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Improve Online Sales
Video Sales Pages Tips
Compiled By : Shaun Miller

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Article # 1
The Video Sales Letter
by Paul Richardson
The Video Sales Letter
The sales letter is alive and well. The sales letter is dead.
Which statement best describes your view? If you are still using plain text to monetize traffic,
then most likely you are contemplating the sales letter is chronically ill. If you are utilizing
compact video strategies (video isotopes) to deploy your sales and marketing efforts, then most
likely you are deciding between foie gras or lobster with your filet mignon.
The sales letter is alive and well. It is however functioning in a new capacity, the sales
manager. The traditional sales letter (now sales manager) trains the video sales representatives
what to say, when to say it and how to say it. The new leather on the street is the video sales
letter, a sales force deployed via video.
Simply stated, the video sales letter is the traditional sales letter delivered to the potential client
as an engaging conversation. Web video, more specifically video sales letters require specific
elements based on the type of traffic or viewers engaged. Types of traffic, organized by source
require separate optimization schemes. For example
Web 2.0 Organic search Pay per click Jv-qualified Jv-non-qualified Link referred
Take Web 2.0 for example. Marketing in this traffic space, the video sales letter is a socially
optimized sales letter. To function effectively with Web 2.0 traffic (viewers), the video sales
letter production requires elements from advanced internet applications and social
communications. Companies and individual entrepreneurs are utilizing web video isotopes
(series of compact videos) to deliver branding and selling messages into Web 2.0.
Web 2.0 interaction (social conversations) is a vast opportunity (high traffic source-member
oriented) for internet marketing professionals to utilize traffic (build brand identity), identify
new prospects (list building), gain clients (monetize traffic), engage new markets (expand
reach) and deepen brand penetration.
Sound familiar?
The marketing and selling goals have not changed, it is still a numbers game. The more
contacts made equals more opportunities to showcase, inform and sell products and services i.e.
make money. Web 2.0 is colonizing at an enormous pace, the huge numbers needed for
favorable conversions.
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The traditional sales letter, reborn as a series of short video conversations (video isotopes),
delivered into Web 2.0 is social optimization. Just as websites need search engine optimization,
web video and more importantly video sales letters require social optimization to attract
viewers. Optimizing your sales copy for video sales letter production follows the laws of
nature, form follows function. The laws of the internet or currently how the internet handles
video productions is set in writing at each Web 2.0 site where traffic congregates.
For example:
File sizes are limited in most cases to 100 megabytes. Selected sites offer stand alone ftp
programs for video files in excess of 150-200 megabytes. Sites also state the accepted file types
i.e. avi, mov, swf, flv, mpg and wmv. Your video also needs a persuasive title, keyword tags,
and you cannot violate the terms of use.
Your video must abide by the Web 2.0 site function, i.e. form follows function. A well produced
video, just as a well written sales letter, will produce favorable sales conversions, increase
traffic and extend brand penetration.
Take advantage of the huge traffic opportunities Web 2.0 offers and optimize your video sales
letter and web video with web video elements.
About the Author
© 2007 Sentient LLC Author, Paul Richardson
Paul writes weekly on his blog located at:
Free tutorials on video production tips are located on his website at:

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Article # 2
Use a Video Sales Page to Transform Your Sales
by Paul Barnett
At one time the only way of promoting a product, service or business on the internet was via
the long sales page. The problem with this method soon became apparent. The potential
customer was just not prepared to read through all that text. Thankfully all that is now changing
with modern marketing methods. There is a new kind of selling out there now and it is called
the video sales page.
Businesses and individuals are already seeing an increase in their conversions as a result of
using the video sales page. This technique even seems to work in highly competitive niches
such as fitness.
When someone comes to the sales page they start the video playing. After 5 minutes they are
willing to watch the video in its entirety and don't feel it is wasted time. Also there are no
distractions such as prices which can be off-putting. There is no text to scroll through and no
going back and forth over the page looking for the important bits.
Video marketing just plain flat out works. We are starting to see it used more and more in
internet marketing. Obviously at some point you are going to have to get to the price of the
product or service. It's just like text copy in that respect, but the marketing formula is
completely different.
Video marketing has even proved effective when promoting affiliate offers. For example with
earnings per click it is possible on a typical sales letter to see an average of $1.50 a click. On a
Video salesletter this is likely to move up to an average of $5.00 a click. It is plain to see that
video definitely words. The numbers do not lie at all.
The video sales page is without question the best way to sell. You warm up the buyer with your
engaging content. He then goes on to watch your entire video presentation. Hopefully it will
result in more subscribers and bigger sales for you.
Imagine if you could grab the attention of a potential prospect and turn them into a customer.
With a video sales page this is entirely possible. You have at your disposal an extremely potent
marketing tool. Video is highly visual and can create a viral effect. More and more people can
get to see your video, especially through social media. People can begin to see the message you
are trying to convey. Video happens to be very powerful.
There can be no doubt that video definitely converts higher and is the future of internet
marketing. If you are not using video in your marketing efforts then you are leaving sales and
subscribers on the table. Imagine the business you could be getting by translating all that sales
copy into a powerful video message.
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You don't need any professional company charging high costs to produce video for you. Take
advantage of the services available to you and get ready to propel your business and sales
About the Author
I highly recommend you check out our website for more internet marketing strategies

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Article # 3
Designing a Fantastic Video Sales Page
by Shikoba R Jenkins
All internet marketers are aware of how important it is to create a sales page that gains the
attention of the target market and also converts. The internet has seen sales copy change
drastically over the past few years. Before, finding long sales letters online attempting to get
you to purchase a product or service wasn't common. Moving forward to the present, text has
completely been replaced by videos on sales pages. This is because the Internet is evolving and
video is becoming more and more popular with people consuming more video content on a
daily basis. In this article we will discuss how video sales pages can be used to benefit a
business and various important tips you need to remember.
First, do not dangle your product in front of your prospects without letting them know what
they can expect to receive from it. You should try to give away the unique selling point of your
video, right in the beginning so that your prospect knows what to expect. The same way that
you drop your USP in the headline and describe it, you must do the same with your video sales
page. Going all out to make your video more dramatic than usual will work against you rather
than help you. So don't try to be dramatic and keep on target. Do not drag things out when
advising your prospects about the benefits of your product. Secondly, try not limit your vides to
slideshows and an impersonal voiceover, but add a human touch to your videos. You can speak
directly to your prospects and explain your position through a video, which is an invaluable
opportunity. Videos allow you to reach out to your prospects on a more personal level, which
means you have a better chance of convincing them to buy your product or service.
People also need to be tempted to watch the video on your page. You should put up a strong
call to action featuring some powerful reasons next to your video to entice people to click the
play button, especially if you haven't set your video to start playing as soon as someone enters
your website.
In conclusion, this article describes how it is important for a video page to understand and
connect with its targeted audience in order to ensure success. You can easily create a fast video
sales page.
But what is really essential is that it is a quality video, since you want long term results. So be
certain that you put the required time into producing your sales videos. This is so that you are
able to focus on delivering the best, rather than doing an unfinished job.
About the Author
Web Marketing and insect repellent spray are the kind of issues the author posts. But he's as
well quite in to baby jogger city micro

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Click Here to Improve Your Video Sales Pages and Increase Sales

Thank You . God Bless You.

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