can start giving it away for free. For every 1 person you give it away to,
you’re potentially adding 10 or even 100 subscribers and earning hundreds
of dollars in commissions, even residual income!
So here are the 5 best free viral list and advertising resources that will
make this system work - and these sites are ones I've carefully chosen from
hundreds of different viral sites I’ve tested in the past.
I consider these to be the best in terms of ease of use, value for money (all
are free to join but have upgrade options) and viral leverage power!
Keep in mind, you’ll be using these free sites to advertise this very system,
to give away free copies of your branded version of this ebook.
So when you sign up to the sites, you want to take a good look at the paid
upgrade options, because they will allow you to get more advertising and
make more commissions in most cases.
If you don’t upgrade at these sites, you’ll still be able to use this system,
however it will take you a lot longer to see results. If you do invest in an
upgraded paid membership, you’ll see results much faster because you can
get a lot more advertising and other perks which you can leverage.
Note: If you’re already a member of the site(s) listed below, you don’t need
to sign up again. Just skip to the next site on the list and sign up using the

Site 1. Create Your Account At “30 Minute List" Here
“30 Minute List” is a free-to-join viral list building and advertising system,
that lets you start building a real list in as little as 30 minutes.
This is not a safelist or a viral downline emailer. You can actually add
people to your own list via your 3rd party autoresponder (i.e. aweber, get
response, gvo etc) as you promote your 30 minute list referral link.
The amazing part is that when your referrals start promoting, they will be
putting subscribers on to your list for you as well.
This amazing viral list building feature works this way - when you join, you
add your autoresponder optin form to your profile. Then you find your
referral link and invite people to join. The first 4 people who you refer will
actually join your sponsor’s list as they join 30 minute list. You’re ‘passing
up’ your first 4 subscribers to your sponsor.
In exchange for passing up your first 4 subscribers, your referrals will all
pass up their first 4 subscribers to you! For everyone you bring in to 30
minute list, you can add 4 extra subscribers to your list! That means you’re
building your list around 5 times faster!
The other powerful point you can utilize as a member of 30 minute list is
the advertising (banner ads, text link ads, log in ads, free giveaways etc) so
you can promote any other website you want.
Free members get $200 worth of advertising upon sign up, but make sure
you check out the upgrade options you see when you go through the
account creation steps. These upgrades will give you more advertising and
let you make more commissions on referrals’ upgrades.

Click Here To Create Your 30Minute List Account

After joining, locate your affiliate/referral link!
Once logged in, you should watch the welcome video that explains how the
site works and gives you the steps to get your account sully set up.
The main part is that you set up your Autoresponder so you can collect
the subscribers you refer to 30ML. Remember, the “money is in the list” so
if you don’t set up your autoresponder in your 30 minute list profile, you’ll
miss out on building a list, and using this system to build it virally, which is
the whole point of this system.
If you don’t have an Autoresponder yet, don’t panic! There are tutorial
videos inside your 30 Minute list members area which show you exactly
where you can get a reliable autoresponder account and how to set it up to
work with your 30ML account easily so you can build a real list in no time!
Once you’ve set up your autoresponder, you’re ready to plug 30 minute list
into this system, and to do that, all you need is your referral link.
Click on “Affiliate Tools” in the left sidebar.

And you’ll see your referral link with your username attached to the end.

You can see in this example, my username is ‘elite’ but yours will be the
username you chose when you signed up.
You should copy and paste that link into a new Notepad file right now
because you’re going to need it when you set up your “Viral Traffic cycle”
system and when you re-brand this PDF to give away to others.
When you give this ebook away after re-branding it, the ‘join link’ will be
your link (in this PDF and on the re-brander tool page - more about that later)
so everyone who joins 30ML through your link will sign up to your list, or to
your sponsor’s if they’re one of the first 4 your refer!
See how this is going to grow your list virally and exponentially?
We’re just getting started, so, let’s look at the next viral advertising site to
join up and add to the system!

