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Author: Amanda Stanley

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Shoe Shopping
Finding Fashionable Shoes at Reasonable Prices
Compiled by: Amanda Stanley

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Comfort Shoes For Busy Professionals On The Go
American women are far more likely to seek treatment for foot ailments than men.
According to a recent survey of podiatrists, four out of five of their patients are women.
Common foot problems include bunions, hammertoes and neuromas. Most of these issues
are the result of wearing shoes that are too narrow or too small. Popular shoe styles like
high heels also put an incredible amount of pressure on the toes. A good alternative to
these painful shoes is comfort shoes.
Women have always been willing to sacrifice for fashion, but as they get older, these issues
can become chronic. Forcing the feet into an unnatural position too often can result in
painful foot problems. Over time, our feet become wider, our arches flatten out, and our
ankles become stiff. Wearing shoes with heels of two inches or higher can exacerbate these
problems and cause conditions that require immediate medical attention.
Common Conditions
Corns and calluses: Thick, hardened layers of skin often develop on the toes when they are
squeezed into an uncomfortable position, i.e., a toe box that is too narrow. For the sake of
fashion, many high heel shoes have a triangular toe box that puts pressure on the hallux
(big toe) and the baby toe.
Toenail Pain: Constant pressure on the toes can and often does result in ingrown toenails or
nail fungus for women who refuse to give up their high heels.
Hammertoes: A relatively rare condition, hammertoes are often only seen in women who
wear uncomfortable high heels each and every day. Much like the ancient and illegal Chinese
custom of foot binding, the toes become deformed due to external pressure, which
invariably causes pain and a changing of the shape of the foot.
Bunions: No matter the sex of the wearer, tight-fitting shoes often cause bunions. But
because high heels put more pressure on certain parts of the feet, these bony bumps that
form at the base of the hallux are quite common in women.
Tight heel cords: Women who wear high heels all the time risk tightening or rather
shortening their Achilles tendon. Because high heels prevent the heel from coming into
contact with the ground, the tendon will not stretch and may tighten over time, which can
make wearing regular flats, slippers, sneakers or running shoes uncomfortable.
Stress fractures: Because they unequally and unnaturally distribute weight and put more
pressure on the forefoot, many women who wear heels on a regular basis develop stress
fractures. These tiny cracks in the bones of the feet cause pain and may result in chronic
Even though they may hurt your feet over time, the experts are not calling for an outright
ban on high heels. Rather, specialists in podiatry recommend saving them for special

occasions. Wearing these shoes once or twice a month should not cause serious foot
Shoe-Shopping Tips
· Shop for sensible heels or comfort shoes. It is important to consider the height and the
width of the heel base. A shoe with a heel of an inch and a half or less should not put undue
pressure on the toes, and wide heels invariably provide more support than narrow, stilettotype heels.
· Know your shoe size. As we mentioned, our feet get wider as we age. Trying to squeeze
into a smaller pair of heels is the number one reason for minor and chronic injuries.
Therefore, it is important to have your feet measured each time you go shopping for shoes.
Remember to stand up when being sized, since our feet expand when we put our weight on
them. Comfort shoes are designed to provide all the support and space your feet need while
still looking great.
· Pay close attention to the width. Far too many women try to squeeze into shoes that are
too narrow for their feet. They often tell themselves that the shoes will stretch out, but high
heels aren’t running shoes. Their wearers simply aren’t active enough in them to cause them
to stretch enough to make them comfortable, which is why it is important to stay away from
narrow shoes. Comfort shoes by definition are never too constricting, as normal heels can
often be.
· Try on both shoes first. Millions of American women have one foot that is a bit longer than
the other. Shoppers should always look for a shoe that comfortably fits the longer foot first.
Another helpful tip is to leave at least a finger’s width between your longest top toe and the
inside of the shoe, especially for high heels.
· Shop for shoes at the end of the day. This might seem like a rather odd tip, but the truth is
that our feet swell up during their day. The extent of this swelling depends on the age of the
shopper and the kind of shoe she is looking for. As you might expect, tight shoes that put
pressure on the foot, like high heels, can cause quite a bit of swelling, which is why it is best
to shop for them at the end of the day.
· Forget about the “break in” period. All shoes, especially high heels, should feel comfortable
right out of the box. The more pressure these shoes put on your feet, the more
uncomfortable they will become because your feet can swell up. Comfort shoes are designed
to offer the maximum in comfort throughout their period of use.
As an elegant fashion accessory, high heels may never go out of style. By considering all of
the possible health risks and shopping carefully, women can find comfortable heels that can
be worn on special occasions.
By: Brad Lesko
Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Brad Lesko is a freelance writer who writes about a variety of topics including comfort shoes.

