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GBU Mountain News
November 23, 2013 XXXIV

What is an Electronic Newspaper?
An electronic Newspaper is a self-contained, reusable,
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electronic newspaper should not be confused with
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News from our El
Tejon Unified School
The August 22, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The September 12, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The September 26, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The October 9, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The October 23, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at

Roundtable a Success
The “Stop Bullying” Community Roundtable on Tuesday
(Nov 13) brought together a significant group of school
and community leadership. The event was a collaborative
effort of the El Tejon Unified School District with all
three schools, the Frazier Park Library, the Kern County
Sheriff’s Office, and the GBU Mountain News. Marie
Smith, Manager of the Frazier Park Library, welcomed
the participants. Gunnar J Kuepper moderated the forum
with very informative presentations by Sara Haflich,
Principal of the Frazier Mountain High School (FMHS),
Rosalie Jimenez, Principal of the El Tejon School, Keri
St Jeor, Principal of the Frazier Park School, Sue Brown,
Councilor at FMHS, Cody Johnson, FMHS Student
Mediation Team, and Sergeant Mark Brown with the
Kern County Sheriff's Office; more about the topic and
the interesting presentations and discussions in the next
issue of the GBU Mountain News.

Photos from thev 2013 FMHS Homecoming can be seen on Facebook at

Frazier Mountain High
Falcon Volleyball In CIF Central Section Finals and
State Championship
By Sharon Lemburg
This last week, the Falcons beat California City, 3-0 in
the Quarter Finals and they traveled to Laton High
School to win 3-0 in the semi-finals. The Falcons are
slated to play Minarets High School on Tuesday,
November 19 for the CIF Division V Championship. The
top two teams from the Central Section, Frazier
Mountain and Minarets, will then go on into the CIF