Site 2. Get Your Free Account At “Leads Leap" Here
Leads Leap is a viral advertising system that lets you post free Text Ads
which get shown on their massive blog network, inside their member site
and in their email newsletters to your downline which can be built 10
levels deep!
That means if you just refer 4 people and they refer 4 people and they
refer 4 people and so on for 10 levels, you'll end up with 1.3 million
people in your downline seeing your ad!
Leads Leap’s viral downline is extremely powerful!
Every time someone in your downline logs into the Leads Leap site, opens
one of Leads Leap's email newsletters or visits their blog, they will see your
Text ad.
The other cool thing is that you can send people to the Leads Leap blog
using your affiliate link to anyone even if they're not a member yet.
This way you're sharing good content, and if they click to join Leads Leap
awesome, another member in your downline, or if they click on your ad,
awesome, another targeted prospect seeing your offer.
And it's not only the advertising system that makes Leads Leap great. They
also have a bunch of marketing tools to help you run your business and
grow your downline at the same time such as rebrandable software, slider
ad script, link cloaker and others - and it's all free to use!
Leads Leap is a must have advertising membership for any internet
marketer in the MMO niche.
It's free to join, but there is an upgrade option which entitles you to more
advertising exposure, automatic ad renewal and random downline

Seriously consider investing in the PRO membership as the advertising will
quickly pay for itself.
And keep in mind that when using this system, you have greater downline
building ability - and so does anyone you refer to this system, so an
upgraded membership can easily pay for itself from referrals commissions.

Click Here To Join Leads Leap
After joining, locate your affiliate/referral link!
After joining and entering the members area, you’ll
want to find your referral nickname/ID which you’ll be
using to re-brand this pdf (explained in the next step)

In this case, my referral id is “startmyebiz”. Yours will be whatever you chose
when you joined.
Copy and paste your link in your Notepad file because you’ll be using it to set
up the traffic system and re-brand this PDF. Ok, let’s look at the next site to
join up!

Site 3. Create Your Free Account At “Viral URL" Here
Viral URL is essentially a link cloaking and click tracking tool for internet
marketers but it incorporates an unstoppable viral advertising system and
downline builder all in one.
It works by using their web based link cloaker (accessible to all Viral URL
members) to promote your website links, programs or offers of your
choice in a protected fashion to avoid commission theft and get more clickthroughs.
The viral downline aspect kicks in when you use this tool because you can
use it can also help you get more Viral Url sign-ups and advertising for your
Every time you use your cloaked link, the person who clicks sees a small
"Viral Bar" at the top or bottom of the page which contains your referral
link to Viral URL.
When they click and join through your referral link, they are placed in your
Viral URL also features a downline mailer so you can send emails to them.
I'm sure you know how powerful email marketing is. Combine that with the
5 level deep downline of Viral URL and you've got a whole lot of email
marketing firepower in your hands.
Keep in mind, this is not the same as an Autoresponder, because the leads in
your downline are only accessible via Viral url’s mailer system and you can’t
add follow up emails etc. You should treat the downline mailer as an
advertising channel to promote other sites this system incorporates.
I'll be the first to admit that there are a lot of Viral list building/downline
builder sites like this around the web, but Viral URL is different because
they don't blast emails to their members with hundreds of member promos

every day.
Other list builders let you build 10 or 20 level downlines, and while that is
good for credit building with text ads or other opportunities, it's not good for
an email marketing downline.
That's why Viral URL only lets you build a downline of 5 members to send
emails to. That way members don't get their inbox flooded which means a
much better response rate to emails.
Viral URL is free to join and free members can use the Viral URL cloaking
tool and build/email their downline.

Click Here To Create Your Free Account At Viral URL
Look Closely At The One Time Offer to Upgrade to
Gold Level Membership!
Right after you join Viral URL, you'll be shown an one-time offer to
upgrade to Gold membership for a one-time only reduced price.
Gold membership will enable you to have an "instant downline" and by
that I mean you'll be able to send promo emails to 3000 random Viral URL
members every 3 days.
On top of that, you'll be able to build your downline 7 levels deep instead
of 5 which free members get.

Another huge benefit, and this one is really important if you plan to refer a
lot of people to Viral URL, is the number of referral upgrade offers you can
make commissions on increases dramatically as does your commission rate.

For instance, free members can earn commissions on only 4 offers
whereas if you're a Gold member, you can earn from 13 different offers
that your referrals will see.
Plus, you can earn more as a gold member for every sale that you make.
For instance, free members can earn only 30% commissions on one time
offer sales, whereas Gold members and up can earn 50% on the same
Like Top Surfer, it can really pay off to upgrade because not only do you
get more advertising for YOUR sites, you get the opportunity to earn
MORE MONEY from your referrals' purchases.

Click Here To Join Viral URL
After joining, locate your affiliate/referral link!
Again, after signing up, you’ll want to find your affiliate nickname or
‘foldername’ that you created upon signing up.

In my case, my folder name is “stulikes”. Yours will be whatever you chose..
and it will be unique to you.

Keep your affiliate nickname/ID handy as you will need it for the “viral
traffic cycle” set up and re-branding stage.
Ok, let’s check out the next one to join!