Shoe Shopping Tips For Men
By Adam Dacre
My grandfather used to say 'You can always tell a man by his shoes.' And while many things
have changed since grandpa's day, this remains one of the principles that holds firm in the
rule book of men's style. This doesn't mean to say that men ought to have an extensive
range of shoes for different occasions -- thankfully, there's no need for men to compete with
women for equal closet space in this regard. But a few carefully selected items of footwear
can set up the average male for most eventualities, leaving him free to spend the rest of his
time (and money) on wardrobe items that express his true self.
But even though they may not own up to it, many men feel as clueless about choosing shoes
as they do the rest of their clothing, and fall back on a few 'safe' items that can easily
become bad habits. Here's a simple shoe shopping guide for the man who's looking for a
confidence boost in the footwear aisle.
A pair of Oxfords: a.k.a low rise leather shoes you can lace up. And while you can find
Oxfords in many different styles, I'd narrow it down further: a pair of leather shoes you can
polish. The color's up to you (although grandpa had a thing about never wearing 'brown in
town') and dress shoes like these can be the stylish complement to anything from a business
suit to chinos or jeans.
A pair of loafers: the slip-on partner to Oxfords, these comfortable shoes are sometimes
worn as dress shoes for work -- although lace-ups are still de rigueur in certain situations.
Whether you like them with a plain front, tassels or a Gucci style metal bar, they can also
double as casual footwear with or without socks.
A pair of boots: depending on where you live, boots may be a style choice or a winter
weather necessity. The right type of brown, black or oxblood colored leather boots can
sometimes do duty as dress shoes for work, while tough boots with a rugged tread may suit
those who work out of doors or negotiate icy winter conditions.
Casual shoes: your lifestyle dictates your choice. For your leisure wear, choose between
athletic shoes, sneakers, boat shoes or sandals for a look that goes with cargo pants or cords,
slacks or shorts as you like to wear them. Shoes can match your belt if you wish, or make a
bold contrasting statement that lends flair to your attitude.
If you're already doubting the wisdom of this sage advice, it's worth conceding that one of
the problems of style rules is that there really are no rules, that fashion statements come and
go and that one man's 'preppy' is another man's 'poseur'. But grandpa usually knew more
than he was letting on, and his advice was as much about being practical as it was about
looking good. A few good pairs of different shoes, properly looked after, can be the
foundation of the average man's wardrobe and get him ready for work, leisure and all the
unexpected situations in between.
The classic look of men's boat shoes makes them an ideal partner to leisurewear and a
practical shoe choice for many kinds of active pursuits on or off the deck of a boat! Visit
http://mensdeckshoes.org to find out more.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adam_Dacre

A Guide To Buying Kids Shoes by Deven Jerry

in Shopping

(submitted 2009-08-28)

Buying shoes for your kids is one of the most interesting shopping activities that you will ever
engage in. However at the same time it can also be an overwhelming task given the wide
variety of kid's shoes that you have available out there. Furthermore the type of shoes also
varies according to the age and size of your child so there are a number of things that you
need to keep in mind when buying kids shoes [http://www.thecarouselhalifax.com/].
The age of your child will determine the choices that you have open to you. For example if
you are looking to buy shoes for your newborn then the basic purpose is to provide them with
a covering for their feet so that they may keep warm. Of course you also want them to be
looking cute. Ideally you would want to go for infant shoes that have soft soles and have
been made using plush breathable material.
Booties tend to be the most popular shoes for kids. If you want to go for something fancier
then you might want to explore the variety of lambskin shoes. In case you live in regions that
experience cold climates you would want to compliment the booties with slipper socks so as
to ensure that the baby's feet keep warm. And if you will be taking your infant outdoors in
the winter you should look for winter boots that have specially created large openings that
allow you to easily slip them on your newborn's feet. They are made of soft material which
does not require you to twist the feet of your young one and can be put on with utmost ease.
They are tied using draw strings and ensure that your baby's feet will keep warm in the biting
You will need to change the type of shoes that your child will wear once it reaches the
crawling age. At this age the soft sole shoes will not suffice. Rather you need to look into
other kid's shoes that are based on the elastic ankle system which allows better coverage,
ease of use and comfort for this stage.
As your child progresses from the crawling age to the walker age you will need to provide
them with solid shoes that provide them with support as they take their wobbly steps.
However you need to make sure that the shoes that you put on your little ones at this stage
are soft sole. This is imperative to ensure the healthy growth of your child. Flexible yet thin
leather sole sandals are an excellent choice to go for at this age. You will also be able to find
kid's shoes with flexible rubber soles which are also good for babies that are learning to stand
on their own.
With your child now progressing towards the running stage you need to ensure maximum
protection for your child. Shoes for this stage tend to have thicker soles most commonly
made using flexible rubber. Sandals for summer and closed boots or sneakers for winters are
the ideal choice.

