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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII


2013 Veterans Day Celebration in Frazier Park
GBU Mountain News - Clarification
“Stop Bullying” Community Roundtable a Success
News from the El Tejon Unified School District
o Board Meeting on Thursday (Nov 14)
o Frazier Mountain High School
 Sports
o Frazier Park School
All Things Local
o The Cane Masters Program comes to Frazier Park by Miki Knutson
o Lebec County Water District: Notice of Vacancy on the Board of Directors
o Frazier Park Public Utility District (FFPUD) Board meets on Thursday (Nov 14)
o People
Law Enforcement Corner
o Kern County Sheriff’s Office
 Incidents Nov 6 - 11
o Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
o California Highway Patrol
Animals Matter
Our Library
Incidents & Accidents in our Region
Business Affairs
o Customer Service: A Tale of Two Hotels
Kern County
o New President & CEO for the embattled Kern Medical Center
o Board of Supervisors Meetings
o San Joaquin Valley achieves Historic Clean-Air Mark for Smog by San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control
Frazier Park Weather Forecast
Upcoming Events
Safety & Disaster Preparedness
o Earthquake Preparedness
 Why Drop, Cover, and Hold On?
Business Directory

Frazier Park Weather:
Thursday, Nov 14:
Friday, Nov 15:

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