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Weight Loss And Healthy Foods
Fast Weight Loss Plan:
Let Me Guess,You Keep Hearing The Advice : “Eat Healthy”.
Great Advice,But Let's Face It's Easier Said Than Done.
Most People Don't Know What Are The Essential Foods To Eat
And Don't Know How To Plan A Healthy Weight Loss Diet.
And You Must Be Thinking “What Is Eating Healthy?
What Are These Healthy Foods?How Do I Plan My Diet?”
Well I Have Good News For You,That's Exactly What We Will Be Focusing
On In This Quick Guide:Weight Loss&Healthy Foods.
Before We Start,Let Me First Tell You That Over The Past Year,I've Read Over
20 Weight Loss&Health Books,Cooking&Diet Books,
Tips&Secrets To A Fast And Easy Weight Loss...

My Goal:
I've Spent Hours Daily Researching For The Best Diet Plans,
Reading Experts Articles In The Business,
Reading Reviews About Certain Products...
And I Have Come Up With A List Of The Best Information&Tips To Give.
My Goal Is Simple, Help People Do The Following:
-Improve Their Health And The Health Of Their Families.
-Build And Maintain A Healthy Body.
-Lose Weight In The Fastest Way Possible.
-Create The Most Effective Diet Plan.
In Addition To Tips&Secrets To Losing Weight Fast.

I've Decided To Share The Information I've Learned With As Much People As I Can,
And Help Them Improve Their Health.
And If You Are Still Thinking "Why Should I Take This Guy's Advice?",
Then I Hope Reading This Guide Will Change Your Mind.

The Weight Loss Process:
Alright Then Lets Start.
First Of All Let Me Explain To You How Your Body Work And What
A Healthy Diet Means:
Your Body Needs Nutrients To Live Such As Fiber,Vitamins&Minerals,Protein,Fat And
Your Job Is To Balance Between These Nutrients Throughout The Food You Eat,
Making Sure You're Not Having Too Much Of One Nutrient,Especially If It's
Fat Or Carbohydrate.
"What Are These Essential Nutrients That Your Body Needs
And Where Do You Find Them?"
Right?,Well Here Is The Answer:
The Essential Nutrients That Your Body Needs A Lot Of Are: Fiber,Vitamins&Minerals.
The Nutrients That You Don't Need A Lot Of Are Fats,Sodium,Carbohydrates.
Before We Get In Detail For Each One Of These Nutrients,
There Is Something You Should Know First,You'll Be Reading
It A Lot Here And It's Called The RDA .
The RDA Or(Recommended Dietary Allownace)
Is The Limit Or The Amount You Must Not Go Over In Your Daily Diet,
But These Numbers Can Change,Keep Checking For Each Nutrients RDA
As You Create And Plan Your Daily Diet,Or Simply Ask Your Doctor's Advice And
Great,Let's Get Back To Nutrients.
Try To Eat A Lot Of Food That is High In The Following Nutrients:

The Essential Nutrients:
-Fiber:Fiber May Help Reduce The Risk Of Certain Diseases,
Lower Blood Sugar,Cut Cholesterol...The RDA(Recommended Dietary Allowance) of Fiber
For Males Is Around 30 Grams/Day Or Per Day,And Around 25 Grams/Day For Women.
Did You Know That Very Few People Only Are Getting Their Fiber Intake Daily?.
Yes,The Average Person Is Only Getting Around 10-15 Grams/Day Of Fiber.
"But Where Do You Find Fiber?","What Foods Contain Fiber And How Much?"