Site #4. Get Your Free Account At Top Surfer Here
Top Surfer is an all-in-one marketing and advertising resource which has
a many viral marketing tools built in.
They have a huge membership base (now over 30,000) which you can
display your ads to and get traffic to your websites.
They have various different advertising systems in place such as a manual
traffic exchange, banner exchange, text exchange, splash pages etc... but
they are known for quality solo ads.
Top Surfer offers a basic free membership, but I highly recommend you
check out the Wholesale Membership which gives you many great
benefits such as being able to earn 100% commissions on the sale of
Wholesale memberships you sell to your referrals.
Of course, you get a whole lot more with your wholesale membership.
You get a ton of advertising credits, more ad placements in their
newsletters, and discounts on their solo ads to all their active members
(over 30,000 members).
And like I mentioned before, the real kicker is that when you become a
wholesale member, you can resell wholesale memberships to others
and keep 100% of the profits!
Top Surfer's Wholesale Membership ticks all the boxes in the "perfect
offer" checklist that I wrote about earlier. When you refer others to check

it out, they're going to be excited about it so there is a good chance of
them upgrading, and if you're a wholesale member, you get ALL of the

Click Here To Get Your Free Account At Top Surfer
Click Here to Check Out Their Wholesale Membership Options
Warning: Wholesale memberships start at just $10 which gives you a
1-month membership. But be aware that you can only receive
commissions from customers who purchase the same or shorter
membership that you purchased.
For example, if you bought a 6 month Wholesale membership, you can
only earn commissions on sales of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6-month memberships
from your referrals.
If anyone buys a 12 month membership when you only have a 6 month
membership, you'll miss out on that sale so it really pays to upgrade to
the highest membership (12 months) so you don't miss out on any sales!
After joining, find your referral ID and paste it on your Notepad file as
you’ll need that to complete the re-branding of this PDF!

After joining, locate your affiliate/referral link!

In my case, my referral ID is ‘startmyebiz’ but yours will be unique.
Keep a note of this and keep it handy as you’ll be needing it to set up the
“Viral traffic Cycle” in the next step and insert it into the re-brander in the
final step.
Ok let’s take a look at the next and final viral site to join up in this system!

Site #5. Create Your Free Account At StartMyTraffic
Start My Traffic is another all-in-one advertising platform, similar to Top
Surfer. This kind of advertising site is known as a “traffic exchange”.
This site gets you traffic by exchanging site views with other website
owners and marketers like yourself. The most popular way to “exchange”
traffic is to “surf” websites.
When you surf websites, you are viewing other members websites and
earning credits. These credits can be exchanged for views of your site in
the system so other members will see your site when they surf.
The more credits you have, the more advertising or ‘views’ your sites can
receive. Surfing websites is one way to earn credits, but there are actually
several different ways to earn credits.
As a free members you get 50 free advertising credits (50 website views).
These are added to your account right after you join, but you must activate
your account first by surfing the required number of sites to activate your
account and your credits.
StartMyTraffic.com also has several other viral advertising tools/resources
members can use.
There is a Text Ad exchange where you can have your text ads displayed
across the network or members’ sites. to add credits, you need to add the
special “text ads” code to your website so you earn credits for impressions
you generate through your website.
You can also display banner ads and earn banner ad credits in a similar way.
To earn credits, you need to put the special banner ad code into your
website which will generate credits for you with each impression you can

Pro (upgraded) members can surf for cash - meaning they can actually earn
cash for each site they view via the special “surf for cash” surf bar. Another
pro member benefit is the ability to email their downline through 5 levels.
All members however can benefit from a great referral program - which
includes free ad credits for sign ups, referrals surf activity and 50%
commissions for all purchases.

Click Here To Get Your Free StartMyTraffic Account
Upon signing up, you’ll see a ‘One Time Offer’ to get a Traffic Boost ad
package. This will give you some extra advertising firepower so you don’t
have to manually surf for ad credits.
Remember, you will earn 50% commissions on all upgrades and credit
purchases from your referrals, and with this system in place, getting
referrals is a given.

After joining, locate your affiliate/referral link!
Make sure to head over to your Affiliate tools page to get your unique
Affiliate link which will look like this...

As you can see, my referral ID is 61220 but yours will be a unique 5-digit
Copy your referral ID number and paste it in your Notepad file because
you’ll need it in the next step when you set up your Viral Traffic Cycle and a
little later when you re-brand your Ebook!
By now you should have signed up to all the 5 viral list building and
advertising websites and found your Referral links/ID numbers.
You’ve completed Step 2 of this system!
You’re now ready to add your links to these sites build your downlines in
them - and get free viral traffic at the same time from these programs!
Ready for the next step?