About the Author
Explore the variety of kid's shoes available at thecarouselhalifax.com/. This is your one stop

online source for girls clothes and accessories.

Discover Facts About Buying Sports Shoes Online
When it comes to searching for sports shoes online, one of the main factors to consider is
the type of feet you have. There are no two pairs of feet that are identical despite athletes
taking part in similar events; this thus makes them want different types of running footwear.
Naturally, human beings are asymmetrical making their right and left foot defer; this is also
a factor to look at when buying your sports footwear.
To start with, the budget allocated to the athletes footwear must be examined to know what
range of prices that can be afforded. The buyer must keep within the budget to avoid
upsetting it. To circumvent the effect of the limited budget one must allocate enough time
for comparison of different shoes and in different stores. This can be made easier by using
the internet where hundreds of stores stock running footwear.
Affordability of the sports footwear will usually override the quality in most cases. Just like
all other human beings athletes look for the best for the least price possible. To achieve best
prices the buyer should research extensively in high street stores or on the internet which
provides the best place for price comparison. The price will also determine whether the
runner will buy only one shoe or many for different functions such as one for training, and
another for competition.
Based on the above three factors there are five most cherished types of shoes. The first type
of running shoes is the motion control shoes. These shoes pride in rigidity, durability and
control reducing overpronation. Motion control racing footwear is the best suited for flat
footed people who need extra stability.
The inclusion of air, special plastic and fluids in the mid layer of the shoe also add to the
comfort stability and performance. The mid sole that bridges the lower sole to the upper
sole is very important to the efficiency of the shoe.
Cushioned designs are meant for the people who need minimal support and are
underpronated. The cushioning absorbs most of the pressures from the out sole due to the
tension impacted by the shoe laces. The cushioning is also vital in holding the feet in
position eliminating cases of rolling over.
The athletes also go for the footwear that is easily replaceable for continuity. It hurts the
competitors feet to be changing footwear every now and then due to the unavailability of
similar designs used in the past. Having the same shoes similar to the runners older one
makes it easier to select the latest running footwear.
In general, the qualities that are mentioned above are exhibited in different running shoes
such as the cushioned footwear, stability shoes and control designs. The choice by the
runners should be aided by the undergoing one of the several feet test that is performed by
feet experts, experienced online retailers and the runner himself. The most common tests
include the wet test where the shape of the feet is examined

By: Kaden Xu
Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com
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sports shoes. Here you can find the trendiest famous sports shoes, like the fashion shoe, air
max shoes and so forth.

Buying Sneakers Online by Mirchandani Raios

in Shopping

(submitted 2011-12-15)