Take A Look At This,You Find High Fiber In:
-Corn:1 Cup Of Corn Daily Can Contain Around 2 Grams Of Fiber.
-Wheat,Whole Wheat Bread Is An Excellent Source Of Fiber.
-White Beans:1 Cup Daily Of White Beans Is A Great Source Of Fiber.
White Beans Are Also Rich In Protein,Iron And Potassium.
-Black Beans:1 Cup Daily Can Contain Up To 15 Grams Of Fiber.
-Avocado:An Entire Fruit Will Fuel Up Your Body With Up To 10 Grams Of Fiber.
You Can 2 Table Spoons Which Contain Around 2 Grams Of Fiber.
Did You Know That Avocado can Help Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease&Lower
-Brown Rice:1 Cup Contains Around 3.5 Grams Of Fiber.
Serving Brown Rice A Couple Times A Week,Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes.
-Pears:With Their Skin Left Unpeeled,One Pear A Day
Provides Your Body With Up To 5.5 Grams Of Fiber.
-Artichoke:Can Contain Around 10.3 Grams Of Fiber.
-Oat,Oatmeal:Great Source Of Fiber.
-Broccoli: 5.1 Grams Of Fiber In A Cup Of Boiled Broccoli.
-Apple:A Regular Sized Apple Can Contain Up To 4.4 Grams Of Fiber.
-Almonds:A Quarter Cup Contains Around 3 Grams Of Fiber.
-Cabbage,Raspberries Red Blue And Black,Mushrooms,Peas,Raisins...
These Are Foods You Should Seriously Consider Eating.
OK,As I Mentioned Before,We Also Have Vitamins&Minerals As
Essential Nutrient For Your Body.

Let's See First Which Foods Are High In Vitamins:
-Vitamin A:Found In Carrots,Sweet Potatoes,Lettuce..,
The RDA(Recommended Dietary Allowance) Of Vitamin A For Men Is Around 900
And Around 700 Micrograms For Women.
-Vitamin B12:Found In Beef,The RDA Of Vitamin B12 Is Around 2.4 Micrograms.
-Vitamin C:Found High In Oranges,Strawberries,Kiwi,Guavas,Broccoli...,
The RDA Of Vitamin C For Men Is Around 90 Milligrams,And Around 75 Milligrams For
-Vitamin D:Found In Fish,Eggs,Oysters,Mushrooms...
-Vitamin E: The RDA For Vitamin E Is Around 10-15 Milligrams,And Can Be Found In
Almonds,Nuts,Pine Nuts,
Peanuts,Dried Apricots,Cooked Spinach...
Done With Vitamins,I Hope You Read All The Details Up There,Because It's Important To
Choose The Right Foods For The Best Diet Results.Let's Move On To Minerals:
-Calcium:The RDA For Most Adults Is Around 1000 Milligrams,For Teen-agers Around 1300
Milligrams And For People
Over 50 Around 1200 Milligrams.
Calcium Is Essential For Bone Growth,Strenght And Muscle Contraction.
You Can Find Calcium Mostly In Milk,Yogurt,Cheese,Spinach...
-Iron:RDA For Iron Is Around 8 Milligrams.
You Can Find Iron In Beans,Beef,Chocolate,Nuts...
With A Balanced Diet Plan,Including Some Of The Essential Nutrients Listed Above,
You Can Expect A Healthy Body,A Lot Of Energy And Strenght.
There Is Also Potassium Which Is Found In Baked Potatoes,Bannas,Dried Apricots...,
And Zinc Which Is Found In Sea Food,Beef,Nuts(Espacialy Cashews),Palm Hearts,Chiken...
As I Told You Before,There Are Some Essential Nutrients That You Need A Lot Of,
The Ones We Listed Above.

And There Are Also The Other Nutrients That You Don't Need To Have A Lot Of Which Are
Now I'm Not Saying Don't Eat Any Food That Contains These Nutrients,Your Body Still
Needs Fat,What I'm Saying Is The Less You Eat Them The Better.
You Do Not Need A Lot Of :
-Fats:There Are 3 Types Of Fat Which Are:Saturated Fats,Unsaturated Fats And
Trans Fats.
-Saturated Fats: Raise Cholesterol Levels In Blood.
Food That Is High In Saturated Fat:Hydrogenated Oils,Dried Coconuts,Butter,Dark
Chocolate,Fish Oil,Cheese,Nuts And Seeds,
Processed Meats,Whipped Cream...,You Can Check On Each Product You Buy For
The Nutrition Facts Panel On The Back.
-Unsaturated Fats,Found In Salamon,Almonds,Natural Peanut Butter,Walnuts...
-Trans Fats: In Frozen Food,Fast Food,Cake Mixes,Soup,Snack Foods...
-Cholesterol: You want to eat foods low in cholesterol. Cholesterol is
found only in animal fats, so fats derived from plant sources are a better
choice (think olive oil). High cholesterol levels in your body increase
your risk of heart disease and stroke.
-Sodium: Sodium is the scientific name for salt.
According to experts, eating too much salt can lead to high blood pressure,
which can cause kidney failure andstrokes.
Pickled Food (e.g Pickled Olive) Are High In Sodium.
-Carbohydrates:Most people have a real fondness for foods with lots of carbohydrates,
Lots Of Carbohydrates can Cause You To gain weight, especially with
simple carbohydrates such as sugar, desserts, and fruit juices.
Watch your intake and take in more complex carbs, such as whole grains, beans, and

