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GBU Mountain News
November 6, 2013 XXXI

protection of our children. We need to consistently
reinforce that bullying is unacceptable and will not be
tolerated not only in schools and buses, but in their daily
lives as well. This means taking the time to talk with
your children as well as monitoring their social media.
Teachers and administrators also have to do their part in
listening to what children are saying at school and act
accordingly to the situation to mitigate the problem.
I recently viewed the movie “Bully” and for anyone who
has not seen it I highly recommend this documentary. It
illustrates how kids treat other kids who are different and
how administrators can be unaware of problems by not
handling them effectively or in a timely manner. We
need to be more pro-active in matters that address school
safety for kids and not continue to take a back seat
waiting for something terrible to happen. As you may or
may not know the recent shooting in Sparks Nevada at
the middle school was a 12 year old boy who not only
took the life of a teacher but his own life as well. This
“Child” may have been bullied according to some
accounts but it’s still under investigation. Either way it's
yet "another tragic event" for the schools in America
which only makes parents fearful of sending their kids to
As a parent and a member of the school board, I would
like to make it clear that this district needs to do
everything possible in providing for the safety of our
children, teachers and staff. Some methods to do this are
by conducting monthly "lock down drills", making kids
and teachers aware of a “zero tolerance” for bullying,
implement the Safe School Ambassadors program, make
our campuses secure, and hold quarterly community
meetings with our parents. If we are covering all these
bases then at least we can honestly say "we are doing our
part in trying to ensure our schools are as safe as possible
for our kids".
Scott Robinson serves as the elected
President of the El Tejon Unified School
District’s Board of Trustees. He is also a
paramedic and firefighter with more than 30
years of experience. He works at Los
Angeles County Fire Station 77, located at
the intersection of Interstate 5 and Highway
138. He and his crews respond regularly to
emergencies throughout the Mountain Communities. Scott lives
with Sarah, his wife of nine years, and two children in Lebec.

Local Agencies & Groups Supporting the “Stop
Bullying” Campaign

Kern County Fire Crew from Station 56 (Lebec) with Battalion Chief
Tim Holiday (2nd from the Right); photo by Scott Robinson

Kern County Sheriff’s Office with Sergeant Mark Brown and Deputy
Rebecca Karr; photo by Scott Robinson