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Tactics & strategies
for fighting the next war
Gulf Strike is a game of combined arms warfare at the operational and strategic
level. The combat elements consist of the land, air and sea forces potentially
available in the volatile Persian Gulf region. The game system allows the com·
manders to move their eligible forces during a phase without restrictions based on
unit type. This extreme level of fluidity opens up many new movement and com·
bat combinations giving the player the full range of options open to a Theater CinC
(Commander in Chiefl. To reflect the simultaneity of combat the non-phasing
player has many reaction options available. Given a detection of an imminent at·
tack the properly postured defender can launch interceptors to thwart the strike.
This type of system emphasizes the importance of detection aircraft such as the E-2
Hawkeye which was effectively used by the Israelis d,uring their air offensive
against the Syrians over the Bekaa valley.
Gulf Strike has 5 scenarios included. Scenario 4 is for solitaire play only
whereas Scenario 5 is a training scenario. The meat of the game resides in
scenarios I through 3. In scenario 1, the Iranian forces have defeated the Iraqisand
have had their ground forces revitalized with equipment from the Soviet Union.
Once the Iranian forces are ready they launch a Jihad against the olher Gulf