I Hope This Helped You Understand The Difference Between
The Nutrients You Can Have A Lot Of And The Ones That You Don't Need A Lot Of.
In Conclusion Eat In Balance And Choose Your Meals Careffuly.

Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan:
Now That You Understand The Big Picture,Let Me Now Give You An Example
Of A Good Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan To Follow:
-For Breakfast,Pick One:
-Bowl Of Cereal: 1.5 Cup Shredded Wheat Or Wheaties With Milk,
Then One Fruit Of Your Choice.
-Bowl Of Oatmeal: 1 cup Instant Oatmeal,With 1 Fruit Of Your Choice.
-2 Or 3 Scrambled Eggs,And Add One Fruit Of Your Choice.

-For Lunch,Pick One:
-Turkey Sandwich: On Wheat Bread Add Lettuce,Tomato,
And After The Sandwich Eat 1 Piece Of Fruit.
-Tuna Sandwich: On Wheat Bread,Add Lettuce,Eat 1 Piece Of Fruit.
-Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich On Wheat Bread,With 1 Piece Of Fruit On The Side.

-For Dinner,Pick One:
-Steak: 1 Medium Sized Steak,Add Peas On The Side, For Drink Choose Wine Or Beer
-Chiken Breast: Grilled With BBQ Sauce,For Drink Choose Wine Or Beer.
After Breakfast And Lunch Have A Snack For Example:
-2 Sticks Low-Fat String Cheese.
Always Choose A Small Low-Fat Snack.It's Fine To Have Some Nuts For Example
A Couple Times A Week,And Also Remember To Drink Water.
If You Are Really Serious About Losing Weight Fast,Follow A Diet Plan Like This One
And You'll Feel Different In 6-7 Weeks.You Can Also Search For Good Diet Plans To Follow
On The Internet,Ask For Your Doctor's Advice Or Come Up With Your Own Diet Plan But
Only If You Choose The Right Foods.

Change is Hard (and your body fights it) Anyone claiming change to be easy is Dead
wrong.It is Not.
But Do Not Worry,I'm About To Give You Some Tips&Secrets
That I Think You'll Enjoy And Find Extremely Useful To Help You On Your Diet.
How To Avoid Temptations:
1-It’s Usually Easier to Avoid temptations than to resist them.The best way to avoid
food temptations is to clean up your environment.
2-Another way is to decide in advance what you will do in situations that normally tempt
3-Keep junk food out of the house as much as possible.If you must have junk food in your
house,keep it out of sight.
4-Remove Temptations from your space at work.
5-Start a Grocery list of healthy food choices.

6-Designate an Eating area and don’t eat anywhere else, then stay out of that Eating area as
much as possible when it isn’t Mealtime.
7-Avoid places where you will be tempted by Unhealthy foods. This may mean
changing your Route to work,the Places You shop...
8-Expose yourself to fewer commercials for unhealthy foods by Watching Less Television.
9-Try And Surround Yourself By Positive People,That Will Encourage You On Your Diet
And Help You Stay In A Good Mood.

And To Motivate And Encourage You,Whenever You Have Questions Or Anything You Need
Help With Visit My Website At: http://fastestweightlossplan.weebly.com/
Or My Blog At: http://thehealthyfastweightloss.blogspot.com/ And Leave A Comment I'll
Make Sure To Reply As Soon As Possible.
I Really Hope I Was Able To Help You,Thank You For Downloading And Reading My
Guide,And Hope To See You On My Blog Soon.
Take Care Of Yourself And Remember To Eat Healthy.

Good Luck My Friend !

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