Step 3. Setting Up Your "Viral Traffic Cycle"
In this step, I’m going to show you what to promote/advertise on the
sites you just signed up with so you can get a set ‘n’ forget viral cycle of
traffic going.
When you set it up correctly, it will work by itself perpetually. So make
sure to follow these steps carefully. It only takes a short time but the

way to set this up is important.
IMPORTANT: Do not proceed until you have signed up to the 5 programs
in Step 2 and have located your affiliate links!
If you have them handy, that’s great! Here’s what to do with them...
You're going to use each site to promote your affiliate link from a different
site. Do this in all 5 sites and so you set up a "cycle". You should be
promoting a different site on each of the viral ad sites.
I’ll give you an example...

Advertise your Viral URL referral link on Start My Traffic
Advertise your Start My Traffic referral link on Top Surfer
Advertise your Top Surfer referral link on Leads Leap
Advertise your Leads Leap referral link on 30 Minute List
Advertise your 30 Minute List referral link on Viral URL (in the Viral
ad bar and to your downline via the mailer.... hint: remember the
Gold Upgrade to get an instant downline of 3,000 to email to!)

Can you see how the cycle feeds new members into each site, and into
your downlines for each site? They all feed eachother so your downline,
and in turn, your traffic keeps going and going!
This works because when you’ll get ad credits every time someone sign ups
in your downline, so the site you are advertising will get more exposure..
and more exposure means more sign ups.. and the cycle continues!
The example I show you above is just that, an example. You can set the
sites up in any order or combination you like. Most of the sites let you
promote multiple links on each site. I think only Leads Leap lets you
promote just one ad at a time, but the others, you can promote many
different links.
Whichever way you do it, make sure you’ve got all 5 sites being promoted

in a “cycle” so the cycle system feeds itself, and grows your downline on
auto pilot.
For the sites that let you promote multiple sites, you should use the extra
spots to promote your free copy of this ebook so you build your list and
grow your viral cycle even more!
Can you see the power of this system? There is nothing else online like
this system, that is free and well thought out. It’s truly set and forget and
leverages your efforts, making growing your business easy as can be!

When You Need Extra Advertising Firepower For Faster Results...
This system will work as it is, but it can take a little while to get the
momentum going... however as your downline grows, your results will
If you don’t want to wait and want to see the snowball effect sooner, I
recommend you upgrade to some of the advertising sites you’ve signed
up with through this system.
I mentioned the Gold Membership upgrade for Viral URL earlier. If you
take up that offer, you'll have an instant downline which enables you to
send out promo emails to 3000 members every 3 days.
Remember how I was talking about the power of having a list to email
to at the start of this report?
Imagine if you got 3000 people reading this ebook and duplicating this
system, signing up to the sites through your links, then going and
inviting more people to follow the system over and over!
Where do you think that’ll put you in 30 days? Do you think your list
and downlines will have grown? Imagine if 3000 people grab a Top
Surfer Wholesale Membership where you keep 100% commissions?!

When you leverage the advertising at the sites we recommend here,
you can see results faster. The system will work as a free member to all
the sites, but as a paid upgraded member, you’ll be able to get more
advertising and more sign ups with less effort.
Now, are you ready to activate the magic part of this system which will
allow you to set this viral set and forget money system in motion and
build all your downlines with just this one PDF?!

Final Step! Step 4. Re-Brand This Ebook With
Your Affiliate Links & Give It Away To Build
Your List And 5 Downlines At Once!
This is the magic step that allows you to really leverage this viral
Below, you’ll find a link to a page where you can re-brand this report
with your affiliate links for all the sites which you’ve seen above.
The re-branding process is just a 5-click process.. you download your
copy, or share the link we give you to give away free copies to others!
When others see the power of this system, and how they can build 5
downlines at once, they’ll no doubt follow the steps, giving you a ton of
ad credits, commissions and subscribers in the process!
Remember, everyone who you give this ebook away to will see the power
of having upgraded membership.... which lets you (and your referrals)
leverage the power of this ebook even more!
Hint: Remember, you get higher commissions as an upgraded member
at 30 Minute List, Top Surfer and Viral URL! You’ll want to make sure you
take advantage of them when using this viral-referral system!

Using this system will get you subscribers, free traffic and people in your
downlines... so you don’t want to miss out on commissions when your
referrals upgrade.
Ready to unleash this ebook to the public with your links inside and start
your own viral traffic and cash frenzy?

Click Here To Re-Brand This Ebook With YOUR
Affiliate Links Now!
Click the link above now to register for access to the PDF re-branding
tool. (see below for a preview)

Register with a valid email (one you check often) to get access to the
rebranding tool and free squeeze page kit.

