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GBU News Special “2013 Fiesta Days”
GBU News

August 6, 2013 S2

2013 Fiesta Days
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August 6, 2013 S3

June The most natural food is fruit”
46th Fiesta Days 2013
The 45th Ed Perine Memorial Parade

Don Billesbach, a member of the local
Search & Rescue, with his 1953 Willis Jeep
chauffeuring Grand Marshal Couch

On the rear bench from left to right: David Brust,
Ryan Shultz & Mark Salvaggio from Couch’s office

Supervisor & Grand Marshal
David Couch visiting 97-year

Members of the Kern County Sheriff’s
Search & Rescue Team in Frazier Park from left to right: Denny Stubblefield, Mike
Parker Jr., Josh Katkov, Jim Stolting

Robin Christ chauffeuring Honorary Mayor Clifford “Kip” Mone