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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

donated their $50 prize money back to the Post to
the Buddy Poppy program.

11-11 at 11am Veterans
Celebration in Frazier Park


“We MUST work to keep their honor by our
determination to see to it that no man or woman who
has served our country be homeless, go hungry or be
unemployed. If we truly want to honor fallen heroes,
then we must help the living”
Terrence Alexis

On Monday (Nov 11) at 11am more than 120 people
celebrated Veterans Day at the Cody Prosser
Veterans Memorial in Frazier Mountain Park. The
event was hosted by VFW (Veterans of Foreign
Wars) Post 9791 under the leadership of Don
Turner. Kern County Fire Station 55 came from
“down the hill” at Laval Road with a 100-feet
Ladder truck and displayed a huge flag. Frazier
Park’s Fire engine 57 also attended the event.
The festivity started with the Post Color Guard,
followed by a welcome from Commander Don
Turner, the National Anthem (beautifully sung by
Jack Lelah), and the opening prayer by local Pastor
Fred Rose. This introduction was followed by
speeches from Terrence Alexis, Manager at the
National Cement Plant, and Richard Sheffield,
Executive Director at Veterans For Trees.
Afterwards five children read essays about “what
Veterans Day means to me.” The readers were
winners of an essay competition, including Lyssa St
Cyr from El Tejon School, Alvaro Molina from
Gorman School, Katelyn Bernard from Frazier Park
Elementary School, as well as Derek Heisig and
Tavin Heisig from Peak to Peak Charter school in
Pine Mountain Club. Remarkably, Derek and Tavin

Two other winners from Frazier Park School,
Andrea Farringer and Nathanael Kimbrough, were
presented with certificates in their classroom by the
leaders of VFW Post 9791.
Music was sung and played throughout the morning,
and at the end another beautiful Veterans memorial
tree was planted in the park.
After the closing and a group photo with the
Veterans, VFW Post 9791 and the Sheffield family
provided a delicious hot dog BBQ. This gave the
Veterans, families, and many members of the
community a great opportunity to mingle and enjoy
each other’s companionship under sunny blue skies.
Dozens of local veterans and their families were in
attendance, including a few that fought in World
War II from 1941-1945 (i.e., Richard Hoegh who
was a 23-year-old lieutenant when landed in
Normandy on June 12, 1944, the sixth day of the
Operation Overlord that began on D-Day ), the
Koran War from 1950 -1953, the Vietnam War from
1964-1975, the more recent Gulf War/Operation
Desert Storm in 1991, the war in Iraq from 20032011, and the since 2001 ongoing war in
It can certainly be said that many in the mountain
community came together to celebrate and honor
Veteran's Day in a most enjoyable way. It is also
remarkable that military service runs oftentimes
through many generations of local families. DiAnn
Dever even mentioned that her family can trace
military service back to the revolutionary wars and