After registering, you must confirm your email. This is very important as
you will not get access to the re-brander or squeeze page until you confirm
your email. After confirming your email, you’ll get access to the rebranding tool page an bonus squeeze page template....

You can rebrand the PDF in a few clicks. It requires no software to be
downloaded and installed on your computer. It’s all done online, right from
the page.
You just simply enter your affiliate/referral link or ID in the fields for each
website and click the “Rebrand It” button. A few seconds later you’ll see a
the page change to look like this...

Link 1. Here is where you can download your branded version of the PDF.
Make sure to do this so you can keep a copy on your hard drive. Then you’ll
be able to share it anywhere i.e. upload to your website, attach it to emails
Link 2. This is the direct download link to your branded PDF. You can use
this link to share with anyone you like. Put this in emails, on your thank you
page or share with Facebook friends or Twitter followers etc.

You can also use this link as the re-direct link in your Autoresponder form
so your subscribers get re-directed to it after opting in. Likewise, you could
add it as the email confirmation link so your subscribers get to download it
instantly after confirming their email.
Link 3. Make sure you bookmark this web page. You will want to save this
url in case you ever need to update your referral links. If you inserted your
email in the previous step, before you re-branded the PDF you will have
received this link in an email.
Link 4. This link goes directly to the rebrander tool registration page and it
includes YOUR unique referral ID for this system!
This means that anyone who signs up to access the re-brander from this
link wanting to create their own branded version of the PDF, will need to
join the 5 sites.. and your affiliate links will be the ones they click on to join
This can be extremely powerful as you can promote this link if you want
and skip the entire PDF sharing step, but the drawback is that they won’t
see be able to learn and understand the system. So it would actually be
better if you gave away your branded PDF... but it is possible to just share
this link and get people signing up in your downline from it.
The best use for this link would be to put it in your autoresponder follow
up sequence so your subscribers can get reminded to rebrand the report if
they have not done so yet.

Free Squeeze Page Template!
Yes, you get to download a free copy of my Squeeze page template to use
to give away your branded viral PDF and build a list doing it.
You’ll find the download link to the Squeeze page (and set up instructions)
on the same page you find the PDF re-brander tool.

Setting up your own squeeze page is
optional because it requires some
You will need your own website,
hosting and autoresponder - but I’ve
included instructions on how to do it
and also offer a “done for you” set up
service for a minimal fee.
Again, it is not required to set up this
squeeze page, because you can give
away the PDF any way you like. You
can download it and share it, or just
share the link we give you.
If you want to use the squeeze page, by all means try to do it yourself or
feel free to hire me to set it up for you.
Having your own squeeze page on your own website opens up a lot more
opportunity for you and gives you a professional image so you would get
better results with this system if you choose to set it up.
No matter which way thouhg, squeeze page or no squeeze page... as long
as you follow this system as I’ve laid it out and you share your branded
PDF, you will see your downline grow...and bank some nice commissions
while doing it!
Ok, you must be super excited to get started so here is the link...

Click Here To Access The Free Re-Branding Tool &
Re-Brand This PDF With YOUR Referral Links!
Haven’t signed up at the 5 viral ad sites mentioned in this ebook yet?
No problem! On the brander tool page, there are links to join (your
sponsor’s referral links) which you can use to join the sites.

TIP: As you go through the re-branding process, the links on the
rebrander tool page will become YOUR links so when YOUR referrals go
to the page from YOUR ebook, they will be clicking on YOUR links there
too ;-)

Congratulations! You now know how this system works and can now up
your own Set & Forget Money System! Just follow the system, give away
your branded copy of this ebook and let the system do the work!
Got a question or comment? Email me at support@setnforgetsystem.com

Bonus Step! Tips For Giving Away Your Viral PDF
You have the option of sharing your viral PDF with the link we give you or
you can set it up on your website with a squeeze page... either way it's
just a matter of sharing your branded version of the PDF!
Here are some ideas for getting more people downloading your PDF!
Apart from following the traffic system outlined in this ebook, you can also
try the following marketing methods to give away your branded copy

Email it out to your subscribers and customers as a free gift 
Attach it in an email to your friends and business associates 
Write a blog post and give it away from your blog 
Give it away on your “thankyou” pages for your other products 
Put your link on free websites like Blogger.com, Wordpress.com,
Squidoo and Hubpages 
Share your link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin 
Email it out to your Viral URL downline 
Put your link in your email signature and forum signatures 
Make a video and post it on Youtube with your link in the description

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