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Emotional infidelity occurs when your partner starts exchanging
intimacies and secrets with a friend, that they would normally
share with you.
If your partner wouldn’t have wanted you to hear or see these
interactions, a line was crossed. If there was also secrecy
involved and physical attraction, there was a high risk that this
emotional affair would have evolved into a combined affair,
where both physical and emotional infidelity occurred.

Not every emotional affair will
Lead to physical infidelity.
For some individuals, there is a boundary that they won’t breach.
If your partner decided to end the friendship and has taken the
risk to tell you about what has happened, there is a good chance
that the relationship would not have progressed further.
Although you are bound to feel hurt, listen to what your partner
is saying and take comfort from the fact that they stepped back
from the brink of a combined affair and showed sufficient
investment in your relationship to be honest about it. As with all
affairs, try to see this as a joint opportunity to find out why it