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GBU News Special “2013 Fiesta Days”
August 6, 2013 S2

The Pet Show with about 15 entries, mainly dogs, but
also a rabbit and a hamster opened the event on Friday

The Pie Eating Contest

The Battle of the Bands

Band “Sixth Year” with Karina, Brianna & Jessica vs. Hardcore Metal Band “Towers over
Abbadon” with Devin, Dustin, Ozzie, Jake (Winners in a very close race)

The Talent Show
About ten children participated


the final winner was Brittany Wolfe, 13

The Fishing Derby

Organized by Courtney Ann Peterson

Charlee Marr –
Winner third place

Josh Arreola –
Winner second place

About 30 people participated in the fishing derby on
Sunday morning. Successful fishermen (and women)
received a prize for catching tagged fish)

The Log Sawing Contest
Even the judges enjoy the wonderful show

The Talent Show on Saturday afternoon was entirely
organized and moderated by young Courtney Ann
Peterson. Outstanding achievement! Eight young adult
groups or individuals displayed amazing performances in
music, dance, and stand-up comedy. A panel of four
judges (Peter Kjenaas, Jenna Krawczyk, Lisa Johnson &
Dana Dever) determined the three winners: First:
Brendan Coyle & Natalie Mendoza, Second: Josh
Arreola, Third: Charlee Marr + Luis Zungia & DJ
Kimbrough. Congratulations to all!

In the George Erb and Brian Prosser Log Sawing Contest
on Sunday morning more than 20 individuals, little
children as well as strong men showed off their strength
and dedication (particularly the kids!) in one of the four
categories: kids, mixed couples, women, and men.

Courtney Ann
Peterson with
Brendan Coyle and
Natalie Mendoza, the
winners of Saturday’s
Talent Show