The sneakers of the latter-day have today been replaced with high-tech, advanced athletic
gear. Practically every sneaker brand you know is today competing with the other to maintain
a powerful and well-known foothold in the sneaker industry. This leaves consumers with so
many sneaker choices in the market, that choosing a good pair is not only confusing, but
complicated and high-priced.
Though you can easily go to see your local shoe stores to purchase your sneakers, shopping
online proves to be a far better option. This is mainly because if you buy sneakers online you
can visit numerous stores and look at their collection while sitting in the comfort of your
home or office. Moreover, you can also buy sneakers online that are not available in your
locality via on-line shoe stores. purchasing your sneakers on-line can be difficult as you can't
try them on before buying, and this is why you have to be aware of a few things before
ordering your sneakers on the web.
So with the help of some knowledge of various sneakers in the market, here are some
suggestions to help you purchase the right pair of sneakers online.
Know your shoe size
First of all, to buy the right sneakers, you have to first know your shoe size. Once you know
the accurate shoe size you need, you will be able to purchase sneakers online correctly the
right shoes for yourself. So before you shop for your sneakers on the internet, it is better to
visit your local shoe store to have your feet measured professionally. You just have to
mentally note the color, brand and sizes that fit you the best, and as you don't have to buy
your sneakers here at the mall, you at minimum get to establish the specific sneakers you
always wanted to buy.
While getting your sneaker size, there are some other matters you may have to contemplate
while finding your shoe size like wearing thick socks with your sneakers. If you plan of
sporting heavy shoes, the sneakers you buy must preferably be slightly larger than your
actual shoe size.
Then yet again, if you have recently had a baby, and are planning to buy sneakers on the
internet, you have to remember that the inflammation on your feet will reside with time. You
have to thus either purchase a slightly reduced pair of sneakers now, or purchase a right pair
of sneakers after some time.
Most on the net sneaker web-sites have size charts that make shopping for your sneakers
rather easy. Though this chart helps you buy the right sized sneakers, most on-line shoppers
ignore it. Though you know your brand size, remember that different sneaker brands have
different sizes; so your size for one brand may not meet the same size of another brand.
Do your research
Next, you have to do your research on the available sneaker companies on the market. You

can either ask friends or families for some suggestions, or you can do your research on the
internet. In a way, online research is much greater as you will find that there is an escalating
number of consumers out there who are more than willing to give their views and complain
about sneakers they don't like or will advise others against. Just use the right keywords and
phrases in search engines, and you will get sufficient suggestions about a particular brand of
While buying your sneakers on the web, it is greater to look for, and shop for bargains at
auction web-sites and classifieds. Classifieds offer a myriad of choices for you to buy your
sneakers. However to successfully use this information, you really should know how to read
the ads.
Read the ads carefully to find out if you are shopping for new or slightly used sneakers, and
where you will be receiving your sneakers from. Someoccasions, sneakers you choose may
have to be shipped to you from across the world, and you will have to bear its delivery
charges. Moreover, always be careful of deals that sound to be too good to be true as
acquiring these sneakers may leave you with a pair of replicas of branded brands and not the
Look for a come back and exchange coverage
When you get sneakers online it is important that you be completely aware about your deal.
You have to thoroughly read its on-line outline and if you have any doubts, do crystal clear it
with the seller. If you are particular about the style and color of your sneakers, make sure
your chosen sneakers fit it. Moreover, it is mandatory that you always read the cost
particulars for your sneakers so that there are no confusions about this.
As sneakers are rather expensive, before you buy your sneakers on the internet, make sure
they have a return and exchange policy linked with it. You never ever know when the
sneakers you choose and buy turn out to not fit you when you receive it, and you thus need
to exchange it. So make it a point to communicate with the sneaker seller before purchasing
it to double check if they offer refunds or exchanges if you find that you are not happy with
the sneakers.
shipping fees
Another important stage to remember while shopping for your sneakers on the web is the
cost of shipping you have to bear. commonly, webwebsites provide details on whether the
delivery charges will be borne by the seller, or if you are liable for them. If you are liable for
it, clarify if the shipping expenses are included in the shoe's rates or if you have to pay extra
for it. Moreover, if you need the sneakers to reach you soon, check on the ship times and ask
for its shipping data.
getting from on the net stores is so easy and cheap as on the internet stores can afford
reduced rates. They don't have employee salaries to pay, or shop rent and electrical power
bills to pay. Moreover, the process of purchasing sneakers on the web is almost completely
automated, making it fast and efficient.
While shopping on the internet, you can either search by way of the on the internet shoe
collection, or directly buy the footwear you are looking for. Once you click the checkout
button of the site, and pay for your sneakers, the transaction is complete. With the help of
these tips, buying a pair of sneakers on the internet proves to be a much easier task than

first envisaged.

About the Author
If you are looking to buy sneakers online and attempting to decide how to get the best deals
on the internet then just click here for more information.

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